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By Mike Johnson on 2024-04-19 08:00:00

April 19th

On this day in history in ....

1939 - Douglas "Ox" Baker is born in Sedalia, Missouri.

1952 - Henry Harrell defeats Tex Riley in a tournament final to win the NWA Southern Junior Heavyweight Title in Jackson, Mississippi.

1954 - The Great Bolo and Tom Rice defeat Wilbur Snyder and Sandor Szabo for the NWA International Television Tag Team Title in Hollywood, California, ending their second reign..

1956 - Bobo Brazil defeats Gene Stanlee for the Ohio Heavyweight Title in Springfield, Ohio.

1957 - Don Leo Jonathan defeats Pepper Gomez for the NWA Texas Heavyweight Title in Houston, Texas, ending Gomez's sixth reign.

1960 - Mike DiBiase defeats Eddie Graham to win the NWA Florida Brass Knuckles Title in Tampa, Florida.

1962 - Mike Clancy and Lester Welch defeat Dante and Mephisto for the Mid-America NWA Southern Tag Team Title in Chattanooga, Tennessee, ending Dante and Mephisto's seventh reign.

1963 - Tarzan Tyler defeats Eddie Graham to win the Georgia World Heavyweight Title in Atlanta, Georgia.

1966 - Osamu "El Samurai" Matsuda is born in Hanamaki, Japan

1966 - Eddie Graham and Bob Orton defeat The Medics for the Florida NWA World Tag Team Title in Tampa, Florida.

1974 - Bill Ross wins his third European Lightweight Title from Jim Breaks in Stirling, English, ending Breaks' fourth reign.

1974 - The Original Mr. Wrestling (George Barnes) and Bobby Shane defeat Pat Barrett and Tony Kontellis to win the NWA Austra-Asian Tag Team Title in Sydney, Australia.

1975 - Bobo Brazil defeats Abdullah the Butcher for the Detroit NWA United States Heavyweight Title in Detroit, Michigan, beginning his eighth reign.

1975 - Rusher Kimura defeats Mad Dog Vachon for the International Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Title in Sapporo, Japan.

1980 - Ric Flair defeats Jimmy Snuka in Greensboro, North Carolina to win his fourth NWA United States Heavyweight Title.

1982 - Tommy Rich defeats Ron Bass for the NWA National Heavyweight Title in Augusta, Georgia, beginning his third reign.

1982 - The Dream Machine defeats Dutch Mantel for the NWA Mid-America Heavyweight Title in Memphis, Tennessee, ending Mantel's sixth reign.

1984 - At an All Japan event at Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan, a 10-man tag team elimination match takes place. Tatsumi Fujinami, Yoshiaki Fujiwara, Antonio Inoki, Kengo Kimura and Nobuhiko Takada defeated Riki Choshu, Animal Hamaguchi, Kuniaki Kobayashi, Isamu Teranishi and Yoshiaki Yatsu in the match which lasted 65 minutes and 11 seconds.

1984 - Luke Graham wins the NWA Central States Heavyweight Title from Buzz Tyler in Kansas City, Kansas, ending Tyler's third reign.

1986 - Jim Crockett Promotions held the first of three annual Jim Crockett, Sr. Memorial Cup Tag Team Tournaments over two shows in the same day at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana. The tournament featured 24 teams. The results were:
First round:
- Wahoo McDaniel and Mark Youngblood defeated Bobby Jaggers and Mike Miller.
- Sam Houston and Nelson Royal defeated The Batten Twins (Bart and Brad).
- The Fantastics (Bobby Fulton and Tommy Rogers) defeated The Fabulous Ones (Steve Keirn and Stan Lane).
- The Sheepherders (Butch Miller and Luke Williams) defeated Chavo and Hector Guerrero.
- Manny Fernandez and Jimmy Valiant defeated The Barbarian and Baron Von Raschke.
- Terry Taylor and Steve Williams defeated Bill Dundee and Buddy Landel.
- Buzz Sawyer and Rick Steiner defeated The Italian Stallion and Koko Ware.
- NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Black Bart and Jimmy Garvin defeated D.J. Peterson and Brett Wayne.
Second round:
- The Road Warriors (Animal and Hawk) defeated Wahoo McDaniel and Mark Youngblood.
- NWA World Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey and Bobby Eaton) defeated Sam Houston and Nelson Royal.
- The Fantastics defeated NWA World Television Champion Arn Anderson and NWA National Heavyweight Champion Tully Blanchard.
- The Sheepherders defeated The Rock 'n' Roll Express (Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton).
- NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions Ivan and Nikita Koloff defeated Manny Fernandez and Jimmy Valiant.
- Terry Taylor and Steve Williams defeated Dino Bravo and Rick Martel.
- Ron Garvin and NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Magnum T.A. defeated Buzz Sawyer and Rick Steiner.
- Giant Baba and Tiger Mask (Mitsuharu Misawa) defeated NWA Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Champion Black Bart and Jimmy Garvin.
- The Road Warriors defeated NWA World Tag Team Champions The Midnight Express.
- The Fantastics and The Sheepherders were both disqualified, giving The Road Warriors a bye to the final match.
- NWA World Six-Man Tag Team Champions Ivan & Nikita Koloff and Terry Taylor & Steve Williams fought to a draw.
- Ron Garvin and NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Magnum T.A. defeated Giant Baba and Tiger Mask to advance to the final match due to the previous draw.
- The Road Warriors defeated Ron Garvin and NWA United States Heavyweight Champion Magnum T.A.
Non-tournament matches:
- Mid-South North American Heavyweight Champion Jim Duggan defeated Dick Slater to retain the title.
- NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair defeated Dusty Rhodes by disqualification to retain the title.

1986 - The WWF held an event at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto, Ontario. The results:
- Sivi Afi fought Moondog Spot to a 20-minute time-limit draw.
- Corporal Kirchner pinned Paul Christy after a backdrop.
- The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (Jacques and Raymond) defeated The Hart Foundation (Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart), when Bret was pinned after being knocked off the top rope.
- King Kong Bundy defeated Ted Grizzly and Johnny K-9 in a handicap match by pinning K-9 after the Avalanche and an elbowdrop. This match was originally scheduled to be Bundy vs. Uncle Elmer.
- Ricky Steamboat defeated Big John Studd by disqualification when King Kong Bundy interfered.
- Tito Santana defeated WWF Intercontinental Champion Randy Savage by disqualification when Savage pulled the referee into Santana while he was locked in the figure-four leglock.
- Brutus Beefcake, Greg Valentine and Johnny V defeated WWF Tag Team Champions The British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and The Dynamite Kid), when Valentine pinned Dynamite after a low blow from Beefcake and using a handful of tights.

1986 - Bruce Hart wins his sixth Stampede British Commonwealth Mid-Heavyweight Title, ending Gama Singh's second reign in Edmonton, Alberta.

1987 - Big Bubba Rogers defeats One Man Gang in Muskogee, Oklahoma for the UWF World Heavyweight Title.

1988 - Jumbo Tsuruta defeats Bruiser Brody in Sendai, Japan to win the NWA International Heavyweight Title, ending Brody's third reign and beginning Tsuruta's third reign. He was the last champion before the title was unified into the AJPW Triple Crown in 1989.

1991 - The Georgia Guerillas defeat G.Q. and T.D. Madison (Tommy Dreamer) for the International World Class Championship Wrestling Tag Team Title in South China, Maine.

1992 - The WWF held its second-annual UK Rampage event at Sheffield Arena in Sheffield, England. The results:
- Tatanka pinned Skinner after a Samoan drop.
- The Legion of Doom (Animal and Hawk) defeated Dino Bravo and Col. Mustafa when Road Warrior Hawk pinned Mustafa after the Doomsday Device.
- Sid Justice (with Harvey Wippleman) defeated The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) by countout.
- WWF Champion Randy Savage (with Miss Elizabeth) pinned Shawn Michaels (with Sensational Sherri) with a crossbody off the top to retain the title.
- The Mountie (with Jimmy Hart) pinned Virgil after using his shockstick.
- WWF Intercontinental Champion Bret Hart pinned Rick Martel with a small package to retain the title.
- Jim Duggan defeated Repo Man by disqualification when Repo Man hit Duggan with his grappling hook.
- The British Bulldog pinned WWF Tag Team Champion Irwin R. Schyster (with Jimmy Hart) after a powerslam.

1993 - Sherri Martel defeats Miss Texas for the USWA Women's Title in Memphis, Tennessee, but the decision was later reversed.

1993 - Brian Lee defeats Bobby Eaton in Barbourville, Kentucky to win the SMW Television Title.

1993 - Steve Gatorwolf defeats Navajo Kid for the American Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Title in Kayenta, Arizona, beginning Gatorwolf's fifth reign and ending Navajo Kid's third.

1997 - Toshiaki Kawada defeats Kenta Kobashi and Mitsuharu Misawa in a three-way round-robin match to win the annual AJPW Champion's Carnival tournament. The final was a three-way match due to all three finishing the round-robin portion of the tournament in a tie at 19 points. Misawa and Kobashi fought to a draw to earn one point each, Kawada pinned Misawa to earn two points, and Kawada pinned Kobashi to earn another two points. Kawada won with four points to Kobashi and Misawa's one each.

1997 - Jersey All Pro Wrestling is founded as the Northern States Wrestling Alliance. The promotion changed to its current name three months later.

1997 - The Truth Commission (Recon and The Interrogator) defeat The Shooting Stars (Jerry Faith and Troy Haste) for the USWA Tag Team Title in Memphis, Tennessee, to begin their second reign.

1998 - WCW held the third Spring Stampede pay-per-view at the Denver Coliseum in Denver, Colorado, which got a 0.74 buyrate. The results were:
- Goldberg pinned Saturn after the Jackhammer.
- Ultimo Dragon defeated Chavo Guerrero, Jr. by submission with the Dragon Sleeper.
- WCW World Television Champion Booker T pinned Chris Benoit after a Harlem Sidekick to retain the title.
- Curt Hennig (with Rick Rude) pinned The British Bulldog (with Jim Neidhart) after slamming Bulldog's face into an exposed turnbuckle. During the match, Rick Rude was handcuffed to Jim Neidhart.
- WCW Cruiserweight Champion Chris Jericho defeated Prince Iaukea by submission with the Liontamer to retain the title.
- Lex Luger and Rick Steiner defeated Buff Bagwell and Scott Steiner, when Luger made Bagwell submit with the Torture Rack.
- Psychosis pinned La Parka after a Psycho Guillotine.
- Hulk Hogan and WCW World Tag Team Champion Kevin Nash defeated The Giant and Roddy Piper in a baseball bat on a pole match, when Hogan pinned Piper after hitting him with the bat. After the match, Hogan attacked Nash with the bat.
- Raven pinned WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page in a Raven's Rules match, after an Evenflow DDT onto a kitchen sink, to win the title.
- Randy Savage (with Miss Elizabeth) pinned WCW World Heavyweight Champion Sting in a no-disqualification match, after Kevin Nash interfered and gave Sting a Jackknife powerbomb, to win the title. This began Savage's third reign and ended Sting's fourth.

1999 - The Monday Night War continued, with WWF RAW is WAR beating WCW Monday Nitro, 6.1 to 4.1 in the ratings.

WCW Monday Nitro was live from Gainesville, Florida on the campus of the University of Florida, at the O'Connell Center. The results:
- Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko (with Arn Anderson) defeated Scott and Steve Armstrong.
- Psychosis defeated Blitzkrieg, Juventud Guerrera and WCW Cruiserweight Champion Rey Misterio, Jr. to win the title, ending Misterio's fourth reign.
- Brian Knobbs defeated Hak (with Chastity) in a garbage can vs. kendo stick match.
- Buff Bagwell defeated Disco Inferno.
- Raven (with Perry Saturn) defeated Kidman by disqualification.
- WCW United States Heavyweight Champion Scott Steiner defeated Scott Norton to retain the title.
- Kevin Nash defeated Ric Flair (with Arn Anderson).
- WCW World Heavyweight Champion Diamond Dallas Page fought Goldberg to a no-contest to retain the title.

WWF RAW is WAR was live from Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The results:
- Road Dogg defeated Owen Hart (with Debra).
- The Acolytes (Bradshaw and Faarooq) fought The Brood (Edge and Gangrel (with Christian)).
- WWF Intercontinental Champion The Godfather defeated Hardcore Holly to retain the title.
- Ken Shamrock defeated The Big Bossman in a no holds barred match.
- Mankind defeated Triple (with Chyna) by disqualification.
- Billy Gunn defeated Jeff Jarrett (with Debra).
- The Big Show fought Viscera to a no-contest.

2000 - Triple X (Drake Dawson and Curtis Thompson) defeat Big Bubba Bain and L.A. Stephens for the NWA World Tag Team Title in Okinawa, Japan, beginning their second reign. At the same event, Leilani Kai wins her second NWA Mid-Atlantic Women's Title, defeating Strawberry Fields.

2000 - Billy D. defeats Samoa Joe for the UPW No Holds Barred Title in Santa Ana, California. Also at that show, Jobbers-R-Us (Billy Kim and Troubled Youth) win the UPW Tag Team Title from The Ballard Brothers (Shane and Shannon), ending their second reign.

2000 - Nikki Lyons defeats Bobby Collins to win the Canadian Wrestling Federation Junior Heavyweight Title in Winnipeg, Manitoba, ending Collins' second reign.

2000 - Masao Orihara defeats Sanshiro Takagi in Tokyo, Japan to become the first Dramatic Dream Team King of DDT Openweight Champion.

2002 - Three WWF Hardcore Title changes take place at a house show in Uniondale, New York. Goldust won the title from Bubba Ray Dudley, ending Bubba's seventh reign and beginning Goldust's seventh reign. Goldust lost the title to Raven, beginning his 16th reign, but Raven lost to Bubba Ray, beginning his eighth reign.

2002 - Colt Cabana defeats champion CM Punk and Eddie Guerrero in a three-way match in Dayton, Ohio to win the IWA Mid-South Heavyweight Title, ending Punk's second reign. At the same event, Vic Capri defeats Ace Steel for the IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Title.

2002 - Chessman and Electro Shock defeat La Parka, Jr. and Mascara Sagrada in Torreon, Mexico for the Mexican National Tag Team Title.

2002 - Destiny wins a battle royal, last eliminating Tony Stradlin, to win the NWA Wildside Beat the Champ Title.

2003 - Alex Montalvo defeats Livewire to win the WWC World Junior Heavyweight Title in Carolina, Puerto Rico, beginning his second reign.

2003 - Chicano defeats Nord for the IWA Intercontinental Heavyweight Title in Bayamón, Puerto Rico. At the same event, Noriega defeats Paparazzi to win the IWA World Junior Heavyweight Title, ending Paparazzi's second reign.

2003 - Chance Prophet defeats champion Jake Layton, Shane Matthews and Billy Maverick to win the NWA Bluegrass Heavyweight Title in Salyersville, Kentucky. At the same event, The Redneck Express (The Rebel and Chris Vega) defeat Chris Draven and Michael Lovely (subbing for Roger Anderson) for the NWA Bluegrass Tag Team Title.

2004 - WWE held a live RAW at the Saddledome in Calgary, Alberta, which got a 3.8 rating on Spike TV. The show featured the return of William Regal after being gone over a year with several health issues, and the debut of Eric Bischoff's nephew, Eugene Dinsmore, who was put in Regal's care. The results were:
- Christian (with Trish Stratus) pinned Chris Jericho after an unidentified man (Tyson Tomko) ran in and kicked Jericho in the face while he had Christian in the Walls of Jericho.
- WWE Women's Champion Victoria defeated Molly Holly by disqualification to retain the title when she didn't break a chokehold by the count of five.
- Garrison Cade (with Jonathan Coachman) pinned Tajiri with an elbowdrop off the top.
- Matt Hardy and Gail Kim vs. Lita and Val Venis ended in a no-contest.
- World Heavyweight Champion Chris Benoit and Edge defeated World Tag Team Champions Batista and Ric Flair, when Edge pinned Batista after a spear, to win the title. This ended Batista and Flair's second reign.

2005 - Adam Roberts defeats Adam Armor for the Ultimate NWA Heavyweight Title in Moulton, Alabama, beginning his second reign.

2007 - Former WWE developmental territory Deep South Wrestling in Georgia suspended operations shortly after WWE pulled out of working with the group.

2007 - Mick Foley and his family filmed a pilot for an A&E Reality series.  The series is not picked up, with Foley later writing in one of his books that a big issue was the lack of conflict within the family.

2007 - Austin Starr was sent home from television on Monday and (at this point) is slated for a 90 day suspension. The reason bouncing around among those in the company was that management was unhappy with his attitude. I was told there was no one incident that caused the decision but just a series of events. The feeling among some wrestlers that were sympathetic to Starr was that he's a pretty blunt and brutally honest person, which probably hurt him politically in the locker room. One certainly can't discount his work as he had one of the best matches on the entire Lockdown PPV against Senshi. Starr had been given something of a suspension last year after he and Roderick Strong remained and worked a Ring of Honor show during a blizzard scare after being instructed to leave New York and head to Florida. They made the show but their push as a tag team was shelved and Strong opted not to sign a new deal with the company. Starr re-debuted with the Starr moniker at Bound for Glory last October. Starr would not return until 2011, when he returned under his Austin Aries persona.

2007 - TNA broadcast Impact on SpikeTV.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Impact Report for April 19, 2007

Last Sunday, Sting received the title match against Christian Cage at Sacrifice when he pinned Abyss after Jeff Jarrett hit Abyss with a thumbtack loaded guitar.  Has Jeff Jarrett changed his ways since he had the opportunity to get that title match.  What will Jeff Jarrett say when he talks to Mike Tenay in the Impact Zone?  What is next for the new tag team champions as they have their first title defense against NWA World Heavyweight Champion, Christian Cage and Abyss.  Will the former champions interfere in their match?  What will happen when Samoa Joe, Christopher Daniels, and A.J. Styles meet in the ring one more time?  How will the addition of Rhino to the dynamic affect the match?  After their blindfold match, what is next for Chris Harris and James Storm?  Will Robert Roode get back at Eric Young for his attempts to stop him from cheating against Petey Williams?

We start off tonight's show with a look back at last week's show when Jeff Jarrett returned and joined Team Angle.  We see Kurt Angle's comments about Jeff Jarrett from Lockdown.  Then we see footage from the Lethal Lockdown match.

Mike Tenay is in the ring and he brings out the six time NWA World Heavyweight Champion Jeff Jarrett.  Mike points out that Jeff has been gone for six months but he came back with the guitar shot heard round the world and it shocked everyone.  Mike then talks about how he proved that he was a different Jeff Jarrett at Lockdown when he handed Sting the title match.  Mike wants to know what changed things for Jarrett.  Jeff says that he had a lot of time to look back on his career.  He says that it is not all about the King of the Mountain and that everything revolves around Jeff Jarrett.  Jeff says that it is time to give back.  He says that he looks back at his twenty year career, especially his five years in TNA.  Most importantly he has looked back at the last seventeen days and it is time to give back.  Jarrett talks about how Sting came back and all he has done is give.  Last Thursday was step one, Lockdown was step two, and step three is coming and it will shock everyone.  Mike wants to know about step three, but Kurt Angle's music plays and he comes to the ring.

Angle has a mic and he wants to make sure that he heard things right that Jarrett came back to make things right.  Angle tells Jarrett to make things right.  Angle called Jarrett and invited him back into the game.  Angle was the one who was ridiculed by the fans and his teammates because nobody trusted him.  It was Angle whose integrity was challenged.  Angle had everything to lose by having Jarrett on his team and then this is how he is thanked?  Angle tells Jarrett that he handed Sting a title shot on a silver platter.  This was a man who hated Jarrett.  Angle wants Jarrett to make things right with him.

Jarrett says that he does not have to make things right with Angle because he did what he said he would do.  He joined Team Angle to help them win the Lethal Lockdown match.  That is what happened at the pay per view.  As far as Sting goes, the business is all about timing and Sting was in the right place at the right time.  Angle says that Jarrett is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Sting's music plays and he comes out to the ring.  Sting says that if Angle has a problem with the way that he got the title shot then Angle has a problem with him.  Sting says that over the last six months he has had his hands full with Abyss.  Sting says that he has been to hell and back with Abyss and he has been hearing Angle's voice every week.  Angle acts like he is the leader in the locker room.  Sting points out that Jarrett and him have been wrestling for more than twenty years while Angle has been wrestling for less than ten years.  Sting says that if not for guys like Jarrett and him paving the way, Angle would be a gold medalist gym teacher.  Sting says that if Angle wants a shot at the title and Cage, they will settle it next week with the winner getting the title shot.

Team Cage is in the locker room and they are in a good mood while Christian talks about how Angle and Sting are fighting over a title shot.  Christian says that he wants to challenge himself and he got himself a shot at being the tag champion and he has Abyss as his partner.  Christian tells Abyss that he embarrassed everyone at Lockdown because he cost them the match.  Christian says that he will be very unhappy if he does not have three title belts around his waist.

