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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-04-05 07:04:37
New Japan has been experiencing some problems with their New Japan World service for their Invasion Attack show . While some people were able to get the live program that started at 4:00 PM in Tokyo, many people are getting 'Service Unavailable' messages.

Anyone who is watching the show, make sure not to reload the page or you may lose the feed.

New Japan posted on their Twitter account that they are aware of the issue and are working on it.

I was on the New Japan World page shortly before the show started, but when I tried to access the live program, it started to give me the Service Unavailable message. I was having this issue in multiple browsers.

[updated at 7:15 AM]:

While I was able to get a stream of the show on one of the many tabs I had open for New Japan World, every other attempt I made was met with a 'Service Unavailable' message.

The show ended around 6:45 AM EDT.

The following is the translation (through Google) of a message on the main page of New Japan World:

Regarding today of 4.5 both countries tournament, by unauthorized access is concentrated, the situation that is not available at LIVE to some of our customers have incurred. Recovery is delayed, we apologize that it has the inconvenience to everyone. We will continue to the correspondence so that there is no such thing in the future.

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