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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-12-16 16:58:35
Welcome to’s coverage of NXT Takeover London and the Pre Show.

We see Samoa Joe arriving at the building earlier today. We also see Finn Balor arriving at the building with Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady.

Your hosts is Renee Young. She is joined by Tom Phillips and Lita.

Lita and Renee point out this is Tom’s first Pre Show panel. He says it is good to be back with NXT. Tom mentions the Social Media influence and the hashtags to use for this show.

Tom mentions a few of the tweets that have come from the NXT wrestlers and Triple H.

Renee reminds people that they can still sign up for the WWE Network to watch Takeover.

Renee mentions the main event with Finn Balor defending the NXT Championship against Samoa Joe.

Lita says this was a longstanding friendship but they are friends no more.

We go to London, where Greg Hamilton is outside the arena and he is standing in front of people the same way he stands in front of people at Full Sail. Greg mentions the other shows in the United Kingdom and he says the fans are looking for tonight’s show.

Renee mentions the fact that this show is airing in a prime time spot in London.

Renee mentions the match between Apollo Crews and Baron Corbin.

We see what happened when Baron Corbin interfered in Apollo Crews’ match against Finn Balor for the NXT Championship. Apollo got revenge the following week by attacking Corbin before his match against Tye Dillinger.

Renee asks who will bring more fight tonight.

Lita mentions the path of destruction that Apollo Crews left before getting to NXT while Baron did the same in NXT. Lita suggests that Baron might be an only child. Tom brings up Baron’s attitude on Breaking Ground. Tom says that Apollo is here to be a champion and Corbin pushed him off track.

Renee asks who has gotten under the other’s skin more. Lita says that Apollo tries to stay focused but Apollo has been doing things that Baron normally does. Baron does have to work past his frustrations. Baron will be more off focus. Lita picks Crews. Tom says that Corbin has never faced anyone but Crews and the End of Days is coming for Crews.

Renee turns everyone’s attention to the match between Asuka and Emma.

We see what happened instead of the rematch between Asuka and Dana Brooke. We then see Asuka responding to Dana and Emma’s presence on the stage.

Renee asks about Asuka’s performances so far. Lita asks how can Emma not expect that physicality. Dana may have had an excuse since she did not know what Asuka can do. This might not be the best way for Emma or Dana to beat Asuka. You don’t try to get into Asuka’s head. You try to get more intense and take things seriously. Lita says that they made a mistake bringing up that they have a plan.

Renee asks how do you get prepared for Asuka. Lita says you may need to make it a two on one situation if you are not going to take it seriously. Maybe tonight we see a different side of Emma because that is what is needed to beat Asuka.

Renee asks Tom why are they doing this to Asuka. Tom suggests that the fanfare for the new person is a way to keep your spot. He brings up the way the Ascension dealt with Hideo Itami. This is a test for Dana and Emma.

We are back and we see Bayley in the arena.

Renee mentions the NXT Women’s Championship Match between Bayley and Nia Jax.

We see a video package for the match.

Renee asks Tom about Nia Jax for more insight. Tom says Nia is the most physically dominant woman in NXT. We saw Bayley get thrown through a door. We know about her pedigree, but he wonders if there is any other woman who has done it.

Lita says that everyone wants to be champion, but once you get the title, that is when the hard work starts because of the bulls eye on your back.

Renee asks Lita about how can Bayley come out on top tonight. Lita says you need to be focused for every match, but there were times when you had to dig even deeper. Lita says this is the toughest match that Bayley has been in.

Renee mentions what we have seen from Bayley, but has she been able to formulate a game plan against Nia. Lita says that we don’t know much about Nia but we have seen her actions. Do we know what her weaknesses are?

Renee mentions that the Rock has endorsed his cousin and Lita points out that Nia is the size of two Bayleys. Tom brings up being thrown through the door again. Lita says it makes you find focus or it could shake you up. We will have to see what happens in the ring.

Renee says that she has not seen Bayley scared like she is now.

Lita says that Nia is bigger but she is agile so Bayley cannot use her speed to be a major factor.

Renee brings up the Tag Team Championship Match where Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady will face Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.

We see what happened between these two teams. Colin Cassady’s knee was injured by Dawson and Wilder.

Renee mentions the other side of Enzo and Cass we have seen recently. Lita does not think the London crowd will spell out SAWFT because they are more intense this time. Tom says with all of the anger and frustration fueling them, if they lose, Enzo and Cass might fall to the bottom of the list.

Renee talks about whether Tom or Lita think Enzo and Cass can beat guys who are nuts and bolts wrestlers. Tom says that Dawson and Wilder are focused on hurting their opponents and they want to win. Lita says the gear has been switched by Enzo and Cass and she thinks they might win.

Lita says that an aggressive Colin Cassady could be the difference.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Lita asks Tom if he has an apology for Lemmy for something he did.

Renee, Tom, and Lita talk about the shows in the United Kingdom leading into tonight’s show.

It is time to take a look at the NXT Championship Match between Finn Balor and Samoa Joe.

We have a video package for the NXT Title Match.

Finn says it was a ten year friendship down the drain. He says he would have given Joe a title shot. Joe says he is not justifying what he did but when it comes to the NXT Championship, sacrifices need to be made.

Joe says he does not wait.

Finn says there is no one in the locker room he knew or trusted any more than Joe. Now it is personal.

Joe says there is a chance that Finn will bring along the demon. Joe says the demon is only a piece of you while Joe is one hundred percent monster.

Greg Hamilton is outside Samoa Joe’s locker room and he knocks on the door and Joe comes out and he slams the door in Greg’s face.

Tom mentions what happened at UFC last weekend and the similarities with how Joe would not look in Finn’s eyes and we might see the same result.

Lita talks about how lonely things can be and friends are important but the title means more. Joe is willing to kill a friendship to win the title. Renee mentions that Finn is going to have something special up his sleeve. Tom says you never know what you are going to get from Finn. Lita thinks the fans will be on Finn’s side tonight.

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