Before the match we see footage from Lockdown of A.J. Styles being knocked off the top of the cage.

Match Number One:  Christopher Daniels versus Samoa Joe versus A.J. Styles versus Rhino

Joe and Daniels start things off and Joe with a number of kicks to Daniels' leg and Daniels limps in the ring.  Joe misses a kick and Daniels with a side head lock.  Daniels tries for a shoulder tackle, but Joe does not go down.  After the third one, Joe slaps Daniels.  Daniels kicks Joe and then he punches Joe.  Daniels with a forearm but Joe with a reverse atomic drop but Daniels tags in Rhino before Joe can hit the Yakuza kick.  Joe and Rhino with forearms but Joe with a knee and side head lock.  Styles makes the blind tag and he wants Joe to hold on to Rhino so Styles can get in some shots on Rhino.  Joe releases the side head lock and Styles does not look happy.  Rhino punches Styles and hits a back body drop and clothesline.  Rhino tags in Joe and Joe kicks Styles in the midsection.  Joe with a snap mare followed by chop, kick, and knee drop combination.  Joe with a series of jabs to Joe, but Joe with an eye poke.  Daniels is tagged in and Daniels and Styles argue over what to do with Joe but Joe with punches to both men.  Styles and Daniels continue to be on different pages as Styles with a front face lock.  Joe with a jawbreaker to Styles and then Daniels comes off the ropes and hits Styles.  Joe with a running knee to Daniels and Rhino is tagged in.  Rhino with a clothesline to Daniels followed by a back elbow to Styles.  Rhino with a back elbow to Daniels followed by a TKO to Styles.  Rhino with a spinebuster to Daniels but Joe breaks up the cover.  Joe sends Daniels over the top rope to the floor and Joe goes outside the ring after Joe.  Rhino with a belly-to-belly suplex and Rhino sets for the GORE but Daniels gets the bat and he hits Rhino with it and gets the three count.

Winner:  Christopher Daniels

After the match, Joe gets in Daniels' face but after we see a replay of the finish of the match, we see Styles in the ring with Joe.  Joe punches and slaps Styles.  Styles with a rake of the eyes and then Joe knocks Styles out of the ring.  We go to commercial.

We are back and Kurt Angle is with Jeremy Borash .  Jeremy suggests that Sting left Angle speechless in the ring with the challenge for next week and Angle takes the mic.  He tells Jeremy not to confuse speechless with what was going through his mind while Sting was spewing his BS in the ring.  Angle says that Sting made the biggest mistake of his career.  Angle says that if Sting wants to challenge the best.  Having less than eight years in the business means that he is still in his prime.  He tells Sting to move out of the way or he will push him out of the way.

Before our next match, Jackie Moore comes to the ring and attacks Gail Kim as she enters the ring with Chris Harris.  Jackie and Gail battle into the crowd.  We go to commercial.

Match Number Two:  Chris Harris versus Robert Roode (with Traci Brooks and Eric Young)

Traci distracts Harris and that allows Roode to blindside him.  Roode with punches and kicks to Harris and then he chokes Harris in the corner.  Roode with a chop to Harris followed by a back elbow and elbow drop.  Roode with a knee drop and he gets a two count.  Harris with a forearm to the back and then he signals to James Storm who is on the ramp watching the match.  Harris tries for a suplex but Roode gets out of the hold and he hits a belly-to-back suplex for a two count.  Harris punches Roode but Roode with a knee to Harris to keep the momentum.  Harris with a flying clothesline and punch to Roode.  Harris with an Irish whip and bulldog for a two count. Harris with an Irish whip but he charges into a boot.  Harris gets Roode up and hits Catatonic but the referee is pulled out of the ring at two by Traci Brooks.  Traci tells the referee that it was Eric.  Chris Harris is distracted by James Storm outside the ring and that allows Roode to get the handcuffs and the three count.

Winner:  Robert Roode

After the match, Young and Traci argue and Eric pushes Traci down.  Roode goes outside and he slaps Eric Young before sending him back into the ring.  Roode says that he is sick and tired of Eric embarrassing him.  He is sick and tired of Eric trying to make a fool of him.  Roode says that he notices Young cheering for his opponents.  Roode says that he did not forget about Lockdown when Eric tried to screw him.  Roode reminds Young that he owns him.  Roode wants to know if Young is mad that Roode beat up his friend Petey Williams.  Eric says that Petey is not "the friend".  Roode says that if Eric wants to play the game, he wants the name right now.  Eric refuses to give Roode the name.  Roode gives Eric one week to tell him who his friend is or Roode will fire Eric next week on national television.

We go to the back where Jeremy Borash sees James Mitchell browbeating Abyss.  Mitchell yells at Abyss for losing the match at Lockdown.  Mitchell says that Christian wanted Abyss to team with him for the tag titles and that is the only reason why his mother is not in prison.  Mitchell tells Abyss that he better get the job done or his mother will go to jail for perjury, obstruction of justice, and attempted murder.  We go to commercial.

We are back with the latest from Paparazzi Productions.  Alex Shelley says that he cannot believe how the Black Machismo gimmick is taking off.  Alex wants to know why he is not teaming with Black Machismo and wonders why he is teaming with Kaz Hayashi when he isn't even on the roster.  Nash says that he has Lethal teaming with Dutt in the three way.  Lethal says that he is a one woman man.  Nash talks about a match for the X Division title.  Lethal wants to know what is up with Sonjay and we see Dutt dressed like Big Daddy Cool.  Dutt is not happy and he says that he had enough with this.  He says that Nash has nothing for him and he looks like a joke.

Don and Mike are joined by LAX at the announce position.  Don says that Dutt in envious of Jay Lethal and he thinks that Dutt is getting hand me downs.

We go to footage from the Electrified Cage Match that saw Team 3D become NWA World Tag Team Champions.

Match Number Three:  Christian Cage and Abyss (with James Mitchell) versus Team 3D for the NWA World Tag Team Titles

Christian and Devon start things off and Christian with a kick and punches to Devon .  Devon avoids a clothesline and elbows and hits a flying shoulder tackle.  Devon with punches and then each man alternate punches.  Devon with an Irish whip but he charges into an elbow.  Christian goes up top but Devon stops Christian and hits a hangman's neck breaker for a two count.  Ray is tagged in and they hit the side slam/leg drop combination for a two count.  Christian with a forearm to Ray and then Abyss is tagged in.

We see Hector Guerrero watching the match from ringside.

The crowd chants for tables and Abyss does not like to hear that.  Abyss with punches to Ray but Ray responds with punches of his own.  Abyss with an Irish whip but he charges into an elbow and Ray hits an uranage on Abyss for a two count.  Devon is tagged in and they hit a double flap jack on Abyss for a two count.  Abyss with a kick to Devon followed by a clothesline.  Christian tags in and he tells Abyss to hold Devon .  Christian with a punch from the second turnbuckle followed by kicks to Devon .  Christian with a snap mare and kick to the back.  Abyss is tagged in and then Christian tells Abyss what to do.  Abyss with punches to the head and an Irish whip.  Abyss charges into the corner, but Devon moves out of the way and Devon with a flying shoulder for a two count.  Devon pulls Christian into the ring and Ray punches Christian and hits a back body drop.  Team 3D with punches to Abyss and Christian.  Abyss punches Ray and then he goes over to Devon and puts him on his shoulder.  Devon gets out of the hold and he pushes Abyss into the corner and Christian is knocked to the floor.  Team 3D with the 3D and Devon with the three count.

Winners:  Team 3D

After the match, Christian yells at Abyss and we go to commercial.

We are back and Christian continues to yell at Abyss but Abyss grabs Christian by the throat.  Mitchell threatens to make the call and Abyss lets go of Christian.  Christian pushes Abyss and spits at him.  Abyss punches Christian and hits the splash into the corner.  Abyss gets Christian up for Shock Treatment but Mitchell gets into the ring to tell Abyss to put Christian down.  Abyss lets go of Christian and Mitchell slaps Abyss.  Abyss grabs Mitchell but Tomko and A.J. Styles come into the ring and they attack Abyss.  Steiner joins in the fun and all three men attack Abyss.  Abyss fights them all off and knocks them out of the ring.  Mitchell falls to the mat and he grabs the phone, but Abyss knocks the phone away and hits the Black Hole Slam on Mitchell.  Abyss leaves the ring and he grabs the thumbtacks.  Tomko hits Abyss from behind and Steiner joins in along with Styles.  Christian brings in a chair and he hits Abyss in the head with the chair.  Christian gives Tomko the chair and he hits Abyss with the chair.  Steiner is given the chair and he hits Abyss with it.  Now it is A.J.'s turn to hit Abyss and Abyss is a bloody mess.  Christian hits Abyss in the midsection with the chair and Steiner hits Abyss with another chair.  A.J. brings in a barbed wire bat and he gives it to Christian to hit Abyss with it.  They set up Abyss for a one man conchairto with the barbed wire bat resting against Abyss' head.  Christian hits the one man conchairto.  We go to credits.

2008 - Ring of Honor ran Chicago Ridge, IL.  Keith Lipinski filed the following results:


*Danny Daniels & Rhett Titus defeated Trik Davis & Ernie Osirus when Titus  rolled up Davis and hooked the tights.

Main Show:

*Austin Aries defeated Silas Young via submission with the Horns of Aries.   Jimmy Jacobs came out and did a promo, leading to Aries announcing he wasn't going to join the Age of the Fall.  Aries said AOTF is nothing but talk and put over that he slept with Lacey.

*Alex "Sugarfoot" Payne vs. Mitch Franklin ended in a no contest when Necro Butcher attacked and destroyed both, winning a handicap match in 1:25 after chokeslamming Franklin on a chair.  Necro then cut a promo about his 5/10 match against Takeshi Morishima.

*Claudio Castagnoli & Pelle Primaeu defeated Adam Pearce & Brent Albright.  Claudio hit the Ricola Bomb on Albright after Pearce struck him by accident with a briefcase.

*In a SHIMMER Four Way, MsChif defeated Ashlee after an open-armed DDT.  After the bout, Jimmy Jacobs and Lacey broke up and Jacobs was crying in the middle of the ring.

*Chris Hero defeated Delirious  with a loaded elbow.

*TNA stars The Motor City Machineguns defeated ROH Tag Team champions Mark and Jay Briscoe in 23:40 when Alex Shelley pinned Mark Briscoe after Sliced Bread # 2 off the top.  Very good match.  The crowd chanted "One more match" but The Age of the Fall attacked the Briscoes.  Jimmy Jacobs attacked Mark's arm with a spike, bloodying him.

*Kota Ibushi defeated El Generico with a Phoenix Splash in what was described as an amazing, off the charts match.  "So great and so many near falls."

*Age of the Fall's Joey Matthews & Tyler Black & Zach Gowen defeated The Vulture Squad's Jack Evans & Ruckus & Jigsaw.

*ROH champion Nigel McGuinness defeated Kevin Steen.  The atmosphere was described as very quiet, as if the crowd didn't believe Steen had a chance at winning.

2009 - TNA held Lockdown in Philadelphia, headlined by Mick Foley winning the TNA title from former WCW rival Sting, the first time the two had wrestled in well over a decade.  Richard Trionfo filed the following PPV report:

Welcome to’s live coverage of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling’s Lockdown pay per view. Tonight’s pay per view comes from the campus of Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Make sure to check out the live updates throughout the night. Also make sure to check out the Lockdown post pay per view audio on the site for Elite subscribers.

We are live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Jeremy Borash welcomes everyone to Lockdown. Jeremy shows us footage of Danny Bonaduce arriving on his motorcycle. We are reminded that Danny Bonaduce will be facing Eric Young. Jeremy reminds us of the other matches on the pay per view.

We see a video package for the Sting/Mick Foley match.

Lauren is in the back with Danny Bonaduce. She asks him about his motivation to get inside the six sides of steel. Danny says that they are in his home town and he will do his best tonight. He says that he is going to win. Danny mentions that he has Johnny Fairplay’s tooth around his neck on a chain. Danny says that he has been training for the match and he says that he is terrified to get inside the cage. He will do his best tonight and he says that he expects to bleed.

We see the video package of Eric’s appearance on Danny Bonaduce’s radio show.

PreShow Match: Danny Bonaduce versus Eric Young

Before the match even starts, Bonaduce goes after one of the fans in the front row and that fan is escorted out of the arena.

Bonaduce has nunchuks with him in the cage and then he kicks Eric down after tossing them in the air. Young with a drop kick followed by forearms to the back. Young presses Bonaduce over his head and he sends Danny into the cage. Young with kicks to Bonaduce. Young suplexes Danny into the cage twice and then drives him to the mat. Young with a forearm to Bonaduce and then he charges into boots from Danny. Bonaduce with a boot to Young and then he goes to the top turnbuckle and hits a swanton for a two count. Young punches Bonaduce and then he hits a power bomb. Young goes up top for a moonsault and he misses. Bonaduce has the nunchuks and he tries to hit Eric with them. Eric avoids them and he gets the three count with an inside cradle.
Winner: Eric Young

After the match, they shake hands but Bonaduce hits Young from behind and then he chokes him with the nunchuks. Rhino enters the cage and he hits a GORE on Bonaduce.

Lauren and Jeremy are at ringside while Bonaduce leaves the cage.

We go to the Lethal Lockdown Match video package.

Jeremy Borash mentions the TNA Lockdown fanfest and we see footage from the event. Jeremy brings out TNA President Dixie Carter. Jeremy asks Dixie about meeting the fans and she says that is what makes TNA so special. She thanks the fans for their support. Jeremy talks about the last three months. Dixie thanks the fans for breaking records on television.

We go to a video package for the Tag Team Title Match.

Lauren and Jeremy are inside the six sides of steel and we see the top of the cage for the Lethal Lockdown match.

This concludes the preshow and it is time for Lockdown to begin.

We start off tonight’s show with footage of A.J. Styles and Christopher Daniels arriving at the building. Then we see the Main Event Mafia arrive at the building together. Is Team Jarrett on the same page?

Team 3D are at the Art Museum and Ray talks about thirteen years of kicking ass and getting their ass kicked. He says that this is the city that they got their start in and this is where they were born. He calls this the most violent and hardcore city in the world. He tells Beer Money that he would not want to be in their shoes tonight. They will fight throughout the arena and maybe into the streets in Philadelphia. Ray says that he hopes the fans take a shot at Beer Money. They vow to win the TNA Tag Titles and that they are the most dominant tag team in the world. Devon says that he hopes that they are ready and have done all of their training to get into shape for tonight. When the dust clears, there will be no more arguments. The only thing to be said is that Team 3D is the greatest tag team in the business. They will walk out victorious and they testify.

We have the opening video package that focuses on the TNA title match.

Your announcers are Don West and Mike Tenay.

Match Number One: X Division Xscape Match for the X Division Title: TNA X Division Champion Suicide versus Kiyoshi versus Sheik Abdul Bashir versus Consequences Creed versus Jay Lethal

(The rules of the match are that it is a standard match with pinfalls and submissions until there are two men left. At that point, it is a race to escape the cage. The first man to get to the floor is the TNA X Division Champion)

Suicide with a drop kick to Bashir as the bell rings. Kiyoshi with a kick to Suciide but Suicide with a kick of his own. Creed and Lethal work over Bashir. Kiyoshi works on Suicide’s shoulder. Lethal with a hip toss into a cartwheel and drop kick to Kiyoshi. Suicide with a leg drop to Lethal but Creed breaks up the cover. Bashir punches Creed and chops him. Creed wit a boot to Bashir and a kick for a near fall. Suicide with a reverse atomic drop to Kiyoshi but Kiyoshi with a clothesline for a near fall. Suicide with a clothesline to Kiyoshi and then he punches Bashir. Creed with a drop kick to Bashir.

Lethal and Creed work on Bashir in the corner and then Lethal presses Bashir over his head as Creed hits a bulldog. Lethal wit a tilt-a-whirl back breaker to Suicide and then Creed with a side Russian leg sweep and a drop kick to Suicide. Lethal and Creed turn their attention to Kiyoshi. Lethal with an enzuigiri and then Creed with a TKO and Lethal with an elbow drop from the top to eliminate Kiyoshi.

Kiyoshi is Eliminated

Bashir goes after Creed while Suicide runs Lethal into the cage. Creed with the somersault clothesline to Bashir. Lethal and Creed work on Bashir and they hit a double flapjack for a two count. Lethal gets Suicide up and Creed hits a cross body for a near fall. Lethal works on Suicide and Creed works on Bashir. Suicide and Bashir take care of Lethal and Creed and then Bashir with a clothesline to Suicide. Creed falls victim to the WMDDT.

Consequences Creed is Eliminated

Bashir with chops and punches followed by kicks. Lethal hits Lethal Combination on Bashir but Suicide goes after Lethal. Suicide with kicks and then he hits a series of clotheslines in the corner on Lethal. Suicide gets Lethal up but Lethal with a crucifix for a two count. Lethal with a rollup for a two count. Suicide with a clothesline that flips Lethal and Lethal lands hard but Suicide can only get a two count. Lethal with a kick to Suicide and then he tries for a moonsault but Suicide moves. Suicide hits Suicide Solution on Lethal and then Suicide is sent into the cage and Bashir gets the pinfall on Lethal.

Jay Lethal is Eliminated

We are down to Bashir and Suicide and they need to get to the floor to win. Bashir is sent into the cage door and the door opens but Suicide keeps him in the cage. Suicide climbs the cage and Bashir stops him and tries to bring him back into the cage. They fight on the top turnbuckle and Bashir slams Suicide’s head into the cage. Bashir hits a super belly-to-back suplex and both men are down.

Bashir tries for the WMDDT but Suicide blocks it. Suicide sends Bashir into the turnbuckles and then Suicide climbs the cage and gets to the top. Bashir goes up and he punches Suicide and Suicide hangs on the top of the cage. The fight on the top of the cage and they exchange punches with each man trying to stay on top. Bashir almost falls off the cage a few times and he stays up. Suicide with a head butt and Bashir goes to the floor. Kiyoshi has come to the cage one more time and security stops him. Suicide with a splash onto the security and Kiyoshi to win the match.

Winner: Suicide

Lauren is in the back with Christopher Daniels and A.J. Styles. She asks if Team Jarrett is on the same page. A.J. says that him and Daniels are on the same page. They have been together before, but not on this level. Tonight is about showing that they belong. Lauren asks Daniels what happened to bring him back. Daniels says that it is good to be home. What happened between Jeff and him stays between the two of them. Daniels says that that he is a man reborn.

Match Number Two: Queen of the Cage: Madison Rayne versus Sojournor Bolt versus ODB versus Daffney

Daffney and Madison fight while ODB and Bolt brawl on the other side of the cage. Bolt chokes ODB in the ropes while Cody Deener watches. Daffney with a Northern Lights suplex to Madison but Bolt breaks up the cover. Bolt and Rayne push each other and Daffney gets a rollup on Bolt. Bolt and Rayne work over ODB and ODB with a double clothesline and then Daffney gets on ODB’s back and she cannot last eight seconds as ODB with a snap mare. Bolt and Rayne continue to work together on ODB. Bolt holds ODB while Rayne punches and kicks ODB. Bolt and Rayne catapult ODB into the cage. Daffney joins in the attack on ODB and then Madison attacks Daffney from behind. Bolt joins in the attack on Daffney. Daffney hits a cross body on Bolt and Rayne.

Daffney pulls Bolt off ODB and Daffney with a swinging neck breaker to Bolt. Daffney with a European uppercut to Rayne and then she kicks Rayne in the corner. Daffney goes to the turnbuckles but she misses an elbow drop when Rayne moves out of the way. Deener gives ODB something to drink while she watches the action. ODB gets a second wind and she clotheslines Bolt and Rayne. ODB with an Irish whip to Rayne and then she does the same to Bolt and she hits a splash into the corner. ODB with the fallaway slam on Bolt and then she kips up.

ODB with a spinning side slam to Rayne for a near fall. Bolt with a kick to ODB and then she gets a near fall but Daffney breaks up the cover. Daffney with the Moss Covered Three Handled Family Credenza on Bolt but Rayne breaks up the cover. Rayne and Daffney each drive the other into the mat after grabbing the hair. ODB with another drink and then she waits for Bolt to turn around and she spits the drink in Bolt’s face. ODB with a power slam on Bolt for the three count.

Winner: ODB

While Don and Mike talk about the rest of the pay per view, we are sent to the garage where Jeff Jarrett has just arrived and it is only 37 minutes into the pay per view.

Match Number Three: IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Title Match: Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) versus LAX (Homicide and Hernandez) versus Team No Limit (Naito and Yujiro)

This match will be conducted under Tornado Tag Rules and all six men will be in the ring.

