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By Stuart Carapola on 2015-03-28 22:54:53
Welcome to's live coverage of King of Indies 2015: Night Two!

Quarterfinal Match: Brian Cage vs Jeff Cobb

This is the quarterfinal I was most looking forward to after last night, it's just a shame that one of these guys is going out in the quarters. They waste no time tying up and going to the mat, which is not where Cage wants to be with Cobb. They get back to their feet and Cage uses his power to bowl Cobb into the corner and ram some shoulderblocks into his midsection. Cobb gets free and counters a hiptoss to a big fireman's carry takeover. Cage leapfrogs Cobb as he charges into the corner, schoolboys him over, and connects with a dropkick to the face. Cage with a delayed vertical suplex, but Cobb gets out waistlocks Cage, and just muscles him over in a pair of gutwrench suplexes. Cage manages to get free of Cobb's grip and hit a Russian legsweep, slumps Cobb over the middle rope, and connects with a 619. Cobb is back up and powers Cage over with a northern lights suplex for 2, but a big clothesline from Cage puts Cobb back down for another 2 count. Cage locks Cobb down with a rear chinlock, but Cobb gets free and suplexes Cage into the corner and covers for 2. Cobb with a Perfect necksnap, a basement dropkick, and a jackknife cradle for 2. Cobb with a pump handle suplex into a bridging cradle for 2. That was impressive, but so is Cage's response in the form of a pump handle piledriver that looks like it would have killed anyone who didn't have as thick a neck as Cobb. Cage goes to the top and hits a Shawn Michaels elbowdrop for 2, Cage charges in, but Cobb hauls him into the air, turns backward against the momentum, and dumps Cage on his head with a back suplex for 2. Cage escapes a fireman's carry and they trade forearms in the middle of the ring, Cage springboards off the middle rope, but Cobb CATCHES BRIAN CAGE, goes for another suplex, but Cage gets out, grazes Cobb with a roaring clothesline, and hits another sitout driver for 2. Cobb gets behind Cage and hits a series of rolling German suplexes, Cage gets out and hits a release German, and both men are down. Thhey trade forearms in the middle of the ring, Cage ducks one and rolls Cobb through with a backslide and rips his head off with a second roaring clothesline. Cobb manages to kick out at 2, so Cage hits a Yakuza kick and goes for another roaring clothesline, but Cobb elevates Cage and flattens him with another Tour of the Islands for the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb

I'm surprised by that one! Cobb has definitely impressed the most out of the "unknown" guys getting a shot in this tournament, and the power he displayed here by tossing Cage around like he did was something else.

Quarterfinal Match: Timothy Thatcher vs Vincenzo Massaro

The fact that Thatcher is back to potentially wrestle three more times after the match he had with Chris Hero earlier tonight, not to mention his matches yesterday, is unbelievable. This dude is something else. They tie up in the middle of the ring and Thatcher easily takes Massaro down and works his legs, Massaro floats over on top of Thatcher, but Thatcher easily takes Massaro back over and forces him to the floor to create some distance. He doesn't have much better luck when he comes back in, as Thatcher takes Massaro back down and bars the arm as he works to put Massaro's shoulders to the mat. Massaro gets away again and goes for a double underhook throw, Massaro lowers his base to come down on top of Massaro, but Thatcher is calm and in control as he casually sits out and maintains that armbar as he tries to convert it to a cross armbreaker. Massaro gets free and tries some punches, but Thatcher ties Massaro up again and works his way back to the neutral position, then blocks a hard chop from Massaro, causing Massaro to hurt his own hand. Massaro tries to go in another direction and trades forearms with Thatcher, who quickly tires of that and takes Massaro down with a quick double leg takedown and goes back to working that cross armbreaker. Thatcher kicks Massaro off to the corner and nails him with a charging European uppercut, but Massaro comes zipping out of the corner with an STO and gets a high choke on Thatcher. Thatcher gets out of that, but Massaro dumps him on his head with a backdrop suplex. Massaro goes for a cover, but Thatcher simply floats out of it into a Fujiwara armbar, uses the arm to turn Massaro away from the ropes, and cranks on the armbar to force Massaro to tap.

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

Total domination by Thatcher, who I will make my revised choice to win this whole thing now that Brian Cage is out. Sportsmanlike handshake after the match.

Quarterfinal Match: Adam Thornstowe vs Luster The Legend

The announcers are making a big deal out of these guys wrestling each other, so I guess they're buddies or tag team partners or something. Regardless, they waste no time going after each other like it's 2am at O'Malley's. Thornstowe gets some early offense, but then Luster takes Thornstowe to the corner and hammers him with chops and forearms, followed by a charging shoulderblock. They go out to the floor where Luster powerbombs Thornstowe onto the ring apron, then come inside where Luster drops a series of knees to Thornstowe's skull. Luster with a Faarooq-style spinebuster for a close 2, then hits a gutwrench powerbomb for 2. You know, matches between real life friends always seem a lot more stiff than the average match, you ever notice that? Thornstowe goes for a sunset bomb, Luster hangs on, so Thornstowe superkicks him in the back to knock him into the Tree of Woe, then Thornstowe comes off the top rope with a double stomp to the chest. Thornstowe with a lcimbing knee in the corner, a superkick to the head, but Luster blocks another superkick and counters to a Texas Cloverleaf. Thornstowe makes it to the ropes to force the break, but Luster goes right to a cobra clutch, hits Uncle Slam over his knee, but Thornstowe rolls out, superkicks Luster, and hits a death valley driver for 2. Thornstowe with forearms and a superkick, then he lifts Luster and hits a Tombstone to advance.

Winner: Adam Thornstowe

Thornstowe advances to face Timothy Thatcher in the semifinals. Good, solid and hard hitting battle between these two tag team partners.

Quarterfinal Match: Rey Horus vs Willie Mack

Willie has a big size advantage, and easily powers Horus across the ring off a tie up. Horus does some flippy dippy stuff, but Mack can match Horus on speed and they trade armdrags, do a double dropkick, double kip-up, and they're at the indy stalemate. Mack gets a headlock and Horus tries to shove him off, but Mack is too strong and literally drags Horus around the ring by the head. Mack decides to hit the ropes on his own, but Mack just bowls Horus over with a shoulderblock and then boots him in the head. Mack pops Horus up with a big flapjack and then runs him over with a clothesline for 2. This is all Mack, as he lifts Horus up like a feather, runs in a vertical suplex position, and drops Horus with a brainbuster for 2. Horus finally manages to do some flippy lucha stuff to knock Mack out to the floor and hits a nice flying headscissors to the floor. Mack is not amused, and he smacks Horus into next week before Irish whipping him so hard he launches him right through the barricade. They go back in and Horus dodges a charge from Mack, using his own momentum to send him to the floor, then comes off the top with a twisting moonsault right on top of Mack. Horus rolls Mack back into the ring and heads to the top rope, connecting with a crossbody. He comes off the ropes and twists over Mack into a tornado DDT for 2. Mack is up and gets Horus in a fireman's carry, dumps him hard, then goes to the top for the Swanton. Horus moves out of the way, goes for another tornado DDT, but Mack sits out, pops Horus up, and hits the sitout Michinoku driver to move on to the semifinals.

Winner: Willie Mack

No real surprise here, strong win by Mack as he moves one step closer to the finish line.

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