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By Mike Johnson on 2017-01-10 17:04:00

World Wrestling Entertainment has hired Vic Travagliante, the voice of House of Hardcore, to be the latest member of their announcing team, has learned.  His will be rechristened Vic Joseph.

Travagliante will start shortly with the company.  Prior to HOH, he had worked as an announcer for the Cleveland Brown Network and CBS in Cleveland, among other duties.  He left those duties to pursue pro wrestling full-time and had been the lead announcer for HOH, working with former ECW Tag Team champion Daniel "Doring" Morrison.  Obviously, HOH is now in the market for a new lead announcer.

The belief is Travagliante will be working on the WWE NXT brand, although we have not yet confirmed what his role there would be.

If you have never seen Travagliante's work, here is a HOH video update he announced late last year:


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