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By Mike Johnson on 2015-10-12 07:15:00

I've been watching the stream via my iPad and it's been absolutely perfect since I logged on five minutes before the show began. 

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Team Championship: Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly
(ReDRagon) vs. Rocky Romero & Beretta (RPG Vice)

Romero and Fish started off and had some nice athletic exchanges early.  Fish nailed a big dropkick to the face.  Striker plugged NYWC, as they trained Beretta.  O'Reilly tagged in and nailed a leaping knee to the face of Beretta, then teased a big strike, only to slap Beretta across the face.

Romero got angry over the slap and got in his face, allowing Beretta to drilled him from behind.  They attempted to double team O"Reilly, but Beretta was backdropped over the top to the floor, where Fish drilled him backwards into the corner.  ReDragon doubleteamed Romero and drilled him with kicks to the chest.

The challengers took control on O'Reilly.  Beretta whipped him hard into the corner and scored a two count.  Striker talked about the class Beretta came from and said ROH should hire Tony Nese.  I'd concur with that.  Romero tagged in and drilled Kyle behind the knee, sending him to the mat.  Beretta locked in a rear chin lock.  O'Reilly fought out and nailed a sunset flip but Romero tagged in behind his back, and kicked him.

Romero interfered and accidentally kicked his own partner.  O'Reilly wiped out Romero with a dropkick and finally tagged in Fish.  Fish cleaned house on the challengers and nailed a charging knee in the corner.  He and Romero exchanged elbows and knees.  O'Reilly got involved and used an armbar submission while hanging over the ropes.  With Romero trapped, Fish came off the ropes.

ReDragon trapped the challengers in submissions but Beretta was able to suple Kyle over onto Romero and Fish, breaking both submission attempts at once.  Romero placed Fish on the top rope and drilled him with a series of rights  He teased a superplex but instead did a rolling armbar off the ropes, nearly getting a submission.  Fish came back with a kneebar and cinched in a heel hook.  Romero grabbed one of his own and they went back and forth with the submission.  Their partners got involved, stomping the opposition but neither would release the move.  Nice sequence.

O'Reilly and Beretta went back with kicks until O'Reilly nailed a leaping enziguri.  Fish went for a Dragon Screw but Romero nailed a windmill kick.  O'Reilly tagged in and worked over Beretta with a ton of kicking combinations.  ReDragon used a number of tag combinations.  Romero returned to the fray and now it was RPG Vice using the combinations, even using the champions' Two Man Smash Machine against O'Reilly.

Beretta nailed a double stomp across the back of Kyle but Fish broke up the pinfall.   Fish was dumped outside.  Romero nailed a pair of clotheslines in the corner but Kyle avoided a third.  RPG nailed double knee strikes to Fish as he rebounded off the ropes.  O'Reilly sent RPG into each other and nailed a rebound lariat.  He scored a brainbuster on Beretta for a two count and tumbled through the ropes after the kickout.

The champions returned to the ring together and they battled back and forth with forearms on their knees.  They fought their way to their feet, continuing to strike back and forth.  O'Reilly locked in a guillotine choke on Beretta.  Romero tried to break it but was taken out by Fish.  The champions nailed Double Dragon on Beretta and scored the pin.

Your winners and still IWGP Tag Team champions, ReDragon!

A good back and forth match, although the ending seemed to be a miscue of sorts with referee Tiger Hatori counting three when it was pretty apparent they meant to break up the pinfall.  Really stiff, fast paced action. It felt like just as they were going to go into the big spots and ends things with a bang, all the oxygen was sucked out of them with the three count.

So far, very good show, building up the card pretty damn perfectly with everyone doing their role perfectly.


IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion Kenny Omega with Cody Hall vs. Matt Sydal

Bigtime entrance and swagger from Omega as we see our first Bullet Club appearance.  They locked up and Omega muscled Sydal into the ropes, then broke clean.   He grabbed a side headlock and prevented Sydal from shooting him out to the ropes, then used a takeover to hold Sydal ton the mat.  Sydal used a headscissors takedown and now Sydal was one holding him to the mat.  They went back and forth with reversals and counters.

Omega stomped and kicked at Sydal's neck and back.  He tried to smash him into the buckles but Sydal avoided and used a spinning head scissors takeover then a leaping dropkick into the corner.  The announcers put over that Sydal was so quick that it was near impossible to hold him in a move before he slipped out.  Sydal used the Muta Lock on Omega.  Omega made it to the ropes to force the break.  Sydal drilled Omega with kicks to the back to the legs, sending him down to the mat.