Naito with a cross body to Shelley while Hernandez and Sabin battle and Homicide faces Yujiro. Naito goes up top again but Shelley stops him and Naito is in the Tree of Woe. Shelley with a series of baseball slides to Naito. Yujiro gets Homicide up but Homicide escapes the hold and Homicide hits a back elbow. Shelley chokes Naito with his boot. Homicide with a shoulder tackle but Yujiro stays up. Homicide tries for a cross body but Yujiro catches him and hits a power slam for a near fall.

Hernandez pushes Sabin away and Sabin with a punch to Hernandez. Sabin with an enzuigiri to Sabin followed by an Octopus and then he tries for a sunset flip. Hernandez does not go down and Sabin with a few chops. Hernandez blocks Sabin into the cage. Shelley chops Hernandez and then he tries for a suplex and Hernandez does not go over. Hernandez with a delayed vertical suplex to Shelley and Sabin kicks Hernandez to get his partner out of the hold. Sabin and Shelley try for a double suplex on Hernandez but Hernandez blocks it and hits a double suplex of his own. Naito and Yujiro work on Sabin and Shelley with a number of double team maneuvers. LAX work over Naito and they hit a number of double team moves.

Hernandez with a catapult to Yujiro and Homicide hits the senton onto the back for a near fall. Homicide and Shelley fight on the top rope and Homicide with a head butt. Sabin crotches Homicide and then Sabin with a drop kick off Shelley’s back and Homicide goes hard into the cage. Sabin and Shelley with flying forearms to Hernandez in the corner followed by a series of kicks. They put Homicide on Hernandez’s shoulders and then they hit the Missile drop kick into a Flatline on both members of LAX. Sabin with a tornado DDT on Homicide for a two count because Yujiro breaks up the cover. The members of the Machine Guns and No Limit work over Hernandez in the corner and then Shelley misses Hernandez. No Limit and LAX hit moves in the corner on Shelley.

Homicide catapults Shelley into Hernandez and Hernandez hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Homicide goes up top while Hernandez has Yujiro on the top rope and Homicide hits a senton but Homicide can only get a two count. Hernandez catches Sabin and he tries for a power bomb but Sabin fights off and he tries for a sunset flip. Hernandez does not go down and Hernandez picks up Sabin and then he tosses him into the cage and Sabin goes down awkwardly. Hernandez sets for a border toss of Shelley into the cage. Naito with a snap power slam to Homicide and then No Limit work on Hernandez. No Limit with a double press slam for a two count. Yujiro with a DDT onto Hernandez for a near fall. Yujiro slams Sabin to the mat and then he goes up top but misses a diving head butt. Naito with a slam to Sabin and then he tries for a Phoenix Splash but he misses too. Sabin and Shelley go up top as Yujiro is in the center of the ring. They hit a splash and leg drop combination but Hernandez breaks up the cover.

Hernandez with a head and arm suplex to Shelley. Naito takes down Hernandez while Homicide hits a missile drop kick on Naito. Yujrio has Homicide on the turnbuckles but Hernandez gets Yujiro on his shoulder and Homicide hits an Ace Cutter. Shelley and Sabin incapacitate Hernandez and then Naito is on the turnbuckles and they set for the Sliced Bread #2 and power bomb combination for the three count.

Winners: Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley

Lauren is in the back with Abyss and she reminds Abyss that Matt Morgan said that he will hurt him. Abyss thanks Lauren for caring and he calls her the greatest girlfriend ever. He says that he gave Dr. Stevie his word and tonight’s match is about survival. He talks about being abused as a child, when he was deemed mentally unfit. He will take everything that Matt has to dish out until there is nothing else for Matt to give. After that, he will take out all of his frustrations on Matt. Abyss says that Dr. Stevie says that it is good to take everything from the inside and let it out. Tonight he is going to let it all out.

Match Number Four: Doomsday Chamber of Blood: Abyss versus Matt Morgan

Abyss punches the chair in Morgan’s face and then he punches Morgan in the corner. Morgan with knees to Abyss and then he runs into a clothesline. Abyss with a splash in the corner and then Morgan falls into the corner. Abyss with a running butt splash and Morgan is down. Morgan with an elbow and punches to Abyss. Morgan with a boot to Abyss’s head. Abyss with a side slam to Morgan and then he looks at the chair. Abyss grabs the chair but he gets hit in the head with a bicycle kick into the chair. Morgan grabs the chair and then he climbs to the top of the cage and he throws the chair to the floor and the crowd does not approve. Morgan with a kick to Abyss and then he punches Abyss. Abyss is now bleeding so he is eligible to be pinned. Morgan throws Abyss into the cage and he gets a two count.

Morgan with elbows to Abyss in the corner followed by a splash. Morgan with a drop kick to Abyss for a near fall. Morgan punches Abyss as he works on the head. Morgan gets his black bag and opens it. Morgan reveals a bag of glass. Morgan tries to drive Abyss’s head into the glass. Morgan grabs a piece of glass and he tries to drive it into Abyss’s head but Morgan takes too long and Abyss stops Morgan. Abyss punches Morgan and then Abyss hits a shoulder tackle on Morgan. Abyss sends Morgan into the cage but Morgan does not bleed. Abyss with a choke slam and he covers Morgan but because Morgan did not bleed yet, the ref refuses to make the count.

Morgan with a knee to Abyss’s midsection. Morgan goes up top and Morgan hits a cross body on the referee when Abyss moves out of the way. Abyss gets a piece of glass and he jams it into Morgan’s forehead. Morgan is now bleeding so he is eligible to be pinned. Abyss and Morgan exchange punches and Abyss with a black hole slam but we have no referee who is conscious. A new referee gets in the ring but it takes too long and Morgan is able to kick out. Abyss opens the cage door and he leaves the ring to get the chair.

Dr. Stevie comes to the ring and he takes the chair. Abyss tries to plead his case but Morgan with the Carbon Footprint for a two count. Abyss leaves the cage again and he wants the chair. Stevie tells Abyss no and holds the chair from him. Abyss goes under the ring and he finds a bag so he does not need a chair. Stevie tells Abyss not to do it. Abyss opens the bag and it is full of thumbtacks. Stevie takes off his jacket and he enters the cage. Stevie slaps and hits Abyss. Morgan with a low blow while Abyss argues with Stevie. Morgan with a spinebuster onto the thumbtacks for the three count.

Winner: Matt Morgan

Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett and he asks Jeff which side of Jeff Jarrett will we see tonight. Jeff wants to know what side Jeremy is talking about. He has heard the comments from Styles and Daniels. He tells Styles and Daniels to worry about themselves. Where were they over the last six months. Does Jeff Jarrett need to worry about himself more than he has in the past. Jeremy wants to know what Jarrett means and he says that means that he will do the right thing. Jarrett opens the door and Samoa Joe is there and he tells Jarrett ‘no tricks’.

Match Number Five: TNA Knockouts Title Match: TNA Knockout Champion Awesome Kong versus Angelina Love versus Taylor Wilde

Love tries to climb out of the cage and Kong goes after her and she kicks Love. Meanwhile Taylor watches for a second and then Taylor attacks Angelina. Taylor sends Angelina into the cage and then Wilde Irish whips Love into Kong. Kong wants Wilde for a wheelbarrow move but she slams Wilde on the mat instead of Love. Kong with a chop against the ropes. Kong gets Love up for a power bomb, but Love tries for a sunset flip but Kong stays up. She tries to drop down but Love moves. Love and Wilde both work together on Kong and they get near fall. Love and Wilde get chest-to-chest and then Wilde gets a near fall but Love with a bridge and back slide for a near fall. Love with a clothesline. Love with an Irish whip and then Kong sends Taylor into the cage. Angelina tries for a rollup but that is not a smart thing to try because Kong does not budge. Kong grabs Angelina by the throat and tosses her across the ring. Kong with a giant swing on Love and then she pulls up Angelina while standing on Angelina’s hair. Kong tosses Angelina across the ring by her hair and then she tosses Taylor across the ring.

Kong with a choke slam to Love and then Kong goes to the turnbuckles and she tries for a somersault splash but she misses Angelina. Taylor makes the save and she kicks Kong in the process. Love with a kick to Wilde and then Angelina ties Kong’s hair into the cage. Saeed chases Velvet Sky around the ring. Wilde goes up top while Love mocks Kong. Wilde hits a cross body but she can only get a two count. Saeed tries to get Kong out of the cage while Wilde has Angelina in a reverse chin lock. Kong kicks Wilde away and Angelina Love gets the three count.

Winner: Angelina Love

Lauren is in the back with Team 3D and some of the fans in Philadelphia. Devon and Ray enjoy a beverage. Devon says that they are home. They were nobodies until Philadelphia showed them respect over the years. Devon says that this is a homecoming for Team 3D. When everything is said and done, they are going to go to Tony Luke’s for a few cheesesteaks. By the time they are done with Beer Money, they will have more cracks in their heads than the Liberty Bell.

Match Number Six: TNA and IWGP Tag Title Match in a Philly Street Fight: Team 3D (Brother Ray and Brother Devon) versus Beer Money Incorporated (James Storm and Robert Roode)

The match starts with all four men brawling and then Devon avoids Storm and Roode and then Ray sends Storm and Roode out of the cage. The battle moves to the floor very quickly. Ray sends Storm into the crowd while Devon and Roode battle in the crowd. Devon and Ray are in control of the action as they move up the aisle. Storm and Ray are about to fight into a luxury box and Ray punches Storm in one of the seats. All four men are on the stairs and Roode gets dropped on the railing by Ray. Storm punches Devon as they head back towards the ring. Devon bites Storm’s forehead. Roode slams Ray’s head into the railing but Ray fights back with a chop.

All four men return to the ringside area and Roode works over Ray and Storm takes a drink to recover. Storm spits the beer in Devon’s face. Storm sends Devon into the guardrail and then Storm hits Ray with the cage door. Roode moves the steps and put a table next to it. They set for a double suplex through the table and they hit it and Devon goes through the table.

Storm and Roode work over a bloody Ray as they rake his face across the cage. Storm with a splash against the cage and Roode gets a two count. Storm and Roode work over Ray but Ray fights back with chops and he hits a double shoulder tackle. Ray slams Roode and then he signals that he is going to go up top. Storm stops Ray and he goes up top as well. Storm punches Ray but Ray chops Storm and Storm gets crotched. Roode hits Ray and Roode goes up. Roode punches Ray and he kicks him. Ray with a rake of the eyes and Ray with a super BubbaBomb and Roode bounces off the mat. Roode kicks out. Storm gets a near fall on Ray. Devon gets back into the cage and he hits a shoulder tackle on Storm. They hit the neck breaker belly-to-back combination on Roode but Roode kicks out.

Storm punches Devon and Ray punches Storm and gets him on his shoulders. Devon with the Doomsday Device for a two count. Roode with a clothesline to Ray and then he Irish whips Devon but charges into an elbow. Devon with a Wassup headbutt to Roode. Devon is told to get the tables. Devon gets the table. Storm and Roode get Ray up and hit a double belly-to-back suplex. They both send Devon into the cage. Storm gets Devon up for a TKO and neck breaker combination for a two count. Storm and Roode go up top and Roode misses a diving head butt and Storm misses a somersault splash. Roode with a spinebuster to Ray and then Roode with a neck breaker to Devon. Roode wants Storm to come inot the ring and then they decide to send Devon into the cage door but Devon sends Roode into the cage and they hit 3D for the three count.

Winners: Team 3D

Jeremy Borash is with the Main Event Mafia and Jeremy points out that they are the most confident that he has seen them. He asks if it has anything to do with Jeff Jarrett. Angle says that it has nothing to do with what Jarrett and Steiner have been saying. It is about Booker T seeking revenge on A.J. Styles. It is about welcoming back Sting into the fold. It is about Scott Steiner putting on some of the best matches of his career despite being told he was washed up. It is about the return of Kevin Nash. What if Kurt Angle re-injures his neck or if Nash re-injures his knee. It is about ‘what ifs’ from the younger guys because they know they cannot win. They are legends in the business. They will have three opponents younger, stronger, and faster than them. Angle says that you win with your brain, not with your heart.

Match Number Seven: Lethal Lockdown: Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Booker T, and Kevin Nash) versus Team Jarrett (Jeff Jarrett, A.J. Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe)

The first participant for Team Angle is Kurt Angle. The first member of Team Jarrett is Christopher Daniels.

Daniels and Angle go face to face and Angle pushes Daniels and Daniels with a double leg take down and then Daniels stands on Angle’s head. Angle with a kick and forearm. Daniels with a take down and he works on the arm. Daniels with a hammer lock into a side head lock but he holds on when Angle tries for an Irish whip. Angle with a belly-to-back suplex but Daniels holds on. Angle sends Daniels into the turnbuckles and then the cage. Daniels with a punch to Angle that stagger him. Daniels with a leg lariat and then he sends Daniels into the turnbuckles. Angle charges into a boot and then Daniels with a curb stomp from the top. Daniels puts Angle on top and he connects with a palm thrust. Daniels with a cross arm power bomb as he continues to wear down Angle. Angle with an elbow and a punch followed by a suplex. Angle with a side head lock and Daniels with clotheslines. Daniels with a Flatline into a Koji Clutch.

The next entrant for Team Angle is Booker T.

Booker finally enters the ring and he gets Angle out of the hold. Booker with chops to Daniels followed by knees. Booker with a punch to the midsection. Booker misses a side heel kick and Daniels with a drop kick. Daniels runs Booker into the corner and he hits shoulders. Booker sends Daniels into a European uppercut from Angle. Angle kicks Daniels in the head and then Booker holds Daniels for Angle to punch Daniels.

The next participant for Team Jarrett is A.J. Styles. Styles hustles to the ring and he punches Angle and Booker and then he hits a drop kick on Angle. Booker punches Styles but Styles sends Booker into Daniels. Styles and Daniels with a series of double team moves on Booker. Styles punches and kicks Booker while Daniels works over Angle. Daniels with a gutwrench suplex to Angle. Angle punches Daniels and Daniels with a clothesline. Styles and Booker each hit clotheslines and they are down.

The third member of Team Angle is Scott Steiner and he rushes to the ring and he hits clotheslines on Styles and Daniels. Steiner puts Daniels on the top turnbuckle and Steiner hits a super overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Steiner punches Styles on top and he hits a Frankensteiner. Steiner works on Styles while Booker kicks Daniels. Steiner with a clothesline followed by the flex elbow but no push ups. Angle with an elbow drop to Styles. Booker with a back heel kick to Styles. Steiner with a clothesline and the flex elbow to Daniels followed by push ups from Booker and Steiner.

The third member of Team Jarrett is Samoa Joe. Joe’s music plays but he is not coming out. Steiner is talking to someone. Booker kicks Daniels and Angle slams Styles. Joe finally comes out after his pep talk to himself. Joe with a head and arm suplex to Steiner and then he sends Booker into the cage. Joe with a clothesline to Angle and a head and arm suplex. Booker falls victim to a power slam. Joe chops Steiner and hits a senton splash. Daniels sends Angle into the cage and he punches Angle while Styles punches Steiner.

The final member of Team Angle is Kevin Nash. Joe sends the cage door into Nash and then Joe punches Nash on the floor. Nash with a knee and then he sends Joe into the ring post. Nash gets into the cage and he choke slams Styles. Nash with a side slam to Daniels. Joe with punches to Nash. Booker accidentally hits Angle and Daniels with a jawbreaker to Booker. Styles with a Pele kick to Steiner. Joe holds Nash for the BME from Daniels. Angle with a German suplex to Joe.

The final entrant in the match is Jeff Jarrett and it is time for Lethal Lockdown to begin and the roof to come down.

Jarrett with punches to Angle and Booker. Jarrett with a double clothesline to Booker and Angle. Team Jarrett gives his teammate weapons and they go after Team Angle. We go to a super duper split screen as we go to the Lethal Lockdown Channel. Joe sends a trash can at Steiner’s legs and then Jarrett hits Steiner with a trash can lid. Joe hits Steiner with the trash can. Jarrett hits Steiner in the back. Styles and Angle goes up to the top of the cage.

Angle and Styles square off on the top of the cage and they exchange punches. Angle sets for a suplex to the floor but Styles blocks it. Styles punches Angle and Angle is near the edge. Angle is hanging over the side of the cage. Meanwhile other stuff is going on in the ring.

Team Angle appears to be in control in the ring. Angle returns to the inside of the cage and Team Angle has an advantage until Styles returns to the ring. Angle with an Olympic Slam on Jarrett and then the Main Event Mafia celebrates. Styles with a dive through the top of the cage onto the members of Team Angle. Daniels gets a near fall on Angle. Joe hits Steiner with the trash can. Daniels with a kick to Angle and an STO. Steiner with a belly-to-belly suplex to Daniels. Joe with a reverse atomic drop and then Joe hits the muscle buster on Steiner but Booker with a jumping heel kick. Booker with the spinaroonie but he is hit with a punch from Styles. Booker with a knee and he sets for the axe kick but Booker moves. Jarrett hits Styles with the chair when Booker moves. Angle gets a near fall on Styles.

Joe yells at Jarrett. Angle hits the Olympic Slam on Joe and Daniels breaks up the cover. Daniels hits Angel’s Wings on Angle for a near fall. Steiner with a Flatline to Daniels and everyone but Jarrett is down. Jarrett goes for the guitar and he is ready to hit Booker and he hits him. Styles covers Booker for the three count.

Winners: Team Jarrett

After the match, the lights go out and there is something on the video screen. Bobby Lashley enters the arena.

We go to the back where Lauren is with Sting and she asks him about his match with Mick Foley. Sting says that you have to expect the unexpected because anything goes at any time in this business. Sting says that he goes way back with Foley but things have not changed. The one common thread has been respect, the belt, and what it means for TNA. Sting says that if the belt lands in the wrong hands, it is doomsday and the start of the end. Sting says that there are a lot of miles on his body. Anything goes in Philly and it will be Showtime.

Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley. Jeremy asks Mick about whether he through he would be wrestling in the main event against Sting for the TNA Title. Mick Foley is not here tonight, so it is Cactus Jack. He says that he will not need the barbed wire bat because he will use every inch of the cage. He says that pinfalls and submissions will count.

Match Number Eight: TNA Heavyweight Title Match: TNA Heavyweight Champion Sting versus Mick Foley

Foley punches himself before he locks up with Sting and Foley is bleeding in the eye. Foley with a punch to Sting’s head. Foley with a kick to the head. Foley climbs the turnbuckles and then he goes to the top of the cage and Sting stops Foley. Sting with punches and Foley goes down to the mat. Sting kicks Foley in the head. Sting rakes Foley’s face against the cage. Foley punches Sting and then Foley goes for the turnbuckles to climb the cage again. Sting meets Foley on top and Sting hits a belly-to-back suplex and both men are down. Sting tries to send Foley into the cage but Foley blocks it. Foley punches Sting in the corner.

Foley climbs the cage again and Sting stops Foley and Foley is caught in the ropes. Sting works on the ankle. Foley tries to climb the cage but Sting hits Foley in the back of the leg and Foley falls to the mat one more time. Foley sends Sting into the cage. Foley with a swinging neck breaker for a near fall as Foley tries to get some feeling back into his leg. Foley with a double underhook DDT and both men are down. Foley tries for the Scorpion Death Lock and he applies it but Foley has to release the hold. Foley tells the referee to open the door and when the referee refuses, he pushes the referee down. Foley gets angry and he punches Sting after kicking the cage door. Foley with a baseball slide and he takes out the cameraman. Foley tries to climb through the camera hole but Sting pulls him back. Sting puts Foley in the Scorpion Death Lock and Foley gets into the cage and he demands his bat. Foley gets the bat after Sting releases the hold. Foley holds the bat in Sting’s face and then he tries to hit Foley with the bat. Sting punches Foley and Foley goes down. Sting climbs to the top of the cage but Foley hits Sting with the bat. Foley hits Sting again and Sting falls to the mat. Sting with a drop toe hold and Foley lands on the baseball bat. Sting has the bat and he hits Foley in the midsection and back with the bat.

Sting puts the bat in Foley’s face. Foley hits Sting in the head with the bat and then he hits an elbow drop and the bat on Sting. Foley wraps the barbed wire around his arm and he hits Sting. Foley punches Sting in the head. Foley with a running knee into the corner and he hits Sting with the bat as well. Foley climbs the cage and so does Sting. Foley is over the cage and he lands on the floor before Sting to win the match.

Winner: Mick Foley

2010 - WWE Raw and TNA Impact went head to head.  Raw did a 3.1 rating.  The show did hours of 2.99 and 3.11, which made the overall number a 3.05.  The show averaged 4,150,000 viewers.  The 4/19 edition of Impact did a 1.0, rounded up from a 0.95.  They did 1,334,000 viewers.

The cast of the film MacGruber (which featured a number of WWE talents) were the guest hosts of Raw, which featured mostly Smackdown talents due to the Raw brand being stranded in Europe thanks to volcanic ash in the air.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

Tonight’s Raw will provide us with an interesting show as we get the final episode of Raw before the Extreme Rules pay per view on Sunday. Because of the situation in Iceland with last week’s volcano eruption that kept a lot of the Raw brand in Europe. Even though he will not be in the building for tonight’s show, I am happy to announce that there is a winner in the ‘Name Sheamus’ Pipe Contest’. The other finalists were ‘ShamPipe’, ‘Pipey Longstocking’, and ‘Lucky Charm’ (which had the most submissions). The winner was ‘Sheamealagh’. Congratulations to Vinne and Robert Hayes for coming up with the name.

