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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-20 18:45:02

ROH Tag Team champions The Addiction vs. Samoa Joe & AJ Styles

Big "Thank you Joe" chant.  All four faced off.  The crowd chanted, "F*** TNA."  Ouch.

Styles and Kazarian started off and they went back and forth with some nice exchanges.  Styles controlled Joe, who was tagged in to a big ovation.  Daniels tagged in but was killed with right hands.  Joe went for the Facewash in the corner but Kazarian pulled Daniels out.  Kazarian entered the ring and Joe nailed him with chops, beat him in the corner and went for the Facewash but this time Daniels pulled him out.  Styles did a dive over the top onto them on the floor.

Joe and Styles worked them over on the floor to set up Joe doing the Ole Ole Kick on the floor.  Back in the ring, Styles nailed a big dropkick and a backbreaker on Daniels.  Kazarian tagged in.  Styles rolled him up.  When Kazarian kicked out, Styles was sent into a Daniels kick.

The Addiction worked over Styles, tagging in and out.  Daniels was trapped in the Calfkiller.  Kazarian hit the ring to break it up.  Joe hit the ring but the referee stopped him, allowing the Addiction to work over Styles.  Daniels drilled Styles with a backbreaker but Joe broke up the pin.  The crowd chanted, "We want Joe."  Daniels nailed a Blue Thunder Bomb on Styles.

Styles and Kazarian battle to the top. Styles nailed him off, then hit the inverted DDT. Joe made the tag and nailed all his signature maneuvers on Daniels.  Kazarian leapt over the ropes and came in with a DDT.  They double team Joe who comes back with a double clothesline.  They overtake Joe again as Styles re-enters the fray.  Kazarian nailed a monkeyf flip on Styles, who turned into a rana on Daniels.  Wow.

Daniels took out Styles and went for the BME but Joe caught him and nailed a big suplex and the muscle buster.  Styles nailed the Styles Clash.  They pinned the champs in stereo.

Your winner, Samoa Joe & AJ Styles!

All four embraced. Joe's music played as the locker room surrounded the ring.

Joe said he could pour his heart out about what they have all been through and how much this company changed the world and how they do what they do for these people.

He said he can go on about how they said this wouldn't matter and this wouldn't change anything but last time he checked, every world champion wrestled in this ring and the best in the world were in this ring.

Joe said that if this is the last time he is in this ring or not, he will carry what it meant to be in this ring and take it to every arena in this ring and show it, with his heart, to everyone in the world.

He closed out saying he is Samoa Joe, he is pro wrestling and he is, because he wrestled here in Ring of Honor.

Joe was embraced by a number of the talents and the locker room all showed him respect to end the show.

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