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By Stuart Carapola on 2015-03-28 20:43:42
Drew Galloway comes out and says the titles are getting unified, and he wants to defend both titles the same way he's defended the EVOLVE Title, and he wants to do this right now. So I guess we're getting the main event already!

Unification Match: EVOLVE Champion Drew Galloway vs Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano

Drew is like a foot taller than Galloway, but Gargano is using his speed to stick and move.Galloway hits the ropes and bowls Gargano over with a shoulderblock, then unloads with right hands in the corner. Gargano gets free, snapmares Galloway, and kicks him in the head. The stream drops out ofr a few second, and it comes back to Galloway giving Gargano a tilt-a-whirl slam onto the ring apron. That was nasty. Galloway picks Gargano up and tries to press slam him into the crowd, but Gargano slips free and clotheslines Galloway over the barricade. Gargano gets a running start and takes Galloway out with a dive over the barricade, and then they start brawling through the crowd. Gargano is standing there trading chops with Galloway, so Galloway picks him up and just flings him into the wall. Galloway looks for a piledriver on the floor, but Gargano blocks and hits atornado DDT off some lighting equipment, and both guys are down. No countouts because there must be a winner here, and indeed Gargano drags Galloway back toward the ring, dumps him over the rail, and rolls him inside. Gargano hits a slingshot spear through the ropes for 2, then unloads with left hands and chops in the corner. Gargano tries to boot Galloway, but Galloway catches the legs, turns around, and hits an inverted wheelbarrow bomb. Now Galloway is in control, and he starts hammering Gargano with chops, but he tries to go to the top and Gargano takes his legs out and crotches him. Gargano impresses the heck out of my by hauling Galloway all the way across the ring to hit the lawn dart for 2, and he tries the slingshot spear again, Galloway catches him and goes for the butterfly DDT, but Gargano plants his feet and backdrops Galloway to the floor. Gargano goes for a running dive, but Galloway drills him with a right hand as he comes out of the ring, then blasts him in the face with a pair of big boots. Galloway goes for a third, but Gargano catches him coming in with a superkick, then he goes back in the ring and tries the dive again, but Galloway moves and Gargano takes the referee out instead. Galloway rolls inside and Gargano tries the slingshot DDT, but Galloway catches him and hits an exploder into the corner. He makes a cover, but there's no referee. Gargano hits a leaping enziguiri and goes for Hertz Donut, but Page gets up on the apron and tries to hand Gargano a rope to choke Galloway out with. Gargano takes it, but throws it back out at Page and goe back to Galloway. Galloway had enough time to recover and kick Gargano's legs out and hit the butterfly DDT, and a second ref runs out to make the count but still only gets 2. Galloway charges in with the sick kick and this time Gargano moves and Galloway takes the second ref out. Gargano takes Galloway down and puts him in the Gargano Escape just as the first referee recovers, and Galloway rolls Gargano through into a cradle for 2. Gargano hits Galloway with another superkick, Galloway hoists Gargano up for a Tombstone, but Gargano drops out and rolls Galloway into the Gargano Escape again. Galloway again powers his way to his feet, pulls Gargano back up, and hits the Tombstone, but Gargano is out at 2. The crowd is going nuts as both men struggle to get back to their feet, Galloway is up first and carries Gargano to the top in a fireman's carry, turns Gargano over for a top rope tombstone, but Gargano counters in midair to a DDT. Somehow, Galloway kicks out at 2, and Page is outside the ring yelling at Gargano to finish Galloway. Gargano nails a superkick, but Galloway yells at him to give him more. Gargano with another superkick, but Galloway is still coming and makes it back to his feet. Gargano with two more superkicks and Galloway finally goes down, but he sturggles back up and gives Gargano a double bird. He avoids another superkick, hits a butterfly DDT, rolls through and hits another and makes a cover, and Gargano is still kicking out at 2. Gargano is firing forearms at Galloway that have nothing behind them, and Galloway pulls him up and hits another Tombstone to finally put Gargano away and unify the titles.

Winner and New Unified Champion: Drew Galloway

The unification of these titles was a big deal, and this is exactly the kind of match you would expect for the occasion. Both guys fought their hearts out and Galloway had to practically kill Gargano to beat him. Galloway gets a mic and says he's wearing the same gear he wore at Wrestlemania 26, but to him, this is his Wrestlemania moment. He wants to senda message to his people back there that there is life after WWE, and tonight, Drew Galloway has risen to the top. He thanks everyone for giving Drew Galloway a shot to show what he can do in this business, and he also puts over Gargano for carrying this place for six years and calls EVOLVE the house that Gargano built. He says Gargano gave him the best match of his life, and they said a lot of heated things coming into this, but this is both of their ring and he deserves this moment as much as he does and he wants Gargano to shake his hand. Gargano shakes Galloway's hand and Page is on one knee applauding, then Galloway hands the mic to Gargano and leaves with the belts so Gargano can have his say (plus Drew has a plane to catch). The crowd gives him a big reaction, but Page suddenly blindsides Gargano, drilling him with a right hand and putting the boots to him. Now Page has the mic and says that he doesn't know if Johnny has been paying attention, but he's been saying all weekend that he's been watching and has learned from Gargano and Ronin, and it's all about taking the top spot, and he promises Johnny that this is just the beginning because he isn't done with the Whole Shebang because he is ending his career in WWN. The crowd thanks Johnny as he staggers to the back.

Biff Busick vs Drew Gulak vs TJ Perkins vs Tommy End

Okay, this one is going to be tough to recap because everyone is just going nuts throwing one big shot after another at each other. Gulak dumps End to the apron and Busick slingshots him backward into the barricade, then Gulak picks Perkins up in a torture rack and just launches him at Busick, who drills him with a shot as he comes in. Now Gulak and Busick are double teaming Perkins while End recovers on the outside, and they pop Perkins up with a double delayed vertical suplex. End comes in and starts hammering both Busick and Gulak with hard kicks, but Busick lays him out with one big shot. End gets dumped out to the apron and tries a slingshot back in, but End catches him feet on the top rope coming in and Busick charges in on him with a shot before turning around and quickly laying Perkins out with a running Blockbuster. Busick with a half nelson suplex on End, but Gulak breaks the cover at 2 and gets into a staredown with Busick. Perkins comes in and takes them both out with a double dropkick, then End drills Gulak with a running kneestrike and then takes Busick and Perkins out with a moonsault and coming back in to come off the top rope onto Gulak for 2. Perkins gets End in a royal octopus, then turns it into an indian deathlock on End. Gulak kicks Perkins down, injuring End's legs in the process, but Perkins pops up and catches Gulak in a northern lights suplex for 2 while holding onto the indian deathlock. Perkins with a series of suplexes on Gulak and the double chickenwing onto the knees, tries a slide under End and gets double stomped, Busick comes in and lariats End, and Gulak missile dropkicks Busick, and all four men are down. Everyone is back up and going at it, and Perkins gets Gulak in a cross armbreaker for the tapout win.

Winner: TJ Perkins

Good match, though I was surprised to see TJ go over Gulak.

The show concludes on Page 3!

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