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By Stuart Carapola on 2015-03-28 20:43:42
PJ Black vs AR Fox

They go at is fast right from the start, and a sequence of events that happens too fast for me to type ends with Black moonsaulting off the apron to avoid a shot from Fox, but getting taken out with a dive anyway. Fox tries to springboard off the guardrail, but Black superkicks him in the face, rolls him inside, and springboards in, but now Fox sees him coming and dropkicks him out of the air and covers for 2. Black is slumped over the middle rope, so Fox hits a flying ass slide, then tries to springboard back in and again Black counters, this time to a double knee for 2. I think they ought to stop trying springboard moves. Black is wearing Karate Kid skeleton tights, and that's appropriate as he and Fox stand in the middle of the ring trading forearms, chops and kicks. Fox comes out on top of that, nails Black with a leaping enziguiri, and tries a rolling type move that Black counters to a sitout powerbomb for 2. Black tries a springboard clothesline, but Fox catches him coming down and counters to a Koji clutch. NO MORE SPRINGBOARD MOVES! Fox headscissors Black out to the floor, then Black gets up to the apron and they fight over a suplex until Black just drops Fox on the top rope and then charges in with a lepaing kick. Black smartly avoids another springboard attempt, going to the top rope instead, but Fox dodges the 450 attempt and hits a shotgun dropkick that sends Black stumbling backward into the corner. Fox charges in with a cannonball, but Black moves and Fox hits hard. Black with a Lionsault for 2, hits an air raid crash over the knee for 2, then the lights go out as Black springs to the top for a moonsault. Fox knocks Black's legs out and leaps up to hit a lungblower, then pops back to the top and connects with a Swanton for 2. Fox hits Lo Mein Pain and then springs back to the top for a 450, but Black gets the knees up and small packages Fox for 2. Black goes to the top and Fox follows him up, Black blocks another Lo Mein Pain, and he hits a death valley driver onto the ring apron. Black picks Fox's shattered form up off the floor, rolls him inside, and hits the springboard 450 for the win.

Winner: PJ Black

There was a lot going on in this one, and I liked how the big spot (the death valley driver onto the apron) led directly to the finish and Fox wasn't up and hitting more spots ten seconds later. They shake hands after the match in a nice show of sportsmanship.

The WWNLive Ambassador (whose name I didn't catch) comes out and thanks the fans for making this show possible, then plugs the SHINE event this Friday, which will feature two champion vs champion matches and the next EVOLVE event.

Chris Hero vs Timothy Thatcher

Thatcher is OVER with this crowd, and Hero plays into the cheers as he tries to mock his opponent before making contact. Hero offers the hand, and Thatcher warily shakes it before they start circling. The crowd chants "Thatcher's gonna kill you" as they tie up, and Thatcher tries to take Hero down, Hero sprawls and tries a takedown, but Thatcher steps through and comes out on top. Thatcher rolls Hero into a crucific, but Hero is out at 1 and back to his feet, taking Thatcher down with a single leg and going behind. Thatcher slips out and goes for an Olympic roll, Hero goes to his belly, and Thatcher again gains Hero's back. Hero backs Thatcher to the ropes and breaks clean, then gets Thatcher in a three quarter nelson that Thatcher escapes pretty easily and we go back to neutral. Thatcher blocks a rolling elbow from Hero, and they go back to circling, Thatcher tries shooting at the leg, Hero sprawls again and circles behind and rolls Thatcher forward into an O'Connor roll for 2. Thatcher catches Hero in a modified surfboard on the escape, but Hero is too close to the ropes and forces a break. Thatcher comes in and circles behind Hero, taking him down to the mat and going to the arm before hooking Hero's heel. Hero is again too close to the ropes and forces another break, and he fires off a couple of forearms at Thatcher, but Thatcher hammers back with a few forearms of his own and takes Hero back to the mat into a pin attempt for 2. Hero gets behind Thatcher and uses a waistlock to gutwrench Thatcher to his back for 2, Thatcher escapes and sits out to get behind Hero, and Hero reverses back and tries to crank Thatcher's arm back to try and turn him again. Thatcher won't go, so he tries to circle around across Thatcher's back and Thatcher uses a gramby to put Hero to his back. Hero counters out to a headscissors, Thatcher bridges up out of the move and gets Hero in a bow & arrow. Hero escapes and goes to the floor to catch a break for a few seconds before coming back in tie up again. He takes Thatcher to the corner, slaps Thatcher on the break, and comes in with shoulderblocks to the ribs and goes for a rolling elbow, but Thatcher hammers Hero with some European uppercuts. Thatcher whips Hero across the ring, but Hero comes out of the corner with a roaring Yakuza kick and covers Thatcher for 2. Hero finally has the advantage, and presses it with a diving boot for 2. Hero rides Thatcher and cranks on a NASTY looking wristlock that would dislocate every bone in his arm if this was a shoot. Thatcher takes Hero down out of nowhere with a double leg takedown and goes for a Kimura lock, but Hero makes it to the ropes and slides out to the floor again, then rolls inside when Thatcher comes out after him, and slides through the ropes with a dropkick that takes Thatcher out. Hero rocks Thatcher with a roaring elbow, and Thatcher grabs Hero's arm when he goes for another shot, and HERO literally runs back into the ring to get away. Hero blasts Thatcher with a diving boot as they come back inside, and Hero continues to unload as Thatcher tries to defend himself. Thatcher goes for another double leg, but Hero holds his ground, hooks around his waist and drops Thatcher with a Jerry Lynn cradle piledriver for 2. Hero goes for another one, but Thatcher goes behind and German suplexes Hero. Hero is right back up, hits a Yakuza kick, Thatcher with another German suplex and then headbutts Hero as he comes in with another roaring elbow, and both men are down. Hero repeatedly boots Thatcher in the face, but each shot gets Thatcher more fired up and he keeps coming until finally blocking a kick and pummeling Hero with shots. Thatcher hits the ropes and Hero follows him in with a big boot, more roaring elbows, and he takes the pad off for a fourth. Thatcher slumps to the mat, and Hero rolls his dead weight over and covers for 2, and Thatcher rolls into a Fujiwara armbar on the kickout and forces Hero to tap out!

