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By Richard Trionfo on 2015-01-28 20:55:07
We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Tom Phillips, Jason Albert, and Alex Riley.

Match Number One: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy versus Kalisto and Sin Cara for the NXT Tag Team Titles

Cara and Blake start things off and they lock up. Cara with a hammer lock and side head lock. Cara with a wrist lock and springboard arm drag. Blake slams Cara and Murphy tags in and they pick up Cara but he gets away. Cara goes for a springboard move but Murphy with a drop kick and a near fall. Murphy with a forearm and he tags in Blake. Blake with a suplex for a near fall.

Blake with a reverse chin lock. Blake adds more pressure to the neck and he maintains the reverse chin lock. Cara punches Blake but Blake with a knee and he sends Cara into the turnbuckles. Blake with kicks but Cara with a boot when Blake charges not the corner. Cara with a rollup into a single arm power bomb and both men are down.

Murphy and Kalisto tag in and Kalisto with a springboard cross body and corkscrew springboard cross body followed by a handspring round kick. Kalisto with Code Red but Blake breaks up the cover. Cara sends Blake to the floor and Blake sends Cara into the apron.

Blake makes the tag and Kalisto with a round kick to Murphy and he hits Salida Del Sol and then Murphy with a cover for the three count.

Winners: Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy

We see the brackets for the Number One Contender Tournament and we will see Adrian Neville versus Tyson Kidd and Baron Corbin versus Bull Dempsey.

We take a look back at last week when Charlotte was able to successfully defend the NXT Women’s Title because of the interference of Becky Lynch. We see William Regal’s announcement about the Fatal Four Way Match.

Bayley is in the locker room and Charlotte stops by. Charlotte tells Bayley if she pulls a stunt like that again, she will destroy her. Bayley says it was instinct, and she is not sorry for what she did. She mentions that they are a team tonight and they have to work together as a team. Charlotte tells Bayley if they cannot work together, she won’t make it to the Fatal Four Way.

We go to commercial.

Tyler Breeze acknowledges that he lost his match, but he is not embarrassed. He will watch the rest of this tournament intently.

While Tyson Kidd makes his way to the ring, there is some sort of interference with the signal and it appears to be for Solomon Crowe.

Match Number Two: Adrian Neville versus Tyson Kidd in a Number One Contender’s Tournament First Round Match

They lock up and Neville with a waist lock but Kidd gets to his feet and he applies a hammer lock. Neville takes Kidd to the mat and Kidd escapes. They set for a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and Kidd with a take down into a front face lock. Neville gets back to his feet and he applies a hammer lock and takes Kidd to the mat. Kidd with a single leg take down but Neville kicks Kidd away and gets back to his feet.

They lock up and Neville with a side head lock and take down. Kidd escapes and he taunts Neville with a bow. Kidd with a kick and forearm. Kidd sends Neville into the turnbuckles and connects with a forearm to the back of the head. Kidd chokes Neville in the corner and then he Irish wihps Neville but Neville floats over and he goes to the apron and hits a shoulder from the apron and he hits a head scissors. Kidd goes to the floor and Tyson moves when Neville sets for a dive to the floor and he does a few flips in the ring and Riley is indignant about what Neville did.

Kidd breaks the count so he can spend more time on the floor. Kidd gets on the apron, enters the ring and breaks the count. Kidd kicks Neville into the guard rails and then Kidd with a head scissors to sent Neville into the guardrails. Neville gets back into the ring and Kidd gets a near fall. Kidd chokes Neville.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Kidd with a snap mare and kick to the back for a near fall. Kidd with a reverse chin lock and he leans back to add more pressure. Neville with a sunset slip but Kidd rolls through and hits a drop kick for a near fall. Kidd puts the ring skirt over Neville’s head and he stomps on Neville’s back while the referee warns him.

Kidd chokes Neville one more time and the referee warns him one more time. Neville with a kick and then he clotheslines Kidd over the top rope to the floor. Neville with a Fosbury flop plancha onto Kidd. Neville rolls Kidd back into the ring and Neville with a back heel kick and a kick to the chest followed by another back heel kick and a running kick to the back of the head followed by a standing shooting star press for a near fall.

Kidd with an elbow but Neville with a back heel kick. Neville with a kick after Kidd escapes a suplex attempt. Kidd drops Neville chest first onto the top rope and then he hits the fisherman’s swinging neck breaker for a near fall. Kidd gets back to his feet and he waits for Neville to get up. Kidd runs into a boot and Neville with a rollup but Kidd tries for a German suplex but Neville lands on his feet. Neville with a sit out power bomb for a near fall.

Kidd holds on to the leg so Neville cannot go to the apron and Neville kicks Kidd to get him to release the grip. Neville goes to the apron but Kidd with a drop kick to send Neville off the apron and then Kidd with a running kick to the head. Kidd rolls Neville back in and he gets a near fall. Kidd sets for Uncle Bret’s Sharpshooter but Neville kicks him away.

Neville sends Kidd into the turnbuckles and Neville follows with a round kick in the corner. Neville goes up top for Red Arrow and he hits it and gets the three count.

Winner: Adrian Neville (Advances to face the winner of Baron Corbin versus Bull Dempsey)

After the match, Adrian is asked about his second round match and his potential opponents. Adrian says they are both big tough guys, but this business is about being knocked down and getting back up again. He will be getting back up by winning this tournament. He will prove that he is the most dominant NXT Champion.

Becky and Sasha are asked about their match tonight. Sasha says they will win and she says that Becky will do the right thing at Takeover and help her win the title. Sasha walks away and Becky says she will do the right thing and walk out as the NXT Champion.

