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By Dave Scherer on 2015-01-26 00:36:38

#CancelWWENetwork is trending at the top internationally on Twitter after the Royal Rumble PPV. That is not a good thing.

Also, after getting numerous emails from people saying that they couldn't get the WWE Network page to load so that they could cancel their account, for the last hour plus when I tried to load the page and check it out it just spins and never loads.

Andru Edwards saw posts on social media that said that if you called in to cancel they are telling you that they can't manually cancel right now due to so many people attempting to do so, and to call back tomorrow. He called the number and was told that as well.

Obviously people are very angry at how the Rumble match was booked, which is a real shame given how great the show was going before they chose to eliminate Daniel Bryan. They never got the crowd back after that and obviously many at home felt the same way.

In hindsight, bringing Bryan back for the show was a big mistake by WWE. It is one they had better rectify. To make matters worse, with the snowstorm heading up the east coast tomorrow, their TV tapings for Raw in Hartford, CT and Boston, MA are anything but a sure thing.

This isn't how they wanted to start the Road To WrestleMania. For the second year in a row, the Rumble has blown up in the company's face.

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