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By Mike Johnson on 2016-01-24 23:00:00

30 Man WWE ROYAL RUMBLE MATCH: WWE World Heavyweight champion Roman Reigns defends against 29 other competitors.

Here we go.  I will update every five entrants, so keep refreshing.

The first man out is Roman Reigns, who does his big entrance from the crowd.  If he wins, he will be the first man since Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels to win back to back Rumbles. 

Number two was Rusev, who came out with Lana.  No managers at ringside.  They pointed out Rusev was the last man eliminated last year when Reigns won the bout.  Roman tried to nail him with a clothesline to send him over but Rusev drilled him with an elbow and a spin kick.  Rusev tried to dump the champ but Roman fought him off.  Reigns was tossed through the ropes to the floor. Rusev thought Roman was eliminated (having not seen how he exited the ring) but was nailed with a apron dropkick and dumped.

Rusev has been eliminated.

Number three is the debuting AJ Styles.  HUGE reaction.  The announcers put him over as a global star.  He was called "The Phenomenal One" and was the same AJ that we've seen in TNA, ROH, etc.  Big reaction for him.   They faced off.  Roman went for a powerbomb but AJ rolled through and went for the Styles Clash.  Roman escaped but was nailed with the Pele Kick.  Styles went for the Styles Clash again but was caught and hit with a Samoan Drop.

Number four was Tyler Breeze.  Breeze ducked Roman and nailed AJ. Breeze went after Styles, who dumped him.  Styles and Reigns went face to face.

Number five was...Curtis Axel.  He charged and attacked Roman.  He stomped away at Roman.  He went to run Styles into the corner but was blocked.  He drilled Styles with a hard knee but was caught with a big right hand from the champ.  The other Social Outcasts tried to interfere but Styles and Reigns took them out.   Styles clotheslined Axel over the top to eliminate him.

Number six is Chris Jericho.

Jericho and Styles go back and forth for the first time ever.  AJ drilled him with a big leaping clothesline.  Lots of AJ chants.  Styles went for the Styles Clash but Jerichio reversed it and turned it into the Walls of Jericho.  Roman nailed Jericho from behind.

Number seven is Kane.  He and Reigns go at it.  Styles nailed Kane, who kicked him down with a big boot.  Kane nailed a side slam on Reigns, then went after Jericho in the corner.  He was tossed over the top but Jericho saved himself and pulled him through the ropes.  The crowd chanted, "Let's go AJ" as Kane tried to eliminate him.  Styles fought his way free.

Number eight is Goldust.  He joined the fray.  Jericho suplexed Styles and then charged Goldust in the corner.  Styles is the favorite based on the crowd reactions.  Everyone battled.

Number nine is Ryback.  He took out Styles and Jericho when they charged him, then started taking everyone out.  Kane nailed him with a right hand but was caught with a Spinebuster.  He tried to dump Jericho but was nailed from behind by Goldust.  Styles worked over Reigns in the corner and tried to orce him over.  Goldust and Jericho dumped Ryback over the ropes but he only hit the apron and pulled himself back in.

Number ten is Kofi Kingston.  The other members of New Day came to ringside with him.  Kingston went right after Goldust then turned himself to Reigns and Jericho. Ryback nearly killed Styles with a CRAZY high backdrop.

Number 11 was Titus O'Neil.   He tackled Goldust and Kingston, then nailed Reigns in the cofrner.  He caught Jericho with an over the knee backbreaker, then flung him away.  AJ Styles got the same treatment.   Titus sent Goldust over the top.

Goldust has been eliminated.

Kane and Jericho worked over Titus in the corner.  Ryback battled Styles.  Roman was almost eliminated by Kofi.

Number 12 was R-Truth.  He went under the ring and pulled out a Ladder.  He slipped the ladder into the ring, with the idea being that he thought it was Money in the Bank.  He climbed up as everyone stopped and looked at him like he was an idiot.  There was no briefcase.  He came down and Kane throttled him over the top to the floor.

R-Truth has been eliminated.

Kane tossed the ladder out of the ring, allowing Kofi to attack him.  Kane tossed Kofi, who landed on Big E's shoulders and wasn't eliminated.  New Day did a victory lap around the ring and Kofi had a drink.  Ryback was almost eliminated but saved himself.  Everyone battled

Number 13 was Luke Harper. Harper began beating Kane in the corner.  Out of nowhere, The League of Nations pulled Reigns under the ropes and beat him down as Vince McMahon watched and enjoyed it.  They tossed the champ into the stairs and took turns hitting big moves on him.  In the ring, everyone else fought.

