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By Mike Johnson on 2015-07-04 05:04:21

WWE NXT champion Kevin Owens vs. Finn Balor

Balor did his full fledged demon deal.  The announcers pushed that whoever won would be champion going into Takeover: Brooklyn the night before Summerslam.

They showed Hideo Itami watching from ringside and noted that he was attacked in a parking lot at Full Sail University before an event and that "many believe" Owens was responsible.

TONS of streamers thrown for Finn Balor.  I popped so huge for that.  That may be the first time we've seen that in a WWE ring, so I'd be curious to see if it immigrates over to NXT shows here in the States.  Obviously streamers have been seen here in ECW and Ring of Honor.

They had Japanese presentation of flowers before the match.  Owens threw them into the crowd to show what a prick he is.  I love it.

Balor hit a dropkick at the bell and went for the double stomp.  Owens went to the floor to escape and Balor dove to the floor.  They battled on the floor as the audience chanted "NXT."  They returned to the ring and went back and forth.  Owens was sent to the floor and Balor drilled him with a dropkick to the floor.  This is great stuff early.

Balor nailed a dropkick in the corner as Owens was on the floor sitting in a chair.  Balor brought him back into the ring and lit him up with chops and kicks.  Owens caught him during a high cross bodyblock attempt and slammed him down for a two count.  Owens nailed a series of rights and drilled his foot into Balor's chest.  The crowd chanted, "Let's go Balor."

Balor fought back but was beaten  down.  Owens worked him over but Balor kicked out.  Owens cinched in a chinlock as the crowd rallied Balor.   Balor fought back with a shoulderblock but was beaten down.  Balor was sent into the stairs on the floor.   Owens continued to work over Balor.

Balor rolled through a pinfall attempt and finally nailed Owens with a dropkick.  Balor nailed a top rope forearm smash for a two count.   Owens cut off Balor and mocked John Cena by nailing the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  Owens went for the AA but Balor escaped and drilled him.  The announcers noted Cena would be in the main event later.  Balor worked over Owens but Owens went for the AA.  Balor escaped and nailed the Pele Kick.

Balor nailed an awesome dive over the top to the floor.   He nailed a double stomp and caught him with an inverted DDT for a two count.  Balor missed the double stomp.  Owens suplexed him into the corner and nailed the cannonball.   Owens went for the package piledriver variation and nailed it but Balor kicked up.

Owens told Balor he was "done" but was caught with Sling Bade.  Balor went to the top but Owens recovered and nailed a headbutt to prevent him from coming off the top.  Balor fought him off and nailed the top rope double stomp but Owens kicked out at the last second.

Balor sent Owens into the corner and nailed a series of strikes.  Owens fought back but Balor got the best of the exchange.  Balor placed him on the top rope.  They battled with Balor trying for a superplex.  Owens teased a Fisherman's Buster but Balor escaped.  Owens finally nailed a rolling Samoan Drop off the ropes for a close near fall.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome."

Owens went for the swanton but Balor put his knees up.  Balor scored a two count.  The crowd chanted, "Let's go Balor."  Balor charged but was caught wth a superkick for a two count.  Owens slapped Balor and began screaming that Balor can't beat him.  Balor slapped him back.  Owens went for the Popup Powerbomb but Balor leapfrogged out of it and nailed a lariat.

Balor worked over Owens and ascended to the top.  He nailed the double stomp and scored the pin.

Your winner and new WWE NXT champion, Finn Balor!

A great main event level match.  Just an awesome back and forth bout.

They showed Hideo Itami clapping for Balor at ringside and the announcers teased they could face off for the belt down the line.

WWE Hall of Famer Tatsumi Fujinami came to the ring to raise Balor's arm and looked thrilled about it.

Owens returned to the ring and had a staredown with Balor.  Balor offered his hand in a show of respect.   Owens teased taking it, then walked out.

They pushed that while Raw and Smackdown have aired via tape delay from Japan, this was their first ever live broadcast.

King Barrett & Kane vs. John Cena & Dolph Ziggler

This is the main event, so Cesaro vs. Diego and New Day vs. Lucha Dragons aren't airing on the WWE Network. 

Barrett and Ziggler kicked things off.    They had some nice exchanges early.   Kane and Cena tagged in.  The crowd into Cena big-time.  Kane used his power to throw Cena down.    Kane got the better of Cena and tagged out to Barrett. 

Barrett drilled Cena with a knee and cinched in a side chinlock.  Cena got off the mat and drilled Barrett backwards into the turnbuckles.  Kane tagged in and laid out Cena before he had a chance to tag out to Ziggler.  Cena tried to slam Kane but fell backwards.  Kane continued to work over Cena.

Saxton and Cole began throwing out all sorts of history nuggets, even mentioning Wrestlefest and the Egg Dome Summit.  Barrett tagged back in and continued working over Cena, scoring a two count.  Cena made a comeback with a series of rights but was caught with a kick when he went up and over in the corner.  Barrett nailed several knees in the back and cinched in a side chinlock.

Cena finally made a comeback with an AA.  Kane tagged in before Cena could make a tag.  He went for a chokeslam but Cena escaped and went for an AA, but fell as he was too beaten down.  Kane scored a two count, then went to the top.    He came off with a clubbing blow for a two count.

Kane locked in a chinlock but Cena powered out of it.  Cena was caught in a sideslam for another two count.   Barrett tagged in and continued the beating with an elbow off the ropes for another two count.   Barrett went for another but this time it bit him in the rear as Cena moved and finally tagged Zigger in.

Ziggler hit the ring with a ton of offense and scored a two with an elbow.  Ziggler nailed Kane on the apron but was cut off and held by Barrett. Kane tagged in and stomped Ziggler out of the ring to the floor.   Kane followed and picked up Ziggler, dropping him across the barricade.  Kane nailed a delayed vertical suplex for a two count.  Barrett tagged back in and worked over Ziggler, placing him across the buckles in the corner and drilling him with strikes.

Barrett locked on a modified surfboard as the crowd rallied for Ziggler.  Ziggler made a comeback with a series of rights to the mid-section.  Barrett went for the Winds of Change but Ziggler turned it into a crucifix for a two count.  Barrett nailed a lariat coming out of that and tagged in Kane, who continued the carnage.  Ziggler tried to nail a Famouser but was caught with a powerbomb.

Barrett worked over Ziggler with a series of knees and sent him to the floor.  Kane nailed Ziggler with a cheap shot on the floor as Barrett distracted the referee.  Barrett drilled Ziggler backwards into the apron and tossed him into the ring for a two count.  Ziggler tried to mount a comeback but was caught with Wings of Change for a two count.  Kane tagged in and continued to control Ziggler.  They are telling a really good tag story here.

Barrett and Kane continued to work over Ziggler.  Ziggler went to the ropes but was caught for a chokeslam jumping off.  Ziggler escaped and nailed a DDT, then tagged in Cena, who hit all the big moves you'd expect.   He went for the AA on Barrett but saw Kane coming and sent Kane into a Ziggler superkick.  Cena nailed the AA on Barrett and scored the pin.

Your winners, John Cena & Dolph Ziggler!

A real good tag match to close out the show.

This was a great two hour show.  I'll be sitting down with Graham Cawthon to discuss in a special post-game audio for PWInsider Elite subscribers.  If you want to check it out as well as all the hours of audio we've recorded this week, you can subscribe to the Elite section by clicking here.

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