Winner: Timothy Thatcher

What a terrific match! Awesome match, great finish, and I feel safe saying that Timothy Thatcher is THE breakout star of the weekend to me between what I'm seeing at EVOLVE and King of Indies. Hero gets in Thatcher's face after the match, they slap each other in the face, and they shake hands.

It's main event time!

Austin Aries & Roderick Strong vs Uhaa Nation & Ricochet

Aries & Strong come out to the old Generation Next music and wearing Gen Next shirts from ten years ago in a nice nod to history. Roddy also has the FIP Title belt on, is this 2005 and just nobody told me? Roderick and Uhaa start us off and Strong outwrestles Uhaa, but Uhaa doesn't appreciate it and shoves him off to the ropes. Back and forth ends with Uhaa drilling Strong with a dropkick, then Aries and Ricochet tag in and go at it. Aries knocks Ricochet down with a shoulderblock, Ricochet springs back to his feet, Ricochet takes Aries down with a headscissors, and Aries springs out nad hits the dropkick. Ricochet connects with a dropkick of his own, and he seems to have rattled Aries with that one, but Aries quickly recovers and hits the kneebreaker suplex. Ricochet rolls to the floor, and Aries gives him no time to recover as he comes off the top rope with a Macho Man double axhandle. Roddy tags in, but so does Uhaa, and Uhaa quickly starts pounding on Roddy with forearms and elevates him with a delayed vertical suplex. Roddy is in peril as he winds up on the receiving end of some prolonged double teaming from Team Best Friends. Roddy suddenly nails Ricochet with a leaping enziguiri, tags Aries in, and Aries hits a slingshot senton, knocks Uhaa off the apron, and comes off the top with a missile dropkick to Ricochet for 2. Aries Olympic rolls Ricochet toward the Gen Next corner, Roddy puts the boot up, and Aries rams Ricochet into it before tagging Strong in to dish out some more punishment. Now Ricochet is caught in the wrong part of town, and Gen Next hit their trademark catapult/slingshot elbow combo for 2. Aries rolls Ricochet up for 2 and then gets the Last Chancery and Roddy comes in with a running boot to the face for 2. Strong with a BIG ASS backbreaker that bends Ricochet in half, but Ricochet makes it to the corner and tags in Uhaa, who cleans house on Gen Next and gets a spinebuster on Strong for 2. Uhaa pops Strong into the air and hits a powerslam for 2, Aries comes in and goes for a roaring elbow, but Aries blocks him with a quick missile dropkick. More double teaming from Ricochet and Uhaa, as Uhaa press slams Strong into an Ace Crusher from Ricochet. Aries breaks that cover, but Uhaa pitches him out to the floor and goes back to trading blows with Uhaa. Strong hits a cradle backbreaker, Aries comes in with an IED to Ricochet, then they hit the chop/brainbuster combo on Ricochet, a series of charging shots in the corner on Uhaa, and Strong hits a sick kick on Uhaa for 2. Aries goes to the top, but gets knocked to the floor as Uhaa suplexes Strong across the ring. Ricochet goes to the top, Strong nails him with a leaping enziguiri, and goes up to hit a big superplex, then rolls Ricochet back up for another suplex, but Ricochet counters to a Frankensteiner with a cradle for a REALLY close 2. Strong escapes a curtain call and counters another Frankensteiner attempt, holds the legs so Aries can hit Ricochet with a 450 splash and take out Uhaa with a dive to the floor, and Strong gets Ricochet in the Stronghold right in the middle of the ring. Ricochet tries to counter to a rollup, hits to Go To Sleep kick, and goes to the top. Aries holds Ricochet long enough for Strong to roll away from a shooting star press, hit a leaping kneestrike, and the vertical suplex backbreaker for the win.

Winners: Generation Next

Excellent main event to cap off a super weekend for the WWNLive crew. It was great to see Aries and Strong back together, and I hope this turns into a regular reunion for them. They seem to go in that direction when Strong thanks Uhaa and says it was an honor to work with him, then tells Aries how excited he was to wrestle with him again after all the years they spent going up and down the road. But then Strong says that things change, and he knocks Aries out with a leaping kneestrike and then lays Uhaa out as well. Strong gets the mic and says he destroyed Drew Galloway last time they faced, and he wants his title. Timothy Thatcher comes out and Strong leaves through the crowd, but Thatcher says the road to the World Title is through him. He says he may not be great at speeches, but they all thank the fans for coming out and making this weekend possible.

This show was terrific, just a great top to bottom wrestling event featuring what I consider the best roster EVOLVE has had in its entire history to this point. Big thumbs up for everything EVOLVE did this weekend.

Thanks for reading's live coverage of the WWN Supershow, I'll be back in an hour with coverage of the second night of the King of Indies 2015 tournament!

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