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By Dave Scherer on 2015-10-07 22:06:44

We are live from Full Sail University and NXT Takeover: Respect is opening with a semifinal in the Dusty Rhodes tournament with Finn Balor and Samoa Joe taking on Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder.  Your announcers are Rich Brennan, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton. 

Balor came out first, with no faceprint.  He did, however, have the NXT Title.  Joe was next. He pointed at the Dusty trophy on his way out.   Dash and Wilder came out next.  And, we’re off with immediate action as Balor got tossed to the floor.  Joe went on the offensive as the crowd chant he was going to kill them.  It didn’t last long as Dash and Wilder started working as a tandem.  Balor came back and cleared the ring.

Dawson and Wilder came back and took out Balor’s leg to slow his momentum.  They worked like the great, old school tag team that they are in going to work on Balor’s leg.  Balor finally got to the ropes out of the half crab but Dawson held on for the extra five seconds.  Cool touch.  Balor made the corner but Wilder had pulled the legs and gotten Joe to chase him so he wasn’t there to take it.  Balor finally made the tag and Joe came in on fire.  He got a two with a scoop powerslam.  Joe had Wilder set up but Balor begged for the tag.  Joe hit the Muscle Buster and Balor hit the big stomp from the top for the pin.  But did he make the knee worse?  That is the story.

Excellent match to start the show.  All four guys looked great.  I love Dash and Wilder.  They are so old school. 

We are about to find out team two in the final as Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are out first to take on Rhyno and Baron Corbin.

We were told that medical personal are attending to Balor’s knee.

The match started with Corbin and Jordan doing power vs. power.  Then Corbin tagged in Rhyno, who got tossed by Jordan.  Gable then came in and the crowd was behind him, but Rhyno went to work on him.  Gable was trying power stuff with Rhyno but it wasn’t working.  Gable got an armbar on but Rhyno dumped him to the floor and Corbin went to work on him, then tagged in.  The fans chanted, Cor Binsucks” like the New Day.  Corbin was out in a hurry and Rhyno went back to work on Gable.  Then Corbin came back in.  Corbin planted Gable but Jordan was talking to the ref so he was slow to make the count.  Basically, it was all Rhyno and Corbin working over Gable until Rhyno missed a splash from the top.  Both men tagged in their partners.  Jordan went to work on both heels.  Jordan pulled down the straps, like Kurt Angle, and speared Corbin but he came back and dusted both guys.  Corbin got a two count on Gable.  Rhino came back in and turned into a car crash/  Gable did a sweet roll through German on Corbin and Rhyno broke up the pin, then gored Jordan.  Crowd was going nuts for Gable, but he ran into End of Days for the win.  The final is set: Corbin and Rhyno vs. Balor and Joe.

This was a very good match that had a hot finish.  Gable and Jordan looked good and were booked very well.  Corbin showed a lot of athleticism and took a few big spots, which you don’t see that often from a guy his size.

Kevin Nash in the crowd!

Asuka debuts against Dana Brooke next.

Brooke came out first, escorted to the ring by Emma. Asuka came out second with a great entrance and to a huge pop from the fans. The announcers even told us that her name is in homage to the legendary Lioness Asuka of the Crush Girls. Asuka offered her hand, Dana wanted no part of it. From the get go you could see that Asuak wasn’t going to have the transition issues that Hideo Itami did. Brooke made the mistake of slapping Asuka in the face. Asuka smiled while the crowd told her she F’d up. Asuka went to work and then mocked Brooke’s mannerisms, which the crowd loved. Asuka then started working over Brooke until Emma pulled Asuka off of the apron, giving Brooke time to take control. Well, for a minute anyway. Asuka picked the angle and when Brooke tried to stand up, Asuka hit her with a German. Asuka grabbed the arm again and when Dana got but Asuka hit a kick in the face. Emma tried to get involved, mistake on her part. Asuka then plastered a kick into the fact Brooke and the fans chanted “Asuka City”. Asuka put on the Asuka Lock and that was it. Asuka vs. Bayley? I can’t wait.

After the match, Brooke got in Asuka's face. Big mistake as she ate a big spinning kick. As she went to leave, Emma got in her way. Asuka glared at her. Emma turned tail and looked the other way. Like I said, this was not Itami's debut. Asuka nailed it.

I have to tell you, even if you are frustrated by the current WWE product, to me the Network is worth it for NXT alone.

The recapped how Balor was hurt earlier tonight.  They showed him being checked by medical in the back.  Will he be able to compete?  Joe is concerned.

They showed a vignette for Nia Jax, you will see her next week.

Tyler Breeze vs. Apollo Crews is next. 

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