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By Mike Johnson on 2015-01-11 10:17:03
While there are a lot of stories making the rounds about Jeff Hardy being injured, the spot at the TNA Lockdown 2015 taping which saw Hardy crotched on the door of the Six Sides of Steel, then knocked off after being clocked in the head by James Storm with a cowbell, crashing down onto the ringsteps below, was not an accident.

The spot was completely planned and is Hardy's storyline injury exit from the company as he cannot travel to the UK tour due to his 2009 drug conviction as it prevents him from entering that country. The "injury" is TNA's way to explain why he won't be on the multiple weeks of TV that will be taped next month in Great Britain.

The Lockdown episode, including Hardy's "injury" airs on 2/6. The next episode 2/13, will be taped in the UK.

If Hardy had been actually injured, TNA certainly would not have gone through with James Storm then attacking Hardy at the top of the entrance stage as he was being walked out by TNA security, which set up Matt Hardy being DDT'd on the stage.

As I noted in my report, which went up early Saturday morning, the scenario put a ton of heat on James Storm and The Revolution, because it was excellent - but make no mistake, the scenario played out exactly as it was planned.

Matt Hardy, by the way, did announce over the weekend that he will be working the TNA UK tour.

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