We are live from East Rutherford, New Jersey and your announcers are Michael ‘Ralph Lauren’ Cole and Jerry ‘I can see Secaucus from my hotel room’ Lawler.

We start off tonight’s show with Triple H coming to the ring. He is introduced by the ring announcer for tonight, Lillian Garcia.

Hunter tells everyone not to suck up to him because he is the only guy here. He says that unless you have been living in a cave somewhere, a volcano erupted in Iceland and Hunter says that it isn’t something that you can write. Hunter talks about how the travel is affected. They are used to giant gaseous eruptions but it is usually the Big Show. Hunter says that he can say that because Show isn’t here. Hunter says that the Raw roster is stuck in Europe. The crowd shows its anger at the situation.

Hunter says that means they have to watch Triple H wrestle Frank the audio guy in a two hour Ironman Match. Hunter says that while he wasn’t on the tour, he could be here tonight. The WWE brass worked feverishly to ensure that there is a show of the highest standards. Hunter says that he will be in Baltimore where he will face the fat pasty faced teabag in a Street Fight and he will beat him any color but white. Hunter says that Sheamus made a statement last week hitting Kofi with a monitor. Sheamus might be a bad dude, but he is deadly. Hunter says that Sheamus is in for a rude awakening on Sunday.

CM Punk and the Straight Edge Society come out to interrupt Triple H. Punk says that it is fortunate that the Smackdown crew had the intestinal fortitude to make it through volcanic ash to make it back to the friendly shores. Unfortunately, they have to be in New Jersey. Punk says that he has two words for everyone. Jersey Sucks. At this time next week, he might no longer be part of the Smackdown crew. The draft is next week and if he is going to be a part of Raw, he wants everyone to know that he is bringing the Straight Edge Society with him.

Hunter asks Punk if he means both members of the Society. Hunter asks why Punk doesn’t have to shave his hair. He wonders if Serena had to shave her chest hair.

Punk says that he doesn’t have to shave his head because he is the leader, just like Hunter didn’t have to shave his head while Shawn did. Punk says that his hair is pure and no foreign chemicals have touched his hair.

Hunter wonders if that means shampoo and soap. Hunter says that it probably won’t make a difference because Punk has a hair match on Sunday. If he is on Raw, he will probably not only be the President of the Hair Club, he will also be a client.

Punk wants to know if Hunter thinks that Rey will beat him on Sunday and he says that Hunter is as naïve as everyone else. Punk says that he will crush Rey on Sunday and everyone will realize that Straight Edge is the most powerful thing in the universe. After Rey falls in line, everyone will fall in line. Punk tells Hunter that it would be a good thing if he embraced Straight Edge.

Hunter says that everyone makes a good point. Hunter says that part of him would like to join but he believes in freedom. Hunter says that this is the United States and everyone is free to do whatever they want. Everyone chose to come to Monday Night Raw. They chose to be a part of the WWE Universe. They chose to be able to go absolutely crazy. Hunter leaves the ring and then he goes around ringside. He says that if these fans want to drink all the beer they want, as long as they have a ride, they can do it. Hunter says that if the two guys sitting in the front row want to drive to a state to celebrate their union, they can do it. Even Lillian Garcia wants to come back to the WWE for one night just to horse around, she can do it.

Hunter tells Punk that is the beauty of a free country. They can do what they choose. Hunter says that if he chooses to come to the ring and stand next to the bald wonderfriends and beat the crap out of him, he can.

Punk says that he didn’t want to be here. Punk says that Raw is stuck in Europe, but he is stuck in New Jersey. Punk says that since Hunter is the cerebral one, he figured that Hunter would see the light and be part of something big. Punk says that he thought that Hunter would shave his head and join the Straight Edge Society, but there was a miscommunication. He says that he is not asking him, he is telling him.

Luke grabs Hunter and Hunter fights off Punk and Luke for a second but when Hunter goes for a Pedigree on Luke, Punk with a round kick to the head and Luke and Punk attack Hunter. Punk tells Serena to get the clippers while Luke gets the chair. Punk is ready to shave some heads, but Rey Mysterio’s music plays and he comes to the ring and hits a tornado DDT on Luke followed by a bulldog to Punk. Hunter and Rey clothesline Luke over the top rope to the floor. Rey has the clippers and Hunter stands behind Punk and Hunter punches Punk and holds him for Rey. Rey shaves some of Punk’s hair, but Luke makes the save for his savior.

We go to commercial.

We are back and the draft is seven days away.

Match Number One: Drew McIntyre versus Matt Hardy

Drew misses a punch but Hardy with punches of his own. Drew with a kick and punches but Hardy with a swinging neck breaker and a clothesline that sends Drew over the top rope to the floor. Hardy goes to the floor and Drew kicks Hardy into the ring steps. They return to the ring and Drew works on the neck and hits clotheslines in the corner. Drew follows that with a short arm clothesline. The referee checks on Hardy and he holds Drew back. Hardy is woozy and he swings wildly while Drew punches Hardy. Hardy with a side effect out of instinct and gets a near fall. Hardy with a neck breaker for a near fall. Drew tries for the double underhook DDT but Hardy with a back body drop. Hardy with a kick and he tries for the Twist of Fate but Drew sends Hardy into the turnbuckles. Drew and Hardy collide and they both go down. Drew gets the three count.
Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, Drew demands his title belt and then he leaves the ring.

Cole and Lawler talk about the situation in Europe.

John Cena is in Belfast, Northern Ireland and he talks about the situation saying that they have never seen anything like that before. Cena apologizes for not being at Raw. Cole asks Cena about his match and how being in Europe is affecting his preparation. Cena says that he will swim across the Atlantic to get to Extreme Rules to face Batista. Cena reminds us that Batista was tapping out but that does not matter on Sunday because it is a Last Man Standing Match. Cena says that he will be the Last Man Standing on Sunday night.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the Double Down Showdown: Vladimir Kozlov’s challenge to MacGruber.

Vladimir Kozlov is in the ring and he reminds us who he is and he says that he has been treated unfairly. He wants Jerry Lawler to read his statement. Lawler comes into the ring and wants to make sure that Kozlov is serious about this. He says that he is protesting the unfair treatment that he is receiving from the Raw guest hosts. He is an elite athlete who deserves elite competition. Vladimir says that everyone is spoiled, ignorant Amercians so they don’t understand him. He says that they are physically inferior so they are weak. They are from a state devoid of class and are the single worst place on Earth, New Jersey. Vladimir says that he cannot wait for his fellow Russian to buy the Nets to move them out of this horrible state forever.

Vladimir demands proper competition.

The guest hosts come out and it is MacGruber and Vicki St. Elmo. MacGruber waves the flag in Kozlov’s face. He says that if people like having people reading something. Vicki says that a superpowered main event has been announced. CM Punk, Luke Gallows, and Chris Jericho will face Triple H, Rey Mysterio, and Edge. MacGruber wants to know who Kozlov is because nobody rips on the state of New Jersey. Some of the greatest Americans are from New Jersey. Jon Bon Jovi, Paul Blart Mall Cop, Snooki, and the Situation. MacGruber says that people don’t treat him fairly because he is a giant ball of suck.

Vladimir threatens to end MacGruber. He says that he won’t say anything bad about Vlad, but he decides to deal with Vlad’s mom. He insults Vladimir’s uterus. Vicki says that MacGruber isn’t talking for him and says that Vladimir’s uterus is probably wonderful.

Vladimir says that he will destroy MacGruber later tonight.

MacGruber says that Vladimir has a match already and he will be facing the Truth. He tells Kozlov that he can’t escape because the place has been rigged with explosives. Truth starts to say ‘What’s Up’ but the explosion takes care of Truth.

MacGruber wants to know what just happened.

Kozlov says that he will destroy MacGruber later tonight.

We go to commercial.

We are back with more MacGruber video stuff. He is trying to get out of the office but he is stopped by Triple H. Hunter says that it looked like he was trying to exit. Hunter wants to know if MacGruber had an accident and MacGruber says that it was just some water. Hunter says that it smells like something else. MacGruber says that those aren’t his pants. He says that he has a good friend who is very nervous and peed his pants so MacGruber agreed to switch pants with that person. MacGruber says that he is a good wrestler. MacGruber says that Kane is his good buddy. Hunter wants to clarify and then tells Kane that MacGruber said that Kane peed his pants. MacGruber leaves and Kane says that might not have been the only thing that MacGruber did to his pants.

It is time to go to Randy Orton who is still in Northern Ireland. Randy says that after Swagger cashed in the contract, there were questions about the future of the World Title. After Sunday, wherever he ends up is where the World Title is going to be.

Jack Swagger is walking in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back with the Slam of the Week: Highlights from last week’s pay per view quality Triple Threat Match for the World Title.

Jack Swagger comes to the ring and he is going to address the fans. Jack says that talk is cheap when you are 3000 miles away. Swagger says that if Randy was here tonight, he would have shown him why he is the World Champion. Jack says that he wants a referee and wants Orton to watch this open challenge. Swagger says that nobody has his style or credentials. Swagger tells anyone who thinks they can go toe to toe with the All American American, the World Heavyweight Champion should come out.

Nobody comes out and Swagger says that is what he thought. As he leaves the ring, the gong sounds and Undertaker’s music plays.

Match Number Two: Undertaker versus Jack Swagger in a Non Title Match

Swagger avoids Taker as the bell rings and then they lock up and Swagger with a side head lock. Swagger with a shoulder tackle and Swagger pounds his chest. They lock up again and Taker with a side head lock. Taker with a shoulder tackle and then he starts to work on the arm and shoulder as he gets ready for Old School. Taker goes to the turnbuckles for Old School and he hits it. Swagger with a kick to the knee and he continues to work on the knee. Swagger with a power slam for a near fall. Swagger punches Taker and kicks Taker in the hip and leg as Taker goes to the apron. Taker goes to the floor. Taker sends Swagger’s head into the ring steps. Swagger with an Irish whip that sends Taker into the ring steps. They return to the ring and Swagger starts to work on the leg with elbows and knees. Swagger puts Taker in the ropes and has the leg in the ropes as Swagger continues to work on the knee while the referee warns him. Swagger with punches to Taker. Taker sends Swagger to the floor and then he kicks Swagger against the ringside barrier. Taker with the vintage leg drop on the apron. Taker with a suplex to Swagger and he gets a near fall. Taker with a rear chin lock and Taker with an elbow drop for a near fall. We go to commercial while Taker has Swagger in a front face lock.

We are back and Swagger with a step over toe hold on Taker as he tries to avoid moving into Hell’s Gate territory. Taker kicks Swagger away and Swagger returns to the leg. Taker tries to get out of the hold by raking the eyes. Swagger with a punch and then he returns to the leg. Taker sends Swagger to the floor but Swagger brings Taker to the apron. Taker tries to keep Swagger from using the ring post but after a brief defense, Swagger gets to use the ring post. Taker kicks Swagger to get out of the hold. Swagger punches Taker but Taker punches back for the boo-yay moment of the match. Taker with a DDT when Swagger telegraphed a back body drop and Taker gets a near fall. Taker with Snake Eyes and a big boot followed by a leg drop for a near fall. Taker sets for the choke slam but Swagger with elbows to get out of the hold. Taker with a big boot but Swagger with a float over into a DDT for a near fall. Swagger with a kick to the leg and then he does the double jump Vader splash but Taker grabs Swagger by the throat and hits the choke slam followed by the Tombstone for the three count.
Winner: The Undertaker

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to see a clip from MacGruber.

Chris Jericho is with the Straight Edge Society. Jericho tells them to follow him and they will win the match tonight. Jericho says that he has beaten Rey, Edge, and Triple H more times than he can remember.

Jericho sees MacGruber and Vicki. Vicki says that Jericho was the best part of the movie. Jericho says that he can stop pandering and then Jericho says that he can get an Oscar nomination. Jericho does his version of the MacGruber theme song. MacGruber says that he has a match with Kozlov and he asks Chris for any advice. Jericho tells him to walk into the ring and walk straight to Kozlov and extend your hand to him. Jericho says that it will throw Kozlov off his game and he can smack him in the face and then MacGruber can do what he does best. Jericho tells Vicki that maybe he can have her in his sequel.

We go to commercial.

We are back with an Earlier Tonight Moment of R Truth turning into a pair of shoes.

Match Number Three: MacGruber with Vicki St. Elmo versus Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov gets in MacGruber’s face before the bell rings and he offers his hand just like Jericho said he should. MacGruber slaps Kozlov but Kozlov with head butts to MacGruber’s chest.

Ryan Phillippe stops the match and says that he apologizes for being late. It is now a handicap match. He brings out MacGruber’s half brother Khaluber.

Match Number Three (Continued): MacGruber and Khaluber versus Vladimir Kozlov

Kozlov goes for the leg but Khaluber with a forearm. Kozlov with a waist lock but Khaluber with an elbow and kick in the corner. Khaluber with elbows in the corner. Khaluber with a chop to Kozlov. Khaluber with a choke but Kozlov fights back and connects with head butts. Khaluber with a chop and Kozlov goes to the floor. Kozlov heads to the back and Khaluber follows. The referee makes the ten count.
Double Count Out

After the match MacGruber says that America is the greatest country in the world. He says that it has the best food, the best sports, and the best movies. MacGruber talks about Shrek 4 and he is reminded about MacGruber. He says that you don’t mess with the United States because there will be one guy ready to defend her and to make her safe. That person is MacGruber. We go to MacCommercial.

We are back with a look back at the John Cena/Batista match from Wrestlemania.

We run through some of the matches for Extreme Rules.

As Triple H comes to the ring, Sheamus is on the TitanTron and he says that he heard what Triple H said. He says that it was best that he didn’t make the trip because of what he did to Kofi Kingston. Sheamus says that he is going to show Hunter and he attacks production guys.

We go to commercial.

We are back and we see what Chris Jericho did to Edge after their match last week on Smackdown.

Match Number Four: Triple H with GameFountain, Rey Mysterio, and Edge versus Luke Gallows, Chris Jericho, and CM Punk with Serena

Jericho and Rey start things off and Jericho with a kick and slap to Rey. Rey with a head scissors and guess where Jericho goes. Jericho goes to the floor and so does Punk and Gallows. Hunter sends Rey over the top rope onto Gallows, Punk, and Jericho as we go to commercial.

We are back and Punk with a rear chin lock on Rey. Punk runs into a boot from Rey. Rey tries for a bulldog on a wheelbarrow but Punk sends Rey into the turnbuckles. Gallows is tagged in and he kicks Rey and hits a series of elbow drops and gets a near fall. Jericho tags in and hits a belly-to-back suplex. Rey tries to go through Jericho’s legs but Jericho stops him and puts Rey in a single leg crab. Jericho catapults Rey into the turnbuckles and then he punches Rey as he taunts Rey. Rey with a kick and then he hits a springboard moonsault for a near fall. Rey makes the tag to Edge and he kicks Gallows and then he hits a flying shoulder tackle and he knocks Jericho off the apron. Edge with the Edge-o-Matic and then he sets for the spear. Serena distracts the referee and Jericho grabs Edge. Hunter stops Jericho from injuring Edge any further. Jericho sends Edge back into the ring and Edge is limping and trying to avoid putting pressure on the ankle. Punk tags in and he kicks Edge in the injured ankle. Jericho tags in and he puts Edge’s foot on the rope and then he kicks it. Gallows punches Edge while Jericho spends time with the referee. Punk tags back in and he kicks Edge in the leg and Punk with a leg lock on Edge. Gallows tags in and he kicks Edge in the ribs and then he stands on the ankle. Hunter and Punk tag in and Hunter punches Punk and then he hits the high knee. Hunter with a face buster and then he hits a clothesline for a near fall. Hunter with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot from Punk. Punk runs into a spinebuster. Hunter tries for a pedigree but Luke with a clothesline. Rey with a springboard seated senton to Luke. Jericho throws Rey under the ropes. Jericho is thrown out of the ring by Edge. Edge puts Punk in the ropes for a 619 and Hunter with the Pedigree for the three count.
Winners: Triple H, Rey Mysterio, and Edge

Rob Van Dam defeated AJ Styles to win the TNA title during the live broadcast of Impact.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Tonight's program opens with a video package recapping the events of last night's Lockdown PPV, then we go to the ring for some words from the TNA World Champion, AJ Styles. He says that due to the celebration party after Lockdown, Flair will be here a little later, but last night he proved to the entire world that AJ Styles in the best wrestler in the world. He stepped into the steel cage with the Pope and he took care of business, and did it all by himself. He says his athletic ability was too much for Pope, and Pope was good, but not good enough. He tells Pope not to get down on himself, because he joined Jeff Jarrett, Sting, and Kurt Angle as people who have lost to AJ, and it doesn't matter where it is, AJ is the best, the best looking, the best athlete, and the work horse of TNA. All the wannabes that want to jump on the AJ Styles bandwagon can think again, because AJ isn't slowing down anytime soon. Rob Van Dam's music hits, and he comes out to the ring to confront AJ. Crowd starts an RVD chant. RVD says that what AJ just heard might confuse him, but that's called a crowd reaction. RVD says that he was backstage listening to AJ talk and he seems to think he's the best wrestling in TNA (crowd starts an AJ sucks chant), and maybe AJ was the best wrestler in TNA at some previous point in time, but it seem obvious that times have changed, and AJ is upset because he's invested all his time in TNA and is used to getting all the attention, and he is a very good wrestler, but RVD's never been quite as impressed with him as everyone else is, and definitely not as much as AJ is in himself. RVD says AJ's having a hard time because TNA is where all the wrestlers want to be and that's not good for him (crowd starts a TNA chant). RVD asks how he can say that he deserves the top spot above the other wrestlers, such as...Rob Van Dam. Now Jeff Hardy's music hits and he comes skipping down to the ring, and guess what? He has a microphone too. Crowd starts a big Hardy chant. Jeff tells AJ that he's got a little head to be so bigheaded. Jeff says he has a huge head but at least he's modest, and AJ's done a lot in TNA but Jeff's looking to do a lot too and the movement has begun. He's here to complete his collection of World Titles by becoming TNA World Champion. Now Hulk Hogan's music hits, and he comes out to join us as well. Hogan high fives RVD and Hardy, and then he grabs a mic to tell us that this is exactly what he's talking about and exactly the reason everyone's talking about TNA. Hogan says that's why he's brought RVD and Hardy here, but no matter how you cut it, it's all about the TNA World Title, so Hogan's going to tell everyone in the back that it's time to up your game because we're raising the bar, and AJ's the World Champion, and when you're the World Champion, that means you're the best at what you do, but when you're the World Champion, doors open up and things happen that you never expected because it's also about the business of being World Champion: lear jets, good looking girls, and big fat paychecks, and that's why everyone wants the World Title. When Hogan was the World Champion, it changed his life because every night, you have to prove you're the best, and every night there's a target on your back, and every time you leave someone laying in the ring, that just ups every aspect of your life. Hogan says he's going to cut the crap right now, because one of the most important questions he's ever heard, which goes out to RVD and Hardy, AJ wants to know how bad they really want it. Do they want it bad enough to put their friendship aside and get in the ring to find out which of them is the best? Do they want to do it tonight? Well that's great, because tonight he wants them to come out and do what they do best: tear the building down and get the crowd chanting TNA, TNA. The crowd plays along. Hogan says that after tonight, the man that gets the win is going to get a shot at AJ Styles and the TNA World Title. AJ says to hold on a moment, nobody consulted with the champion and to tell the truth, he won't be ready by Sacrifice. Hogan says that he made the match, and nobody said anything about Sacrifice. He's not talking about Sacrifice, he says that the man who wins the match tonight is going to get a title shot tonight on Impact!

We cut backstage to Ric Flair arriving at the Impact Zone, where he is informed by somebody off camera that Hogan just made a title match for AJ tonight and, predictibly, Flair is none too please. We're at commercial!

We're back, and we just found out that not only will AJ Styles defend the TNA World Title tonight, but Ric Flair is barred from ringside!

Knockouts Tag Team Title Match: The Beautiful People vs Daffney & ODB

As the Beautiful People make their way to the ring, Tazz informs us that while Sean Waltman wasn't at Lockdown last night, Dixie Carter was aware of it and they've been in communication since. Daffney goes right to work on Velvet Sky, ramming kneestrikes into her chest, but Daffney made the mistake of getting distracted by Lacey and Sky was able to nail her. Lacey does a backflip elbowdrop and then tags right back out to Sky, who stomps on Daffney then covers her for 2. Sky goes to the second rope, shakes her moneymaker, then comes off with a double axhandle, but Daffney gets a shot to the midsection. Sky cuts off the hot tag, but Daffney kicks her off and makes the tag and ODB comes in and cleans house. ODB with the Thesz Press on Sky, whips her into the corner and follows in with a splash. ODB with a fallaway slam on Sky and a kip up then goes for an O'Connor Roll, but Madison Rayne distracts the referee and Lacey sprays something in ODB's eyes and Sky is able to rull ODB up and get the win.

