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By Mike Johnson on 2015-08-08 18:28:21

CZW Wired champion Tim Donst vs. Frankie Pickard

They went back and forth grappling until Pickard nailed a head scissor takeover.  He controlled Donst early on and dropkicked him to the floor.  He then nailed a tope con hilo to the floor.    Back in the ring, Donst took back over.  Pickard nailed several kicks and drove him headfirst into the buckles, then nailed several knees.  He nailed a Fisherman's suplex for a two count.

Pickard nailed a standing moonsault.  Donst kicked up and locked in a submission.  Pickard tagged.  Donst locked it back in and refused to let go.   Joe Gacy hit the ring and ran off Donst, who left through a side door.  He said he didn't come for a match but to fight Donst and promised to use the knife Donst stabbed him in the back with to cut off his head.  He then praised Pickard for a hard fought match.

Barbed Wire Madness Match: Jake Crist vs. Danny Havoc

They used lots of headlocks.  No not really!  There were all sorts of barbed wire boards and contraptions in the ring.   They brawled all over the ring.  Havoc slammed Crist into a barbed wire frame and it was all stuck in his hair as he  pulle him up  Havoc slammed him for a two count.

Havoc continued working him over until being drilled with a lariat for a two count.  Crust cut him off and slammed Havoc on the barbed wire.  He grabbed an ironing board that I believe had tacks on them and ran it into Havoc's head.  Havoc made a comeback and drilled Crist with a big foream for a two count.

They battled to the top, where Crist went for a German suplex off the top into the barbed wire board in the ring.   Havoc turned it into a superplex and nailed it.  The crowd chanted, "CZW."   They had to cut Crist's hair to get him out of the barbed wire this time.   They battled on top above a contraption on the floor that had barbed wire atop of it.  OI4K and the Nation of Intoxication all got involved and brawled.   Havoc nailed an Ace Cutter through the contraption but was beaten down by OI4K.   Crist nailed a tombstone on a barbed wire board for the pin.

Your winner, Jake Crist!

All the chaos you would expect.

Niko Sozio vs. The Front's Ryan Galeone - If Sozio wins, he gets five minutes with The Front's Leader, Trooper Audubon

They are taping this live before they go on the air with the iPPV and will insert it while the live show is at intermission.  They are doing this to practice for when they go on the air on traditional PPV this October.  Galeone has a nice athletic look, sort of a shorter Matt Morgan.

Sozio started strong but was cut off.  The crowd crapped all over the Front.  Galeone nailed a really nice running dropkick for a two count.  Galeone slammed him and nailed a kneedrop for another two count.  He continued working over Sozio and went for a superplex but was fought off.  He still recovered and caught Sozio on the top and pressed him above his head then dropped him into an over the shoulder powerslam.  He followed that up with a powerbomb.

Sozio came back to score the three count, earning five minutes with Trooper.  Trooper sent a lackey to stop Sozio but the lackey ate a superkick.  Trooper grabbed a Singapore Cane and entered the ring.  They circled each other.  He tried to nail Sozio who caught it, took it away and began caning him.   Sozio feigned he was done and then cracked him across the head.  Sozio beat him some more and stood atop of him with a foot on the chest for the three count.

Your winner, Niko Sozio (twice!)

Trooper was bleeding as he left.

It was my first time seeing Galeone and he has some real promise.  The match was fine for setting up the five minutes stip.

Joey Janella vs. JT Dunn

This is also being filmed for the intermission.  They started out strong with some chops and some nice back and forth wrestling.  Janella hit a nice dropkick and charged Dunn in the corner.  Dunn kicked him.  They went back and forth until Dunn scored a dropkick.  He worked over Janella in the corner with punches and chops.  Dunn had a trickle of blood from a stiff shot.

Janella made a comeback and they exchanged punches.   Dunn cut him off with a big lariat and a DDT for a two count.  Some nice back and forth exchanges and kickouts.  Dunn nailed a series of roaring elbows.  Janella refused to go down and gave him the finger.  He nailed another and scored the three count.

Your winner, JT Dunn!

Dunn's former partner in the Juicy Product David Starr laid him out after the match.

Good stuff here.  They worked a hard, athletic style.

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