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By Mike Johnson on 2015-12-16 15:20:01

Next up is Apollo Crews vs. Baron Corbin.   The crowd was all over Corbin.  He worked over Crew and really enforced his will, which gave Apollo something to fight out from underneath.  Corbin has really improved from a year ago.   In fact, I think he ate up Crews a little too much.  Crew went to make a comeback but Corbin slipped.  They were able to save it and get back to where they needed to be before going to the floor, where Crews finally hit a big move when he moonsaulted off the apron to the floor.    Crews made a comeback but in the end, Corbin nailed the End of Days and scored the win.  I am sure fans who got behind Crews when he was Uhaa Nation might not like the result but as I wrote in the Tip Sheet, if they wanted the program to continue, Corbin should get the win.  He did well here for the most part and Crews looked good.

They announced Sami Zayn would return to NXT next week. That is awesome.

Nia Jax was being interviewed about what she intends to do to Bayley when she realized someone was looking at her off camera. It was Asuka. They went face to face. Big Pop for that live. Asuka smiled at her and walked off. Badass. Jax said she was going to take out Bayley the same way she has taken everyone else out. We will see soon enough!

Lots of talents wearing new gear tonight.  I always liked when talents did that at Wrestlemania, as it gives the show a "Christmas morning" sort of feel and tonight is no different.

It's time for Nia Jax vs. Bayley for the NXT Women's championship.  Big reaction for Bayley coming out.  That sort of emotional connection in pro wrestling is so great to see in 2015.   She is the best babyface in the business.   The fans sang "Hey Bayley" using the lyrics from "Hey Baby" by Bruce Channel.   They even did the harmony parts.  It's official, this is the best wrestling audience since the glory days of ECW.  I love you crazy Brits.  Between this and the new seasons of Red Dwarf, I am ready to move!

Bayley was manhandled early with Jax just destroying her.  This shouldbe Hogan vs. Andre from Wrestlemania III, so that's the right way to present this.    Bayley fought free from a sleeper and began unloading with leaping back elbows.  She escaped a Samoan Drop attempt and used a dropkick to the knees to cut her down to size.  They even whipped out a Masa Chono reference on commentary.  Bayley even tried to pull out an armbar submission but Jax was too powerful and broke it.   Jax placed her on the top rope but Bayley got the better of her and came off the top with a swanton for a two count.  Jax kicked out at two, sending the champion through the ropes to the floor.  Back in the ring, Jax caught her with a Samoan Drop but Bayley got her shoulder up at the last second.   

Jax killed her with a series of Drops but arrogantly covered her with just a foot, allowing Bayley a chance to kick out.  Bayley was crushed in the corner with several Avalanches and then flung across the ring by her hair rudely.  The crowd keeps trying to root her on.  Jax killed Bayley with a trio of legdrops but again Bayley kicked out at the last second.  The crowd went NUTS.  Great moment.

Bayley pulled herself up in the corner but was hit with another Avalanche.  Bayley was placed in the top rope for another Samoan Drop but Bayley came to life with strikes and sunk in a guillotine choke.  She almost went out but slammed Bayley down.   This is really good.  Jax went to grab her but Bayley sunk in another choke.  Jax slammed her down again but this time, Jax really sold it as if she was hurting bad.  It was far and away her best work in terms of facial expressions.  Bayley is still alive and used the choke again, this time going down to her back and then to a sitting position.  Bayley screamed as she fought hard with the move.  Jaxx kept trying to fight her way out, showing what a warrior she was, but finally tapped.

Excellent story.  Jax showed a hell of a lot of talent and ability here in what was undoubtedly the best match of her career thus far while Bayley showed once again, how awesome she is.  Really great stuff.  They should be very proud.

Samoa Joe came out.  He looked like he was all intensity.  They gave Finn Balor a nice Jack the Ripper-inspired entrance.  Great stuff.  The visual of the crowd throwing their hands up in the air with Balor was great.  Anyone who denies NXT is bigtime at this point is a moron.

They really took it too each other early with Balor getting some nice offense on the floor, including a dropkick that sent Joe into the ring steps.  Balor missed a double stomp onto the stairs and Joe smashed him with a Uranage on the floor.  Brutal.  Back in the ring, they went into a striking exchange with Joe getting the best of it.  Joe unloaded with chops and enziguiris in the corner.   Joe began breaking Balor and it was classic Samoa Joe offense from his glory era.  He nailed Balor with the running bootscrape.  Balor fought back and escaped a back senton splash , giving himself the chance to recover.    He was winded but unloaded with a big boot to the face.  Joe drilled him back and sent him to the floor.  Joe nailed a big diving forearm through the ropes to the floor. 

Joe continued working over Balor, powerbombing him for a two count and turming it into an STF.  It's like the ghost of ROH Samoa Joe.  So great to see.  Balor made a comeback and took the fight to Joe with some stiff chops and kicks.  Balor scored with a big dive over the to the floor, then nailed Joe with a double stomp to the back for a CLOSE near fall.  Good stuff.

Balor nailed a series of strikes and then Slingblade for a two count.  Joe cut him off and nailed a series of moves before setting up for the Muscle Buster.  Balor turned it into a sunset flip for a two count and nailed a Pele Kick.  Nice sequence!   They made it to their feet and began striking back and forth.  It was great stuff, just stiff, almost like a minute of All Japan style action.

Joe caught him in the Kokina Clutch but Balor charged the corner to break it.  Joe grabbed him it in again and pulled him back in the ring.  Joe appeared to have it but Balor rolled through and snapped up with a double stomp.  Great stuff!    Balor psyched himself up and nailed several dropkicks but Joe didn't leave his feet.  Balor finally snapped one hard, sending Joe facefirst into the corner and going down.  Balor went to the top for the Double stomp but Joe came to life and cut him off with a big kick to the head and  attempting the muscle buster off the top.  Balor fought him off and nailed the double stomp off the top for the pin.  Just an excellent match!!!

Once again, NXT served up a few hours of great wrestling mixed with old school storytelling and futuristic maneuvers.  Just a thumbs up show all around.

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