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By Matt Shalk on 2005-04-14 01:00:00

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Jonah Adelman  [Dead Link]

Alicia  [Dead Link - Search Site]

The Amazing Red  [Dead Link - Search Site]

"Black Nature Boy" Scoot Andrew  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Angyl  [Dead Link] 

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin  [Merchandise Site - Redirects to WWE.Com]

Azrieal  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

David Babylon  [No Content] 

Backseat Boyz  [Dead Link - Search Site]

J.C. Bailey  [Dead Link] 

Bandit & The Bunkhouse Boys  [Dead Link]

Becky Bayless  [Dead Link - Search Site] 

Nick Berk  [Dead Link]

"Red hot" Tim Blaze  [Dead Link]

Blind Rage  [Dead Link]

Drew Blood  [Dead Link - Redirects]

Blue Meanie  [No Content]  Removed This Update

Yukon Braxton  [Dead Link]

A.C. Brown  [Dead Link]

"Bulldog" Bob Brown Jr.  [Dead Link]

D-Lo Brown  [Dead Link]

Sonny C  [Dead Link]

Chaos  [Dead Link]

"The Essential" Jason Chavez  [No Content] 

Jon Dahmer  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

Allison Danger  [Dead Link - New Site Listed]

Doc Daniels  [Dead Link]

Matt Dawgs the Infamous Angry Young Man  [Dead Link]

Danny DeManto  [Dead Link - Search Site]

The Deranged Juggernaut  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Jay Diego  [Dead Link]  Removed This Update

Dirty Rotten Scoundrelz (E.C. Negro & K.C. Blade)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Jason Dread  [Dead Link]

Dr. Heresy  [Dead Link]

Dr. X  [Dead Link]

Bill "Superstar" Dundee  [Dead Link]

The Extreme Horsemen  [Dead Link]

Mick Foley  [Dead Link - Redirects to WWE.Com]

George Frankenstein (a.k.a. Gorgeous George)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Jackie Gayda  [Dead Link] 

Gemini  [Dead Link]

"Inferno" Dan Gimondo  [Dead Link]

"Superstar" Dave Greco  [Dead Link]

Pat Gunner  [Dead Link - Generic Pharmacy Site]

Gutter  [Dead Link]

The Hacker  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Hardcore Craig  [No Content]  Removed This Update

Jeff Hardy (Peroxwhy?gen Band Site)  [Dead Link]

Matt Hardy (WWE Site)  [Dead Link - Redirects to WWE.Com - New Site Listed]

Smokin' Sam Hennessy  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Molly Holly  [Unofficial Site]  Removed This Update

Horace the Psychopath  [Dead Link]

Donny Idol  [Dead Link]

JV Insanity  [Dead Link]

Jag & Havok  [Dead Link]

"Handsome" Beau James  [Dead Link]

Cru Jones  [Dead Link]

"The Shooter" Tony Jones  [Dead Link - Search Site]

"Supermodel" Marcus Jordan  [Dead Link]

Ryan Katz (a.k.a. GQ Money [Content Change] 

Khanstance  [Dead Link - Redirects to Search Site]

Ron "The Truth" Killings  [Dead Link]

Kris King  [Dead Link]

Konnan  [No Content]

J-Kronic  [Dead Link]

Lenny Lane  [Dead Link - Hosting Site]

Brian Lawler (a.k.a. Brian Christopher)  [Dead Link]

John "Bradshaw" Layfield (WWE Site)  [Dead Link - Redirects to WWE.Com]

Lita (WWE Site)  [Dead Link - Redirects to WWE.Com]

Lover Boy Steve  [Dead Link]

"Mean" Mark Manson  [Dead Link]

"Masterpiece" Chris Masters  [Dead Link] 

Punchy McGee  [Dead Link]

"Twisted Angel" Zack McGuire  [Dead Link]

Michael Modest  [Dead Link]

Nick Mondo  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Shannon Moore  [Site Closed]

Donovan Morgan  [Dead Link]

Andy Morrison  [Dead Link]

Caryn Mower  [Dead Link]

Natasha  [Dead Link - Search Site]

The Naturals (Chase Stevens & Andy Douglas)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Nelsonizer  [Dead Link]

The New Church  [Dead Link - Search Site]

New Jack  [Dead Link - Web Design Site]

Randy Orton  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Eddie Osbourne  [Dead Link]

Osyris  [Dead Link]

Beth Phoenix  [Dead Link]

Killa J. Plasky  [Dead Link]

JQ Publik  [Dead Link]

"Lightning" Mike Quackenbush  [Dead Link]

John Rambo  [Dead Link - Search Site]

"Made In Japan" Jason Ray  [Dead Link]

Reckless Youth  [Dead Link]