Wesley Blake and Buddy Murphy are asked about winning the title. Wesley says they cannot believe what they did. Buddy points out that the Lucha Dragons defeated the most dominant tag team in the Ascension. Their doors are open and they will face the Lucha Dragons again.

Match Number Three: Charlotte and Bayley versus Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks

Bayley and Sasha start things off and they lock up. Sasha with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Bayley with a shoulder tackle and she gets a near fall. Sasha with an Irish whip but Bayley comes off the turnbuckles with an arm drag. Bayley has some trouble on the turnbuckles and Becky tags in and works on the back.

Becky with a forearm to the back and she tags Sasha back in. Charlotte tags in and he takes Sasha down and gets a Sydal rollup cover for a near fall. Becky makes the tag and chops Becky and hip tosses her and gets a near fall. Charlotte with a knee drop and a second knee drop but Bayley with an elbow drop and a sliding clothesline to Becky after making the tag.

Bayley with a baseball slide to Becky and Becky gets back into the ring but Sasha grabs Bayley by the hair and drops her on the ropes while the referee tries not to watch. Becky with a suplex and leg drops for a near fall.

Becky sends Bayley into the turnbuckles and tags Sasha back in. They hit a double back elbow and Sasha gets a near fall. Sasha mocks Bayley while standing on her hand. Bayley kicks Sasha but Sasha with a knee drop to the leg for a near fall. Becky tags back in and she kicks Bayley in the injured knee. Bayley blocks a suplex and hits a suplex of her own but she is unable to take advantage.

Charlotte and Sasha tag in and Charlotte with a clothesline and chop. Charlotte with a kick and a suplex set up into a neck breaker. Charlotte locks in the figure four leg lock and she bridges but Becky with a drop kick to break up the hold. Charlotte sends Becky ot the floor but Sasha with a knee and she hits Bankrupt for a near fall. Bayley breaks up the cover but she hits Charlotte in the process.

Charlotte pushes Bayley and Bayley hits Charlotte. Charlotte with a chop and forearm while the referee has no idea what to do. Sasha and Becky join in and the referee gives up on the match and he calls for the bell.

No Contest

Charlotte and Bayley remain in the ring and they go after each other until the officials get into the ring.

Finn Balor is asked about his match against Hideo Itami next week. Finn tells Devin he knew it would happen, but he did not expect it to happen so soon. They are friends, but when the title is on the line, friendships go out the window.

Hideo stops by and he says that he is the one who brought Finn to NXT and if he has to, he will take him out.

We go to commercial.

Emma is with Devin Taylor and Devin mentions that Emma is back in NXT next week. She says things didn’t work out as she thought. She will face Carmella next week.

Match Number Four: Baron Corbin versus Bull Dempsey in a Number One Contender’s Tournament First Round Match

Dempsey misses a forearm and Corbin with punches and he sends Dempsey into the turnbuckles. Dempsey with punches but Baron with a shoulder tackle. Dempsey goes to the floor and Corbin sends him into the apron. Corbin with a punch and they return to the ring and Dempsey with punches and a head butt. Dempsey with an Irish whip but Baron with punches.

Corbin with a splash in the corner and he goes over the top rope to the floor and he punches Dempsey. Corbin with End of Days for the three count.

Winner: Baron Corbin (Advances to face Adrian Neville in the semi finals)

The semifinals will take place next week with the winners of those two matches meeting at Takeover.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Baron says that he goes one step closer to being the NXT Champion while Adrian Neville will be one step closer to being erased.

Bull Dempsey tells Baron he got lucky and he will take care of him, but Baron pie faces him and leaves.

William Regal is in the official contract signing ring adorned with the carpet, table, and microphones.

William brings out Sami Zayn first. Then he brings out Kevin Owens.

They stand at opposite sides of the contract signing table.

William tells them that he is not going to allow this contract signing turn out like every other contract signing in the WWE. If either man touches the other during this signing, he will cancel the match at Takeover.

William gives Sami the contract first to sign and he signs it. William gives the contract to Kevin. Kevin looks at Sami and Sami tells Kevin there is a microphone in front of him. Is he going to look at him or is he going to tell him and everyone else why.

Kevin doesn’t do anything and Sami says that Kevin should just act like the last twelve years never existed.

They started in Montreal and took it all over the world, fighting with and against each other. He should have seen it coming, but he didn’t. Everything they did, whether as friends or enemies was done to end up here.

Sami says he never thought on a night like R Evolution when Kevin finally arrived and he finally arrived, that Kevin would do that. That is all moot now because at Takeover, he is going to take it out on him.

Kevin picks up the pen and he says that this says ‘Non Title Match’. Kevin says regardless of what Sami thinks, what he did at Takeover wasn’t personal, it was business. Kevin says that he will fight everyone, but he fights for prize. Sami is not the prize, the title is the prize. It means more money for him and his family. He will not sign it until it is for the title.

William reminds Kevin it is not a title match.

Sami tells William to wait. He tells William it has to be a title match. He knows that Kevin won’t do it until it is a championship match. That is what everyone else wants. Sami wants to know if the people want to see him kick Kevin Owens’ ass.

William thinks about it and by the power of his pen, it is now an NXT Title Match. Sami initials the change and then he shows Owens what he did to the contract. Kevin initials the change and then he signs the contract.

Kevin tosses the contract in front of Zayn and then he throws the pen at Zayn. Regal holds Zayn back.

Steen walks to the back as we go to credits.

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