Number 14 was Stardust.  As he hit the ring, The League of Nations placed Roman on one of the announcing tables.  Rusev charged across the tables and hit a big splash through the tables.  That was cool.  He and Vince hugged.  Vince then hugged the League of Nations.  Inside the ring, everyone battled.  Titus tossed Stardust over the top but he saved himself.  Styles nailed Titus with a dropkick.

EMTs began checking on Roman, so they are going to tease he can't continue.

Number 15 was Big Show.

Roman was walked out to the back.  Big Show cleaned house and nailed Harper with a clothesline.  He tossed Jericho over the top but Jericho saved himself. 

Number 16 is Neville. He went right to the back and nailed a missile dropkick.    Neville cleaned house until Styles grabbed him and tossed him over the top.  Neville saved himself.  Jericho nailed Styles.  Jericho tossed out Kofi.

Kofi Kingston has been eliminated!

Roman was placed on stretcher and taken to the back.  More AJ Styles chants.  Styles tossed Stardust over the top but he saved himself.  Neville did the same.  Everyone continued to battle.

Number 17 is Braun Strowman.  He destroyed everyone until running into Kane.  Kane broke free of his grip and threw Kane over the top.

Kane has been eliminated.

Braun and Big Show brawled,  Show grabbed him by the throat but Strowman broke free and locked on his submission. He shoved Show over the top and eliminated him.

Big Show has been eliminated.  Obviously, they have BIG plans for Strowman.

Number 18 is Kevin Owens.  Man, Orlando popped for that.  Owens limped his way to the ring thanks to the hellacious beating he took earlier tonight.  Styles worked over Harper in the corner.  He turned and brawled in the center of the ring with Owens.  Styles naioled the Pele Kick.    Styles was tossed over the top by Neville, but saved himself.  He nailed Neville with a shoulderblock and went for the Styles Clash.  Kevin Owens superkicked him and yelled, "Welcome to WWE!" then dumped Styles.

AJ Styles has been eliminated after 28 minutes.  The crowd chanted Styles' name as he left.

Number 19 is Dean Ambrose.  He and Owens tore right into each other.  Owens was tossed into the buckles.  Neville and Harper brawled in the corner.  Strowman worked over Stardust.  Styles got a massive pop as he left the building.  Strowman choked Jericho agaisnnst the ropes.  Stardust and Harper created an alliance, working on Ambrose.  Owens stomped Neville.

Number 20 was NXT's Sami Zayn, which means he and Owens are about to go at it.  Owens hit the roof when he saw Sami.  They began brawling in the middle of the ring, which Orlando exploded for.  Zayn beat him down in the corner but turned to clothesline Stardust.  Owens attacked him from behind but Zayn came back to toss him over the top.

Kevin Owens has been eliminated.  There was a massive "Sami" chant for that.

Number 21 is Erick Rowan,  The Wyatts began clearing the ring, tossing out Neville and Stardust.

Neville and Stardust have been eliminated,

Strowman locked his finisher on Jericho.  Harper worked over Zayn in the corner.  The Wyatts controlled the ring,

Number 22 is Mark Henry.  They noted this could be his last Rumble.  He nailed Rowan but was taken down by Strowman.  The Wyatts triple-teamed Henry and dumped him over the top.

Mark Henry has been eliminated.

Sami Zayn was brutally nailed with Harper's big boot.   Strowman dumped Zayn.

Sami Zayn has been eliminated.

Number 23 is Brock Lesnar, who went right from everyone in the Wyatt Family.  He nailed Strowman with a number of shots and finally took him down with a STIFF right hand.  He clotheslined Rowan over the top.

Erick Rowan has been eliminated.

Lesnar killed Harper with a big suplex.  He went to do one to Strowman, who backed him into the corner.  Strowman missed a charge in the corner and was clotheslined down.

Number 24 is Jack Swagger.  Brock nailed the F5 and tossed him

Jack Swagger has been eliminated.  Poor Jack.

Lesnar controlled the ring, beating everyone down.  He nailed a series of running knees on Strowman.

Number 25 is The Miz.

Miz walked down to the ring but instead took an announcing headset and said it was all about strategy.  He was waiting for the perfect opportunity.  Lesnar drilled Ambrose with a massive German suplex.  He worked over Strowman with a series of shoulderblocks. 