"The Xzibitt" Jason Riggs  [Dead Link - New Site Listed]

Eve E. Robinson  [Site Closed]

The Rock (WWE Site)  [Dead Link - Redirects to WWE.Com]

Nikki Roxx  [Site Closed]

Vince Russo  [Unpaid Hosting Bill Not Forgiven]

Ryushinzaki  [Dead Link - Search Site]

"The Future" Chris Sabin  [Dead Link - New Site Listed]

Chris Sandel  [Dead Link]

The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

"Smart" Bart Sawyer  [Dead Link]

Otto Schwanz  [Dead Link]

Tim Shady [Dead Link - Redirects to Promotion Site]

The Shane Twins (Mike & Todd Shane)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

The Sheik  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Joshua Shea  [Dead Link]

Ruffy Silverstein  [Dead Link]

Craig Smith  [Dead Link - Search Site]

"Cowboy" James Storm  [Dead Link]

George South Jr.  [Dead Link]

Shooting Star  [Dead Link]

"Superstar" Scott Starr  [Dead Link]

"The Hardway" Alexxx Stone  [Dead Link]

Suicide Kyd  [Dead Link]

Super J  [Dead Link - New Site Relisted]

Tekniq  [Dead Link]

Timber the Lumberjack  [Dead Link]

"M-Tizzle" Mike Tobin  [Dead Link]

Oman Tortuga  [Dead Link - Generic Dating Site]

T.O.T.  [Dead Link]

Trinity  [Dead Link - Search Site - New Site Listed]

Valentina  [Dead Link - New Site Listed]

Vinnie Vain  [Dead Link]

Vertabreaker  [Dead Link - Search Site]

The Well Hung Warriors (Greg Spitz & Mark Smart)  [Dead Link]

White Tiger  [Dead Link]

Trent Wylde  [Dead Link]


ACCW (Atlantic Coast Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

ACW (Assault Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link Search Site]

AOPW (Alpha Omega Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

APWF (Allied Powers Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

BBW (Big Bearded Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

BCW (Buzz Saw Wrestling)  [No Content]

CCW (Coastal Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

CCW (Crossroad Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

CIWA (Canadian Independent Wrestling Association)  [Dead Link]

CMPW (Critical Mass Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

DWA (Dominican Wrestling Association)  [Dead Link]

EWA (Elite Wrestling Action)  [No Content]

EWF (Elite Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link]

Federacion Argentina de Catch  [Dead Link]

FLWA (French Lake Wrestling Association)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Fusion  [Product Change] 

FWA (Frontier Wrestling Alliance) [Texas]  [Dead Link]

FWF (Funkdafied Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link]

H2W (H2 Pro-Wrestling)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Hardway Wrestling  [Dead Link - Search Site]

HPW (Heritage Pro Wrestling)  [Site Abandoned] 

HWA (Heritage Wrestling Alliance)  [Dead Link] 

IWA (Insane Wrestling Alliance)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

IWF (Insane Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

JCW (Jersey Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

KWE (Karnage Wrestling Entertainment)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

LIWF (Long Island Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link]

LWF (Lunatic Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

Marquee Wrestling  [Product Change]

MEGA (Massachusetts Extreme Grappling Arts)  [Dead Link]

MEWF (Mid Eastern Wrestling Federation)  [Dead Link]

MFW (Maximum Force Wrestling)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

MFW (Mid Florida Wrestling)  [Dead Link] 

MMWA (Mid-Michigan Wrestling Association)  [Dead Link]

MSPW (Midwestern States Professional Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

MSW  (MainStream Wrestling)  [Outdated Link]

NEPW (New Era Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

NHB (No Holds Barred Wrestling)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

NICW (National Independent Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

NWA Green Mountain [Dead Link] 

NWA New Jersey / New York  [Dead Link] 

NWA North Jersey (United Wrestling Alliance) [Dead Link] 

NWA PWE (a.k.a. PWE - Pro Wrestling Evolution)  [Dead Link]

NWA Sunray (a.k.a. Sunray Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

PHPW (Powerhouse Professional Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

PWP (Pro Wrestling Premiere)  [Dead Link] 

Revolution Pro Wrestling  [Dead Link]

RWF (Real Wrestling Federation)  [Site Abandoned]

SECW (Southeastern Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

SWA (Superior Wrestling Alliance)  [Dead Link]

TCW (Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

TMPW (Total Mayhem Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

TRCW (Top Rope Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

UWA (Universal Wrestling Association)  [Dead Link - Search Site]

UWC (United Wrestling Coalition)  [Dead Link]

VCW (Vegas Championship Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

WAM (Wrestling Alliance of Mayhem)  [Dead Link]

WCEW (World Class Extreme Wrestling)  [Dead Link - New Site Listed]

XW (X Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

XPW (Xtreme Pro Wrestling)  [Dead Link]

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