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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-03-29 18:51:39
We are now less than an hour from the start of Wrestlemania 31 with our host Renee Young and her panelists, Booker T, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves.

Corey says this is a legitimate heavyweight fight.

Renee asks Booker to rank this main event. Booker says it will be one of the top matches in the history of Wrestlemania. You have Brock Lesnar and a man who will be making his debut in a Heavyweight Title Match.

Byron says he had a chance to talk to Roman and he asked him how he was feeling. Roman says he is ready for the fight of his life. He is ready to walk out as the World Champion.

We go to the ring for Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler, and John Layfield.

Michael welcomes us to ringside.

Match Number One: WWE Tag Title Match: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd (with Natalya) versus Fernando and Diego (with El Torito) versus Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso (with Naomi) versus Kofi Kingston and Big E (with Xavier Woods)

Cesaro and Kofi start things off and they lock up. Cesaro backs Kofi into the ropes and he connects with a European uppercut. Kofi with a drop kick to Cesaro and Diego tags himself in. Cesaro sends Jey into the ringside barrier while Diego with a side head lock to Kofi and a shoulder tackle. Diego blocks a hip toss and Kofi with a monkey flip and he gets a near fall. Diego puts Kofi in the ropes and Diego with a splash while tagging in Fernando and he hits a slingshot senton.

Jey is helped to the back while Cesaro tags back in and he applies a reverse chin lock on Kofi. Kofi with punches and Cesaro knocks Big E off the apron. Kidd tags in and Cesaro with the giant swing and drop kick from Kidd for a near fall. Diego and Fernando break up the cover and the champions take care of the Matadores.

Kidd with a reverse chin lock on Kofi. Kofi lands on his feet and he kicks Kidd. Jimmy tags in and he clothesline Kidd and hits a thrust kick and uppercut. Jimmy with a Samoan drop. Jimmy with a super kick to Cesaro and then Big E. Fernando goes down after a super kick. Jimmy with a running butt splash to Kidd, followed by Cesaro. He goes after Fernando and Big E as well. Kofi with a springboard cross body onto Diego on the floor.

Jimmy with a super kick to Kidd for a near fall. Jimmy gets kicked by Kidd and Cesaro tags in but Kidd is sent to the floor. Big E makes the blind tag and Cesaro with a European uppercut.

Kofi with an assisted cross body to Cesaro for a near fall. Fernando tags in and Kofi stops him on the turnbuckles. Kofi sets for a superplex but Cesaro gets underneath Kofi. Cesaro with a Gorilla Superplex to Big E. Diego drops Jimmy onto Cesaro and then Diego with a springboard senton onto Big E. Diego with a lungblower to Kofi for a near fall. Kidd puts Natalya in front of Fernando and he kicks Fernando from the apron. Woods takes care of Kidd. Woods catches Torito on a dive but Torito with a head scissors into the ringside barrier. Natalya puts Torito in the Sharpshooter.

Naomi and Jimmy with stereo planchas onto everyone. Natalya misses a clothesline and Naomi hits Rear View. Big E hits the Big Ending on Diego but it is broken up. Fernando pushes Diego to the floor and he gets a rollup but the referee sends Diego off.

Big E punches Fernando and hits an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. Big E with a punch and he goes for the Big Ending and Kidd gets up and Big E catches him. Jimmy with a super kick to Big E. Cesaro with a European uppercut to Fernando. Kofi hits Kidd with Toruble in Paradise. Cesaro with a running European uppercut to Kofi. Cesaro catches Fernando and he catapults him into Kofi. Fernando with a super kick to Cesaro.

Fernando and Diego set for a double superplex but they are stopped. We get a double Electric Chair superplex and everyone but Jimmy is down. Jimmy with a superfly splash but Cesaro made the blind tag and he pins Big E for the three count.

Winners: Tyson Kidd and Cesaro

We go back to the Kickoff Show Panel and they talk about the tag title match.

Renee mentions Natalya putting Torito in the Sharpshooter. Byron says that you have to do something to be memorable and Natalya did that.

Booker says he was impressed with the New Day.

Renee says that is just a taste of what you are going to get tonight and we have the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

We go to the Social Media Lounge and Tom Phillips is joined by Lita.

Tom mentions her being inducted last year and he asks her what it is like to be back this year. She says it is great to be back in this world. She says the fans are crazy, in a good way. There is so much going on.

Tom goes to some of the questions for Lita.

She is asked about the situation between AJ and Paige and if it will affect their match. Lita mentions that there is a history of problems between members of tag teams. She says blood is thicker than water and that could be the advantage for them.

Lita is asked about her and Trish. She says that they have been going around the country on tour together. Now you don’t have to choose between them like when they were in the ring.

She is asked for advice for aspiring Divas. Lita mentions that she had to go to Mexico, but now you only have to go to Florida to kick down the doors. She jokes that you should camp out at the Training Center and maybe they will feel pity.

Lita is asked if we will see the Besties versus the Bellas. Lita says that is a great idea.

Lita is asked if she will ever return to Wrestlemania and who would she face? Lita suggests maybe her and Trish versus the Bellas. She says they could be a formidable stable if they joined forces.

Byron talks about the people who come around during Wrestlemania week. He talks about being around Hillbilly Jim, Nikolai Volkoff, and Howard Finkel.

Renee mentions all of the people dressed up at Wrestlemania.

Renee says Wrestlemania is about making history for themselves and sending a message to the locker room.

Byron mentions the New Day. They might not have won, but they made an impression and it could lead to something going forward. Booker says the New Day’s stock went up.

We take a look at Jon Gruden’s analysis of the Andre the Giant Battle Royal.

