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By Stuart Carapola on 2015-12-18 23:46:22
Veda Scott comes out with Cedric Alexander, complaining about not being invited to Final Battle, and saying she has dominated Nigel McGuinness at every opportunity. The fans aren't too interested in what she has to say, but she goes on to talk about the latest on her lawsuits against ROH and Nigel. An agreement has been reached, and the terms are confidential, but we'll see a lot more of both of them in 2016.

World Tag Team Title Match: The Kingdom vs War Machine

The Kingdom attacks War Machine and dumps them to the floor before the bell, then they take both of them out with stereo dives. Bennett picks Rowe up for ap iledriver and Taven comes off the second rope to spike him on the floor. They roll Rowe inside and the bell rings, they quickly go for a cover but Rowe kicks out. They set up for another spike piledriver on the apron, but Hanson fights them off. The Kingdom trip Hanson up and he hits his head on the ropes and the ring apron on the way down. Hanson is down on the floor again as the Kingdom goes back to double teaming Rowe. they go back out to the floor and Rowe gargoyle suplexes Taven, catches Bennett when he tries a somersault dive off the apron, and powerbombs him into the barricade. Hanson is up, Rowe tags him in, and they hit their finish on Bennett for the title.

Winners and New ROH World Tag Team Champions: War Machine

Wow, the Kingdom got MAULED. That is what you call a decisive finish.

It's main event time!

ROH World Title Match: Jay Lethal vs AJ Styles

Lethal backpedals at first, but then they quickly go into the wrestling exchange and Lethal bails to the floor to slow AJ's momentum. They do a quick back and forth that ends with AJ dropkicking Lethal into next week. AJ with a leaping kneedrop, but Lethal is up and tackles AJ into the corner. Lethal goes for a monkey flip, but AJ lands on his feet and goes for an armdrag, but Lethal avoids and AJ just hits the mat. Lethal does the hiptoss/cartwheel/dropkick combo, but AJ is up and hammers Lethal with chops. Lethal goes for a hiptoss, but AJ counters to the calf killer. Lethal quickly scurries to the ropes, so AJ just DRILLS him with a chop and Lethal tumbles to the floor. AJ goes to the apron, and Lethal trips his ankle out from under him and AJ hits the apron hard before tumbling to the floor. Lethal rams AJ's injured back into the guardrail, then does it again for good measure. Lethal whips AJ hard into the corner, then hits a Bret Hart backbreaker for 2. Lethal with a surfboard, AJ gets out and goes for his moonsault deathdrop, but Lethal turns out and suplexes AJ into the corner. Lethal gets a bearhug, but AJ counters to an inverted atomic drop and then lays into Lethal with a series of elbows and a spinkick. Now AJ suplexes Lethal into the corner, blocks a Lethal Combination attempt, and reverses to the atomic facebuster for 2. AJ goes for the springboard forearm, but Lethal catches him and hits the Lethal Combination for 2. They fight over a vertical suplex, but AJ gets it and finishes the sequence with a neckbreaker. Lethal pops AJ up with a back suplex into a neckbreaker for 2. Lethal backdrops AJ to the apron and springboards out of the corner with a dropkick, then kills AJ's back with a dive through the ropes that nearly breaks AJ in half as he connects with the guardrail. Lethal does a second dive at the fans' urging and this time sends AJ over the guardrail. Lethal goes for a third when AJ makes it back to ringside, but this time AJ connects with a flying elbow and knocks Lethal silly as he hits the floor. They beat the count back in the ring, and trade right hands in the middle of the ring until Lethal hits a Flatliner and gets the Koji Clutch. He has AJ right in the middle of the ring, but AJ manages to escape and counter to the calf killer. Lethal makes it to the ropes, so AJ goes to the top rope and eats a right hand from Lethal when he makes it to his feet. Lethal goes up to fight AJ on the top rope, AJ slips out underneath him and trips him up, but Lethal hits an Ace crusher out of the corner. Lethal goes for the Lethal Injection, but AJ slips under him again and hits a Pelle kick, hits his implant DDT, and goes for the Styles Clash but Lethal backdrops him over the top rope and through the timekeeper's table. That is not a bump I'd be taking with an injured back. AJ beats the count, so Lethal waits for AJ to get to his feet and hits the Lethal Combination for a very close 2. AJ gets up and fires off a bunch of kicks and punches, goes for the Styles Clash, Lethal slips out and hits the cradle piledriver, then finishes AJ with another Lethal Combination.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Great main event to finish off a killer show. Big mega thumbs up for a top notch night of wrestling.

Thanks for following's live coverage of ROH Final Battle 2015!

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