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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-11-09 23:05:57
We are in Manchester, United Kingdom and your announcers are Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and John Layfield.

The WWE title belt is in the ring but the man who regularly wears it is not there.

Triple H makes his way to the ring.

Michael Cole mentions the injury suffered by Seth Rollins and how he will be out for 6 to 9 months. As a result, the WWE Title has been vacated.

Triple H is ready to address the crowd. Hunter wants to take a moment to acknowledge a great champion. He wants to acknowledge Seth Rollins. When Steph and I picked Seth Rollins to win the title and be the future, he has exceeded all of those expectations.

Hunter thanks Seth Rollins for giving back to them the faith they had in him. He got through every obstacle and retained the WWE Championship. On his way to becoming one of the greatest WWE Champions of all time, tragedy fell upon Seth Rollins. In Dublin, Ireland, Seth blew out his knee.

While Seth is still the man, Seth Rollins is no longer the WWE Champion.

Who will step up and fill that void? A few weeks ago, we determined a new Number One Contender. A Number One Contender who was going to face Seth Rollins at Survivor Series for the WWE Championship. Hunter says that he wants to bring out that man right now. Hunter brings out Roman Reigns.

Hunter tells Roman it looks good. As everyone knows, there is a tournament taking place and it starts tonight to see who will be the new WWE Champion. Hunter says that seems unfair that Seth is no longer the champion. It seems unfair that while you earned the right to be the Number One Contender, you go back to the bottom of the pile and have to earn your way back up in this tournament.

Hunter says the reality is that it does not have to be that way. It could be a lot easier. It could be a whole lot easier. You don’t have to enter the tournament. These men could battle for the right to see who faces you at Survivor Series to be the WWE Champion. Hunter says that seems fair. Hunter says the reality is that back when they made Seth Rollins ‘The Future’ of the WWE, they strongly considered Roman first. Hunter says ‘strongly considered’. When Evolution was fighting the Shield, he was always scouting. You have the size, strength, speed, charisma, athleticism, and aggression. You have everything, but one thing. That one thing is what Seth Rollins had. The willingness to do absolutely everything to be the man.

That is why Seth Rollins has been the WWE World Champion and you have not. How did it feel at Wrestlemania after winning the Royal Rumble and finally earning that spot, and then almost beating Brock Lesnar only for Seth Rollins to roll in there and steal that dream from you. How did it feel? It must have sucked. You will never know. Could you have beaten Brock Lesnar? Could you have won the WWE Championship? Could you have kept this title? You will never know because Seth Rollins won that title.

All of these months later, you have all of the positives, but you have nothing to show for it. You have scratched and clawed to get back here and you have run into wall after wall after wall. Hunter says he can take away those walls. You are not being asked to do anything you have not already done. You have earned the spot. Do you want to be the man? To be the man, all you have to do is be his man.

Roman asks Hunter if he is going to get all he has earned, and all he has to do is sell out.

Hunter says that ‘sell out’ is a term that people who never had the chance to achieve chant. Do not let misguided morals get in the way. They will criticize you regardless of how you get there. You win that and you don’t want to be criticized, don’t do or say anything. See the reality of this. It comes with criticism and you will not be liked by everyone. This is everything you have wanted since you were a boy.

You wanted to put this on your shoulder. You wanted to say you were the man. You wanted the respect that came with the title. You don’t want to die with it saying ‘everybody liked me’. You want a monument. The only thing more important than the title is your family. Hunter says he is talking about setting up his daughter’s daughter. All you have to do is be his man.

Hunter offers his hand and Roman says everything he has done, he has earned it. He has never taken a hand out. No one can take that away from him.

Roman says Hunter can take his offer and he can shove it.

Hunter thanks Roman for reminding him why he didn’t choose him in the first place. Welcome to the back of the line because your match starts right now.

We go to commercial.

Match Number One: Roman Reigns versus Big Show in a WWE Championship Tournament First Round Match

Show backs Roman into the corner and he punches Reigns and follows with a hard Irish whip. Reigns with punches and a kick. Reigns with a punch but Show with a shoulder tackle. Show gets a near fall. Show sends Reigns to the floor but Reigns punches Show. Show sends Roman into the ringside barrier. Reigns escapes a slam attempt and he sends Show into the ring post. Show sends Reigns back into the ring the hard way.