Winners: The Beautiful People

We go backstage to JB, who is going to try and get a word with an irate Ric Flair and AJ Styles. Styles is complaining to Flair about their predicament tonight, and Flair says that this isn't the plan they had, and Flair's not going to let it go on much longer. He knows AJ will beat the winner of RVD-Hardy, but the most important thing is that he wants a rematch of Team Hogan vs Team Flair tonight, and he's demanding it. He says Hogan has five minutes to respond and he doesn't care who they bring with them, he wants them out there in five minutes or he's claiming victory by forfeit. JB gets kicked out of their dressing room and we're at commercial!

We're back, and Abyss and Jeff Jarrett are in the ring, and Abyss has a mic. He wants Flair to know that he and Jeff had heard about his challenge for tonight, but apparently Flair hadn't heard that the war between Team Hogan and Team Flair ended last night at Lockdown when they beat their asses. If RVD and Hardy weren't already in a match tonight, then Team Hogan would have no problem continuing to beat down on Team Flair. Flair's music hits, and here comes The Man himself with all of Team Flair in tow. Flair tells Abyss to kiss his ass, he doesn't take crap from people like him: screw him, screw Hogan, and screw everyone in the building. Team Flair is here and they're going to kick their asses. Team Flair rushes the ring and a brawl ensues, but doesn't last long after Sting uses the bat to lay Jarrett and Abyss out. Suddenly, Rob Terry's music hits and he comes out and cleans house on Team Flair, botches a press slam on Wolfe, but gets it right the second time and tosses him onto Sting, trips a second time on a spinkick, and Team Flair bails out. Flair tells Jarrett that he's a dead man, but now Eric Bischoff comes sauntering out and tells Flair he thought he learned his lesson last night, and if Flair wants a rematch, he'll get it against Abyss, Jarrett, and Terry, but it won't be 4-on-3 because he's got somebody in the back who can't wait to see action, and he can't wait to see Team Flair get their ass kicked tonight.

Still to come, Rob Van Dam takes on Jeff Hardy for a shot at the TNA World Title, and it's up...right after this!

We're back from commercial and Matt Morgan comes up to Shannon Moore and says that TNA management is making "them" get a partner to defend the title, so that's why "they" came to him, and asks Shannon if he wants some gold around his waist or not. Shannon asks him if he's counting his ego as a second person now, but says he has to get mentally prepared for his X-Division Title shot next week, and both of "them" can kiss his tattooed ass and he walks off. Morgan is perturbed by this, and mutters under his breath that Moore just made a big mistake.

From there, we go to Hogan and Bischoff backstage, and Hogan is impressed by the way Bischoff suckered Flair in last night and he's never going to doubt Bischoff again. Bischoff says that tonight's RVD-Hardy-AJ series is genius, and Hogan compliments him back about setting up the Team Hogan vs Team Flair rematch tonight, and asks if "he" is going to be here for sure, and Bischoff says he is. Hogan then asks him if he's set up that ranking system for the World Title yet and Bischoff says not yet, but he wants to show him what he's done so far. He gets his super hot assistant to go fetch the files, and she asks if he was looking for the brown thingy or the green thingy, to which Bischoff says the green thingy. She leaves and Hogan asks what about his thingy, and Bischoff says "Hey, she takes great dictation." Gotta love these double entendre segments.

RVD is backstage and says that he's wrestling one of his best friends tonight, but he's here for one reason: to prove he's the Whole F'n Show. We're at commercial, and THIS TIME the RVD-Hardy match will be up after this, we swear!

We're back, and it's time to go to the ring for the first of our two main events...

#1 Contender's Match: Jeff Hardy vs Rob Van Dam

RVD and Hardy shake to start, then it's time to get down to business. RVD gets a waistlock, Hardy escapes and ducks a spinkick. The feeling out process continues and they go to a Greco-Roman knucklelock, and they exchange hammerlocks, and Hardy breaks away and goes for a Twist Of Fate, but RVD gets away and we go back to commercial. REALLY??

We're back from commercial, and RVD is beating Hardy up on the floor and dropping him sternum-first on the guardrail, then coming off the apron with a spinning legdrop onto Hardy on the guardrail. RVD drapes Hardy on the apron, then slingshots over the top rope from the inside with a guillotine legdrop on the apron. RVD goes up top and comes off with a flying bodypress for 2. Looks like RVD's head is bleeding again. Hardy starts firing back on RVD and RVD shuts him down pretty quickly, but Hardy dropkicks the knee of RVD and RVD comes crashing down facefirst on the middle turnbuckle. Hardy with the double legdrop to the crotch, a second dropkick, and a clothesline for 2. RVD tries a dive in the corner on Hardy, but Hardy comes out with a clothesline for 2 and a bridging rollup for 2. RVD with another clothesline for 2 as the crowd chants This Is Awesome. I don't know about that. Hardy goes up top but RVD catches him and drags him out into the middle of the top rope and kicks him in the head, then goes up top, hesitates a really long time, and comes off with a thrust kick to Hardy that sends him tumbling to the floor. RVD pulls Hardy back in the ring and gets another spinning legdrop and Rolling Thunder for 2. Hardy fights back and pounds on RVD in the corner, but misses his springboard corner dropkick and RVD hits the split-legged moonsault for 2. RVD with another series of kicks to the head then goes for a vertical suplex, but Hardy slips out the back and hits a gourdbuster, then pulls the shirt off and goes up top, but RVD pops up to his feet and spinkicks Hardy in the face. RVD follows Hardy up top and goes for a superplex, but Hardy blocks, pushes RVD off and goes for the Swanton, but misses, and then RVD hits the Five Star Notebook Splash for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Now Rob Van Dam will challenge AJ Styles for the TNA World Title later on tonight, and we're at commercial!

We're back, and Christy Hemme is backstage with RVD and Jeff Hardy, and RVD tells Jeff that he's his bro and wants to make sure nothing's changed, and Jeff assures him that everything's cool. Then we go to the monitor to see some highlights from the match and they seem really impressed with themselves. They congratulate themselves again after viewing the highlights, and then say that whoever wins the match is going to have the other one's support, and now RVD's focus is on AJ. He says Jeff took a lot out of him, but RVD's ready for his shot at the TNA World Title.

From there we go to Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, and Rob Terry, and he thanks Rob for getting involved because Hogan wanted everyone toraise the bar, and that's what Rob Terry did. Rob says that tonight, everyone's going to know that he's the Freak, Rob Terry. Abyss says they don't know who their fourth partner is yet, but he trusts Hogan and Bischoff so it's no big. They head to the ring, and that's what we're going to do right now as well...

Sting, Desmond Wolfe & Beer Money vs Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Terry, and A Mystery Partner

This basically follows the same rules as last night's match, but without the cage. Sounds good to me! Let's hope we don't have some screwjob, but we'll find out...after this commercial break!

We're back, and Sting and Jarrett are brawling out in the crowd. Sting rams Jarrett into the wall, then into a chair, then he takes a chair and kills Jarrett with it, then continues beating him through the crowd and up the stairs, but Jarrett starts fighting back and rams Sting into the wall, and now it's Jarrett's turn to nail Sting with the chair. After nailing Sting with the chair, he says he's going to find out why one way or another. This is of course referring to the mystery of why Sting turned to the dark side and joined Team Flair. Sting comes back and tosses Jarrett over the rail, picks him up for a slam, and casually drops Jarrett chest-first on the guardrail, then rolls him back in the ring. Sting stomps away on Jarrett, then goes for a Stinger Splash, but Jarrett moves and then starts firing rights at Sting. Jarrett with a flying clothesline, Sting reverses a whip, Jarrett ducks a clothesline, then both men hit a double clothesline and both men are down as the clock winds down, and the next man to enter the ring is...Desmond Wolfe. Wolfe tags in for some reason, and goes to work on Jarrett with European Uppercuts and then rams Jarret into the corner hard. Wolfe with the running European Uppercut in the corner then goes for a vertical suplex, but Jarrett blocks and reverses an Irish Whip and hiptosses Wolfe, then hits the Bossman Splash on the ropes. Jarrett firing rights at Wolfe, but Wolfe goes to the eyes. Jesse Ventura would be proud. Wolfe puts Jarrett up top and goes for the Tower Of London, but Jarrett slides off the ropes and hits a back suplex as the clock counts down, and here comes Rob Terry, and Jarrett makes the hot tag. Terry comes in and kills Wolfe with clotheslines and a big backdrop on Wolfe, then more clotheslines for Sting and a front powerslam on Wolfe as Orlando Jordan makes his way out from the back. Terry with a vertical suplex into a powerslam on Wolfe, and it's time for our next commercial break.

We're back from commercial, and during the commercial break both Robert Roode and Abyss made their way into the match, and those two men are going at it in the ring. Abyss hits the big splash in the corner and chokeslams Roode and follows up with a big backdrop on Roode. The clock runs down and James Storm makes his way out to the ring and hits a boot to Abyss' face from the outside, allowing Roode to hit a Blockbuster and then tag out to Storm. Storm with a series of punches on Abyss, but Abyss catches him coming off the ropes and hits a side suplex. Storm tags in Wolfe but Abyss makes the hot tag to Jarrett, and he comes in and cleans house on the heels, but is outnumbered and the heels triple team Jarrett as all his partners just stand there watching. Jarrett somehow is able to lay all three of them out as the clock counts down, and the mystery fourth man is...Samoa Joe! Joe looks determined as he walks to the ring and, with a stunned look on everyone else's face, tags himself in and then destroys the entire heel team with gusto! Roode charges him in the corner and Joe hits the STJoe, followed by the Muscle Buster on Roode for the win.

Winners: Abyss, Jeff Jarrett, Rob Terry, and Samoa Joe

Joe walks off to the back by himself as the rest of Team Hogan celebrates in the ring, but then Ric Flair comes out with a mic and he has something to tell Team Hogan...but we don't have time for that, because it's time for another commercial break!

We're back, and we take a look at what happened during the commercial break, as Ric Flair told Abyss that he is going to put his Hall Of Fame ring on the line and challenge Abyss for Hogan's ring next week.

It's main event time!

TNA World Title Match: AJ Styles vs Rob Van Dam

AJ jumps RVD before the bell, throwing his robe over RVD's head and pounding on him. AJ tosses RVD to the floor and hits a somersault dive as we go to commercial.

We're back, and they're back in the ring as AJ puts the boots to RVD. RVD tries to fight back, but AJ pounds him down. RVD does finally come back with a series of kicks and then they do a fast paced sequence, RVD slips up, and AJ nails a sweet dropkick for 2. AJ with some chops in the corner, then trips RVD and starts dropping elbows on RVD's knee. AJ with a leg whip then chokes RVD with the boot. AJ tries to ram RVD into the corner, RVD blocked and fired the kick at AJ's face, misses by a mile but AJ sells it anyway, and RVD follows up with a spinkick and both men are down. They get to their feet and start going toe to toe, and RVD comes out on top and starts laying in a series of clotheslines to AJ. RVD finally remembers to sell the leg, but hits a monkey flip and Rolling Thunder anyway for 2. AJ with a double leg takedown and locks RVD in the figure four, but RVD makes the ropes. AJ pulls RVD out to the middle of the ring and tries to go for it again, but RVD with a small package for a very close 2. AJ ducks a punch and hits the Pelle then goes for the Styles Clash, but RVD blocks and backdrops AJ to the apron. AJ tries to come back in with a springboard Frankensteiner, but RVD catches him and powerslams him, then hits the Five Star Notebook Splash and gets the three, and we have a NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion!

Winner, and NEW TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Rob Van Dam

Wow, talk about totally unexpected. Jeff Hardy comes out from the back to congratulate RVD as the confetti falls from the ceiling. Hulk Hogan pulls Dixie Carter out of the crowd as the two of them, Team Hogan, Team 3D, and Eric Bischoff make their way out to the ring to celebrate with the new champion.

2011 - The Greenwich Time reported that current WWE, Inc. board member and former Connecticut governor Lowell Weicker Jr. is leaving WWE's Board of Directors after 15 years in a decision he termed mutual.  The paper speculated that Weicker, who endorsed Democrat Chris Dodd in his US Senate run against Linda McMahon last year, may be leaving due to his political views.  Weicker disputed that assertion by saying, "The two things are entirely separate. Being on the board and politics are entirely separate matters."

2011 - EVOLVE 7 was broadcast on iPPV in New York City.  Stu Carapola filed the following report:

Welcome to's live coverage of EVOLVE 7, coming to you from BB Kings in New York City! Click on the poster above for information on ordering the show.

Shiima Xion vs Jimmy Jacobs

Xion got in Jacobs' face right at the start of the match and Jacobs just beat him down in the corner. Xion got to his knees and disrespected Jacobs, so Jacobs beat him down again. Xion tried rolling out to the floor to get a breather, but Jacobs hit a dive through the ropes and then he tried whipping Xion into the stage, but Xion leapt up and moonsaulted off the stage and wiped Jacobs out. They head back in and Jacobs immediately goes back on the offensive and went for a casual one finger pin, but only got 2. Jacobs surfboarded Xion and repeatedly curb stomped him into the mat. Jacobs went to the second rope but Xion dropkicked his legs out from under him and hung him in the ropes, allowing Xion to hti a running dropkick to the exposed chest of Jacobs and then tying him up with a choke in the ropes. Xion hit a nasty inverted bodyslam into a gutbuster that seemed to actually drop Jacobs' face on his knee, then unloaded with chops. Jacobs exploded into Xion with a clothesline as the announcers point out the pink armband Jacobs is wearing in tribute to Larry Sweeney, but he tries a senton out of the corner and Xion gets the knees up. Xion went for a monkey flip but instead of sending Jacobs over his head, he dropped him right back down on his feet. Xion blocked Sliced Bread #2, but Jacobs hit a cutter out of the corner for 2. Xion caught Jacobs coming off the ropes with a spinebuster, but Jacobs speared him for 2. Jacobs went for another cutter out of the corner but Xion caught him coming out and locked in the Border City Stretch, a hold Jacobs knows very well, but Jacobs reversed to a cradle for 2 and then Xion immediately got Jacobs in La Magistral cradle for the upset win.

Winner: Shiima Xion

Jacobs flipped Xion off on his way out of the ring, and then the announcer asks Xion felt about his successful debut. Xion says jackasses don't run with race horses, and he used Jacobs as a steppingstone to cement his place in EVOLVE, and Shiima Xion has arrived. Oh, and one more thing: he got Jacobs a couple of napkins, and he can use them to either wipe the mascara off his face, or shove them down the front of his tights to make it look like he has something down there.

Solid opener, and the win over Jacobs was a great way to establish Shiima Xion as a player right out of the gate, and also sent Jacobs even deeper into a losing streak after at one point being the wins leader.

Silas Young vs Tony Nees

Silas went after Nees very aggresively right from the start, but Nees fired back and hit a leg lariat for 2. Young responded with hard chops and right hands, but Nees caught him with a pump handle suplex for 2. Young rolled out to the apron to try and get some space, then sunset flipped back into the ring and was immediately tripped by Nees, who made the mistake of trying a top rope splash after barely doing any damage to Young, and Young rolled out of the way. Young hit a nice fisherman's buster for 2, then yells at Nees that he needs this more than him and tells him to get up. Nees kicks Young in the head to stagger him and heads off the ropes, but Young big boots him for 2 and then gets a deep armbar with his forearm barred across the back of the head. Nees fights his way out of that and hits a sliding boot to the face of Young. Nees hauls himself up on the ropes and hits a three quarter nelson facebuster and a leg lariat, then hits Young with a running knee to the face for 2. Young ducks a clothesline and tries a tornado DDT, but Nees blocks and sits Young up top for a top rope Frankensteiner, but only gets 2. Nees with another boot to the head, but comes off the ropes right into a fireman's carry and Young hits a Finlay Roll and the headstand Arabian Press for the win.

Winner: Silas Young

Good match, and I find the aggressive Silas Young a lot more interesting than the guy who came skipping out of the back to Don't Stop Believin'. The ring announcer asks Young what's next for him, and Young says that with each win, he feels the momentum building inside. He tells Johnny Gargano and Larry Dallas that he hasn't forgotten about them, and says something unkind about Reby Sky, who is sitting at ringside with Larry.

Jon Davis vs Johnny Gargano

Davis looks huge next to Gargano. Davis powers Gargano into the corner and causes him to lose his gum, but he picks it up and puts it back in his mouth to groans from the fans. Gargano goes to an armbar, but Davis easily backs Gargano into the corner and breaks clean. Gargano goes back to the arm and takes Davis down with a hammerlock, then turns it into a bridging hammerlock for added pressure. Davis gets tired of this and just lays Gargano out, Gargano tries another armdrag but Davis blocks and clotheslines Gargano, but Gargano comes back with a double stomp to the back, leaping enziguiri, and dropkick. Davis pops right back up and drives Gargano to the floor with a shoulderblock, but then Gargano hit a spear through the ropes and a somersault senton. Gargano has Davis down and unloads on him with kicks and double axhandles, but Davis gets back up and starts no-selling Gargano's punches, Gargano tries a whip but Davis blocks and powerslams Gargano. Davis drills Gargano with a hard chop and gets a snap suplex and running kneedrop for 2. Crowd starts chanting for Gargano, but Davis blasts him with a big knee to the gut and repeatedly tried to put Gargano through the mat with bodyslams, and the fans chanted “one more time” at him, so he scooped Gargano back up...and hit a backbreaker for 2. Davis slumped Gargano into the corner and rammed shoulders into Gargano's lower back and hit a back suplex for 2. Davis goes for a powerbomb but Gargano punched Davis until he went down, then hit a double stomp to turn the tide. Gargano caught Davis with a kick to the head and a running cutter for 2, then hit a Yakuza kick anda series of leaping boots, but Davis creamed him with a hard forearm and a roaring clothesline for 2. Davis with more shoulder tackles in the corner, but tries a charge and Gargano traps him in a Tarantula choke in the ropes. Gargano goes for the spear through the ropes again, but Davis catches him in midair, tries to powerbomb him, nearly loses him, hoists him back up, and Gargano hits a Frankensteiner that sends Davis to the floor, then he hits a dive through the ropes, a dive off the apron, and a running dive off the stage. Damn! Gargano goes up top but Davis catches him coming off and hits a spinebuster and then the Jackhammer, but only gets 2. Davis looks stunned that he didn't finish Gargano with that combo, and the crowd starts dueling chants. Davis picks Gargano back up and goes for a running powerslam, but Gargano gets a victory roll for 2, a crucifix for 2, then a sunset flip but Davis powers him up and tosses him into the corner. Gargano gets the boot up on a charge, hits a second rope cutter, superkick to the face, and a twisting Sliced Bread #2 for 2, then locks Davis into the Border City Stretch and Davis nearly taps, but rolls through and picks Gargano up for a series of backbreakers and goes for a press slam, but Gargano counters back to the Border City Stretch and Davis finally taps.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Hell of a match! Great debut for Davis, and Gargano is now the wins leader in EVOLVE. The announcer points out to Gargano that he is now the wins leader, and Gargano (who is now joined by Larry Dallas and Reby Sky) says this is only the first step and by the end of the night, there will only be one man as wins leader and we are looking at him. Dallas tells Gargano that's not part of the deal because he and Chuck Taylor are supposed to be co-wins leaders. Gargano seems dubious about that, so Taylor comes out and argues with Gargano while Dallas tries to calm them down. Reby Sky says they're a team and tells them to come talk about it in the back.

Jigsaw & Frightmare vs Facade & Jason Gory

Facade and Jigsaw start right off with a lucha segment with Facade getting 2 off a rollup, but Jigsaw comes back with a dropkick to the face. Facade with an O'Conner Roll for 2, then blew a springboard something so Gory comes in and nails Jigsaw for 2. Jigsaw with some hard chops to Gory and tags out to Frightmare, and they do a lucha segment with a bunch of armdrags and legsweeps and then kip up and Frightmare hits a flying headscissors and then scares Gory by screaming at him and hits a neckbrekaer. Tag out to Jigsaw and they whip both opponents to the corner, but Facade rolls under them and hits a double dropkick and Gory tries a crossbody, but Jigsaw and Frightmare catch him, throw him onto Facade in the corner, and hit a double dropkick on both men. Facade and Gory go out to the floor and Jigsaw & Frightmare hit stereo dives through the ropes. They head back in and Frightmare hits a senton for 2, then a double back elbow and double fistdrop in tribute to Larry Sweeney. Jigsaw with a snapmare and hard kick to the back for 2 and Jigsaw gets a Gory Special (on Jason Gory) and Frightmare comes off the top with a double stomp to Gory for 2. Frightmare with a dropkick for 2, then Jigsaw comes in and hits a Gourdbuster and just tortures Gory with kicks to the head, but gets a little too arrogant and Gory spikes him with a DDT and makes the hot tag. Facade comes in and cleans house on Frightmare, hitting a leaping enziguiri and then dumping Frightmare to the floor onto Jigsaw and wipes them both out with a somersault dive off the top. Facade rolls Frightmare back in and walks the ropes and hits a somersault senton, then a fast series of moves ends with Facade hitting a springboard leg lariat for 2. Jigsaw comes in and hits an overhead dropkick, followed by a shotgun dropkick from Frightmare, then a moonsault kneedrop from Frightmare for 2. Gory hits a Code Red and they hit a double team lungblower/wheelbarrow suplex on Frightmare, but Jigsaw breaks it up and hits the Jig and Tonic on Gory for the win.

