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By Dave Scherer on 2015-08-22 23:17:02

Joe was in control early, with Corbin trying to come back.  It didn’t work a whole lot early on.  Corbin thought he had him on the floor but as he ran on the apron Joe took his legs out and threw him into the barricade.  But back in the ring Corbin locked on a heel submission.  Joe fought and finally got to the ropes.  Joe hit a chop but ran into a Sidewalk Slam.  Joe came back with an enziguiri.  Both men went down. When they got up, they started throwing shots at each other.  Joe went for the Muscle Buster but Corbin powered out and got a two after a suplex and a kick. … Corbin then started putting the boots to Joe and followed with right hands, as the crowd booed.   As Joe came off of the ropes he caught the Kokina Clutch.  Corbin broke it but Joe locked it in on the mat and the fans popped big time.  Joe locked it in and Corbin was out, the ref called for the bell.  Joe got the win, which I didn’t see coming but it was exactly what the crowd wanted to see.  Joe was great, and Corbin was right there with him.  This match was great!  I loved it.  I hope it means WWE has something for Joe beyond NXT.

Stephanie McMahon is on her way to the ring.

Steph said this is so cool.  There are 15,589 of you in this building tonight.  And more are watching around the world.  We are all watching for NXT.  We are all making history right here, right now.  Steph said that the Divas Revolution started in NXT.  HHH doesn’t put them in the main event, they ARE the main event.  So here is tonight’s first main event, NXT Champion The Boss Sasha Banks vs. The Ultimate Underdog Bayley.  Cue the video. 

Great video package leading up to the match. If you don’t like Bayley, you are heartless. Seriously. Need more? She has a polka dot headband and wristbands in tribute to Dusty Rhodes! But then Sasha came out and the fans popped huge. As they should. Man, I am psyched for this.

The crowd is mixed for this one, both have their fans and their detractors.  But in a good way, not a John Cena way.  Sasha talked smack on Bayley before the match and she attacked the champ.  Dueling chants for each woman.  This is great stuff. … Bayley was on first early, and it was dead even. … Then Sasha took out Bayley’s knees and went to work on her. Sasha is so damn good.  This version should be on Raw every week.  It’s a true main event feel. … Sasha put Bayley across the the top ropes and drove knees in her midsection for a two count.  Sasha then talked down on her and Bayley came back and went to work on her briefly but the Boss tossed her.  Sasha went down to the floor and took off Bayley’s hand brace as the fans chanted “This Is Wrestling.”.  Sasha pinned Bayley’s hand between the steps and the ring and “broke it”.  This is so damn good.  The fans are split.  As Bayley was on the floor, Sasha did a somersault double leg drop over him, onto Bayley on the floor.  She brought her back in but the champ only got a two count.  The fans were chanting this was awesome and damn, they are right.  Sasha went to the top rope to work over Bayley’s arm but got pushed rudely to the floor.  Sasha could have stayed out but rolled into the ring at 8. … They traded blows in the ring, with Bayley selling the hand but fighting through it. Bayley hit a stiff suplex onto the corner.  She went for her finish but Sash blocked it.  Sasha powered it, dropped her on her hand and hit The Bank Statement.  As Bayley went for the ropes Sasha stomped on her hurt hand repeatedly.  Bayley reversed the Bank Statement and had a submission of her own until Sasha got to the ropes.  This is so good.  Like stupid good.  Bayley got the Bayley to Belly suplex but Sasha kicked out at two.  The fans chanted This Is Awesome and dammit they are right.  Bayley got Sasha up and sat her on the top rope.  Bayley wanted hit her finish but Sasha pushed her off.  Bayley went up for a rana but Sasha pushed her off and Bayley landed badly, like on her head.  Sasha came off with a Thesz Press, but two count only.  Bayley HAS to win her.  This is so freaking good.  Sash put Bayley on the top rope but she still had some fight and it because somewhat event.  Bayley hit the frickin’ Rana from the top and the Bayley to Belly, 1-2-3, NEW WOMEN’S CHAMPION!

I am not one for hyperbole but if that wasn’t the best match I have seen this year, it’s in the running!  That was awesome on all counts.  That was a true main event.

