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By Mike Johnson on 2015-06-18 10:00:00
If you had to pick a few WCW PPVs for me to watch considering I've never see any of their stuff, what would you suggest?

Off the top of my head, Great American Bash 1988, Wrestlewar 1989, Great American Bash 1989, WCW Halloween Havoc 1993 and Great American Bash 1996. All of them have some awesome wrestling action.

So, the fact that WWE left a LOT of cash on the table during the "Invasion" angle, and they have a sizeable core of performers that could be on the main roster (as soon as they come back from IR), do you think there could be a NXT Invasion angle in the near future? Maybe spark it off by Owens dropping the title to a main roster guy like Dolph, then have all the NXT guys storm the main roster because WWE has "their" belt? Trips is aware of the internet, mistakes made in the past, and sometimes if you give the fans what they want (not tell them as Vince does), WWE could make boatloads of cash?

It's always possible WWE could go that route, but my feeling is that such an angle has been done to death and shouldn't be attempted anywhere in the near future. I'd rather see the company put the time and effort into introducing and positioning everyone they want to bring up in a similar manner to the way Kevin Owens has been introduced.

Besides Jerry "The King" Lawler have there ever been any former or current wrestler, male or female, who has run for public office? I know that Lawler ran for mayor of Memphis, TN some years ago.

Yeah, there was this guy named Jesse Ventura who became the GOVERNOR OF MINNESOTA! Brian Blair has also had some success politically in Florida as well. I am sure there are others who aren't coming to mind at the monent.

About Damien Sandow, he is such badly booked... Did he make any big mistake backtsage that could justify that?

If he did, it's not something I've personally heard about. I think it's just a case of someone in the company seeing him as a comedy guy and nothing more. The audience tried to tell them that they wanted to see him in a better role but were ignored.

Any news about NXT Sylvestre Lefort?

He's still in WWE developmental, just not being used on TV in a role right now.

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