Match Number Two:Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (Featuring The Miz, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Fandango, Adam Rose, Zack Ryder, Jack Swagger, Titus O’Neil, Darren Young, Big Show, Kane, Erick Rowan, Damien Sandow, Sin Cara, Goldust, Heath Slater, Mark Henry, Konnor, Viktor, Hideo Itami, and many more)

Everyone pairs off and then Axel says that this is his house and he rips off the AxelMania shirt. Everyone picks up Axel and they eliminate him from the match as the first one to taste defeat.

Now things break down. Bo Dallas punches Swagger while Show chops Titus in the corner. Itami kicks Cesaro but Jimmy kicks Itami. Goldust and Young exchange punches. Young tries to eliminate Goldust while Ryback tries to eliminate Itami. Swagger sends Dallas to the apron. Fandango and Rose fight on the apron but Rose was brought through the ropes. Fandango and Rose are on the floor.

Cesaro kicks Rose while Swagger goes after Cesaro. Goldust is on the apron and Titus works him over. Show chops Itami while Konnor and Woods choke Fernando. Sandow is instructed by Miz and he punches Alex Riley. Miz tells Sandow to pick up Riley and Riley saves himself. Riley punches Miz and he sends Miz to the apron. Sandow saves Miz and he eliminates Riley.

Miz tells Sandow he did a good job. Ryder with a splash to Slater and he sets for the Broski Boot and he eliminates Ryder. Bo does a victory lap around the ring and Itami kicks him and kicks Dallas over the top rope to the floor.

Kidd and Itami exchange kicks but Big Show ends up behind Itami. Itami with chops but Show sends Itami to the apron and then he punches Itami off the apron. Titus with a forearm to Show. Kane takes care of Fernando and Diego at the same time. Sin Cara is eliminated by Cesaro. Cesaro punches Titus and Show.

Cesaro with shoulders to Show. Henry presses Kidd onto the people on the floor. Henry goes after Cesaro but Konnor and Viktor work over Henry and they try for Fall of Man on him but they bound off Henry. Henry is eliminated by the Ascension. Konnor and Viktor go after Ryback and now Big Show. Goldust and Kane try to eliminate Young.

Konnor takes Show to the mat with a flying clothesline. Goldust is on the turnbuckles and he gets back to the mat. Cesaro lands on the apron. Ryback eliminates the Ascension. Ryback clotheslines Young and eliminates him.

Slater gets press slammed and eliminated by Ryback. Titus with a shoulder tackle to Ryback and he barks. Titus with a splash to Ryback but Ryback with a German suplex to eliminate Titus. Ryback with a muscle buster to Swagger and Show eliminates Swagger. Kofi punches Show and he is joined by Woods and Big E. Big E clothesline Show over the top rope but he lands on the apron. Show eliminates Big E and then he takes care of Woods. Kofi with a drop kick to Show but he stays on the apron. Show with a back drop to eliminate Kofi.

Jimmy with an enzugiri to Miz. Rowan kicks Show in the corner. Cesaro has Kane on the turnbuckles. Kane tries to eliminate Cesaro but he lands on the apron. Show eliminates Rowawn and Goldust punches Show. Show grabs Goldust but Ryback takes care of Show. Ryback eliminates Goldust. Ryback goes after Show for a musclebuster but Kane with an uppercut.

Kane grabs Sandow and Miz and he hits a double choke slam. Kane grabs Cesaro and he sends him over the top rope but Cesaro gets back in the ring and he eliminates Kane. Jimmy with a super kick to Cesaro but Show eliminates Jimmy.

Cesaro punches Show and he tries to clothesline Show over the top but Show grabs Cesaro. Cesaro escapes a choke slam and he tries to slam Show but Show gets to his feet and he eliminates Cesaro.

We are down to Ryback, Big Show, Miz, and Damien Sandow. Ryback with a spinebuster to Show and he sets for a clothesline while Miz and Sandow are on the mat. Show eliminates Ryback and we are down to three.

Miz hears the chants for Sandow and he tells Sandow to go after Show. Miz goes towards Show but Sandow stays in the corner. Miz tries to get Sandow to join him. He tells Sandow it has always been them. Miz says this is for them. Sandow says no.

Miz calls him ungrateful and he pokes Sandow in the chest. Sandow grabs Miz and eliminates him. Sandow knocks Miz off the apron.

We are down to Sandow and Big Show, who stood there and watched what happened for the last three minutes.

Show laughs at the idea of Sandow winning this and he gives Sandow the opportunity to eliminate him. Sandow with a kick and forearms. Show sends Sandow to the apron and he skins the cat. Show misses a punch and Sandow with punches and kicks. Sandow tries to clothesline Show over the top rope but Show with a shoulder tackle.

Show charges at Sandow but Sandow ducks and Show is caught on the top rope. Sandow kicks Show and he lands on the apron. Sandow bites Show’s hand but Show slaps him. Sandow with punches and then he is grabbed by Show. Show gets back into the ring and he tries for a choke slam but Sandow with a guillotine choke. Show sends Sandow to the apron and Sandow holds on.

Show picks up Sandow and eliminates him.

Winner: Big Show

We go back to the panel and Booker reminds everyone he predicted the Big Show.

Byron says he thought Sandow was going to pull it off.

Byron and Renee talk about how much it means for Big Show to win because of the comparisons to Andre the Giant.

Renee talks about the memories for everyone to be in this year’s Mania, but they talk about next year in front of a record crowd.

Booker talks about the Santa Ana winds one more time and he also mentions his new book.

Renee mentions the Ladder Match will start off the pay per view. We have a tasteful video package for the Intercontinental Title and Ladder Matches.

We go to the announcers while they describe the scene around the ring with the ladders being set up.

Pat Patterson is in the ring hooking the title belt to the apparatus to be lifted above the ring.

Wrestlemania is NEXT.

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