Afterward, Charlotte and Becky Lynch came out and celebrated with her.  Sasha then broke character and hugged her.  She presented the Title to her and all four women broke character and flashed the Four Horsewomen hand signal.  It made the end of the match even more awesome.  Then they all hugged again and took a curtain call.  Charlotte hugged Sasha, who was holding her neck.

My words can’t come close to describing how awesome the whole scenario was.  Bring this Divas Revolution to Raw and WWE will watch it get over beyond their wildest dreams.

This whole thing was perfect.

OK, I still haven’t come down yet from the last match but if anyone can follow them, it’s Finn Balor and Kevin Owens in a Ladder Match for the NXT Title, and that is next. It is 10:53 so we are going long tonight. Owens is out first and Balor is doing his awesome entrance.

This one opened up with Balor going to work on Owens but KO came back. Both guys are way over with this crowd, which has been live as hell by the way. Owens went to work as there was a distracting in the crowd and the fans were obviously distracted. Owens just worked through it, like a pro. Owens stayed in charge as the fans chanted OLE. He just laughed and mocked them. He is such a great heel. Owens took a powder and went for the ladder. Finn followed him and took him out. Balor got the ladder and dragged it to the ring. Owens stopped him and grabbed it, and used it to ram Balor into ringside, repeatedly. Owens set up for the running senton on the ladder and punched Balor in the face instead. Owens is so good. Balor then came back and they brawled on the floor. And then into the crowd. This is cool. Owens whipped Balor into the barricade and went for a powerbomb on the concrete but Balor came back reversed it. OK, a ton is going on here. I can’t keep up.

They made a point to say that we are running long and if this was on PPV they would lose the feed. Balor ran off of the announce table and drove the ladder into Owens’ face. Balor threw the ladder in the ring and sold his left leg. Owens was on the floor and Balor did a running senton over the top to the floor. Balor went up the ladder, quickly unlike a lot of people, so Owens stopped him and wiped him out. Man, they are killing each other. There are two ladders now. Owens used one of them to destroy Balor. Until he went for a powerbomb on the ladder but Balor reversed it and got a Holy S*** moment when he dumped Owens on it. Balor went to go up the ladder when Owens stopped him. Owens threw Balor into one of the ladders and went to his a senton on in but Balor moved. Splat. Balor went to the top and hit the double foot stomp on Owens. Balor went up the ladder. Owens stopped him. Balor went to go for a rana but Owens turned it into a powerbomb off of the ladder. The fans gave it a “This is awesome” chant. Owens then went up the ladder but he got dusted off of it by Balor before he made it to the top. Remember me wondering how Owens will be tomorrow after this match today? I am still wondering it. On the floor Owens went for the Pop but Balor fought out and gave him the boot. Balor went for the stomp off of the apron to the floor but missed, and Owens powerbombed him on the edge of the ring, like he did to Sami Zayn, as the fans chanted “NXT”.

It took Owens a while to get back into the ring but he finally did. He set the ladder and climbed. He got near the top when Finn came in and pushed him off, but Owens kicked him in the jaw. Balor went to get up and Owens told him to stay down. When Balor wouldn’t, he kicked him in the face again. Owens set up one of the ladders across the bottom rope. Owens went up and dragged Balor up and said you did this to yourself. Owens went for the Northern Lights Suplex but Balor kept fighting out. Balor managed to knock Owens off and he landed on the ladder. Balor was a little too far area from the belt to get it. He was at the top and realized if I can’t get the belt, I can stomp the big man from way up here, and did. He set up the ladder and went up and grabbed it.

Your winner and still NXT Champion, Finn Balor.

Not much could follow the women’s Title match but these guys kicked major ass as well. They delivered big time and had a great match of their own.

It was an amazing end to a truly amazing show. Do you wonder if NXT plays in front of a major building? The answer is OH HELL YES. NXT just set the bar extremely high and tomorrow night it’s up to the WWE superstars (and a couple that appeared tonight) to match their amazing performances.

If you are someone that hasn’t bothered to watch an NXT Takeover and were waiting for the first one to watch, you now know where to begin. Wow, what an amazing, amazing show.

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