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By Mike Johnson on 2015-12-13 20:02:03

The Dudleys, Tommy Dreamer and Rhyno were backstage and interviewed by Jojo.   Basically they have been through it all and age is just a number and they are extreme.  Solid promo from all.

The Wyatt Family vs. The Dudley Boyz & Rhyno & Tommy Dreamer: Table Elimination Match

They are calling Dudleys, etc. "Team ECW" now.  I bet that means a new round of ECW merchandise is about to be released.

They already changed Dreamer's music again, and not for the better.  They faced off in the ring and the crowd chanted for ECW.  Everyone brawled.  Dreamer went under the ring and tossed weapons into the ring.  The plunder continues!  Braun Strowman took out everyone from Team Dudley, one by one.    He brought a trash can into the ring.  Bubba Ray Dudley had set up a table in the corner.  Braun nailed him across the back.  He went to nail a big boot into the table but Bubba moved and Braun kicked through the table.  They said that didn't count as an elimination.  Team Dudleys all worked over Braun but Rowan made the save.

Rowan worked over D-Von and placed him on a table, then went to the top.  Rhyno shoved him off, sending him over the table into the ring.  Dreamer hit him with a DDT.  The Dudleys nailed 3D through a table on Rowan.

Rowan has been eliminated.

Bray and Luke return to the fray, attacking Bubba, Rhyno and Devon as Braun worked over Dreamer.  Bray nailed Rhyno with a trash can across the back.  Harper nailed a Michinoku Driver on Rhyno  Bray nailed a back senton splash.  A table was brought into the ring and placed in the corner.  Ray came back to life and worked over Braun.  Rhyno fought out of a two on one situation with belly to belly suplexes on Luke and Wyatt.  He went to Gore Bray but was nailed with an elbow.  Luke put Rhyno through the table.

Rhyno was been eliminated.

D-Von nailed a series of flying shoulderblocks on Harper.    The Dudleys came back to nail with a version of the Doomsday Device.  Ray dove off the apron onto Strowman, taking him down on the floor.   Dreamer and Devon were taken down.  Devon was put through a table.

Devon has been eliminated.

The Wyatts triple teamed Bubba.  DDreamer returned with Singapore Canes for himself and Bubba and they cleaned house.  They ran Strowman over the top to the floor, then ran him into the steps at ringside.  Dreamer used a cheesegrater to the groin on him.  They buried him under a ton of tables at ringside in an attempt to trap him.  Dreamer returned to the ring but was nailed with a Black Hole Slam.  Dreamer went to the floor.    Luke nailed a tope, which sent Dreamer crashing through a table on the floor.

Dreamer has been eliminated.

Bubba was left alone but fought off the 2 onone.  He went under the ring and got lighter fluid and went to light a table in fire, then Bubbabomb Wyatt through it.  Luke nailed him with a superkick and Braun, who was returning to the ring, grabbed Bubba and chokeslammed him through the table.

Your winners, The Wyatt Family!

An entertaining brawl full of plunder.  Since the entire point of this feud is to rebuild the Wyatts, this was a nice way to show off their toughness and try to give them some momentum going forward.

WWE United States champion Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

Owens did a really good promo about how Boston is delusional when they get all excited that their teams win, since they have nothing to do with the wins.  He said that's just like Dean, who is delusional when he's never accomplished anything ever.  

They had sorebounme good back and forth action early.  Owens hit a nice belly to belly suplex and a low clothesline for a two count before cinching in a side chinlock.  Ambrose made a comeback and caught Owens with a dive to the outside.  Owens cut him off with a Fall Away Slam into the barricade and a back senton splash.  One thing that Owens does great is his taunting of the crowd and everyone else, something no one else actively does.

Ambrose was almost counted out but returned right before the ten count.  Ambrose was worked over but returned with the rebound clothesline.  He went off the top with an elbow but was caugbht and nailed with a reverse German suplex.  Owens went for a cannonball in the corner but Ambrose moved.  Dean nailed the flying elbow and scored a two count.

Dean went for a rana off the top but Owens caught him and nailed a rolling senton off the top.  Dean kicked up and Owens was shocked.  Owens and Dean went back and forth.  Owens went for the Popup powerbomb but Abrose leapfrogged over and nailed Dirty Deeds.  Owens put one finger on the ropes at the last second.  Ambrose was pissed and ripped off his shirt.

Owens caught him and went for the Pop up powerbomb but Ambrose rolled through with a rana and scored the pin. 

Your winner and new WWE Intercontinental champion, Dean Ambrose!

A nice back and forth match. 

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