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By Mike Johnson on 2015-12-13 20:02:03

Welcome to's live, ongoing WWE TLC PPV coverage from Boston, MA.

Before I start, I want to deeply thank Richard Trionfo for jumping in at the last second to cover the Kickoff Show.  Rich is the man. 

I did get to see Becky Lynch vs. Sasha Banks and it was very good.  Banks is in a world of her own as a worker right now.  I do have to say that the "12 Days of Christmas" stuff was just awful and having Banks endure such terrible writing just makes her look ridiculous for anyone who saw how great she was in NXT.  I also thought it was dumb to go to an extended WWE Network programming commercial during the entire segment where she's building her heat for the match but that's just me.  Onto the PPV!


WWE Tag Team champions The New Day vs. The Lucha Dragons vs. The Usos: Ladder Match

New Day were out first, doing their usual good mic work, ending with them "posing for a new Wheaties Box."    Everyone battled with a fast scramble to get to the ladder, including Kalisto and Kofi doing springboard jumps to the same ladder at the same time.

The Lucha Dragons dove off the ropes to take out New Day but were drilled with a ladder by The Usos.  They tossed the ladder to the outside, but it was caught by the champions and the Dragons.  So, The Usos dove over the top and wiped everyone out.  They put the ladder under the belts but Kingston tried to dropkick them through the ladder.  They caught him and dumped him over the top to the floor but Big E wiped them out.

The New Day trapped one of the Usos behimd a ladder in the corner.  Xavier did the trumpet bit and got a massive pop as they continued working over the Usos.  Big E tried to use an upside down ladder to trap The Dragons but Kalisto leapt off Cara's shoulders and took down E with a version of the West Coast Pop.

Cara crashed one of the ladders down across Kingston's chest.  Cara then hit a senton over the ropes, nailing a ladder that was laid out across the Usos.  Kalisto was left in the ring with E and tried to use the ladder as a way to trap him, placing it over his body.  E tried to benchpress the ladder off of him but Cara jumped on it.  The Dragons made it to the top but E pressed it up and Cara fell off.  Kalisto kept trying to grab the belts but The Usos returned and he hit a flying bodypress off the ladder.  They caught him and he was nailed with a twisting Black Hole Slam.  Lots of highlight reel spots so far.

Kofi returned to the fray and battled with the Usos.  Jey went to the top for a splash but was crotched on the top rope.  Kofi was nailed with a ladder and the Usos did the back splash in the corner with the ladder.  The crowd was super hot for this match.

The Usos and The Dragons faced off and tried to race each other up the ladder.   The Dragons got the better of the exchange and placed a ladder on Jimmy's chest.  Cara flipped Kalisto up into a 450 splash on the ladder.  That was damn impressive athleticism.  Kofi returned to the scene and bridged a ladder across the ropes and another ladder that was opened up in the center of the ring.  Kalisto cleaned house with kicks on Kingston then leapt off the ladder bridge into a rana, sending Kingston into the bridged ladder, head first.

The Usos and The Dragons battled for the belts but at the end of fray only Jey Usos was on the ladder.  Kalisto returned to the ladder and they battled atop, right under the belts.  Kalisto grabbed Jey and hit his finisher over the ladder and they crashed down through the bridged ladder.  To put an exclamation point on the sentence, Cara then hit a swanton onto the prone Usos, who was splayed out across the broken ladder.  Absolutely nuts.

Jimmy Uso climbed the ladder as Kalisto fought to meet him.  He nailed Kalisto into the ladder and he fell back into the ring.  Big E returned to the battle and pulled Jimmy down.  He was tossed to the floor.  Uso went for a dive but E drilled him with a big forearm.  Uso nailed him with a ladder and then hit a splash off the top to the floor on the ladder. 

In the end, Kofi was able to grab the belts after Xavier interfered and nailed Kalisto with the trombone.

Your winners and still WWE Tag Team champions, The New Day!

A HELL of a stunt show.  There were a lot of dangerous, innovative spots here and I loved the hell out of it.  Lots of action.  Xavier Woods was on commentary and did a great job in his role as well. 

