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By Mike Johnson on 2015-11-13 23:30:00

They aired a really nice video showcasing Dean Malenko's career.  Malenko came to the ring and was added to the venue's Hardcore Hall of Fame.

Malenko said that as he was driving here, he was thinking a lot of his memories of the Arena.  He said that looking back, he was thinking was it the building or Philadelphia and what it was, was the fans.  He said that when he started in ECW, Paul Heyman contacted him in 1994.   He asked if Malenko wanted to come work for him but when he learned what ECW was all about, he heard about what ECW was all about - barbed wire, the kitchen sink, people dipping their hands in glass and wondered what he could add to ECW.    He said Tod Gordon was instrumental in him being in ECW and he said he had to thank Joey Styles as well.  The Arena chanted, "Oh My God." 

He said the fans never held their feelings back.  If the fans got the match they wanted, they didn't hold back but if they didn't get that, the fans really let you know it.  He said he got honest feedback every time he stepped into the ring.

Malenko said his last match in the building was over 20 years ago and this was the first place he ever wrestled in the United States where it mattered.  He said the final ECW night was the single greatest night of his career and Paul was kind enough to dedicate the entire TV show and night to that match.

Malenko said that his opponent that night and the person he worked with the most out of everyone in ECW was Eddy Guerrero.  Malenko said that by far, Guerrero was his greatest opponent and his greatest friend.  He said when fans ask you who your favorite wrestler is, Eddie was the greatest wrestler he ever had the opportunity to be in the ring with.  The Best of Three Falls match was the best match he ever had in this Arena.  He noted that today was ten years to the day Eddy passed away.

Malenko said that Eddy was a class act and so were the people in this building.  Malenko said that he was honored and feels honored now to stand here in the ring.  He said that he was honored when Tommy Dreamer invited him about a weeks ago, but looking at the banner, he feels it's not right and he would like to personally induct Eddie Guerreron into the Hall of Fame.  They unveiled a banner for Guerrero, which was a surprise and got a monster pop.

Malenko said he wanted to thank everyone for having him and giving him a chance to do something he wanted to do in honoring Eddy's passing.  He said that looking at the banner gives him chills.  The crowd chanted, "Thank you Dean."

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