Winners: Jigsaw & Frightmare

Lots of action in this one, and it looked like Facade might have had some nerves because he noticeably messed up once or twice, but in general did fine. The announcer pops back in the ring to discuss CHIKARA's undefeated streak in the tag division in EVOLVE, and Jigsaw says the only thing that matters to them is being the best tag team in EVOLVE. Frightmare says something unintelligible, and Jigsaw translates it to say that any team in the world, from EVOLVE or elsewhere, can come to EVOLVE and take them on.

Sami Callihan vs Zack Sabre, Jr

They immediately tear into each other, and Callihan just destroys Sabre in the corner with chops, then repeatedly snapmares Sabre and unloads with an indy kick to the back. Sabre comes back with a Diablo armbar, but Callihan hoists Sabre up and just plows Sabre into the corner in a nasty looking spot. Sabre comes back with some hard kicks that send Callihan to the floor, and he hits a running kick to Callihan's chest. Sabre tries it again, but Callihan catches his foot and sweeps Sabre's legs, causing him to hit hard on the apron. Callihan and Sabre wind up fighting on the stage, exchanging hard forearms and kicks, but Sabre gets the Diablo armbar on the stage and Callihan reverses to a Stretch Muffler. Sabre tries to crawl away and Callihan holds onto the ankle, but Sabre kicks Callihan off to the floor. Sabre tries a running dive off the stage, but Callihan caught him and hit an exploder suplex on the floor. They head back in and Callihan hits a springing splash off the ropes for 2, but Sabre monkey flips Callihan back into the Diablo armbar. Callihan makes the ropes, so Sabre takes Callihan back down with another armbar, bends each finger individually, then sits on Callihan's back and repeatedly rams his knee into the mat. Sabre with a double armbar and circles Callihan's head into a stack for 2, then goes back to torturing the fingers. Sabre unloads on Callihan with a long flurry of kicks in the corner, but Callihan comes out and fires back with kicks and hard chops of his own. Sabre with a series of headbutts to the chest, but Callihan responded with hard forearms, then it turned into a slapping match and then they exchanged double axhandles and spinkicks. This is just insane. Callihan drills Sabre with a headbutt, but Sabre responds with a headbutt off the ropes and both men go down hard. Callihan tries a slingshot move but Sabre catches him coming in with a kick to the head and hits an awesome sitout powerbomb for 2. Sabre with a running kick to the head in the corner, double stomps Callihan's arm, Callihan comes back with a series of kicks, a leaping enziguiri, and a pair of backdrop suplexes. Callihan pulls down the straps and hits a running forearm off the ropes that knocked Sabre into next week, but Sabre kicks out at 1. Callihan motions a throat slash across Sabre's throat, but Sabre rolls him up for 2. They exchange rollups and neither man can put the other away, then another series of rollups and nothing. Callihan with a Dragon Suplex into a kneestrike to the back of the neck, and Sabre gets a backslide into a cradle for 2, then more pinfall reversals until Callihan tries the Stretch Muffler and Sabre reverses to a small package for 2. Sabre gets the Diablo armbar again and has Callihan trapped right in the middle of the ring, but Callihan counters back to the Stretch Muffler, but Sabre counters out of that and hits a nice running kick to Callihan's head for 2. Sabre tries a leaping enziguiri but Callihan catches the foot and goes right back into the Stretch Muffler and then just starts kicking Sabre in the back of the head over and over until the referee stops the match.

Winner: Sami Callihan

This was unbelievably awesome, Sabre's performance here reminded me of when Doug Williams debuted in ROH because he came in and stole the show with one of the top workers in the company. This may have been the best match in EVOLVE history so far. The announcer comes in to interview Callihan and wants to know how it feels to be 3-1, and Callihan says that 2011 will be his year and he's only one win away from the top and there's no wrestler in the world who can stop him because he just beat one of the best in the business in Zack Sabre. He gives a shout out to his boy Moxley who's going to the big time, and thanks Moxley for riding the road with him.

It's intermission time, but while we wait for EVOLVE 7 to resume, they play a match from the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup in 2008 featuring Larry Sweeney taking on Sal Rinauro. I liked the way DGUSA occupied the intermission on Wrestlemania weekend with hype videos, and I thought running this match was a classy move and a great tribute to Sweeney. Hilarious match with Sweeney and Rinauro taking turns trying to out-cheat one another, then hitting ridiculous 80s WWF finishers like the Earthquake splash and the Torture Rack. Sal tried to nail Sweeney with a foreign object, but Sweeney ducked and put him out with a sleeper to win and advance in the tournament. Sweeeny checked on Sal after the match, and that “I had the time of my life” song from Dirty Dancing played as they hugged and walked out together. This was THE perfect match to pay tribute to Sweeney and show what an entertaining performer he was.

We kick the second half off with an in-ring promo from Jon Davis, who says the last year of his career has been tough and he wanted to make an impact by beating Johnny Gargano tonight, but that didn't happen. But when the fans were chanting his name tonight, it meant a lot to him and he apologizes to the fans for letting them down tonight, but promises that it won't happen again.

AR Fox vs Rich Swann

Back and forth lucha stuff to start with neither man getting an advantage, but Swann hits a sweet dropkick to the face, but gets dropkicked to the floor and tries his climbing moonsault to the floor, Swann moves and Fox lands on his feet, but Swann wipes him out with a moonsault off the stage. Swann covers for 2 back in the ring and hits a running clothesline in the corner and then rmas some shoulderblocks into Fox's ribs before thumbing him in the eye just for kicks. Fox responds with some hard forearms and goes for a cutter, but Swann keeps his footing, kicks Fox in the head, and hits a big leaping splash for 2. Fox drops Swann onto the second rope and hits a straddle on the ropes, then springboards into the ring with a cutter for 2. Swann rolls to the floor and Fox hits an insane somersault dive over the ropes and then rolls Swann in and covers for 2. Fox goes up top but Swann hits a leaping enziguiri, standing top rope Frankensteiner, and Red Star Press for 2. Fox with a Northern Lights Suplex for 2, but Swann with a flipping Stunner and a Pelle Kick for 2. Swann goes for the standing 450 but Fox got the knees up and hit what can only be described as a leaping springboard moonsault superplex for the win.

Winner: AR Fox

The athleticism here was just insane, it was like watching Amazing Red wrestle himself and bust out all his craziest stuff. The announcer comes in for the postmatch interview, and Fox proudly points out that he's 2-0 now.

Akira Tozawa vs Chuck Taylor

Larry Dallas, Reby Sky, and Johnny Gargano are seated at ringside for this match. Mat wrestling sequence to start, Taylor with a single leg but has his head outside and Tozawa crossfaces him. Taylor bites his way out of the hold and goes to the ankle, but Tozawa with a drop toehold takes Taylor down. Taylor reverses to a front headlock and gets his hips off the mat, but Tozawa escapes and goes to a side headlock. Taylor rolls out of the hold and they go to a standoff, but Tozawa takes Taylor down with a shoulderblock, running forearm, and a senton for 2. Tozawa puts the boots to Taylor in the corner and hits another sention for 2, but charges Taylor in the corner and eats boot. Taylor with a fireman's carry into a bridge for 2 and then dropkicks Tozawa in the face and plants his boot on Tozawa's chest for a 2 count.

Taylor is firmly in control now, choking Tozawa in the corner with his boot, then hits a snapmare and scissors the head. Taylor tries to roll Tozawa over for the Facemasher, but Tozawa keeps rolling and gets to the ropes. Tozawa starts firing back with forearms and chops, but Taylor hits a nice powerslam for 2. Tozawa tries a bicycle kick, Taylor dodges, but Tozawa hits it a second time and sends Taylor to the floor and hits a diving forearm through the ropes, then they head back in and Taylor dumps Tozawa and hits a dive onto him. Tozawa comes back and sends Taylor back out to the floor and hits another dive of his own. They head back in and Tozawa hits a running forearm in the corner and a backdrop driver for 2. Tozawa goes for the three headbutts he never hits and Taylor hits a uranage and a kick to the chest for 2. Taylor goes to the second rope for a moonsault, but Tozawa moves so Taylor lands on his feet and hits Sole Food, but Tozawa no-sells and hits a knockout kick of his own and both men are down.

They both get to their feet and exchange forearms in the middle of the ring, then hit stereo big boots. Taylor with a running big boot in the corner but Tozawa comes right back with a running bicycle kick in the opposite corner and gets the bridging German suplex for 2. Tozawa tries another, Taylor blocks so Taylor bicycle kicks him in the back and hits it release style. Tozawa goes for another bicycle kick but Taylor dodges and hits the Omega Driver for the win.

Winner: Chuck Taylor

Now that Taylor and Gargano are tied with 5-2 records, they have to have a tiebreaker match to determine the one and only wins leader in EVOLVE. Larry Dallas says the match isn't happening and tries to convince his guys to go to the back and start partying, but Taylor says he doesn't want to share the lead and challenges Gargano to have the wrestle off right now. So we head right into...

Johnny Gargano vs Chuck Taylor

Taylor superkicked Gargano and rolled him up for 2 right off the bell and then goes for the Omega Driver again, but his neck gives out so Gargano goes for the Border City Stretch. Taylor escapes that so Gargano hits the Dragon Faceplant for 2, then hits a series of running strikes in the corner. Taylor catches Gargano coming off the ropes with a big boot and hits the Omega Driver, but his neck is hurt and he can't make the cover right away and only gets 2. Gargano with a leaping enziguiri and lawn darts Taylor into the second turnbuckle, then hits a pair of superkicks to the face and another Dragon Faceplant and still only gets 2. Gargano goes right to the Border City Stretch as Dallas hands a white towel to Reby Sky and tells her to throw it in, which she does. The referee sees the towel and calls for the bell, awarding the win to Gargano.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

Dallas pretends like Reby did it of her own accord and yells at her as an annoyed Taylor rolls out of the ring and heads to the back. Crowd starts a “you screwed Chuck” chant as the announcer interviews the new undisputed wins leader. Gargano says Chuck screwed Chuck, but it doesn't matter who screwed Chuck because he's 6-2 and the wins leader.

Jon Moxley vs Austin Aries

Some mat work to start, Moxley with a go behind into a waistlock and Aries reverses to a wristlock. Moxley escapes that and they go to the mat again, they do a wristlock exchange and still nothing and they wind up back at a stalemate. Moxley takes Aries down with a shoulderblock, but Aries with a series of armdrags and a headscissors, Aries goes for his usual counter but Moxley has it scouted and blocks it, then hits a back suplex for 1. Moxley with an armbar, then takes Aries to the corner and unloads with chops. Aries fires back with chops of his own and Moxley tries a charge, but Aries moves and Moxley tumbles to the floor. Aries follows out with the heat seeking missile to the floor, then rolls Moxley back in and hits the slingshot senton and power drive elbow for 2. Aries works over Moxley's leg with kneedrops and gets a stump puller, then rolls backward into a pinning combination for 2. Moxley fires off some forearms but Aries dropkicks the leg out from under him and then hangs Moxley's leg in the corner and hits it with the IED. Aries tries the IED to Moxley and Moxley gets the boot up, but doesn't quite hit Aries, so Aries no-sells it and they do a vertical suplex spot with both guys going over the ropes to the floor.

Moxley looks like he screwed up his leg on that one, but they head back in the ring and Moxley tears Aries' head off with a lariat. Aries staggers back to his feet and Moxley suddenly stops hobbling and hits a cutter for 2, then a brainbuster for 2. Aries comes back with a brainbuster of his own for 2 and goes to the top for the 450, but Moxley nails him and goes all the way up for a superplex, barely missing the lights, but Aries cradles him when they hit the mat and gets 2. Moxley with a piledriver for a close 2 (the last time he'll be able to use that move), then stalks Aries and picks him up for a cradle piledriver, but Aries gets his foot on the ropes at 2. Moxley goes over to the timekeeper's table and grabs the wrench they ring the bell with and stalks Aries with it, but then stops and drops the wrench. He goes back to Aries, who rolls him up for 2, then hits a kick to the head and brainbuster for 2. Aries goes back up but Moxley makes it to his feet and Aries hits a flying bodypress and Moxley rolls through for 2. Moxley traps Aries in a Fujiwara armbar right in the middle of the ring and hits an armbreaker, then goes right back to the Fujiwara armbar. Aries won't quit, so Moxley changes it up and locks in the Last Chancery on Aries. Aries escapes and kicks Moxley in the face and then locks in the Last Chancery on Moxley. Moxley fades out and the referee checks the arm, but holds it up at 3 so Aries rams some kneestrikes into Moxley, Moxley fires back with kneestrikes of his own, and they exchange forearms in the middle of the ring. Aries with a pair of roaring elbows and the shinbreaker suplex, then hits the IED in the corner, the brainbuster, and the 450 splash, but Moxley kicks out at 2. Crowd popped for that kickout, and Aries picks Moxley up but Moxley gets a small package for 2. Aries responds with an IED in the corner, then a second, and finally a third. Aries with a kick to the head and goes for another brainbuster, but Moxley slips out the back and just goes nuts beating on Aries. Moxley goes for a sunset flip but Aries drops down and cradles the legs for 3.

Winner: Austin Aries

Great match for Moxley to go out on, he looked like a superstar with his performance here. Crowd chants “thank you Moxley” at him as he pounds the mat in frustration. Aries says it's traditional in EVOLVE for the winner to talk after his match, but says he's not going anywhere and gives the mic to Moxley. Aries heads to the back and Moxley takes the mic as the rest of the EVOLVE roster comes out and hands him a Guinness. They all take a knee as the crowd chants Moxley's name, and he says he usually gets off on people booing him, but he loved the reaction he got tonight and said they are a great crowd. He says the F word a few times because he can still do that for a few more days, and the crowd starts a “f***” chant. He gives AR Fox and Zack Sabre beers and puts the EVOLVE locker room over for their hard work and tells the crowd to give them a hand. He says he's probably wrestled every star to come through the indy scene for years now, and they don't get better than Aries. He says here's to wrestling and having fun, and shares a drink with the other wrestlers. Sami Callihan grabs the mic on Moxley's way out of the ring and says that Moxley is being modest, but he's one of the best wrestlers in the world and tells him to go become a star in WWE, then tells the crowd to start a Jon Moxley chant. The crowd obliges as the ring clears out and Moxley waves one last time and takes a bow before heading to the back.

2011 - WWE broadcast NXT.  Richard Trionfo filed the following TV report:

We are live on tape on the internet and your announcers are William ‘Call me Sir Sunshine’ Regal and Josh ‘Todd Grisham’s understudy’ Mathews. Your host is Maryse.

Maryse introduce the rookie on the stage and Jacob is in Slam Master J attire. We have a challenge and it is time for the tug of war challenge on platforms. Maryse says that she will choose the rookie in the first round who did the best to advance to the finals. This is worth two redemption point.

Byron Saxton and Conor O’Brian go first and Conor pulls Byron off and he tumbles off the bouncy bouncy surface.

Darren Young and Jacob Novak go next and Young is pulled onto Novak’s platform and they appear to hit the ground at the same time. Jacob is declare the winner by Maryse.

Titus O’Neil and Lucky Cannon is the final first round match up. Lucky says that it is all about him and Maryse tells him to grow up. Titus is disqualified because he violated rule 15 of the tug of war on a platform which is part of the 14 rules of tug of wars on platforms.

Maryse says that Lucky was the most obnoxious so he advance to the finals.

The semi-finals is between Jacob Novak and Conor O’Brian. After pulling back and forth, Jacob eliminates Conor.

It is time for the finals between Jacob Novak and Lucky Cannon. Maryse tells Lucky to be obnoxious somewhere else. Lucky gives Jacob the rope and then he pushes him off. Lucky celebrates like he won, but he is told that he was disqualified.

Jacob Novak earns two redemption points.

Jacob puts on Lucky’s robe and then goes to the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Did You Know that a lot of people watched the premiere of Tough Enough.

JTG and Jacob Novak are in the ring. JTG wants to introduce his boy, Mr. Brik-a-back Novak. JTG says that Jacob has something to say. Jacob says that after spending a couple of days in London, he realized how privileged he is to be an American. He wonders how the greatest country in the world can stem from this country. He tells everyone that he is speaking real English.

Jacob turns his attention to William Regal again and he tells Regal that all he has been doing is talking. Novak wants Regal to stand up and fight for his country right now.

Conor O’Brian says that all he had to do was ask for a fight. He was told by his pro that actions speak louder than words and his actions are going to shut Jacob up.

Match Number One: Jacob Novak with JTG versus Conor O’Brian with Vladimir Kozlov

O’Brian with a kick and forearms to Novak followed by punches in the corner. Conor with an English uppercut or two that sends Novak to the mat. O’Brian with a near fall. Conor with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot and Novak with a clothesline followed by a leg drop. Novak with another leg drop and he gets a near fall.

Novak with a reverse chin lock on O’Brian and O’Brian gets to his feet and he snap mares Novak but Novak with a clothesline. Novak asks Regal if he likes what he sees. O’Brian with a rollup for a near fall but Novak gets his shoulder up in time. Conor with a forearm but Novak holds on to the ropes and he hits an elbow and clothesline. Novak with a forearm across the chest for a near fall. Novak kicks Conor in the chest and head.

Novak tries for a suplex but O’Brian with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner: Conor O’Brian

After the match, Novak rolls out of the ring and comes to the announce table. Regal gets up from his seat and JTG realizes what Regal would probably do to Novak so he gets Jacob out of the area.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to take a look back at Raw when R Truth decided to put his title match on the line and his reaction when he lost to John Morrison.

Byron Saxton is in the back talking to Yoshi Tatsu. He tells Yoshi to take it slow with Maryse so he doesn’t get hurt. Yoshi tells Byron that Maryse is sweet and it makes him happy.

Yoshi sees Maryse and he likes what she is wearing. Maryse asks Yoshi if he would like to go shopping with her tonight. Maryse kisses Yoshi and walks away. Byron is trying to talk strategy with Yoshi but Yoshi can only think about the kiss from Maryse.

Match Number Two: Hornswoggle with Titus O’Neil versus Darren Young with Chavo Guerrero

Before the match starts, Chavo tells Darren that Hornswoggle is tougher than he looks. Darren says that he can beat Hornswoggle while Chavo couldn’t. Chavo mentions that Darren said that he could beat Hornswoggle with one arm tied behind his back.

Darren wants to know what the games are for.

Chavo also reminds Darren that he said he could beat Hornswoggle blindfolded. Darren wants to know why Chavo is trying to embarrass him. Darren gets blindfolded too.

Regal comments on how Young has to be careful what he says and that he needs to listen to his pro.

Darren gets on his knees to feel around. Hornswoggle kicks him in the shin a few times. Darren runs into the turnbuckles. Hornswoggle stomps on Young’s foot. Young removes the blindfold for a moment and he kicks Hornswoggle. Young with a chin lock and front face lock. He backs Hornswoggle in the corner and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Young tries to climb the turnbuckles but Hornswoggle with head butt and then he hits the frog splash and gets the three count.

Winner: Hornswoggle

We go to commercial.

We are back and Maryse is at the announce table with Josh and Regal.

Match Number Three: Byron Saxton and Yoshi Tatsu versus Tyson Kidd and Lucky Cannon

Lucky and Byron start things off and Lucky says that he wants Yoshi but Byron wants to lock up. They lock up and Lucky says that he wants Yoshi. Byron agrees to tag in Yoshi. Yoshi with kicks to the leg and he tags in Kidd. Tyson with a waist lock but Yoshi with an elbow and side head lock. Yoshi gets a near fall and then he hits a shoulder tackle. Yoshi with a jackknife cover but Kidd bridges. Yoshi with a Japanese arm drag and a regular arm drag into an arm bar.

Byron tags in and he works on the arm. Saxton with a side Russian leg sweep for a near fall. Saxton with an arm bar on Kidd followed by a shoulder tackle and a flying back elbow. Saxton gets a near fall followed by a front face lock and arm bar. Yoshi tags back in and he kicks Kidd in the arm.

