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By Mike Johnson on 2015-03-04 09:48:38
The WWE statement to in response to allegations made about Head WWE Trainer and Coach Bill DeMott led to a new series of social media activity and a second letter written by a then-developmental talent leaking online in regard to the situation.

In response to the WWE statement, which read, “WWE took the accusations made two years ago by Austin Matelson very seriously, conducted a full investigation and was unable to validate the claims.  Regardless, WWE continues to reinforce policies and procedures to ensure a positive training environment.", Matelson, a former developmental talent, wrote on Twitter that he would be returning to The Vendetta Pro wrestling radio show in California tonight to respond to WWE's statement.

Ryan Nemeth, the younger brother of WWE star Dolph Ziggler, who competed as Briley Pierce while under a WWE developmental deal, also responded to the WWE statement, writing on Twitter, "In 2 years I have still not been questioned once about my part in that poor guy's letter. That is the opposite of a "full investigation." "

The letter Austin Matelson released earlier this week included an allegation of DeMott kicking Nemeth in his medical boot while he was out of action with a broken leg.

The letter released by Matelson included accusations of DeMott "targeting" one wrestler with homophobic slurs and physically assaulting a wrestler who had left the ring after becoming dizzy during practice.  As it turns out, that former developmental talent turned out to be, based on another letter leaked online, the same person - Ryan Collins, who performed under the name Brandon Traven while signed to the company.

In that letter to WWE's Canyon Cemen, Collins noted he was coming to Cemen with his concerns after first speaking with his original trainer, WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race, who encouraged him to approach the company.  Collins' allegations echoed the ones Matelson's letter brought forth, including DeMott allegedly calling one talent a "pedophile", ripping a t-shirt off another after they had undergone neck surgery and were not cleared for physical contact, telling another talent to "kill himself", pulling ring ropes back so they would smack developmental talents in the face and other allegations. 

In regard to being struck by DeMott, Collins wrote that he had already suffered a "minor head injury" and had been practicing in the ring when he felt dizzy.  Collins said he was being checked by a trainer in a training room after leaving the ring when DeMott entered the room.  Collins alleged that DeMott accused him he was making the situation "worse" and "slapped" Collins on the top of the head as DeMott left the room.   Collins also alleged in his letter that DeMott had called him and others "F*****ts" and "half a sissy", matching up with claims written by Austin Matelson in the letter that was leaked Monday.

The letter was dated 3/25/13.  Based on records, Collins was released 5/16/13, less than two months after he contacted Cemen.

DeMott has not responded to the allegations of the last few days.

Former WWE champion Chris Jericho however, via Twitter, did defend Bill DeMott, writing the following:

The comments could be construed as confirming some of the allegations were indeed true, but whether that was Jericho's intent is unclear.

One thing that was blatantly obvious, however, is that former WWE developmental talent Derek Bateman, now well known as TNA star Ethan Carter III, responded to Jericho, alleging that he himself was also on the wrong end of DeMott's alleged physicality:

DeMott is at the WWE Performance Center as of this writing, training a class today.

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