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By Mike Johnson on 2016-11-28 16:12:00

On 11/21 Judge Vanessa L. Bryant approved a motion from World Wrestling Entertainment and Vince McMahon, extending their time to respond to the class action lawsuit filed against the company by dozens of wrestlers, some whom were contracted by WWF/WWE and some who worked on a per match basis, until 12/23.  The lawsuit alleges that WWE was directly responsible for their current health issues as well as challenging that professional wrestlers are improperly classified as independent contractors by WWE, when they should instead be considered employees.

On the lawsuit brought against WWE by Marcus Bagwell and Scott Levy, WWE has until 12/2 to file a motion to dismiss that case.  That lawsuit is over allegedly owed royalties from usage of material featuring their matches on the WWE Network, built around the argument that the streaming technology that empowers the WWE Network falls contractually under a clause that requires WWE to pay royalties for material that would have been released on VHS and DVD.  WWE contracts also noted that the royalties would be included on "technology yet to be created."   The argument is that they were paid royalties for the same material when it was released on DVD, even after the WWE Network launched.


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