Yoshi with an arm drag and he tags Byron back in and he continues to work on the arm. Byron with a front face lock and Kidd punches Saxton. Saxton with a kick and then he clotheslines Kidd over the top rope to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cannon has Saxton in a head scissors but Saxton gets to the ropes. We see footage during the commercial break when Kidd hit a running kick on Saxton on the floor while Cannon distracted Saxton.

Lucky with a chin lock on Saxton. Cannon with a kick to Saxton and then he tags in Kidd who kicks Saxton in the chest. Kidd sends Saxton in the corner and the referee warns him. That allows Cannon to choke Saxton while Kidd deals with the referee. Kidd with a kick to the back and he gets a near fall. Kidd with a reverse chin lock on Saxton. Kidd with a forearm to Saxton but Saxton with a sunset flip for a near fall. Kidd with a drop kick and then he tags in Cannon.

Cannon gets a near fall and then he chokes Saxton in the ropes. Kidd kicks Saxton while the referee was not looking. Saxton punches Cannon but Cannon with a boot to the chest. Saxton kicks out at two on a Cannon cover. Cannon with more kicks while he yells at Saxton. Cannon slaps and kicks Saxton in the corner. Cannon misses a splash into the corner but Cannon takes Saxton down when Byron tries to make the tag.

Cannon gets a near fall. Cannon with an Irish whip but he runs into the corner and he bumps heads with Saxton and both men are down. Kidd and Yoshi tag in and Yoshi with chops and a drop kick followed by a back body drop. Yoshi with kicks to Kidd and then he hits a running double knee into the corner followed by a spinning heel kick for a near fall.

Kidd tries for a rollup but Yoshi with a Shining Wizard but Kidd kicks out. Yoshi waits for Kidd to get up and he takes a little longer. Cannon hits on Maryse and that causes Yoshi to miss a round kick and Kidd hits a swinging fisherman’s suplex for the three count.

Winners: Tyson Kidd and Lucky Cannon

2011 - WWE's Raw brand ran Cardiff, Wales.  David Hobbs filed the following results:

RAW House Show in Cardiff, Wales.

Match #1 – Evan Bourne beat Ted DiBiase.

Match #2 – Santino Marella w/Tamina & Mark Henry beat Jimmy and Jey Uso. Originally a 2 on 1 handicap match until Henry made the save at the request of the anonymous RAW General Manager.

Match #3 – Brie Bella w/Nikki defeated Eve Torres to retain the Divas Title. Bellas attacked Eve after the bell but Natalya ran in and cleared house.

Match #4 – John Morrison beat Dolph Ziggler in a Fans’ Choice match. A Street Fight was chosen over a 2-out-of-3 falls match but only a kendo stick and chair was used. Best match of the night.

[Alicia Fox hosted a dance off]


Match #5 – Sin Cara defeated Primo. Sin Cara was very over and Primo cut a promo before the bout, demanding respect. The Mexican however won with a sunset flip powerbomb.

Match #6 – Sheamus beat Daniel Bryan to retain the US Title. Bryan looked uncomfortable playing a heel as Sheamus was very over in Cardiff. A Brogue Kick was enough to retain the title despite Bryan attempting the LeBell Lock.

Match #7 – John Cena & Randy Orton defeated The Miz w/Alex Riley & CM Punk. A decent 20 minute long main event match that was preceded by a promo from Miz. The WWE Champion did his usual thing on the microphone by saying how he keeps improving and proving people wrong as Alex Riley reinforced his words. The babyfaces and heels went back and forth to a spot which involved referee Justin King being knocked out by Punk. Riley attempted to get involved in the match as the ref was down but his actions ultimately caused Cena and Orton to hit the AA and RKO simultaneously on Miz and Punk. King was back up at that point and was able to count the 1-2-3. The victors then posed for pictures, signed autographs and embraced the crowd to send the WWE Universe in Cardiff home happy.

WWE Smackdown will return to Cardiff, Wales on Sunday 6th November 2011.

2012 - reported the following:

According to several different WWE sources, WWE Hall of Famer Edge's contract with the company is set to expire on 5/1, leaving him a free agent to go anywhere he would like.

While obviously Edge's in-ring career is over, the news is still pretty surprising considering he was the centerpiece of their 2012 Hall of Fame ceremony just last month and since the company has kept other retired names, like Shawn Michaels, under contract. One would have to think that any role Michaels could fill on television or in promotional media, Edge could also fill at the same level, especially in his home country of Canada, where he was the top native star of the modern era. They could also plug him into additional WWE Studios projects as well.

Edge has been under contract to WWE since 1997, so there is a lot of history that would be walking away with him when the contract ends. It should be interesting to see what happens with Edge, currently set for another season of SyFy's series Haven, should he leave WWE, especially since he has a close friendship with TNA's Hulk Hogan and obviously, TNA would love to have another marquee name as part of their product.

The Wrestlemania 28 DVD, which features Edge's Hall of Fame ceremony induction, is slated to be released on 5/8, a week after his contract expires. Edge's WWE Studios film "Bending the Rules" was recently released on DVD.

Over the course of his WWE run, Edge broke records with seven WWE title wins, four World title wins, as well as 14 Tag Title wins, The Intercontinental championship, The U.S. title, a King of the Ring win, a Royal Rumble win and was the first man to win Money in the Bank (not to mention cash it in). As I wrote, should the two sides part ways, a big part of the company's history over the last decade-plus leaves with Edge.

2012 - During a red carpet interview with Metal Injection for the Revolver Golden Gold Awards last week in Los Angeles, Chris Jericho was asked about his band Fozzy. He noted that they would be touring this summer and when asked how that would affect his role at Summerslam (also in LA), Jericho commented he would be "off one road for another", teasing that his current WWE run would be done.

2012 - TNA broadcast Impact Wrestling.  Stu Carapola filed the following TV report:

Welcome to the Impact Wrestling Report here on!

Bobby Roode comes out to start the show and address the fans. He says that he's still the World Champion and it feels so good, because he came out here several weeks ago saying he was going to beat James Storm in front of his friends, family, and friends in his own backyard of Nashville, and he made good on his promise. He gives James Storm credit because he promised that he was going to drill him with the Last Call, and he sure did hit him with it, but it caused the destruction of his dreams and his destiny because he still stands before us as the World Heavyweight Champion. He has defeated each and every hero thrown in his path: James Storm, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Sting, and as far as the champ is concerned, there's no heroes left for him to beat.

Uh oh, Ken Anderson's music hits and here he comes! He says he'll beat Roode, take his title, and he won't need a beer bottle to do it. Roode says that while he's been sitting home in Green Bay for months and being an asshole, Roode has been here being the most dominant World Champion in the history of the company, so as far as Roode is concerned, there's a bunch of other guys in the locker room who are more deserving of a title shot, so he can go to the back of the line. Now Jeff Hardy's music hits and he says the only reason Roode is still the champion is because of Kurt Angle, but now he's out of the way and he wants his title shot. Anderson says he was out here first, and Hardy says it's his turn and to listen to the people. They start arguing with Bobby Roode egging them both on, but Hulk Hogan appears on the ImpactTron and says that since both Hardy and Anderson want a title shot, they'll go at it in tonight's main event with the winner going on to face Roode at Sacrifice.

Crimson & Bully Ray vs Matt Morgan & X Division Champion Austin Aries

Aries is in battle mode, handing his title belt to So Cal Val and chasing Bubba right out to the floor while Crimson and Morgan go at it. Morgan with a twirly uranage and goes for the Carbon Footprint, but Crimson dodges and Morgan hangs himself up on the top rope. Bubba comes across the apron and makes it worse by grabbing Morgan's foot and dropping to the floor, then slamming Morgan's leg down on the ring apron. Crimson dodges a roaring clothesline and hits a T-bone suplex on Morgan. Bubba tags inand cranks on Morgan's leg, then tags Crimson in so he can grapvine Morgan's legand catch him ina heel hook. Morgan makes the ropes, so Bubba comes back in, points at Aries and yells "You gonna tag your bitch in?" and goes back to work on the leg. Morgan finally lays Crimson out with the roaring clothesline and he finally makes the tag to Aries, who goes nuts on Bubba before dropkicking Crimson's legs out from under him and springboarding off his back to leap onto Bubba and drill him with right hands before leaping back off of Bubba to nails Crimson with a double axhandle. Crimson goes for a spear, but Aries dodges and Crimson nails Bubba. Morgan clotheslines Crimson out to the floor and holds the ropes open so Aries can hit the heat seeking missile, then comes back in and nails Bubba with the IED. Aries goes for the brainbuster, but Bubba rolls Aries up and gets the pinfall win with a handful of tights.

Winners: Bully Ray & Crimson

Garett Bischoff is backstage, and he's...WALKING!

The Mystery Cameraman is backstage asking Jeff Hardy the moron question of the night by asking if it's his turn or Ken Anderson's turn, but Hardy gives an even stupider answer by saying it's both of their turn and they'll decide who gets the title shot later tonight.

Garett Bischoff comes out with his Lethal Lockdown team to thunderous applause from the crowd for getting rid of his old man. Can't say I disagree with the sentiment. He says that Lockdown was one of the biggest nights of his life: the stakes were high, the task was tough, but they all fought a hell of a fight, came out on top, and they were victorious and got rid of his old man once and for all. He thanks his partners and says he couldn't have done it without them, and then AJ takes the mic and says that Garett has some balls. He took a beating, got back up, and smashed a guitar over his daddy's head. Uh oh, Ric Flair's music hits and here comes The Old Man. He says that the talent in that ring, and there is talent in that ring, but they're all only here because of Eric ********. Yes, they actually bleeped his name out. He says Garett is a disrespectful punk, and next week he's going to throw a party in tribute to Eric ******** and they better stay home because they're not invited. That's pretty funny actually.

Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian are backstage, and Daniels says that people have been asking him for months what the secret is that he was holding over Kazarian's head, but it was never about Kazarian, it was about AJ Styles. But if everyone still wants to know what the secret is, we might just find out tonight.

Devon comes up to Samoa Joe and Brutus Magnus backstage and asks if they know why Hogan asked them all to come out to the ring and be ready tonight. Magnus says he doesn't know, but they're always ready because they're champions. Devon says that's damn right, and he'll see them out in the ring.

Kurt Angle vs AJ Styles

They tie up and AJ takes Angle to the corner, he tries a charge but runs into Angle's boot. Angle gets a rear waistlock, AJ pops his hands and goes behind...and the screen goes black for about ten seconds and then we go to commercial. Okay then!

Okay, we're back and AJ is unloading on Angle, but Angle reverses a whip and AJ goes crashing hard into the corner. Angle drives AJ out to the apron, but AJ comes back in with a springboard flying forearm as we see Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian at ringside. He goes for the Styles Clash, but then sees Daniels and goes after him. Daniels hands him an envelope and AJ looks inside, and whatever's inside is so shocking that AJ forgets about the match completely and asks Daniels where he got this. Angle sneaks in behind and rolls him up for 3.

Winner: Kurt Angle

AJ just stares up the ramp at a very pleased Daniels and Kazarian as even Angle

Joseph Park is backstage and finds Gunner. He has some more questions and Gunner tries to blow him off, but Park grabs him by the arm, explains what a default judgment is, and asks him point blank where his brother is. Gunner tells him that last time he saw Abyss, he was with Bully Ray and to ask him, then shoves Park away and walks off.

We're out to the ring where Samoa Joe & Brutus Magnus, Gail Kim, Devon...okay, Spike's feed gets all messed up again, the screen goesblank, and we hear a test pattern beep until we go to commercial again.

Okay, we're back at Impact and all the champions are in the ring, but Hulk Hogan sees Rob Van Dam on his way to the ring and says that he wants to make tonight's Hardy-Anderson match a three way and suggests that maybe he ought to get someone who was a champion and never lost his title. RVD says he knows somebody, and Hogan says he does too, and it's R...V...D. He says Van Dam is in the main event, then heads out to the ring to address the champions.

Hogan announces Open Fight Night, which will consist of a few things: first, a wrestler from outside TNA will have the chance to come in and wrestle, and if Hogan and his panel of three judges all like the wrestler, they'll be signed to a TNA contract. Also, any wrestler can challenge any other wrestler and the person being challenged has to show up, including the champions. Bobby Roode is pissed off and asks Hogan if he knows who he is, and then Gail Kim asks Hogan who gets to decide which champions are wrestling, and Hogan says he would. Finally, he wants to inform Devon that his TV Title will now be defended every week on Impact Wrestling. Hey, that sounds good! And since Gail is already in the ring...

Knockouts Champion Gail Kim ,Madison Rayne, Sarita & Rosita vs Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, Mickie James & Velvet Sky

Velvet and Sarita start us off with a bunch of fast paced twirly stuff, but Rosita comes in and finds herself on the receiving end of several knees and a bulldog from Velvet. Gail tags in and starts kicking the crap out of Velvet and flattens her with a running clothesline for 2. Velvet goes for her Pedigree, but Gail slips out and tags to Madison, who quickly find herself on the receiving end of a beating at the hands of Mickie James. Mickie suckerpunches Rosita and goes up top, but Sarita shoves her off and she bounces off the ropes before Madison covers for 2. Rosita in with a series of boots and a flying headscissors off of Mickie's knees for 2. Mickie ducks a clothesline and counters to a neckbreaker and makes the hot tag to Tara, who comes in and cleans house on Sarita. Tara with a BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK BODYDROP on Sarita, followed by a slam, and then the ass shaking standing moonsault for 2. Brroke comes in and TNT work Sarita over and mock her with their own hip swivel, then Brooke takes Gail out with a series of clotheslines and a faceplant. She goes for a cover, but now all the Knockouts wind up in the ring and then fight out to the fllor while Gail and Brooke are left alone in the ring. Brooke goes for a monkey flip and Gail blocks and goes for a cover with her feet on the ropes, but Velvet comes over and shoves Gail's feet off the ropes to break up the fall. Gail goes after Velvet, and Brooke rolls Gail up from behind for the win.

Winners: Tara, Brooke Tessmacher, Velvet Sky & Mickie James

Velvet is gleefully rubbing it in Gail's face from the ramp and tells her it's not over.

Ken Anderson is backstage talking about how much he loves the idea of Open Fight Night and he'll win tonight and show Bobby Roode that he hasn't forgotten about the title shot.

Eric Young and ODB are on their honeymoon talking about how great their wedding and honeymoon has been, and EY has an icepack on his crotch from too much friction. He chases off some guy who came to take their order, then went back to ODB and getting his crotch iced.

James Storm is backstage, and he's...WALKING!

TV Title Match: Devon vs Gunner

Gunner jumps Devon before the bell and beats him down in the corner before rubbing his eyes against the top rope. Gunner continues unloading with heavy punishment, but Devon starts firing back with right hands and chops of his own. He whips Gunner into the corner, but charges right into his boot and then Gunner hits a clothesline for 2. Gunner chokes Devon on the ropes and gets another clothesline for 2. Devon suddenly hits a spear out of nowhere and comes back with back elbows and a flying shoulderblock. Devon with a Thesz Press and a leaping headbutt off the ropes. Devon hits a running splash in the corner and a flying clothesline, ducks a clothesline from Gunner, and hits a spinebuster for the win.

Winner: Devon

James Storm comes out to the ring and shakes Devon's hand as he makes his return to the locker room, and we'll find out what he has to say next!

Okay, we're back and Storm says he just wanted to come out here real quick and say something to his family, friends, fans, and people here in the Impact Zone...and that's that he's sorry. He feels like he let everyone down because he said he was going to win the World Title and it was something he believed that he was going to do. He didn't just want to cause Roode pain for the disrepsect he showed his family and the fans, he wanted to hurt him, and that's where his ego got involved because he looked at the paramedics attending to Roode and he thought that was good enough. But when he got to the back, he wondered if he's good enough and if this is something he still wants to do, then he had to take the long drive home, and when he tucked his daughter in, she asked where the World Title belt was and it killed him to tell her that he didn't win it. Anybody with kids don't want to make their kid think they're a failure, and he had to look at himself in the mirror, but when he did, he saw a man that was beat. But even though Bobby Roode won the match, he didn't beat Storm. He beat himself, and for 15 years he's wrestled with all kinds of injuries, and he did it because every time he got in the ring and the fans would chant his name (fans start a "Cowboy" chant), it makes this a piece of Heaven for him and he thanks each and every one of them for his life. Most of all, he wants to say he's sorry to his dad, who's up in Heaven right now, and Roode said something that stuck in his head about his luck, and maybe he was right. Maybe Storm's luck has run out (fans start booing and yelling no at him), and Storm gets ready to continue, but just drops the microphone and walks to the back as the fans chant "Cowboy" at him.

It's main event time!

#1 Contender Match: Rob Van Dam vs Jeff Hardy vs Ken Anderson

None of the three guys show any sign of how much they all wanted to kill each other a couple of years ago. Anderson ducks past Hardy and lays RVD out with a clothesline, Hardy goes after Anderson but RVD lays both men out with clotheslines and hits the stepover leg lariat on Anderson. RVD with the rolling monkey flip out of the corner, then comes off the top with a leaping thrust kick. Hardy clips RVD's knee from behind and gets the dropping leg cradle for 2. Hardy with a running forearm in the corner on RVD, followed by the slingshot dropkick into the corner, and completes the combo with a gourdbuster for 2. Anderson grabs Hardy and skee balls him ribs first into the ringpost before covering RVD for a 1 count. Anderson fires forearms across RVD's face and gets him in a rear chinlock, RVD gets out but Anderson spikes him with a DDT. He goes for a cover, but Hardy breaks the fall at 2 and hits the Whisper In The Wind on Anderson. Anderson recovers and gets a swinging neckbreaker on Hardy before eating another leg lariat from RVD, who follows up with Rolling Thunder on Hardy. Anderson picks RVD up and hits the Finlay Roll, Hardy hits the Twist of Fate on Anderson, and drags himself up to the top rope. Hardy hits the Swanton, but RVD drills Hardy with a leg lariat and hits the Five Star Notebook Splash on Anderson. Hardy goes for another Twist of Fate on RVD, but RVD counters to a split legged backslide for the win.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Hardy seems to be taking this loss extremely badly, and RVD goes over to check on him as we watch a replay of the finish. Hardy shakes RVD's hand and hugs him before heading to the back so RVD can celebrate becoming the #1 contender.

That does it for this week, I'll be back tomorrow with the postgame show in the Elite section!

2013 - WWE ran Dublin, Ireland.  Cathal filed the following results:

4/19 Dublin, Ireland results:

R Truth defeated Heath Slater
Antonio Cesaro defeated Zack Ryder
Kaitlyn defeated Tamina
Team Hell No defeated Ziggler and Langston (Hug It Out Post Match)
Tons of Funkadactyles defeated Scholars and The Bella Twins
William Regal defeated Michael McGillicutty (Regal cut a promo mid match telling us that he used to love being booed out of the arena in Dublin)
John Cena defeated Ryback in a tables match

The crowd was about 85-90% full with a small amount of empty seats near the top.

Top Reactions
1) John Cena
2) Ryback
3) Bryan, Kane
Special Mention: William Regal

2013 - SHINE 9 was held on iPPV from Tampa, Florida.  Richard Trionfo filed the following live report:

Welcome to’s coverage of SHINE 9 available on iPPV from the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida.

Daffney welcomes everyone to tonight’s show.

Match Number One: Allysin Kay (with April Hunter) versus Courtney Rush

Allysin has something to say to Courtney before they lock up. Courtney works on the wrist and she dips Allysin and Allysin is not happy with the nonsense that Courtney is bringing to this match. She tells Courtney to bring some class to this match. They have a test of strength. Courtney with the advantage and Allysin accidentally hits the referee when they do the wave.

Allysin wants another test of strength and Allysin with the advantage this time and Courtney with a few arm drags followed by a slam. Courtney with a suplex and then she sends Allysin into the turnbuckles. Allysin with punches but April gets on the apron and she falls victim to a few punches before Courtney is done. Courtney gets a near fall.

Courtney tries for the Sharpshooter, as is tradition, but Allysin escapes and goes to the apron. Courtney knocks Allysin off the apron and April makes sure that Allysin is okay. Allsyin teases a dive to the floor and April drops Allysin and April apologizes.

They argue on the floor and Courtney sneaks up on them and she has a meeting of the minds with the two members of Valkyrie. Courtney tries to suplex Allysin into the ring from the apron but Courtney is dropped on the top rope and Allysin feels some of the effects and she argues with April.

Allysin with a clothesline and she gets a near fall. Allysin with a camel clutch and she rakes the eye with her pinkie. Courtney with a take down and she applies a camel clutch of her own. Allysin with a forearm that sends Courtney to the mat. Allysin chokes Courtney and she complains to the referee that her nose is broken and that allows April to interfere.

Allysin with shoulders in the corner and then she pulls Courtney out of the corner and she goes for the Jericho cover. Allysin puts Courtney in the corner and she hits a running clothesline. She misses a splash when Courtney moves and Courtney with a series of forearms. Allysin with a kick and she gets a near fall. Courtney with an ankle lock and she turns it into a single leg crab but Allysin gets to the ropes.

