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By Mike Johnson on 2015-08-09 22:00:00

Welcome to's live, ongoing coverage of AAA Triplemania 2015 from Mexico City.

The English announcers for the PPV are Hugo Savinovich and Matt Striker.  They had a 30 minute pre-game show that was an easy way for new viewers to understand the stories for the main events.

The PPV went on the air and they introduced the announcers as well as Marisella Pena, who was shown holding the urn that is said to contain the ashes of AAA founder Antonio Pena.  They aired a video feature on the company's history before going into a fancy pyro show set to the Mission Impossible theme.

They are using a six sided ring.

They are having some audio issues.  Someone involved in the transmission put up a note on the screen noting such.  They are also having some satellite issues early.

Drago & Goya Kong & Dinastia & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Daga & Sexy Star & Mini Psycho Clown & Mamba

Clown and Dinastia started and Clown was sent to the floor.  Drago and Mamba hit the ring,  Daga flirted with him and got kicked in the rear.   Drago scored with a big dive over the time to the floor on Daga.  Escarlata and Mamba faced off.  Sexy Star and Kong got involved.  Kong used the ropes to toss off Star and Mamba.  Daga's team all worked on Kong.  Star drilled Kong with a big running knee in the corner. 

Clown nailed Dinastia with a double underhook suplex.   Kong escapes a series of charges and squashed Star in the corner, then gave her a stinkface.  Daga and Kong faced off.  She used her might to knock him down to the mat.  Mamba and Drago faced off  Drago sent her to the floor and nailed a twisting dive to the floor.  The minis battled.  Dinastia nailed a flip off the top to the floor on Clown.

Sexy Star nailed a twisting dive from the top the floor on Drago.  Pimpinela hit a springboard dive to the outside on everyone.  Goya danced in celebration but was nailed with a kick.  Daga nailed a dive to the floor.   Goya hit a flip dive off the apron to the floor.  

Back in the ring, Star nailed a bodypress on Pimpinella, then hit a head scissors takeover.    She missed a moonsalt and was locked into an over the shoulder backbreaker.  Star tapped.

Your winners, Drago & Goya Kong & Dinastia & Pimpinela Escarlata!

The big dives and spots were fun, as was the spectacle of all the characters but at times, it was a little rough. Still, a fun opening.

Live, they honored referee Pepe Tropicasas.  He came to the ring and got a nice pop.  They said tonight he would be officiating his final match.  He embraced Marisella Pena at ringside.

They aired a video feature on The Villanos.

Los Villanos III & IV & V vs. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown & Psycho Clown & Murder Clown)

Villanos cut a promo saying they lost their masks but they asked the Commission for permission to wear them one last time with the agreement they would remove them after the bout tonight.  That was probably a legitimate request that had to be cleared.

The announcers played this up as a major family feud that has gone on forever noting that Villanos defeated The Brazos years ago and forced them to unmask.   Each clown was wearing an arm band honoring a member of their family.  Clowns has a big entrance with all sort of circus character and performers coming out with them

Lots of back and forth fighting and chops.  Monster Clown was sent to the floor  One of the Villanos nailed a dropkick through the ropes.  Villanos nailed a double elbow on Monster Clown and tore at his mask.  They worked over Psycho Clown in one of the corners. 

They battled back and forth.   Villanos drilled one of the clowns into the ringpost on the outside.  The Villanos were pulled out of the ring and nailed with a double tope through the ropes by the Clowns.   The Circus tossed each other down on the Villanos.   They nailed the Wazzup headbutt on one of the Villanos.  The Clows went on the warpath with stomps.

Now it was the Clowns' turn to rip at one of the Villanos' masks.  Lots of audio issues, which Matt Striker acknowledged and said they were working on.  It was obviously throwing him off.  They all battled back and forth.  The Villanos nailed stereo dives to the outside.

Psycho Clown and Villano III battled in the ring.  He had III beaten but stopped and called in IV.  They brawled  Hugo Savinovich disappeared somewhere during this bout.   Psycho seemed to get the better but Villano kicks him low and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Villanos!


OK brawl if you were invested in the families but to the average viewers, not good. They played it up as if the Villanos won the war.  After the match, everyone showed each other respect.  Family members from the Villanos entered the ring.  They paid tribute to Villano III as it was his final bout.  With Hugo's mics out, there was no translation.  They presented Pepe Tropicasas with a plaque for his many years of service.   The post-match was cool to see.  The match itself was pretty bad at times.

Six Sided Cage:  Trios champions Cibernetico & Chessman & Averno vs. Jack Evans & Fenix & Angelico vs. El Hijo del Fantasma & El Texano Jr. & Pentagon Jr.

The first team member to grab a belt earns the championships for their respective team.  There's a bridge made out iof metal girders that will no doubt be used as a launching pad.  With so many bodies involved, I expect a lot of craziness.  This will be hard to keep up with.  Everyone brawled.  Still no Hugo.  The crowd audio was gone as well at times.

Pentagon nailed a stomp off the ropes to Evans' lower regions as Evans was held.  Lots of weapons shots with cookie sheets and the like.  Fenix was sent into a cookie sheet in a corner.  Evans tried to monkey climb over to the belts but was pulled down.  Fenix was beaten by Chessman and Averno in the corner.

Fenix nailed a superkick and tried to mount a comeback but was taken out by the champions.  The audio is in and out.  This is so unfortunate and distracting.  Evans was double hiptossed into the cage.  Angelico unloaded with kicks but was wiped out by Cibernetico.  He was stomped down.

Fenix was backdropped but turned it into a rana.  He climbed up and tried to get to the belts but was pulled down into a powerbomb.  Fantasma nailed Cibernetico with a dive.  Evans got back up to the bridge but flipped down with a dive.  Chessman and Fantasma brawled out of the cage.  They broke some tables

A number of wrestlers battled at the top of the cage while other battled on the bridge.  Averno and Evans battle atop of the cage.  Angelico was knocked off the cage and took a bump to the floor.  Evans was knocked off the cage as well to the outside.   Fenix kicked Pentagon off the cage into the ring.  He hit a standing moonsault off the cage onto Pentagon, which looked awesome.

Averno went to the bridge but Angelico blocked him.  Fantastma  met them and kicked Angelico off into the ring.  That was a hell of a bump.  Averno and Fantasma battled.  Averno kicked him low and shoved him off the bridge into the ring.  He unhooked the belts.

Your winners and still Trios champions Cibernetico & Chessman & Averno!

A lot of crazy bumps here. I suspect this was a lot more fun live as a spectacle than it was live with all the technical issues. On TV, this was beyond frustrating to try and watch. Such a letdown given who was involved. Hugo finally returned after the match ended. Angelico is a star waiting to be found by a major American company.

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