Sydal began working over the lower left leg of Omega as well as his knee.  Omega tried to fight back but Sydal kept drilling him with the kicks.  Omega nailed Sydal and then fought to shake out the leg.  He placed Sydal against the ropes and drilled him with chops and elbows, then choked him with a boot to the throat in the corner.  Omega begged off to the referee, apologizing, allowing Hall to work over Sydal from the outside.

Omega nailed a stiff over the knees backbreaker but Sydal kicked out at two count.  Omega drilled Sydal across the back with an elbowsmash  and continued focusing his attack on the lower back.  Omega continued working over Sydal, whipped him hard into the corner.    Sydal finally scored with kicks to the legs and began building some momentum  He dove down with a pair of knees on Omega and scored with a leaping crecent kick.  He drilled a reverse DDT for a close two count.

Sydal nailed a standing moonsault for a two count.  Sydal nailed a beautitful leaping rana out of the corner on Omega.  Omega cut off Sydal when he made it to the top rope, presumably to attempt the shooting star press.  Sydal fought him off but Omega drilled him.  Sydal came off with a twisting headscissor takedown.  Sydal nailed a spinkick that sent Omega to the floor, then hit a twisting dive to the floor, the first dive of the evening/morning.  They battled back to the ring.

Syda went to the top and went for his diving knees but was caught and nailed with the buckle bomb.  Sydal nailed a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.  Omega went for another powerbomb but Sydal turned it into a big rana in mid-air and rolled through with a pinfall combination for a two count.    Sydal scored with kicks.  Omega fought back but it was obvious Sydal was getting the better of him  Sydal drilled him with a big knee to the face and a reverse rana.

Sydal went to the top for the shooting star press but Omega pulled his knees up.  Omega nailed a stiff back suplex and a running knee strike.  He went for his finisher, the One Winged Angel.  Sydal tried to escape but was nailed with it and pinned.

Your winner and still IWGP Junior Heavyweight champion, Kenny Omega!

Just a dynamite match with a great bell to bell story as they each focused on different focal points for their attack.  This may have been the best Sydal match I've ever seen.  Omega is the man and brings a great heel charisma that no one in the States carries today and that made Sydal a better babyface playing off of it.  Just great.  The best thing thus far on the show in my opinion.

IWGP Intercontinental champion Shinsuke Nakamura, Toru Yano & Kazushi Sakuraba vs. The Bullet Club's IWGP Tag Team champions Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows and Bad Luck Fale with Tama Tonga

They pushed Anderson wanting the IC title and he and Nakamura went nose to nose and battled at the bell.  Nakamura was caught with a series of armdrags until Nakamura slipped out and they faced off.   Anderson backed him into the Bullet Club's corner, tagging in Gallows.  Gallows nailed him with a right hand and a headbutt.

Sakuraba tagged in.  This is an interesting mix.  He nailed a series of kicks while avoiding Gallows' punches.  Gallows finally nailed him in the mid-section,  The Bullet Club attacked Nakamura and Yano, working them over on the floor.  Gallows slammed Sakuraba into the buckles and nailed a series of blody blows.

Fale tagged in and stepped across Sakuraba's back.  Where was he when Royce Gracie needed him?   The Bullet Club continued to work over Sakuraba, including Fale sitting across his back.  Sakuraba grabbed a submission but the Club broke it up.  Sakuraba avoided a senton and tagged in Nakamura, who cleaned house on Anderson.

Sakuraba placed Anderson on the top, rolled back and scored a kick to the guts.  Gallows drilled Nakamura with a big running kick.  Anderson and Gallows nailed a double neckbreaker on Nakamura.  They went for the Magic Killer but Nakamura escaped and took them out.  He tagged into Yano, which got a big pop.

Fale and Yano faced off.  Fale worked him over with stiff shots and went for the Bad Luck Fall  Sakuraba kicked him in the chest to break it.  The referee was distracted. Tonga got involved but Yano nailed lowblows on both, then rolled up Fale for the pin.

Your winners, Shinsuke Nakamura, Toru Yano & Kazushi Sakuraba!

OK match with the highlights being the tease between Anderson and Nakamura to build to their Power Struggle title bout next month.  Yano was enjoyable as the cult babyface.

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