Courtney sets for the Sharpshooter but she cannot get Allysin over and Allysin with a kick. Allysin with a forearm and Irish whip. Courtney with a clothesline and both women are down. Courtney gets up first and she connects with clotheslines and hits a wrap around clothesline. Courtney tries for the third time and she finally gets Allysin in the Sharpshooter.

April gets on the apron and she distracts the referee. Allysin appears to have tapped but the referee did not see it. Courtney deals with April and that is her fatal mistake because Allysin hits a pump handle belly-to-back suplex for the three count.

Winner: Allysin Kay

Daffney mentions that Shine will be crowning a champion and we will have our first qualifying matches tonight.

Match Number Two: SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier: Saraya Knight versus Su Yung

Saraya yells at the referee before the bell rings. She demands the mic. She tells everyone to shut her ignorant mouth. This will be the last time that you will see Su Yung in a wrestling ring. She tells Su to come to mama. She wonders if this is the best that Shine can come up with for an opponent. She was the SHIMMER Champion. That means that she was the best. What does Shine give her? Some jacked up Barbie doll who doesn’t know how to fight.

She tells Su that she is going to take great delight in ripping off her face. She guarantees that by the time she leaves the ring, they will respect her more and Su will just be a joke.

Su slaps Saraya and Saraya throws Su around the ring and she wants to know who Su is. Saraya with punches in the corner. Saraya chokes Su in the corner. Su shows some moxie and she chokes back but Saraya will have none of that. Saraya with a slam followed by a leg drop to the midsection for a near fall.

Su with a rollup while Saraya argues with the referee. Su with a head scissors and arm bar. Saraya tries to escape but Su holds on. Saraya reaches for the ropes and she gets there and Su takes her time releasing the hold. Su with a hip toss or two. Su with a slam and she gets a near fall.

Saraya slaps Su and then she punches Su in the corner. Saraya with a hesitation drop kick in the corner. Su with punches followed by a discus forearm and she snap mares Saraya and gets a near fall. Su pulls Saraya away from the ropes and gets a near fall. Saraya slingshots Su’s throat into the bottom rope and then she gets a near fall. Saraya with a back slide for a near fall. Su with a forearm and she hits a leg drop and gets a near fall. Saraya with a thumb to the eyes followed by a forearm.

Saraya with a Boston Crab and she uses the ropes for extra leverage until the referee sees her doing it and she releases the hold. Saraya with a punch to the head. Su with punches and kicks. Sue with a head scissors and arm bar combination but Saraya will not tap out.

Saraya gets to the ropes and Su waits until four to break the hold. Sue with punches in the corner. Su sends Saraya to the mat and she returns to the head scissors and arm bar. Saraya does a headstand to escape the hold. Saraya with kicks and forearms to the back. Saraya slaps Su but Su slaps back. Saraya with more slaps but Su does not back down.

Saraya kicks Su in the rear end. Saraya stretches Su in the ropes and she almost forgets to release the hold in time to avoid the disqualification. Saraya kicks Su in the corner. Saraya with an Irish whip but she runs into boots from Su. Saraya charges again and Su kicks her away. Saraya with a punch to the leg and Saraya with a sit out power bomb for the three count.

Winner: Saraya Knight (Saraya advances into the Shine Title Tournament at Shine 11)

Match Number Three: Brittney Savage versus Rhia O'Reilly versus Solo Darling

Rhia argues with a fan and Solo with a rollup for a near fall. Solo with a head scissors and arm drag combination and she holds on to the side head lock on Rhia. Brittney goes to the floor to regroup while Darling with a side head lock take down using the turnbuckles for leverage. Darling with a double leg take down but Brittney breaks up the cover. Savage gets a near fall on O’Reilly.

Brittney argues with Solo an Rhia attacks Solo from behind. Rhia sends Solo to the mat and then hits a leg drop and gets a near fall. O’Reilly with a suplex and she kicks Solo and then rubs her face in the mat. O’Reilly sends Solo into the turnbuckles. O’Reilly with a snap mare and a neck snap for a near fall.

Brittney stays on the floor and Darling with a drop kick to the back but O’Reilly with a kick. O’Reilly with a fisherman’s fallaway slam but Savage gets the near fall on Darling. Rhia sends Brittney through the ropes to the floor. O’Reilly with a forearm to the back and a kick to Darling’s back. Rhia with a kick to the midsection. Savage trips O’Reilly and she applies a Cloverleaf on O’Reilly.

Darling with a Japanese Stranglehold on O’Reilly at the same time. Darling then applies a single arm Japanese Stranglehold on Savage. Darling with a clothesline to Savage and an elbow to O’Reilly followed by a hip toss. Darling with elbows to Savage and O’Reilly. Darling with a cross body for a near fall on O’Reilly. Savage and O’Reilly set for a double suplex and they hit it.

O’Reilly knocks Savage out of the ring and then O’Reilly hits an Air Raid Crash on Darling for the three count.

Winner: Rhia O’Reilly

Match Number Four: SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier: Angelina Love versus Rain (with April Hunter)

Rain takes her time getting into the ring after the introductions to get a psychological advantage over Angelina.

Angelina with a baseball slide to Rain. Angelina sends Rain into the apron. Angelina slams Rain’s injured wrist into the apron and the match officially begins. Angelina with a kick and a running knee lift and a power slam. Angelina grabs the injured wrist and slams it into the mat. Angelina wraps the arm in the ropes. Angelina with a cross body for a near fall.

Rain asks the referee to check on her wrist and April tries to interfere. Angelina kicks April away and Rain with a clothesline. Rain sends Angelina into the turnbuckles and then Rain connects with knees to the back for a near fall. Rain chokes Angelina in the ropes and April gets on the apron and leg drops Angelina on the ropes while Rain distracts the referee.

Rain gets a near fall. Rain punches Angelina and drops a knee to the ribs and then to the back. Rain with forearms to the chest and then she Irish whips Angelina into the corner but Angelina with boots to Rain. Rain misses a charge into the corner and Angelina with a rollup for a near fall. Rain with a clothesline and she gets a near fall. Rain chokes Angelina and she says that she is doing push ups.

Rain with a cravate followed by a knee to the midsection and a neck breaker for a near fall. Rain with a boot to the midsection. Rain with a cravate but Angelina with an elbow to the midsection. Rain sends Angelina to the mat and then she stands on Angelina’s hair as she pulls her off the mat. Rain returns to the cravate.

Angelina with elbows followed by a Codebreaker. Angelina with a drop kick and both women are down. Rain with a forearm but Angelina fires back and she gains the advantage. Angelina with a clothesline followed by a back elbow and chop. Rain blocks a kick and Angelina with an enzuigiri for a near fall. Angelina gets another near fall. Rain struggles to get to her feet and Angelina waits for her to get up and Angelina hits the bicycle kick. Angelina knocks April off the apron with a bicycle kick.

The delay allows Rain to kick out at two. Rain with a thumb to the eye followed by a kick and an Impaler DDT for the three count.

Winner: Rain (Rain advances into the Shine Title Tournament at Shine 11)

Match Number Five: Nikki Roxx, Mia Yim and Santana versus Kellie Skater , Jessie McKay, and Shazza McKenzie

They all shake hands before the match and then they have words with each other.

Shazza and Mia start things off. Shazza gets an Aussie chant started. Mia counters with a USA chant. They lock up and Shazza with a side head lock. Mia with a hammer lock but Shazza counters with a top wrist lock and Mia with a bridge. Mia takes Shazza down with a top wrist lock. Shazza with a hammer lock and Mia with a side head lock and take down.

Shazza gets a near fall with a rollup while still in the side head lock. Shazza with a head scissors and Mia escapes with a head stand and she applies a side head lock. Mia escapes and she works on the wrist. Mia with a cartwheel and she applies a wrist lock. Shazza kicks Mia and gets a reversal and follows with a single leg take down and knees.

Shazza with an arm bar and Mia with a front face lock. Mia rolls Shazza through into a guillotine and then a front face lock. Santana tags in and she works on the wrist. Nikki tags in and hits a double sledge from the turnbuckles. Nikki works on the shoulder and tags in Mia. Mia goes up top and hits a double sledge and returns to the wrist lock. Shazza with an arm drag and she tags in McKay. Mia with a wrist lock and Santana tags in.

Santana with a double leg take down and a chin lock and bridge. Santana with a kick to the chest and she gets a near fall. Jessie with a kick to the leg and the back of the head and she gets a near fall. Skater tags in and she punches Santana. Skater with a front face lock. Santana with a wrist lock and arm drag followed by a knee to the arm.

Nikki tags in and she kicks Skater and works on the wrist. Skater with an arm drag into an arm bar. Nikki with a drop toe hold and she gets a near fall. Nikki with a front face lock but Skater with punches and she hits a suplex and gets a near fall. Skater sends Nikki into the turnbuckles and Irish whips her but Skater misses a charge into the corner. Nikki with a gutwrench suplex for a near fall.

Skater with a knee to the midsection and Shazza tags in. Nikki avoids a double clothesline but they kick Nkki and then McKay gets on Nikki’s back. Mia and Santana take care of McKay and then hit double drop kicks on Shazza and Skater.

Skater and Nikki are the legal women in the match and Skater wants a test of strength. McKay grabs Nikki’s wrist but Santana does the same to Skater. Mia grabs Jessie’s wrist and then Shazza joins in and we have a six person test of strength that leads to Shazza getting hit in the face. Santana does a split and so does Shazza. They exchange shots from the split position. Mia and Kelly with kicks and then Nikki and Jessie kick each other to the mat and everyone is down.

Nikki with a rollup on Jessie for a near fall. Jessie gets a near fall. Nikki with an inside cradle on Jessie for a near fall. Jessie with a back slide for a near fall followed by a neck breaker for a near fall. Nikki with a side power slam for a near fall. Nikki picks up Jessie and tries for the Voodoo Drop but Jessie blocks it. Nikki with forearms and she gets Jessie up and hits the Voodoo Drop but Kelly breaks up the cover.

Kelly with a straitjacket drop for a near fall. Mia slap and kicks Kelly and hits a wrist clutch German for a near fall. Mia slaps and kicks Shazza but Shazza kicks back and hits a jaw breaker into a split. Santana with a kick and enzuigiri to Shazza. Santana with a handspring moonsault for a near fall.

Santana with forearms to McKay but McKay hits a sit out spinebuster for the three count.

Winners: Shazza McKenzie, Kelly Skater, and Jessie McKay

Match Number Six: SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier: Madison Eagles versus Jessicka Havok

The referee checks Madison’s knee pads and he finds some weapons. The referee warns Madison.

Madison tries to keep Jessicka away from her and the referee is made into a human shield. Madison with a wrist lock. Havok with a reversal into a hammer lock. Eagles with a side head lock and arm drag into an arm bar. Jessicka makes it to the ropes. Eagles with an arm bar and leg drop to the arm and she gets a near fall.

Eagles with a front face lock into a wrist lock. Madison bites Jessicka’s hand and she continues to work on the arm. Havok with a single leg take down but Madison makes it to the ropes. Madison with a forearm but Jessicka with a shoulder tackle and Madison stays on her feet.

Madison and Jessicka argue and Madison with a single leg trip instead of what she said she would do and Jessicka goes to the floor to regroup. Jessicka shows some frustration before returning to the ring. Madison with a forearm but Jessicka pulls Madison to the mat by the hair. Madison goes to the floor.

The referee has to hold Jessicka back but Havok with forearms. Eagles trips Havok and then she sends Jessicka to the floor. Madison is tripped and pulled to the floor. They fight on the apron and exchange forearms and chops. They each connect with forearms and boots and they fall to the floor. Madison with a knee to the midsection and a forearm to the back. Madison breaks the count and then rolls back to the floor.

Havok sends Eagles into the apron and then chops her. Madison Irish whips Havok into the ring steps. Madison rolls back in to stop the referee’s count. Madison with kicks on the floor and Jessicka kicks Madison and she returns the favor with an Irish whip into the ring steps.

Jessicka misses a chop and Madison with a series of chops. Madison has a fan blow on her hand and that allows Jessicka to recover and she kicks Madison. They return to the ring and Havok with a forearm and then she applies a Sharpshooter. Madison bites Jessicka’s hand to get out of the hold. Madison with a Cloverleaf and then applies a modified STF. Havok escapes the hold and connects with forearms.

Havok with a clothesline and a boot to the head for a near fall. Jessicka misses a leg drop and Madison with a kick and a running knee to the head for a near fall. Madison with a rear chin lock. Havok gets Eagles on her shoulders to escape the hold. Eagles with a kick to the head but she can only get a two count.

Eagles with an Irish whip and knees to the chest. Eagles misses a Yakuza kick and Havok with a running boot to the head. She hits a second one. Havok sets for a third but Eagles recovers and connects with a knee. Eagles with a Yakuza kick and she calls for the brainbuster. Havok escapes an hits a round kick. Eagles with a round kick of her own and both women are down.

They both get up at nine and Eagles with kicks to the leg and she misses a round kick. Eagles with a rollup for a near fall. Eagles gets Havok up on her shoulders but Havok with elbows followed by the Demon Drop for the three count.

Winner: Jessicka Havok (Jessicka Havok advances into the Shine Title Tournament at Shine 11)

Match Number Seven: Mercedes Martinez versus Evie

They lock up and Martinez backs Evie into the turnbuckles and she gives a clean break. They lock up again and Martinez takes Evie to the mat and slaps her in the head, showing her no respect. Evie with a kick and side head lock. Martinez with a side head lock take down but Evie with a head scissors.

Martinez escapes and slaps Evie in the face. Martinez with a chop and punches. Martinez returns to the chops and then she connects with a series of forearms in the corner. Martinez with an Irish whip and Evie floats over.

Evie is put on the turnbuckles and Evie with forearms followed by a cross body and clotheslines. Evie with a drop kick and Martinez goes to the floor. Evie goes to the apron but Martinez blocks a kick and she sends Evie face first into the apron and she lands on the floor. Martinez rolls Evie back into the ring and gets a near fall. Martinez with punches to Evie until the referee warns her. Martinez chokes Evie and the referee warns her again.

Martinez with a delayed vertical suplex and she gets a near fall. Martinez gets another near fall. Martinez with a chop and punch. Martinez chops Evie and appears to chop her again but she pokes her in the eyes and then she rolls through into a guillotine choke. Martinez with more punches and forearms.

Martinez charges into the corner and Evie with a drop toe hold followed by a monkey flip and snap mare. Evie with a running kick to the chest and she gets a near fall. Evie with forearms. Martinez with a wheelbarrow suplex. Martinez gets a near fall. Martinez with a chop and then she hits a choke slam but Evie is able to kick out.

Martinez picks up Evie and sets for a power slam but Evie sends Martinez into the turnbuckles. Evie with forearms from the apron and she goes up top. Evie with a missile drop kick followed by forearms and a chop. Evie with a kick to the back for a near fall. Evie with forearms but Martinez with a spinebuster for a near fall.

Martinez goes to the turnbuckles but Evie with a boot to the head and she goes to the turnbuckles for a super hurricanrana and she hits it, but both women are down. Martinez rolls to the apron while Evie struggles to get back to her feet. Evie with a running boot to the chest. Evie rolls Martinez back into the ring but she only gets a two count.

Evie sends Martinez into the turnbuckles but she misses a Yakuza Kick. Martinez with a belly-to-back suplex followed by a fisherman’s buster for the three count.

Winner: Mercedes Martinez

Match Number Eight: SHINE Championship Tournament Qualifier: Jazz versus Ivelisse (with April Hunter)

Ivelisse’s ribs are taped so will Jazz take advantage during the match?

They lock up and Jazz with a hammer lock into a side head lock. Jazz with a shoulder tackle. Ivelisse complains to the referee. Ivelisse with a waist lock but Jazz with an arm drag and wrist lock. Ivelisse with a reversal and arm drag. Jazz questions whether Ivelisse is injured after that move.

Ivelisse wants sportsmanship. They lock up and Jazz with a waist lock into a front face lock. Jazz with a rollup for a near fall. Jazz maintains the front face lock and rolls through to add more pressure on the ribs. Ivelisse with a hammer lock. Jazz with a fireman’s carry for a near fall. Jazz with a wrist lock and she kicks Ivelisse in the ribs. Jazz with a hammer lock and rollup for a near fall.

Jazz pulls Ivelisse into the center of the ring. Ivelisse with a triangle choke but Jazz counters and picks up Ivelisse but Ivelisse counters with a rana. Ivelisse removes the bandage from her ribs and she is okay.

It might not have been a smart thing to show off the ruse because Jazz connects with a series of jabs and then she knocks Ivelisse to the mat with a right hand. Jazz with a leg drop for a near fall. Jazz with abdominal stretch to give Ivelisse a reason to have her ribs taped up. Ivelisse with kicks to the leg and then to the head.

Ivelisse gets a near fall. Ivelisse with a kick to the back and she gets another near fall. Jazz runs Ivelisse into the turnbuckles but Ivelisse holds on to the guillotine choke but Jazz grabs the ropes. Ivelisse chokes Jazz and the referee warns her. April chokes Jazz while the referee is distracted.

Ivelisse with a kick to the head and she gets a near fall. Ivelisse returns to the triangle choke but Jazz punches to get out of the hold. Ivelisse turns it into an arm bar submission but Jazz counters into a modified Muta Lock. Ivelisse with a kick to the midsection followed by a kick to the back. Ivelisse gets a near fall.

Ivelisse chokes Jazz but Jazz gets to the ropes. Ivelisse goes to the turnbuckles but Jazz catches her and applies the Rings of Saturn. Rain gets on the apron and distracts the referee. Jazz yells at Rain and Ivelisse tries for a round kick but she misses. Jazz with an X Factor and she gets the three count.

Winner: Jazz (Jazz advances into the Shine Title Tournament at Shine 11)

After the match, Rain and April have some words with Ivelisse about the loss.

While they set up the cage, many of the wrestlers come out to celebrate Nikki Roxx’s birthday with her. They bring out a birthday cake for Nikki.

Mercedes Martinez comes out and she wants to wish Nikki a happy birthday but she takes a handful of cake and throws it in Nikki’s face. Nikki and Martinez brawl. Martinez hits Nikki With a weapon. Martinez grabs the cake and throws it on Nikki.

Match Number Nine: Arkham Asylum Steel Cage Match: Leva Bates versus Kimberly

A straitjacket is hanging from one corner of the cage. In order to win the match, you need to put the straitjacket on your opponent.

Kimberly brings a chair into the cage. Leva sees Kimberly’s chair and raises with a trash can of weapons.

Kimberly attacks Leva and sends her into the cage. Kimberly with a snap mare and she hits Leva in the back with a chair a few times. Leva chokes the referee and laughs about it. Then she chokes Kimberly and laughs. Kimberly grabs a sign and hits Leva. Leva blows powder in Kimberly’s face.

Kimberly hits Leva in the leg with the chair and then Leva grabs the chair and hits Kimberly in the back with it. Leva sends Kimberly into the turnbuckles and chokes her with it. Leva puts the chair in Kimberly’s face and then hits a drop kick. Leva with a cannonball into the chair.

Leva grabs the straitjacket but Kimberly sends Leva into the cage. Kimberly runs Leva’s back into the cage numerous times. Kimberly with a fallaway slam. Leva puts the traffic cone on Kimberly but Kimberly throws it at Leva. Leva catches it and throws it at Kimberly.

Kimberly kicks Leva and chokes her in the ropes. Kimberly sets for a cloverleaf but Leva hits her with the sign. Leva climbs the cage and hits a springboard elbow. Leva climbs to the top of the cage and hits a double stomp to the back.

Leva tries to put the straitjacket on Kimberly but Kimberly is able to avoid getting it put on. Kimberly sends Leva to the apron. Kimberly tries for a shoulder but Leva moves. Leva with a DDT. Leva starts to put the straitjacket on but Kimberly chokes Leva. Kimberly runs Leva’s head into the cage. Kimberly with a Samoan drop and then she chokes Leva with the straitjacket.

Kimberly with a forearm to the back. Kimberly gets Leva on her back and climbs the turnbuckles. Leva with elbows and then she hits a sunset flip power bomb. Leva puts Kimberly in one arm of the straitjacket. Kimberly puts on the straitjacket and Leva hits a Codebreaker and then she hits a lungblower.

Leva gets her tied up in the straitjacket and she wins the match.

Winner: Leva Bates

After the match, Leva kicks Kimberly.

2015 - WWE issued the following statement to regarding the lawsuit filed against them by the Gilbert family in relation to WWE usage of material featuring Doug Gilbert and the late Eddie Gilbert:

"Through the years, WWE has acquired the legal rights to library footage of various former wrestling organizations including Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Mid-Southern Wrestling among many others. WWE has made these substantial investments to acquire these copyrighted works and has the legal right to use them. Similar cases in the past have been unsuccessful and we expect this case to be dismissed."

WWE was correct as the case was dismissed.

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