Rusev (with Lana) vs. Ryback

Ryback started off strong.  Rusev went to the floor, where he was shoulderblocked into the barrier and tossed back in.  Ryback pressed and dropped Rusev then splashed him for a two count.   Ryback worked him over with punches in the corner.  Rusev slipped underneath and clotheslined Ryback on the ropes, the stomped him in the back.

Ryback controlled Ryback and told Lana that it was all for her.   Ryback made a comeback and nailed several clotheslines and a leaping shoulderblock.    He splashed Rusev in the corner and whipped him out.  Rusev reversed but Ryback nailed him with an elbow as he hit the corner.  Ryback splashed him for a two count.

Ryback called for Shellshock.  Rusev got out of the way.  Ryback nailed a flying bodypress off the top for a two count.  Ryback set up for the Meathook.  Rusev decided to leaved and he and Lana began walking out.  Ryback dragged him back by his hair.  Rusev hit Ryback, who bounced into Lana.  Lana went down holding her face, distracting Ryback, who was hit with a leaping kick.  Lana and Rusev celebrated.

Back in the ring, Rusev worked over Ryback and set him up for the Accolade.  He slipped out and went for Shellshock but Rusev slipped out and kicked him in the head.  He locked Ryback in the Accolade and Ryback passed out.

Your winner, Rusev!

Rusev refused to let go and then finally did, before celebrating with Lana.

Not a bad match at all and one of the better Ryback matches of late.  Rusev winning clean was a nice touch.  

Backstage, Dean Ambrose was warming up.  Roman Reigns walked in.  Dean said he was looking for him.  Roman said he was coming from seeing the Usos and they said it's up to them to do it for the family.  Roman said he can't wait to be on the top of the ladder getting the belt back and breaking his knuckles on Sheamus' face.  He said that tonight, win lose or draw is about making a statement.  Dean said he has a vision of them as the champions at the end of the night and then having an amazing after-party.

WWE United States champion Alberto Del Rio vs. Jack Swagger: Chairs Match

They left the ring and grabbed chairs from ringside at the onset, then began swinging like mad against each other.  Swagger got the best of the exchange.  They brawled to the floor, where ADR was sent into the ringpost.  Swagger smacked him down over and over into one of the many chairs that were opened up around ringside.   Swagger was nailed with a chair as he charged into the corner, opening it up for Alberto to work him over and beat him down. 

ADR wedged a chair in between the top and center turnbuckles.  Swagger mounted a comeback with several rights but was sent into the chair.  He stopped himself short to avoid hitting it, but that allowed ADR to nail the backstabber for a two count. 

ADR drilled Swagger over the back with a chair several times.  He set up for a superkick but Swagger flung a chair into his face.     Swagger went for the Patriot Lock but was caught and nailed with a tiltowhirl backbreaker for a two count.    ADR tossed him to the floor, crashing into several chairs.  ADR began piling chairs over Swagger, who was down and out on the floor.  Swagger was tossed into the ring and covered but kicked up at two.

ADR called for the cross armbreaker but Swagger avoided it and sent ADR into the ringpost shoulder-first, the rolled him up from behind for a two count.  Swagger brought down a chair across ADR's back, the nailed him again as the champion begged off.   Swagger placed ADR's ankle inside a chair and then locked in the Patriot Lock.  Del Rio finally pulled himself through the ropes until Swagger had no choice but to let it go.  Swagger went to pull him back in but was nailed with a chair in the gut.

ADR went to come off the top but was caught and slammed over.  He nailed the Swagger Bomb off the ropes for a two count.    Swagger began tossing chairs into the ring.  He nailed ADR with one as a "CM Punk" chant broke out.  ADR was placed on the top and Swagger went up to meet him but was shoved over and held in a cross armbreaker over the ropes.  Swagger was trapped in the ropes and ADR beat the hell out of his back with the chair.  You could see the welts raising on his back.

ADR nailed a double stomp off the ropes into a pile of chairs and scored a three count.

Your winner and still WWE United States champion, Alberto Del Rio!

A good, physical match.  If you were looking for plunder tonight, you are absolutely getting it.

Two villains winning clean tonight? I like it.

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