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By Mike Johnson on 2015-05-15 19:15:26

Standing ovation and big chant for Liger before he left.

Kazuchida Okada vs. Cedric Alexander

They told the story that this match was scheduled for last year but Alexander got injured, so this is his chance to make up for it.   The story early on was that Okada used his veteran status to try and work over Alexander who came back showing his fire with a hell of a dropkick before unloaded with chops.

Alexander was in control until Okada dropicked him over the ropes to the floor from the buckles.  The lighting truss blew and we were lost in darkness for 45 seconds until they got them up.  The place popped huge for the lights.   Okada nailed a hanging DDT off the apron to the floor.  Alexander kicked out of several two counts and fought back, nailing several chops before being snapmared over and hit with a dropkick.  Alexander made a comeback and hit a big flip dive over the top to the floor.  The lights blew again.  Thank God they blew after he was going for the dive.  That could have been real dangerous.

They got the lights up and Alexander nailed a flying clothesline from the top.  He nailed a sitdown Michnoku Driver for a two count.  Okada drilled him down and worked him over.  He slammed Cedric with authority and came off with a flying elbowsmash.  He called for Rainmaker but Alexander ducked and nailed a springboard swinging DDT off the ropes.  Alexander took too long charging and was caught with the Kryptonite Krunch for a two count.

Okada continued working over Cedric but Alexander kicked up at the last second.  Alexander reversed and nailed several big kicks including a trio of running dropkicks in the corner for a CLOSE near fall.  This match is awesome.  They battled back and forth Alexander nailed a springboard kick.  Okada slipped out of a suplex attempt and nailed a dropkick, followed by a tombstone piledriver.  He nailed The Rainmaker and scored the pin.

Your winner, Kazuchida Okada!

Just an excellent match where Alexander fought his ass off and scored several near falls to show that he could be competitive before falling to the veteran.  The story was that while he lost, Cedric took a step forward in his career, right down to Okada telling the audience to cheer for Cedric, not Okada.   Alexander refused a handshake and walked out frustrated, continuing to develop that side of his personality.

ROH Tag Team champions The Addiction vs. RPV vs. The Decade (with Colby Corino)

Steve Corino wasn't happy his son was with BJ Whitmer and Adam Page.  Beretta and Kazarian started.  The Addiction demanded to be called the ROH World Tag Team champions of the World, so they brought that part of their act back.  Some nice near falls early.  Romero tagged in and Kazarian talked trash on him, so Romero poked him in the eyes, then kicked him hard across the back.   Some good solid action as teams tagged in and out.  Corino got frustrated over Whitmer using his son.

They noted Christopher Daniels was wearing a black armband in honor of Joe Francioso, who passed away today and Corino expressed their condolences to his family.

The Addiction cornered Beretta and worked him over.  Daniels nailed a quebrada for a two count.   He continued woring over Beretta before bringing him over and delivering him to The Decade, who continued the assault.   Page hit a running shooting star press off the apron onto Beretta.  Page went for the pin but Daniels took umbrage here and they began arguing.  They got into it.  Daniels said he was the original main eventer here.  Page called him and old man and smushed his face.  Daniels cleaned house on him but got crushed with a double stomp by Beretta who tagged out.

Romero cleaned house on everyone and nailed a big clothesline on Daniels followed by a dorpkick on Kazarian.  He nailed clotheslines on both member of The Addiction.   This turned into aa ton of great back and forth sequences.  There was a lot of back and forth until The Addiction got the pin.  Lots of good stuff here.

Your winners and still ROH Tag Team champions, The Addiction!

Another good match.

ACH vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

They noted ACH had travel issues and his luggage is somewhere in Buffalo so he had to borrow gear from a local wrestler.  Huge pop and reaction for Nakamura.   They began teasing a dance-off.  Corino asked where was Tracy Smothers when they needed him,  Nakamura offered a handshake but wen to kick ACH.  ACH cut him off him and hit a flurry of offense.

ACH went for a big move but was kicked down to the floor.  Nakamura dumped him on the guard rail and nailed him with a running knee.  He dropped a knee across the back of his neck and head as ACH was laid out on the apron.  The crowd chanted for Nakamura.  Back in the ring, Nakamura nailed a series of knees to the ribs and mid-section with the idea that if ACH can't breath, his highflying is grounded.

ACH made a comeback and scored with a series of kicks and a sitdown driver.  Nakamura came back with a nice spinkick to the head.  ACH fired back and they went back and forth with foreams and right hands.  ACH used the entire Stone Cold Stunner routine on Nakamura.  They battled over a suplex attempt before Nakamura nailed a big knee to the ribs and drilled him with a face-first suplex.  ACH nailed a swinging DDT for a two count.

ACH went to the top and nailed a double stomp as Nakamura got to his feet.  The crowd chanted, "This is awesome" as Nakamura rolled to the outside.   ACH dropkicked him off the apron to the floor to set up a big dive spot, wiping out Nakamura.  ACH missed a 450 splash but Nakamura move and drilled him with a running knee.

Nakamura laid him out and scored the pin.

Your winner, Shinsuke Nakamura!

Another really good match and in some ways, probably ACH's best singles bout to date.

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