Lesnar clotheslined Harper over the top.

Luke Harper has been eliminated.

Number 26 is Alberto Del Rio.  He went right after Brock, who grabbed him in a front facelock.  Ambrose joined in and he and ADR worked over Brock.  Jericho battled Strowman.  Lesnar nailed a suplex on ADR then clotheslined Strowman a number of times.  Lesnar finally clotheslined Strowman over the top to the floor.

Braun Strowman has been eliminated.

This left ADR, Ambrose, Jericho and Lesnar in the ring.

Number 27 is Bray Wyatt, who now entered without his Family in the ring.   Lesnar stood there waiting for him.  The Wyatts all attacked Brock from behind and they quadruple teamed Brock.    Lesnar fought back and sent the others out, then went face to face with Bray, who tried to back up.  Lesnar grabbed him and nailed a German suplex, then went for the F5.  Harper returned to the ring and kicked Brock in the face.  The Wyatts swarmed over Lesnar and beat him down.  Bray nailed Sister Abigail and ordered the others to toss Brock.  They tossed him.

Brock Lesnar has been eliminated.  Very out of character to see Brock just leave without destroying the world.

Number 28 is Dolph Ziggler.  He hit the ring and nailed the Famouser on Jericho.  He followed up with a big DDT.  Miz hit the ring and tried to toss Dolph.  Ziggler saved himself but was caught in the Skull Crushing Finale.  Ziggler was tossed but again saved himself  Miz tossed Jericho in the corner and nailed his sitting clothesline in the buckles.

Number 29 is Sheamus.

As Sheamus returned, Roman attacked him from behind.  He was booed as he tossed all sorts of people around.  He tossed Miz over the top.

Miz is eliminated.

Number is 30 is Triple H.  He stood in the aisle with a long staredown with Roman.

So, the final combatants are Roman, Jericho, Sheamus, Ambrose, Bray, HHH and Ziggler.

HHH entered the ring.  He and Roman jawed. Ziggler charged but was kicked and nailed with a Pedigree.  Bray went after Roman and was speared.   You could hear a "Triple H" chant as they started to brawl back and forth.  Reigns nailed him with the knee to the face and went for the Pedigree.  Roman slipped out but Sheamus returned to the ring and nailed him.

Everyone battled.  Jericho nailed the Lionsault on Bray.  He was snapped with the Zig Zag.  Ziggler superkicked HHH over the top but he held on.  Ziggler nailed him with the Famouser.  He charged but was tossed over the top by HHH.

Dolph Ziggler has been eliminated.

HHH and Bray went nose to nose.  Bray smiled at him.  HHH backed off and pointed at Roman.  Wyatt acted as if he was on board but drilled him with a right hand.  He worked over HHH but was caught and almost hit with the Pedigree.  Wyatt slipped out and went for Sister Abigail.  Sheamus, who was watching, drilled him with the Brogue Kick.  HHH and Sheamus dumped Wyatt.

Bray Wyatt has been eliminated.

Roman tried to dump HHH and Sheamus at the same time but they saved themselves.  Everyone battled.  Jericho tried to put HHH in the Walls of Jericho but HHH reversed it.  Jericho nailed the Codebreaker but Ambrose tossed Jericho over the top.  He was in for 50 minutes.  They even mentioned Ambrose got some revenge after Jericho walking out on him over the summer during a tag match.

The last four are Ambrose, Sheamus, HHH and Roman.   

Ambrose and Sheamus are battling.  Roman nailed a Superman Punch to take out Sheamus.

Sheamus has been eliminated.

HHH grabs Reigns and dumps him over the top.

Roman Reigns has been eliminated.

New champion tonight!

HHH gives Roman the DX chop and looks across the ring against the other competitor left, Dean Ambrose.    They pulled themselves to their feet and face off.   They battle in the middle with punches and Ambrose worked over HHH with all sorts of strikes.  The place begins chanting for Dean.

Ambrose nailed the Rebound clothesline on HHH.  He charged for a clothesline but was kicked and set up for the Pedirgree. Ambrose broke free and tossed him over the top.  He landed on the apron and was nailed with several knees but held on.  Ambrose charged but HHH, half in the ring, dumped him over the top and won.

Your winner and new WWE World Heavyweight champion, Triple H!

Stephanie McMahon charged the ring and embraced him.

So, HHH goes into the biggest WWE Wrestlemania and live gate of all time as champion. 

An excellent Rumble match.

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