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By Mike Johnson on 2016-01-14 01:00:23
TNA released the following video teasing the debut of a new Knockout named Raquel:

Raquel is former WWE Tough Enough competitor Gabi Castrovinci, originally from Brazil, with a background in jiu-jitsu who was a professional athlete for the World Beauty Fitness & Fashion.

During Tough Enough, she struggled with her understanding of pro wrestling promos, which resulted in her being voted off the show in its fourth week. At the time, she said she was happy she was leaving but later explained it was because she was tired of the drama that went on with living in the house. She noted at the time that she was looking to get additional experience so she could try out again for WWE. When the season ended, she was not hired by WWE.

Now, she's found her way to TNA, which also recently debuted another Tough Enough competitor, Chelsea Green, during a One Night Only PPV taping.

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