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By Mike Johnson on 2015-12-09 00:22:00
John Cena was a guest on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" last night.

Cena was there to promote his role in the new film "Sisters" and started out complimenting Fallon on how well he has done since taking over the show as they reminisced about Cena being on his former show. Cena then told a story of being flabbergasted meeting legendary SNL Producer Lorne Michaels backstage and not being able to speak after being complimented about how funny he was in the film.

Fallon noted he has taken time off from wrestling and asked him if he was relaxing. Cena says he doesn't take time off to relax and talked about doing the reality series "American Grit." He said they were going to take some normal, everyday weekend warriors and see if they have what it takes to run with America's military elite. Cena said that they are competing for a prize and get to get mentored by some extremely amazing people.

Cena noted he started weight training at 12 years old after his grandfather convinced his father into getting him a workout bench. He built up his confidence and began going to a gym and was convinced into competing in bodybuilding competitions. Fallon joked that their lives were so similar.

Fallon showed a photo of a ripped Cena at the age of 21 at a competition. Cena joked that he was young and was oiling himself up but jokingly said now, he gets undressed on stage and oils himself up.

The discussion went to the "Sisters" film and ran down the cast. Fallon told Cena he stole scenes in "Trainwreck." Fallon asked him if he ever broke character. Cena said they were amazing actors and now he knows why Fallon broke so many times on SNL. Fallon recounted the story of the film, which is that two sisters decide to throw the biggest party ever before they sell their childhood home, but being older, they need drugs and that's where Cena comes in.

After a commercial break, Cena did a comedic monologue about love after Fallon told him that he loves Cena's work, leading to John saying "What is love?" It led to Cena singing a verse from Adele's "Hello" with the wrong lyrics and Cena's "inner child" coming out on stage to reunite with him, only for Cena to hit him with the AA. Cena then said his inner child was dead, so now he could become a man.

It was a pretty good appearance with Cena coming off funny and personable before playing a silly bit that came off well.

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