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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-20 18:45:02

Episode 5 aka the 200th Episode:

ROH put up a graphic on their screen for the 200th episode.

The House of Truth vs. The Briscoes & ODB & Roderick Strong

Long standoff.  Martini teased starting, showboated thenm tagged out.  So it was Strong and Dijak starting.  Strong nailed several big leg lariats.  Mark Briscoe tagged in and worked over Dijak, but was tossed off the ropes.  Lethal tagged in and stomped the hell out of him.  The crowd was all over J Diesel chanting "Babytista" at him.  That is freaking hilarious. The House of Truth tagged in and out working over Mark.  Mark came back to life against Dijak, nailing some big chops.

Mark tagged out to Jay who nailed a series of rights and a neckbreaker for a two count.    Briscoe was worked over by the House of Truth, who took turns working him over, even Martini.  Briscoe finally made a comeback with a death valley driver on Diesel.

Lethal tagged in but Strong made the hot tag in and cleaned house with chops and a leg lariat.  He nailed a leaping knee in the corner and nailed an awesome gutbuster.  Strong went for the cover and everyone but Truth and ODB jumped in and they all brawled.  Strong and the Briscoes were beaten down outside.  ODB tagged in and jumped on Jay's back but Martini tagged in and grabbed her by the hair and slammed her backward to the mat.

ODB was left against the HOT.  She drank from her flask and went after all of them.  The Briscoes and Strong returned and everyone brawled and they went into all sorts of crazy sequences.  Martini rolled up ODB who kicked up and spit alcohol from her flask in his eyes, nailed him and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Briscoes & ODB & Roderick Strong.

Fun stuff.  I am guessing they will air a lot of retrospective style material on the episode as well.

ROH coverage concludes with Samoa Joe's Farewell on Page 6!

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