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By Stuart Carapola on 2015-12-18 23:46:22
Adam Cole vs Kyle O'Reilly

O'Reilly tackles Cole right off the bell and quickly gets Cole in a triangle choke. Cole gets out and they trade right hands before going out to the floor where O'Reilly sits Cole in a chair, fires off some kicks at his chest, then comes off the apron with a dropkick that sends Cole tumbling backward onto the hard concrete floor. O'Reilly doesn't let up, taking Cole back into the ring and hammering him with a hard kick to the back before covering for 2. Cole fires back with some kicks, but O'Reilly quickly jumps on his back with a rear naked choke. Cole gets out and O'Reilly goes to the second rope, but Cole shoves O'Reilly off to the floor. Cole brings O'Reilly back in and starts to stomp his former partner down in the corner before choking him with his boot. O'Reilly starts to mount a comeback, but Cole turns that right back around with a quick superkick to the knee. Now Cole's got O'Reilly right where he wants him, and applies a shoulder leg bar to put more pressure on the injured knee. O'Reilly escapes and takes Cole back down, but Cole squirms free and gets a half crab, which O'Reilly quickly escapes by scurrying to the ropes. Cole goes for the figure four, O'Reilly reverses to a key lock, but Cole fights his way out. O'Reilly hammers Cole with kicks, Cole drills O'Reilly with a bicycle kick, but O'Reilly hammers him back with more kicks. Cole spits at O'Reilly, and O'Reilly responds by quickly going to a triangle choke. Cole straight up STOMPS O'Reilly in the face and hits a shining wizard for 2. O'Reilly ducks a leaping enziguiri, catches a superkick attempt, and hits a Regalplex for 2. Cole escapes a brainbuster attempt, but O'Reilly gets Cole in a key lock and Cole reverses to a fireman's carry neckbreaker. O'Reilly rolls out to...yep, you guessed it...the apron, so Cole hammers O'Reilly with forearms and gets cuaght with a triangle choke in the ropes. Cole kicks O'Reilly's knee again and this time connects with the leaping enziguiri to send O'Reilly to the floor. Cole goes for the Canadian Destroyer off the apron, but O'Reilly dodges and gets a front guillotine. Cole tries ramming O'Reilly into the guardrail and the apron, but can't break the hold, so he counters to a brainbuster on the knee, then rolls O'Reilly inside and covers for 2. Cole gets the figure four, and O'Reilly tries to block the leg from completing the hold, but Cole manages to cinch it in and O'Reilly is in trouble. O'Reilly makes the ropes, so Cole shoots his mouth off at O'Reilly and they end up trading furious right hands until O'Reilly hits the Kawada kicks to Cole's face, Cole hits an ax kick, O'Reilly hits the Nigel lariat, follows up with a brainbuster, and goes to a cross armbreaker. Cole locks his hands, O'Reilly breaks Cole's grip, but Cole manages to scurry to the ropes. Back to their feet trading kicks, O'Reilly misses an enziguiri and Cole hits the leg trap German suplex. Cole connects with a superkick to the face, loses his grip on a brainbuster, and O'Reilly gets a guillotine hammerlock choke. Cole tries to headbutt his way out and O'Reilly gets a traditional triangle choke. Cole cradles O'Reilly with his feet on the ropes and gets the three count.

Winner: Adam Cole

O'Reilly keeps the cross armbreaker on after the match, and is so discontent with the outcome that he cranks on the armbreaker even after the bell and then starts kicking Cole's face until he goes limp. About half a dozen referees come out to pull O'Reilly off of Cole, and he protests the decision before going back to the cross armbreaker until the referees break it up again and carry Cole to safety.

