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By Mike Johnson on 2016-04-21 12:45:00

Former ECW World champion Taz dedicated today's broadcast of The Taz Show to the late Joanie "Chyna" Laurer.  Taz spent the first 30 minutes of the episode discussing Laurer's passing, discussing memories of meeting her in the early 1990s, the last time he saw her, the issues between she and WWE and more. 

Taz said that he had to discuss "the white elephant in the room" but did not want to come across disrespectful to WWE.  He noted that with her passing, there's a lot fans asking about whether WWE would acknowledge her or make a mention of her passing on Raw.  He noted it was an "awkward thing" for Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and WWE, based on all the past relationships.  Taz noted it was "obvious" there was a strained relationship between the parties and now Chyna has passed away and it creates an awkward situation, just like families who suffer losses and never get to have that closure. 

"It sucks and it's not just wrestling," Taz said. He compared it to The passing of Ultimate Warrior where WWE and Warrior were able to make amends before Warrior passed away but in this case, they won't get that chance.

Taz noted that Chyna should be in the WWE Hall of Fame, but you can't blame WWE for taking the stance they did before her passing. He was careful to note he didn't want to come across negative towards WWE but he doesn't know that they would have put her in the Hall before she passed away, but now, he expected that it will happen one day.

Taz spent a lot of time discussing what a pioneer she was for female wrestling and how she, as an enigma, drew a ton of money for WWE. It's a really nice remembrance of her and a really good discussion. It's well worth taking the time to watch below or listen at


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