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By Nathan Favell on 2015-06-25 08:52:38

Original Air Date: 6/24/15

I'm Nathan Favel and we're back together, again, to watch some of professional wrestling's best battle for honor and glory, inside of the Temple! 

Match #1:  Super Fly vs. Sexy Star

This was a decent match that never truly materialized into anything satisfying to watch.  The action started off on a proper note, but soon soured into a bitter flavor that left an atrocious taste in my mouth, despite the solid work of both Fly and Star. In respect to the wrestlers' efforts, I can proudly say that this match did not fail due to laziness, but rather, it was a lack of chemistry that ruined a potentially wonderful match between these two wholly talented wrestlers. 

Winner:  Super Fly

Match #2:  The Mack (Willie Mack) vs. Cage (Brian Cage) vs. Aerostar vs. Marty The Moth - Fatal Four Way Match for a Lucha Underground Aztec Medallion

These four men must be auditioning for "Death Wish 10,000", because they sure as hell wrestled as if they had been put on the call-back list.  I keep watching Lucha Underground and assume that I've seen the last of the audacious aerial stunts... and I am wrong, every time.  When I watched this match, I felt like I was witnessing a volcano erupting, with every dive to the ground like a splash of hot magma hurdling toward the screen. This match may have lacked the finite logic of some of wrestling's most lauded classics, but it was, nevertheless, a suspenseful, gripping thrill-ride that was an absolute blast from the beginning until the end.

Winner:  Aerostar

Match #3:  Main Event - Drago vs. Mil Muertes (Ricky Banderas/El Mesias/Judas Mesias) - #1 Contender's Match for the Ultimate Lucha Title Shot to the Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship

This was one of the weaker main events in LU history, but it was certainly a memorable bout, nonetheless.  This match was riddled with big spots that were reminiscent of an overly-choreographed WWE PPV bout, including some properly sold table stunts, among others.  Drago, on the other hand, had one of his best performances in the promotion's history, which included some fabulous aerial work that offset the work of the generally grounded Muertes.  The pacing was good, with only a few instances where it felt like the speed of the transitions should have been increased slightly, but that fact didn't hurt the quality of the match that much.  Overall, this was a worthy main event, considering the prize that was at stake.

Winner:  Mil Muertes

News of the Night: 

#1:  Johnny Mundo (John Morrison/Johnny Nitro) vs. Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio/Dos Caras Jr.) has been announced for the two hour "Ultimate Lucha" special coming in a few months.

#2:  An unmasking story-line is in effect for the Sexy Star/Super Fly feud, which is a fine way to bring a Lucha Libre flavor into what has been an ordinary angle thus far.

#3:  The Pentagon Jr./Vampiro feud was continued tonight, with a small brawl erupting between the aforementioned wrestlers. 

#4:  In what has to be an homage to the "Power Rangers", Mil Muertes sent "The Disciples of Death" to destroy the Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Champions Son of Havoc (Matt Cross/M-Dogg 20/Spartan 3000), Ivelisse & Angelico, who were able to fend them off, in a ridiculous backstage vignette.  These are the kinds of things that might hurt LU in the long run, as it conflicts with the grittier sensibilities of the majority of the booking decisions.

#5:  A feud between Drago and Hernandez is likely after the latter attacked the former before the main event could start. 

Final Verdict: 

This was a good edition of Lucha Underground that feebly followed last week's broadcast, which revolved around a match so magnificent that I would consider it the best match of the year, in any company.  Despite the weaker nature of this card, we still had some excellent wrestling that built towards even better match-ups for the coming months.

Until next time...

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