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By Nathan Favel on 2015-05-07 09:59:42

Original Air Date: 5/6/15


                Welcome to the inaugural edition of what should become a weekly review of El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground.  This little known favorite of the independent wrestling world has been the most consistent wrestling broadcast on television in what feels like an eternity. Edited to look and feel like a telenovela, or as we commonly call them, soap operas, Lucha Underground has managed to infuse the robust spirit of Mexico’s best dramatic programs with the fiercest lucha libre possible, creating one of wrestling’s most original experiences.  Without further ado, let’s get right to the action, inside of The Temple!

Commentators: Matt Striker – Play–By-Play

         Vampiro - Color


                Match #1:  Son of Havoc (Matt Cross) & Angelico – Lucha Underground Trios Tag Team Champions vs. The Crew [Cortez (Ricky Reyes) & Mr. Cisco]

                The story here was that Havoc and Angelico were forced to compete while their third partner, Ivellise, was sitting in the crowd with a broken ankle, which caused the champion to be somewhat distracted while they fought The Crew, who were still sore about losing the title match to the inaugural champions who were crowned, just a few weeks ago.  The majority of the usual lucha libre stunts were performed by the champions, both of who have a particular affinity for aerial work.  Havoc, who still performs under his original wrestling gimmick of Matt Cross on the independent circuit, has added a considerable amount of muscle mass that has limited his flexibility greatly.  Despite that unfortunate development, Havoc has a remarkable talent for acrobatics, which helps mask his limited mobility these days, due to his rather noticeable muscular metamorphosis. Cortez, or Ricky Reyes, as he is typically called, looked great in his exchanges with the champions, so much so that it makes one wonder why he has not been able to get more lucrative work with one of Mexico’s two big lucha libre promotions on a regular basis.  The match itself was essentially a brawl, with the champions peppering the meat of the match with as many thrills and chills as they could possibly muster in what ended up being a shorter amount of time than I was hoping for.  Altogether, this was a fine little offering that whet my appetite for the rest of the evening.

Winners: The Crew

                Match #2:  Delevar Daivari (Shaun Daivari) vs. Texano

                This match-up never started, as the two brawled immediately, which eventually earned the bout a disqualification finish. 

Winner: Delevar Daivari – Disqualification


                Match #3: Prince Puma (Ricochet) – Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Champion & Hernandez vs. King Cuerno & Cage (Brian Cage)

                This was a fairly physical affair that, once again, didn’t focus all that much on pure lucha, with the purpose of the bout instead being to establish the distrust between Prince Puma and Hernandez, who was brought to Lucha Underground by Konnan, Puma’s manager. The wrestling was like a WWE Smackdown main event which, while not all bad, is certainly not what I was hoping for in my first review for Lucha Underground.  Everyone here worked hard to sell us on a match that felt ephemeral at best, with seemingly no other reason to exist, besides beginning a feud between the champion and his supposed bodyguard, Hernandez.  There were some hard hits that helped keep the action white hot, but little in the way of necessity killed this match’s momentum.

Winners: King Cuerno & Cage


                Match #4:  Main Event - Alberto El Patron (Alberto Del Rio/Dos Caras Jr.) – AAA Mega Champion vs. Johnny Mundo (John Morrison) - #2 Contender’s Match to the Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship

                Now this is what wrestling is meant to be all about.  These two men, who received next to nothing from Vince McMahon when they both worked in the WWE, were able to do more in the span of this one match than they were able to do in what the numerous years they worked for the man.  From bell to bell, these awesome athletes created one of wrestling’s best matches this year and truly set the bar higher for all others who dare accept the challenge.   I could go on gushing, but I think it’s safe to say that words can’t do such a performance justice.  Please, do all that you can to watch this masterstroke of wrestling prowess.

Winner:  Alberto El Patron - #2 Contender to the Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship


News of the Night:

                #1:  Dario Cueto, the general manager of Lucha Underground, threatened to bring in The Monster if The Crew didn’t take out the tag team champions tonight.  I have no clue as to who such a beast would be, but I hope he/she can wrestle lucha, or else he/she will stick out like a sore thumb.

                #2:  Daivari, who has worked for WWE, TNA and Ring of Honor in recent years, has begun his latest gimmick, this time as a Beverly Hills millionaire who made his money after an excursion outside of wrestling.  The gimmick worked for JBL, so why can’t Daivari play the part of a self-made millionaire?

                #3:  Konnan sided with Prince Puma after Hernandez attacked Puma during their match with Cuerno and Cage.  I think it wise to keep Puma with Konnan, if only to avoid any contrivance right now, as such an angle has already been done to death by every other company in wrestling.

                #4:  Black Lotus, a female wrestler for Lucha Underground, left her master after his plead for her to remain under his tutelage. 

                #5:  Katrina, a Lucha Underground valet, resurrected Mil Muertes his grave and seemingly as a rudo, or heel.  Muertes is meant to be positioned in LU in the same way that The Undertaker is in the WWE, being that of a mystical nature.

                #6: Alberto El Patron will soon wrestle Hernandez for the #1 Contender’s spot to the Lucha Underground World Heavyweight Championship.


                Final Analysis:  This was a solid edition of Lucha Underground that was highlighted by a magnificent main event.  If LU can continue to present matches like the main event on a regular basis, then they will have their chance to become more than just a cult favorite in the wrestling world. 

                Thank you for reading this debut review of Lucha Underground and I hope to see you, next time.

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