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By Mike Johnson on 2015-08-08 18:28:21

Dave Crist vs. Conor Claxton

They slugged it out at the bell, exchanging punches and big boots.  Claxton nailed several kicks but was caught and drilled down to the mat.  Crist was sent to the floor, where Claxton nailed a tope con hilo over the top.  Crist was whipped into the guard rail.

Crist was worked over on the floor and drilled with a big running boot in the corner.   He missed another charge and Crist punted him in the head while he was down, then began drilling him with kicks to the chest.  Back in the ring, Claxton was able to stop a headscissors takeover mid-stream and nailed a powerslam for a two count.  Crist returned with a superkick and a leg lariat for a two count.

Claxton took control and went to come off the top with the wrench he carries but was knees in the groin as he came down  and covered.

Your winner, Dave Crist!

Pepper Parks with CZW champion BLK Jeez & Cherry Bomb vs. Matt Tremont: Streetfight

Tremont attacked Parks from behind in the aisle and they brawled into the crowd right away.  The crowd loved the brawl and chanted "CZW."   It was all Tremont until he missed a cannonball into the guard rail.   Parks went to the top and nailed a bodypress into the first row,  That got the biggest pop of the night.

Parks worked over Tremont with chops against the guard rail.  He finally tossed Tremont into the ring.  He held Tremont for Cherry Bomb to slam several times.   Parks bit Tremont on the forehead and beat him with punches in the corner.  He measured Tremont and nailed him with a big boot in the corner for a two count.

Parks kept beating Tremont down but he refused to stay down and pulled himself up.  Parks grabbed a chair and drilled him in the gut with it.  He wedged the chair in between the buckles and went to whip Tremont into it but the whip was reversed and Parks ate the chair.

Tremont set up several chairs in the ring and slammed Parks atop of them.  He went to the top but Parks recovered, caught him and slammed him into the chairs, then suplexed him across the chairs.  He covered Tremont for a two count.    They set up a piece of the guard rail in the corner but Tremont nailed Park.  Cherry Bomb got on the apron but Tremont grabbed her and backed her into the railing.  Parks charged and was backdropped onto the railing.  He and Bomb both bumped off it.  It looked great and was totally safe for Bomb.

Tremont laid out Parks and scored the pin.

Your winner, Matt Tremont!

Entertaining brawl.

Tremont took the mic and said that's what you call retribution but he wasn't done yet. He called himself "Mr. CNN" based on CNN doing the death matches story this week and said he needed to get retribution on BLK JEEZ. Jeez came back out to his theme music. Jeez ripped on the fans. Tremont said that twice, Jeez couldn't get the job done like a "f***ing man." Jeez said the only thing people will remember is that Jeez is still the champ. He said Tremont was a fat piece of sh** who was the one who didn't get the job done. He said he doesn't need to kiss the ass of the bloggers or the Internet and wondered what was so special about Tremont. Tremont said he doesn't need to tell anyone he's special, he just goes out and does what he needs to do. He challenged Jeez to man up and put the belt on the line right now. He promised to kick Jeez's ass. Jeez said this is the part of the show where everyone expects him to fight but not tonight. Tremont said Jeez is a prize fighter so he'll forfeit his own pay to fight Jeez for the belt right now.

That was good enough for Jeez.

CZW champion BLK JEEZ vs. Matt Tremont

Tremont attacked him during the introductions but Jeez sent him to the floor and nailed a tope con hilo. They brawled on the floor.   He nailed Tremont with chops and kicks.  Tremont dared him to hit him harder.  Jeez drilled him and nailed a splash off the ropes for a two count.  The crowd was super into Tremont.

Jeez nailed a tornado DDT for a two count but again, Tremont kicked up.  The crowd was into cheering him on.  Tremont reversed a whip and nailed a splash in the corner.  They went back and forth.  Jeez went up and nailed a leaping stunner for a two count.

Jeez missed a moonsault, setting up the Tremont comeback.  He nailed a sitdown powerbomb and scored the pin.  The place went nuts for the pin.

Your winner and new CZW champion Matt Tremont!

Tremont was legitimately broken up over winning the belt and after taking a momento to celebrate in the ring.  Fans actually threw streamers after he won.  Tremont ran into the crowd to celebrate with the fans.    When he returned, DJ Hyde was waiting in the ring to raise his hand.  Nick Gage walked to ringside and tried to get in the ring but was held back by other CZW wrestlers.

A great moment. Gage vs. Tremont will probably headline one of the CZW PPVs later this year I am guessing.


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