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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-20 18:45:02

Third Episode:

War Machine vs. IWGP Junior Tag Team champions The Young Bucks

The Bucks told them to "suck it" only to get attacked for their disrespect at the bell.  War Machine nailed a double bomb on Nick Jackson.  They pressed and slammed Nick over the top to the floor, where Matt was standing.    War Machine lawn darted The Bucks into each other on the floor.  Ouch.

Nick Jackson was able to superkick Hanson, allowing Matt the chance to nail a kick on Rowe.  Nick nailed a big flip off the apron to the floor.  The Bucks began nailing all their patented offense.  Hanson absorbed it and nailed a double clothesline on the Bucks.  Nick accidentally nailed Matt.    Matt drilled War Machine with a dropkick through the ropes, then set up for Nick to nail a flip dive over the top to the floor.  The crowd chanted, "Too Sweet."

Nick Jackson was down on the floor for a long time as he apparently hurt his ankle.  War Machine attacked Matt and began double teaming him.  AJ Styles came out to check on Nick.  Machine continued working over Matt, who took a hell of a beating.  He kept fighting back but War Machine kept nailing big move after big move. 

AJ Styles finally hopped on the apron and made the hot tag.  He nailed a nice rana off the ropes on Rowe.  Rowe ducked a clothesline and Styles wiped out the referee by accident.  Matt and AJ double teamed to work over Machine.  Styles nailed Rowe with the Styles Clash and scored the pin.

Your winners, The Bullet Club!

After the match, Nick Jackson revealed it was all a ruse.  What heels.

Fun match. 

Cedric Alexander (with Veda Scott) vs. The Romantic Touch

Cedric attacked Touch before the bell and destroyed him.   Alexander showed a lot of aggressive tendencies.   Touch nailed several elbows to try and make a comeback,  He dropkicked Alexander off the apron and hit a flip dive over the top to the floor.  Alexander cut him off and wiped out Touch for the pin.

Your winner, Cedric Alexander!

Veda Scott took the mic after the bout and said that for years, people have been saying that Cedric's time was coming and all he had to do was work hard, be patient and be nice.  Veda said those people lied to him and deceived him.  She said she would never lie.  She said that Cedric knows what he needs to do and what she needs from him right now.  She demanded he rip the mask off Touch's face and expose him for the fraud he is.  Caprice Coleman tried to stop him but was shoved down.  Moose hit the ring with Stokely Hathaway but Alexander and Scott departed.

Adam Cole vs. Kyle O'Reilly

This is pretty interesting placement.  At the first ROH taping, they were a tag team.  On the 200th episode, they are facing off.  Lots of really great back and forth wrestling early before they faced off to a nice round of applause.   They went back and forth with some good counter wrestling.  O'Reilly controlled Cole on the mat, primarily using a headlock.  Fans chanted, "Headlock City."  Cole nailed a back suplex but Kyle held onto the move.  Cole rolled to the outside to try and break it but Kyle held it.  Well, that was cute.

They went to the floor.  Daniels was doing commentary and got shoved down by Cole.  Daniels attacked him.  DQ.  Kazarian hit the ring and Cole and O'Reilly got the better of it  Cole took the mic and said they are tired of this bull.  He said they are tired of The Addiction screwing with The Kingdom and with them screwing with ReDragon.  He said everyone knows their history and suggested for one night only, they reunite as Futureshock and "beat the hell out of these two old bastards." 

They agree and the bell is rung.

ROH Tag Team champions The Addiction vs. Futureshock

O'Reilly and Cole control Daniels, who is wrestling in street clothes.  They rip apart his t-shirt and Daniels looks like a bald version of the Brooklyn Brawler in jeans and the remnants of the shirt.  They controlled Daniels for some time until Kazarian made the tag and The Addiction nailed some double team maneuvers.  Cole and O'Reilly scored the pin, leading to a huge brawl with Bobby Fish hitting the ring.  The Kingdom came out on the stage and were not happy.  Cole shook hands with ReDragon.

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