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By Dave Scherer on 2015-01-25 22:44:00

Hour two is starting off with the WWE Title match. John Cena came out first. He got a largely negative reaction. Really negative. They were singing something derogatory to his song. I couldn’t tell what it was. Mike Johnson is there and should know. … Seth Rollins came out next. They made a point of saying he could lose and yet still cash in and get the Title. At the introductions, Cena was largely booed. Rollins was in between. Brock is the face, by far.

Brock was in complete control early on, destroying both but working more on Cena. The fans chanted ECW. … The first big move was Cena hitting an AA on Lesnar and Rollins tossing Cena, going for the cover and only getting a one count. Brock is back in control. Rollins hit a dropkick on Lesnar on the floor and Cena hit Brock too. They are taking Brock out and now it’s Cena-Rollins. The fans don’t like Cena. he is even laughing about it. Brock didn’t stay down long so its back to varying degrees of the guys. But Brock is still the main guy at this point.

Brock hit a sick F5 on Seth, catching him as he springboarded off of the top, but Cena broke it up. Please don’t leave and go back to UFC Brock. You are great. … Brock is still in control, in charge of both guys. He went to the floor and attacked the Spanish Announce Table. The fans loved it. He destroyed a monitor. They loved it more. Cena snuck up and caught Brock with three AAs. He kicked out at two. Rollins came in and hurt a Curb Stomp. He has the cover broken at two by Cena. The fans are loving this and it’s by far the best match so far. … The first one to his feet was Lesnar. He is a beast. But Cena came out of nowhere and put him through the announce table. Cena set up Lesnar on another table but couldn’t do anything. Rollins sure could, hitting a Randy Savage elbow from the top to the floor, destroying the table. The fans chanted it was awesome and they are right. This is great stuff. … Brock is left for dead on the floor. Cena came into the ring and Rollins did a small package for two, and then another for two. The announcers are even selling how good this is. What a nice change. … Cena got a two with a powerbomb on Rollins. Brock is still out. Two doctors are working on him. Rollins runs with Cena and throws him into the corner, two count only. … Cena got the STF on Rollins and in came the Stooges to break it up since this is no DQ. They brought out a stretcher for Brock.

Rollins realizes it’s him and Cena. Heyman is concerned with Brock. Rollins went to use the case but Cena tossed him over the top. Cena did an double AA on the Stooges and then hit an AA on Rollins but he kicked out. They showed Brock on the floor, now on the backboard. Cole said Lesnar at least has a broke rib. A Let’s Go Cena/Cena Sucks duel broke out. They are battling in the ring. Rollins hit an enzigiri and then a Curbstomp but Cena kicked out. Cena is prone when Rollins did an insane spot off of the top. Before he could go for the pin, Brock came back in the ring and broke them both up. Seth got the case and nailed Brock twice. He went for the Stomp when Brock picked his ass up and nailed him with an F5 to retain his title. I even yelled YEAH at the finish. That was an amazing, incredible match. Brock sold the rib as he left but he walked out. Damn that was amazing. Awesome match, worth the price of the show just to see it. Kudos to all three men. They were amazing. Match of the year candidate without a doubt.

The Rumble is up now. Number one is……The Miz. Number two is….R-Truth. Not much drama there. A new man comes down every 90 seconds.

Number three in the Rumble, for the first time in ten years in a WWE ring, Bubba Ray Dudley! Awesome! This is his first Rumble. Him and Truth do the WASSAP on Miz! Cool stuff. ECW chant rings out. All these years later. Very cool. He told Truth I really have to tell you? GET THE TABLES! Miz got up first and they hit 3D on Miz. Out he goes, thanks to Bubba. Truth tried to get Bubba, but he tossed out Truth as Luke Harper came to the ring.

At number five, we have Bray Wyatt. It’s him, Bubba and Luke. Bray and Luke work together so the fans chant for D Von. Instead, they tossed Bubba, he’s out. Bray and Harper face off with 10 seconds left. They wait for… Curtis Axel. Rowan attacked Axel and took his spot. Great booking. He isn’t legal but who cares. He went to work on both of them. Bray used the distraction to toss Harper. I think Bray is going a long time. Bray waits and gets The Boogeyman. He doesn’t last long Sin Cara is in at number 8. He doesn’t last long either. Bray makes an open invite since he is dusting people. It’s his year.

Number 9 is Zack Ryder. Zack takes it to Bray. But he still got tossed out. Bray has dusted 5 now. Number 10 is when thing spick up as out comes Daniel Bryan. Huge pop and he took it to Bray. They were both down when Fandango came out at 11. He briefly went to work on Bryan until DB. Tyson Kidd is out next. We are at the “time to fill the ring up” part of the Rumble.

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