The Addiction vs Alex Shelley, ACH & Matt Sydal

Sydal winds up in toruble early on in the Addiction corner, then ACH tags in and goes at it with Sabin, who drills ACH with a nice leaping enziguiri after a fast back and forth. Sabin tosses ACH to his corner and lets him tag Shelley in, and the Motor City Machine Guns are about to go at it. Sabin goes for a Greco-Roman knucklelock...then tags out to Kazarian. Kazarian quickly winds up on the receiving end of a triple team on the babyface side, then Daniels comes in and goes at it with HIS former ROH Tag Team Championship partner Matt Sydal. ACH clears Daniels out and then goes at it with Sabin, who punts both ACH and Sydal into next week. Sydal is in peril in the Addiction's side of the ring, but Sydal drills Sabin with a leaping enziguiri and tags Shelley in, and he cleans house on Daniels and Kazarian and backslides Daniels for 2 before getting him in the Motor City Stretch. Daniels slips out and hits a Flatliner, he goes for Angel's Wings, Shelley gets out and legwhips Daniels before tagging in ACH. ACH goes nuts on all three members of the Addiction, puts Kazarian on the top rope, then runs around ringside and swings off the ringpost, and I guess he was supposed to do something to Sabin but missed it by a mile and they both just kind of fall down on the floor. Back in the ring, Kazarian slingshots ACH into a cutter and then Sabin and Daniels hit the Carnageplex on ACH for 2. Daniels goes for a uranage on Sydal, Sydal slips out and puts Daniels on top for hte leaping Frankensteiner, and all heck breaks loose and we wind up with ACH hitting a top rope double stomp to Daniels. ACH and Shelley take out Kazarian and Sabin with dives, then Sydal comes off the top rope with the Sydal Press...and lands right on Daniels' knees. Shelley comes in and cleans house, but then Daniels flattens Shelley and then ACH. Sabin tags in and is quickly knocked to the floor, then ACH clotheslines Daniels over the top rope and hits a dive. ACH comes off the top with a 450 splash on Sabin, then Sydal hits a Sydal press on Sabin for the win.

Winners: ACH, Matt Sydal & Alex Shelley

Too much going on here to accurately recap, lots and lots of action. Nice to see both Sabin and Shelley back in the ring here.

TV Title Match: Roderick Strong vs Bobby Fish

They quickly go to the mat early, then Fish hits a kick to the ribs and starts tying Roderick up in submissions. Roderick makes it to the ropes to go back to neutral, and DRILLS Fish with a chop. Fish fires back and goes for a moonsault, Roderick moves and Fish lands on his feet, but Roderick shoves him to the floor and comes through the ropes with a baseball slide. Roderick picks Fish up in a fireman's carry and dumps him on the guardrail, then rams him into the ring apron. Roderick rolls Fish in the ring and covers for 2, then hits a Hacker Slam for 2. Roderick with a backbreaker for 2, then an over the shoulder backbreaker, but Fish fires up and unloads with some kicks and chops before Roderick drills him with a big boot for 2. Fish goes to the floor and Roderick goes to the apron, and Fish trips Roderick up and he lands right on his face on the apron. Fish ducks a leaping enziguiri and fires off some more kicks, a series of corner kneestrikes, and they trade strikes in the middle of the ring until Fish knocks Roderick out with a kick to the head and quickly makes a cover for 2. Fish gets a rear naked choke on Roderick, but Roderick makes it to the ropes to break. Roderick ties Fish up in the ropes and hammers him with a series of quick shots before hitting a facebuster for 2. Fish goes to the apron and legwhips Roderick through the ropes, they wind up fighting on the floor and Fish hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Fish climbs the corner for a moonsault, Roderick tries to stop him, and climbs up to hit a backbreaker on the top turnbuckle. Roderick covers for 2, Fish gets a Samoan drop out of nowhere, more strikes, and Fish lays Roderick out with a spinkick to the face and gets 2. Fish puts Roderick on top and hits a falcon arrow superplex that somehow only gets 2. Roderick goes for a leaping kneestrike, but Fish ducks and gets a heel hook. Roderick rolls through and counters to the Stronghold, but Fish counters back to the heel hook. Roderick tries to kick his way out, but Fish keeps the hold and Roderick taps. The referee doesn't see it, but Fish celebrates anyway. Fish realizes the match is still going as Roderick hits a flying kneestrike to the face and covers for the win.

Winner: Roderick Strong

Wow, rough night for reDRagon. Great match, and I'd guess this will lead to a rematch.

The show wraps up on Page 3!

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