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By Mike Johnson on 2015-05-31 20:37:00

They noted Rusev suffered a fractured foot and wouldn't be competing.

Backstage, Dolph Ziggler told Lana how much he wanted to beat Rusev first.  She said it wasn't about Rusev but about getting the IC title.   Ziggler said that when he came back with the belt, maybe it would be about them.  Lana said she would like that.  Ziggler said he was going to go do what he does better than anyone.

WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella vs. Paige vs. Naomi

No Brie or Tamina with the story being that they were banned by the Authority from ringside.    All three went after each other.  Nikki kicked Naomi down and Paige went after her.  Nikki was pulled to the outside and sent into the ringside announcer's table.   Paige grabbed Naomi by the hair and pulled her back in the ring, working her over.

Nikki returned but couldn't get it going and was tossed back to the floor.  Naomi worked over Paige, nailing a nice suplex.  She placed Paige on the top rope and began working her over.  She tried to set up for a a back suplex but Nikki slipped underneath with a powerbomb.  Nikki covered each of her challengers for a two count.   :Paige locked on the PTO on Nikki but was dropkicked by Naomi for a two count.

Naomi went to the ropes but Paige grabbed her and placed her on her shoulders.  Naomi nailed a reverse rana, which looked scary as hell.  Paige went to the floor.  Nikki nailed Naomi, scored with the Rack Attack (Shock Treatment) and grabbed the pin.

Your winner and still WWE Divas champion, Nikki Bella!

Brie came out to celebrate after.

A decent match.  They worked really hard.  The reverse rana scared the hell out of me.  

WWE United States champion John Cena vs. WWE NXT champion Kevin Owens

It's a cliche but this really is the biggest match of Owens' career.  You could tell parts of the crowd knew who he was and were chanting for him.  There was a nice big fight feel to this for the entrances.

They locked up and the Owens chants got louder.  They went into a criss cross exchange that ended with Cena shoulderblocking Owens.  down.  They went to lock up again but Owens kicked Cena in the gut.  Owens worked on Cena with right hands and knees in the corner.    Cena reversed an Irish Whip into the corner and nailed a bulldog.

Undaunted, Owens nailed Cena and beat him down on the apron.   Owens whipped Cena into the buckles with authority.  He badmouthed Cena and worked him over with right hands for a near fall, then locked Cena in Chinlock City.   Cena tried to power out and finally did, grabbing him for the AA.  Owens slipped out and nailed  DDT for a two count.  Nice exchange.

Owens continued to work over Cena, who responded with a series of right hands before nailing a shoulder tackle.  Owens caught Cena going for a high cross bodyblock and nailed a crucifix bomb for a two count.  Owens nailed the cannonball in the corner.  He scored a two count and wasn't happy about not getting the three.

Owens yelled, "Never give up?  It's time to give up, Johnny Boy."  Cena fired back, avoided the Pop up Powerbomb and nailed all his signature offense.  He nailed the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Owens and went for the AA.  Cena lost Owens and was caught with the Pop up Powerbomb for a two.  Owens went to the top rope but was crotched by Cena.  Cena went to the top but was fought off.  Owens went for a reverse moonsault but Cena moved and nailed the AA, but Owens kicked up at the last second.

The battle continued with back and forth right hands.  Owens nailed a superkick that wiped Cena out.  Owens mocked Cena's mannerisms and went for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but was caught in the STF.   Owens tried to fight to the ropes but Cena pulled him back.  That allowed Owens to toss him off and nail the AA himself for a two count.

Cena caught Owens with a tornado DDT for another two count.  He nailed his legdrop off the top but Owens kicked out again.   Owens teased the package piledriver but slammed Cena down for another two count.  Owens was visibly pissed he couldn't get Cena pinned.    Owens pulled Cena up and drilled him with a right, yelling at Cena tot stay down.   Owens missed a clothesline and was caught with the springboard stunner for a two count.

Cena placed Owens on the top but Owens turned it into a DVDR only to see Cena again kick up.  Owens nailed a swanton but again, no three count.  Owens charged Cena but was killed with a clothesline.    Owens caught Cena with the Pop up Powerbomb and scored the pin.

Your winner, WWE NXT champion Kevin Owens!

A star is born and they are throwing babies into the air all over the Internet.  A really, really damn good match and I have to admit, I was totally surprised by the clean finish. This is well worth going out of your way to see.

Owens took the mic after the match.  He said on his first night of Raw, he said anyone who didn't know him wasn't worth his time, but now everyone knows who Kevin Owens is.  He said he's the one who started a fight with John Cena, but he's also the one who just finished that fight.  Owens said that now he's beaten Cena, he has some veteran advice for Cena - it's time Cena to go, because Owens' time is now, because the champ is here.

Bo Dallas vs. Neville

Dallas did mic work on the way to the ring and said that he was trying to help Neville but now he's going to force Neville to "Bo-lieve."

NXT chant at the bell.    They went back and forth early.  Neville scored with a series of kicks and did all his really great looking athletic.  He went to the top but Dallas rolled outside.  He wasn't safe there as he ate a moonsault to the floor.  Back in the ring, Neville locked in a chinlock.  Dallas escaped and tried to tell Neville they were really friends.  Dallas whipped out an old NXT favorite move of mine, rolling up Neville near the ropes and sending him to the floor.  Dallas beat down Neville and scored with a big clothesline.

Dallas controlled the match for a long time, beating on Neville.  It's probably the most TV time Dallas has gotten and been on offense in forever.   Dallas played to the crowd like a babyface to mock them.  Neville finally slipped free and Dallas took a crazy spot where he slid out of the ring but not before smacking his face on the bottom turnbuckle.  Dallas returned and Neville nailed a series of right hands and a great dropkick.  Neville nailed a flying forearm and a standing shooting star press for a two count.

Dallas nailed a DDT but only scored a two count.   Dallas went for the Bo-Dawg but was tossed off and nailed.  Neville went to the top for the Red Arrow and scored the pin.

Your winner, Neville!

A good, solid match.  Best Dallas has had a chance to show in some time and Neville did all his spots.  Good showing from both.

Backstage, Triple H found Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. He said it was admirable Reigns wanted to be in Dean's corner but he doesn't have the authority to do that. Kane will be there in an official capacity but Reigns would just be a distraction. He told Reigns that if he gets involved, Dean will be DQ'd.

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