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By Dave Scherer on 2015-01-25 22:44:00

At 13, Stardust made his Royal Rumble debut. He got tossed early but skinned the cat to stay. Tyson Kidd wasn’t so lucky, getting eliminated by Bryan. Bray was on the floor when Bryan did a tope through the ropes, both are still in.

At number 14 is Dallas Page. Represent us old guys DDP. He got a great reaction from the crowd,

DDP hit a Cutter on Stardust. Bray then came in and went to work on him. He is a Diamond Cutter on Bray. The fans loved it. Out at 15 came Rusev. Time for some people to get tossed. DDP tied a Cutter. Uh no. See ya DDP. Russell then tossed Fandango and faced off with Bray. But Bryan came off of the top with a kick to each of their faces. Then he started kicking them until they worked together on him. Russell threw him out and he got on the apron. Bray and Rusev worked to get him out, with Bray doing the honors. He has six elimination as the probably set him up for Undertaker at Mania. The crowd wasn’t happy but if he had to go, it had to be early. Bryan is out. Goldust is out at 16. He goes right to work on his brother. The fans are chanting for Bryan. WWE’s plan might have a kink.

At 17, Kofi Kingston. Time to set up his “I can’t believe he did that” spot which is always followed by a quick elimination after he stays in the match. Another Daniel Bryan chant starts. This could be deja vu all over again for WWE. Out at 18 is Adam Rose.

Kofi’s spot, thrown onto the Rosebuds. They save him as Rusev tossed Rose. Rusev then eliminated Kofi. Form has held. At 19, Roman Reigns who entered from the crowd and they are booing him already. They should have waited to bring him out since the fans are still pissed that Bryan was eliminated. The boos are still going on, as Reigns works over Goldust and tosses him, then his brother. It’s down to Reigns, Rusev and Bray as the fans boo.

Big E came out at 20 and got booed just for being there. All through the 90 seconds, they were unhappy. So at 21 they gave them Mizdow to turn their mood, and it will work to at least a degree. Or will it? Miz got in his way and took his spot. He never got in though as Bray stopped him. So Mizdow sai FU and wen in and went to work on guys. Then got tossed right away by Rusev. I guess the idea sounded good on paper. The crowd is still booing Reigns badly. I wondered if he would get a pass since he worked all year, unlike Batista last year. Doesn’t appear to be the case. At least not tonight. At 22 Jack Swagger came out.

At 23 we got Ryback. The ring is filling up again. The crowd is pissed still. They just chanted for CM Punk. At number 24 is Kane. The crowd got perked up a bit at 25 when Dean Ambrose came out. The crowd is way behind him. Smart move to save him this late after taking Bryan from the fans.

At 26….Titus O’Neil. Come on, admit you had him at this spot in your pool. He got dusted right away, as he should have. 27 is Wade Barrett. 28 is Cesaro. The ring is full. Two to go. Big E was dusted by Rusev. 29 is The Big Show. Show and Kane eliminated Ryback. Kane chokeslammed Rusev. Where’s the heat? Number 30 is Dolph Ziggler. No Randy Orton. DAMN.

The crowd is behind Ziggler as he fights on the apron. Zig eliminated Cesaro. Zig is doing the fight from the apron spot but jumped into a KO punch from Show. The crowd is still not happy about Bryan. And Kane eliminated Ziggler and they are less happy than they were a minute ago. Show and Kane dumped Bray. There is still time left in the window. They better have something planed for after this to get the crowd back. It’s down to Reigns, Ambrose, Kane and Show. The crowd is still not happy.

Show and Kane dumped Dean. Crowd is chanting Bulls***. Roman is fighting both. They are not happy. How could Vince not see this coming. Show and Kane fight and eliminate themselves. The fans boo. They chant “We want Rusev”. Ends up the fans remember he was not eliminated because they could see him. Show and Kane go back in and lay out Reigns, who they were booing. Out comes the Rock to give Roman the rub. Will it work? Nope. They are not happy. Rusev did come back in an Roman threw him out after a minute or so. Roman Reigns is going to WrestleMania against Brock Lesnar, who they showed in the back with Paul Heyman watching the monitor.

Final Thoughts: Man, this went bad. Really bad. In hindsight, bring Bryan back for this match was a huge mistake, at least tonight. It totally killed Roman in the eyes of those fans. I feel bad for him, it wasn’t his fault. But the fans wanted Bryan and they took him away. Not good.

The show is definitely worth watching for the Title match and how the Rumble went bad. Wow.

And as I predicted, Cena-Rusev started on the post game show.

Thanks for reading.

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