Reigns with forearms to the back and then he goes to the turnbuckles and is met with a chop and Reigns is down. Show walks across Reigns’ chest and then he chokes Reigns in the ropes. Show with an Irish whip and Reigns hits the turnbuckles in the sternum and goes to the mat. Show with a thrust kick and he hits a splash and gets a near fall.

Show throws Reigns to the floor again and Show follows after Reigns. Show sends Reigns back into the ring. Reigns with a kick and forearms. Reigns tries for a slam, but Show picks up Reigns and slams him.

We go to commercial.

Reigns with punches and kicks to Show. Show with a bear hug on Reigns. Reigns with elbows to get out of the hold and after fifteen he succeeds. Reigns with a Samoan drop but he cannot make the cover. Show goes to the floor and Reigns kicks Show from the apron. Reigns with another kick. Show with a chop to knock Reigns down on the apron.

Reigns with boots when Show charges into the corner. Reigns with a clothesline in the corner and Reigns with Neverending Story. Reigns with an uppercut. Reigns with a drop kick to Show on the apron while Show hangs on the top rope. Reigns with the Juggernaut Broad Jump Drop Kick. Reigns sets for the Superman Punch but Show stops him and hits a choke slam. Reigns gets a near fall.

Show sets for the knockout punch but Reigns with a Superman punch and Reigns with a spear for the three count.

Winner: Roman Reigns (Advances to Quarterfinals to face the winner of Cesaro versus Sheamus)

We take a look the debut of the Undetaker at Survivor Series 1990. We see the debut of Kane at Bad Blood 1997. We see Bray Wyatt’s attempt to usurp the power of the Brothers of Destruction last week on Raw.

We go to commercial.

We are back and it is time to see comments about WWE 2K16.

We see Wayne Rooney in the crowd.

Kevin Owens has something to say before he comes to the ring for his match. Kevin says if you want to hear his music so bad, you can download his music on iTunes and put some money in his pockets. Kevin says change is something that WWE needs now. The WWE Universe has been cheering for the same old garbage for years.

Kevin says that you are cheering because you agree. The British fans are better than that. You guys consider yourselves the smartest fans in the world. Kevin says he hates to break it to you, but you are probably the dumbest. You worship a false idol like the Queen of England and you believe the Royal Family is a real thing. That is the dumbest thing he has seen in his life.

This change is not for any of you in England, America, or anywhere else. This change is to benefit himself and himself only. Kevin says he is a prize fighter and when he stands in this ring as both the Intercontinental and WWE World Champion, nobody will be able to deny that this is truly the Kevin Owens Show.

Match Number Two: Titus O’Neil versus Kevin Owens in a WWE World Title Tournament First Round Match

They lock up and Titus with a clean break but Owens pushes him and Titus punches back. Titus with a boot to the chest and Owens goes to the floor. Titus with a splash into the ringside barrier and we go to commercial.

We are back and Owens with a reverse chin lock. We see footage from the commercial break when Owens knocked Titus off the apron and into the announce table. Owens with a super kick and he gets a near fall. Owens with a back senton for a near fall. Owens with chops as he taunts Titus. Titus blocks a chop and he chops Owens. Owens with a punch and kick. Titus with a shoulder tackle and clothesline.

Owens with an Irish whip and Titus floats over and slams Owens. Titus barks and hits a splash into the corner. Titus with an Irish whip and Owens gets a near fall with a rollup. Titus with a pump handle slam and Titus gets a near fall. Titus gets Owens on his shoulders but Owens escapes and hits the pop up power bomb for the three count.

Winner: Kevin Owens (Advances to the Quarterfinals to face the winner of the Neville versus Wade Barrett Match)

Renee Young is in the interview area and she is with the Number One Contender for the Divas Title, Paige.

Paige thanks Renee for recognizing her accomplishments. Paige says the last time Renee gave her credit for something she did not do so she is looking forward to her journalistic failures.

Renee mentions that Paige will be facing her biggest critic and wonders if a dragon will be unleashed in Becky Lynch.

Paige calls Becky a rat and she is looking forward to taking out the ‘B’ tonight so at Survivor Series, it will be her and that ‘C’.

We see footage of Undertaker defeating Sid at Wrestlemania 13. We see Kane cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase against Rey Mysterio to win the title.

We go to commercial.

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