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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-11-02 23:07:31
Match Number Five: Becky Lynch versus Sasha Banks versus Brie Bella versus Paige in a Number One Contender Match

Brie goes after Becky and sends her to the mat and gets a near fall. Brie gets another near fall on Becky while Paige sits in the corner and sees Sasha and Brie push each other. Becky with a drop kick to Brie and Sasha and then he punches Paige.

Becky with a rollup on Sasha and follows with arm drags into an arm bar. Sasha sends Becky to the mat and gets a near fall. Sasha with a kick to Brie and she sends Brie into the turnbuckles. Sasha tries for a slam but Becky escapes. Becky with a sunset flip for a near fall. Becky with a rollup for a near fall. Becky with a back slide for a near fall. Becky blocks a kick and hits a dragon screw leg whip and gets a near fall.

Becky with snap leg drops and a twisting leg drop for a near fall. Brie goes to the turnbuckles for a missile drop kick. Brie announces it is Brie Mode time and she connects with a knee to Sasha and then to Becky. Paige with a thrust kick to Brie and then Becky attacks Paige and they fall to the floor. Becky sends Paige into the ringside barrier but Paige sends Becky into the ring steps.

Sasha puts Brie on the turnbuckles and hits the double knee drop and gets a near fall. Sasha with a snap mare and a running slap to Brie for a near fall. Sasha keeps Paige from getting into the ring because Sasha has exercised eminent domain over Paige’s house. Brie gets a near fall and sends Sasha into the turnbuckles. Brie with a bulldog for a near fall>

Sasha with an Irish whip but she runs into a knee. Brie misses a missile drop kick and Paige gets a near fall on Brie as we go to commercial.

We are back and Brie with Kicks of Yes to Sasha. Now it is time for the kicks to Becky. Paige with a rollup for a near fall. Brie with a running clothesline and then she kicks Paige. Becky breaks up the cover. Brie with a kick and X Factor for a near fall. Paige sends Brie into the turnbuckles and connects with a knee. Paige puts Brie on the turnbuckles and punches Brie in the midsection>

Brie pushes Paige away and kicks her. Becky grabs Brie by the hair and Brie climbs the turnbuckles for a superplex. Paige stops Brie and she gets under Brie and connects with a forearm and head butt to Becky.

Brie and Paige go for a double superplex on Sasha so Becky goes under to complete the Tower of Doom. Sasha goes to the floor from the impact. Becky with a clothesline to Brie and Paige followed by a drop kick to Brie. Becky with a double jump kick in the corner followed by a T-Bone suplex to Paige. Becky with a wrist clutch exploder to Brie and Becky applies the DisArmHer. Sasha breaks up the hold and sends Brie to the floor.

Becky with an inside cradle for a near fall. Becky with European uppercuts but Sasha with a neck breaker and a near fall. Sasha with a lungblower into the Bank Statement and Paige kicks Sasha to break up the hold. Paige sends Sasha into the ring post and then Paige hits the RamPaige on Becky and gets the three count.

Winner: Paige

After the match, Byron Saxton interviews Paige in the ring and asks her if she is excited for her victory. Paige says that Brie, Sasha, and Becky are losers. If you cheered them on, you are a loser. Paige says if you cheer Little Baby Flair at Survivor Series, you are a loser. Paige says this is her house.

We take a look back at the historic 2014 Survivor Series Match when the power of the company was on the line.

We are back and Renee Young is in the interview area with Charlotte. Renee asks Charlotte for thoughts about her opponent at Survivor Series.

Charlotte says she is glad Paige won. She will do anything to win and so will she. It is rotten what Paige did to her and Becky last week. You need to know your opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Charlotte says that she is begging Paige to beat the same drum. If you want to say that I am here because I am Ric Flair’s daughter, she gets stronger. Paige has questioned her integrity. It is not about the championship, it is about what she is made of.

The New Day make their way out first for the main event and they have something to say.

Xavier tells everyone to be quiet because you know they are going to talk. Xavier says who better to be in a five man Survivor Series Style Match than the New Day. When you really break it down and really think about it, the New Day are the true definition of Survivor. Xavier Woods survived a vicious and cowardly attack by those disssssssssssssssgusting Dudley Boys. At Hell in a Cell, they survived his absence.

Kofi says it is a lot deeper than that. What is the New Day’s favorite band? Survivor. What is the New Day’s favorite Reality show? SURVIVOR. What is New Day’s favorite Destiny’s Child Song? SURVIVOR. What is the New Day’s favorite book? Lone Survivor. What is the New Day’s favorite movie? Lone Survivor (even if it Last Unicorn). Why will the New Day lead their team to victory? They want a show of horns and tell everyone that New Day Rocks.

We go to commercial.

Woods tells Seth he has this.

Match Number Six: Seth Rollins, Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kevin Owens versus Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Ryback, and Dean Ambrose in an Elimination Match

Jey and Woods start things off and he turns around into a super kick and Jimmy tags in and hits a Superfly Splash to pin Woods.

Xavier Woods Eliminated

Seth Rollins’ team discusses strategy.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Woods tags in and he kicks Jey and Seth gets in a kick before making the tag. Kofi with kicks in the corner and then Big E tags in and kicks Jey. Rollins tags in and joins in the kicking. Kofi tags in and does the same. Big E with more kicks. Owens tags in and Big E Irish whips Owens into the corner for a cannonball. Owens with a kick and he gets a near fall on Jey.

Kofi tags in and he gets a near fall. Kofi trips Jey and goes to the floor. Kofi goes up top but he is met with a punch to the midsection. Jey tags in Jimmy and he clotheslines Kofi and knocks Rollins off the apron. Jimmy with a thrust kick and uppercut. Jimmy with a Samoan drop on Kofi and then he sets for the running butt splash into the corner and he connects.

Big E tries to interfere but he goes over the top rope to the floor. Jimmy and Jey with stereo planchas onto Big E and Kofi. Jimmy sends Kofi back in and he goes up top for a Superfly Splash to eliminate Kofi.

Kofi Kingston eliminated

Big E misses a clothesline and Jimmy with a kick and Jey with a super kick. Jey goes up top and he is tripped by Owens and then Big E hits the Big Ending on Jey to eliminate him.

Jey Uso eliminated

Jimmy with a super kick to Big E but Owens with a pop up power bomb to eliminate Jimmy.

Jimmy Uso Eliminated

Reigns comes in and hits a neck breaker followed by a pump handle exploder. Reigns with a clothesline and kick. Ambrose sends Rollins to the floor and hits a suicide dive. Big E with a clothesline to Ambrose on the floor. Ryback with a clothesline to Big E. Reigns with a Samoan drop and Rollins distracts Reigns to allow Owens to hit a super kick on Reigns but Owens cannot capitalize as we go to commercial.

We are back and Big E with a shoulder tackle to Reigns but Reigns kicks out. Rollins tags in and he kicks Reigns in the back. Rollins punches Reigns. Rollins taunts Reigns but Reigns with a series of punches but Rollins with a DDT to get a near fall. Rollins with a reverse chin lock and body scissors. Reigns gets to his feet and Roman with a punch but Rollins with Slingblade for a near fall.

Rollins with a reverse chin lock and Owens tags in and punches Reigns. Owens with a short arm clothesline followed by a back senton and he gets a near fall. Owens punches Reigns and he draws Ambrose into the ring so he can get in a few shots on Reigns. Rollins tags in and they hit a double suplex on Reigns. Rollins with a running forearm into the corner and then he taunts Reigns.

Rollins slaps Reigns and that only pisses off Roman. Reigns with punches but Rollins with a back heel kick and he knocks Ambrose off the apron. Reigns with a back drop that sends Rollins over the top rope to the floor. Reigns is down in the ring and Rollins gets back in and he tags in Big E but Ryback tags in and he clotheslines Big E and then hits a flying shoulder tackle and a spinebuster on Rollins. Ryback with a clothesline to Big E but Big E with a running body block. Big E goes for the Warrior Splash but Ryback with a clothesline and Owens breaks that up. Ambrose with a missile drop kick to Owens.

Ambrose with a suicide dive and then Ambrose rolls on the apron and hits a clothesline on Owens. Rollins sends Ambrose into the steps. Big E with a belly-to-belly suplex on Ryback for a near fall. The straps are down and Big E gets Ryback up for the Big Ending but Ryback escapes and he hits the marching muscle buster to pin Big E.

Big E eliminated

Rollins with a Pedigree to Ryback to get the three count.

Ryback eliminated

Owens sends Ambrose into the ringside barrier and then back into the ring. Rollins with a kick and he sets for a Pedigree but Ambrose with a back drop to escape the hold. Reigns gets back onto the apron for the tag attempt. Ambrose with chops and punches to Rollins followed by a few shoulder tackles and a forearm into the corner and a bulldog.

Ambrose goes up top but Owens tries to stop him. Ambrose with the elbow drop for a near fall. Ambrose with a forearm to Owens but Rollins with an enzuigiri and super kick for a near fall when Reigns breaks up the cover. Reigns with punches to Rollins and the referee sends Reigns to the apron. Owens tags in and hits a gutbuster from a fireman’s carry position and then he kicks Ambrose. Owens punches Ambrose and tells him to give up. Owens with crossfaces with Ambrose in the ropes.

Rollins tags in and he goes up top while Owens holds Ambrose. Rollins with a knee to the temple and he gets a near fall. Rollins kicks Ambrose and tags Owens back in. Owens kicks Ambrose and head butts him. Owens with a forearm and Ambrose bounces off the ropes. Owens with more forearms but Ambrose fights back. Owens holds Ambrose for Rollins but Rollins just taunts him and Ambrose with a forearm to knock Rollins off the apron. Owens with a super kick to Ambrose.

Rollins goes up top and Ambrose moves. Rollins hits Owens with the knee. Ambrose sends Rollins to the floor and Ambrose with the double underhook DDT to pin Owens.

Kevin Owens eliminated

Reigns tags back into the match and Rollins tries to escape but Dean keeps him at ringside. Reigns sends Rollins into the announce table and then he hits the Juggernaut Broad Jump Drop kick. Reigns sends Rollins back into the ring and he runs Rollins into the turnbuckles. Reigns with the Neverending Story. Ambrose tags in and Reigns gets Seth on his shoulders. Seth gets to his feet and Rollins gets to the floor but Dean stops him on the border of Yeatonville.

Rollins hits Ambrose with a chair and the referee calls for the bell.

Winners: Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, and Ryback

After the match, Rollins hits Dean and Roman with the chair.

Seth sends Ambrose into Yeatonville and then he hits Reigns in the back with the chair. Seth takes his time getting back into the ring so Reigns is able to recover and he hits Rollins with a Superman punch.

We go to credits.

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