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By Mike Johnson on 2015-01-04 06:00:00

Richard Trionfo with the coverage of the Pre Show Match on the New Japan World Feed


On the New Japan World Feed, the New Japan Rumble was broadcast prior to the start of the pay per view.


The participants in the New Japan Rumble are:
Tiger Mask
Yuji Nagata
Jushin Liger
Sho Tanaka
Hiro Saito
Yohei Komatsu
Captain New Japan
Tama Tonga
Yoshi Hashi
Manabu Nakanishi
Yoshiaki Fujiwara
Great Kabuki



The first two men in the match are Yuji Nagata and Tiger Mask.

Tiger Mask with a kick but Nagata with a kick of his own. Tiger Mask with a back heel kick and more kicks to the leg. Tiger Mask misses a kick and Nagata backs into the corner. Tiger Mask with a drop toe hold but Nagata with a hammer lock. Nagata works on the wrist but Tiger Mask with a reversal.

They have a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and the third man enters the match as Nagata kicks and snap mares Tiger Mask. The Third Man is Taichi. While Taichi makes his way to the ring with two other men, Nagata and Tiger Mask wait for him. Taichi works over Tiger Mask with a chop while he is assisted by the men who came to he ring with him. Taichi Irish whips Nagata and he connects with a knee and then he stomps on the chest and covers Nagata.

All three men work over Tiger Mask and Nagata. Tiger Mask holds on to the ropes to stay in the match. The fourth entrant is Jushin Liger. Liger makes his way to the ring and he connects with clotheslines and palm thrusts to Taichi and his men. Liger with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker.

Liger with a surfboard while Nagata and Tiger Mask work over the other two men. Liger adds a Dragon Sleeper to the surfboard. Liger with a double sledge to the back of Taichi. The fifth entrant is Sho Tanaka. Tanaka goes after Taichi and connects with forearms and punches. Liger holds Taichi and Tiger Mask kicks him. Tanaka gets worked over in the corner but Liger helps him and one of Taichi’s assistants is on the apron.

The sixth entrant is Hiro Saito. Saito makes his way to the ring and Liger goes after him. Saito with a spinebuster to Liger followed by a back senton. Taichi watches from the apron while Tiger Mask and Tanaka work over Saito. Saito with a spinebuster and back senton to Tiger Mask.

Tanaka goes after Nagata while Liger connects with knees to Saito. Number seven is Yohei Komatsu. Komatsu goes after Saito while Tanaka hangs on to the ropes to stay in the match. Komatsu chokes Saito while Tiger Mask snap mares and kicks one of Taichi’s associates. Saito with forearms to Komatsu’s neck. Nagata brings Taichi back into the ring. Number eight is Captain New Japan.

Captain New Japan connects with punches to everyone and they all go down. Captain New Japan shakes the ropes and then he punches Tiger Mask. More punches from Captain New Japan. Nagata and Liger fall victim again as well as Saito and Tiger Mask. Number nine enters the match while Captain New Japan continues to punch everyone. Tama Tonga is number nine and he eliminates Captain New Japan and the crowd is mixed on the elimination.

Liger goes up top but he is stopped by one of Taichi’s associates. He is sent to the apron and he tries to suplex Liger to the floor. Tiger Mask takes care of the man but Liger is eliminated as well. Number ten is Yoshi Hashi. Tanaka is slammed by Saito while Yoshi Hashi waits to enter the ring. Tama Tonga is sent to the aron but he rolls back in. Tiger Mask and Tanaka work over Saito. Yoshi Hashi remains on the floor waiting for the right moment to strike.

Number eleven enters the match and it is Manabu Nakanishi. Tiger Mask holds on to the ropes while a number of people try to eliminate him. Nakanishi goes after Tama Tonga and Tiger Mask with a forearm to Tama Tonga. Tiger Mask kicks Yoshi Hashi in the leg while Tama Tonga rakes Nakanishi’s eyes and he chokes him in the corner. Nakanishi grabs Tama Tonga by the throat and he punches him.

We are up to number twelve and it is Yoshiaki Fujiwara. Tama Tonga continues to work over Nakanishi. Tiger Mask goes after Fujiwara but Fujiwara punches Tiger Mask and then he kicks him. Fujiwara with a head butt to Taichi’s remaining ally. Fujiwara then gives a head butt to Taichi. Nagata and Fujiwara lock up and Nagata with forearms and kicks in the corner. Fujiwara with a low blow and a head butt to Nagata.

Number Thirteen enters the match and it is The Great Kabuki. Kabuki does his nunchuk work and mist spraying before he gets to the ring. Kabuki enters the ring and Taichi goes after him but Kabuki with shots to him and his associate. Kabuki with red mist to Taichi’s associate and Fujiwara applies a Fujiwara arm bar on him. Fujiwara is pinned by a number of people to eliminate him.

Tanka with a sunset flip and Komatsu with a bridge to help eliminate Taichi. Kabuki was eliminated for using the mist. Saito with a slam and back senton to Komatsu. Tiger Mask and Nakanishi hold Tanaka for a back senton from Saito from the turnbuckles but everyone pins Saito to eliminate him.

Yoshi Hashi with forearms to Tama Tonga in the corner. Komatsu and Tanaka work over Tiger Mask but Komatsu almost gets eliminated. Tiger Mask is eliminated by Tanaka and Komatsu. Nakanishi and Nagata back Tanaka and Komatsu into the corner. They work over Nakanishi and try for a double suplex but Nakanishi counters with a double suplex of his own. Nakanishi with a torture rake to Tanaka and he taps out.

Tama Tonga goes after Nakanishi and he connects with punches. Nakanishi with a Torture Rack to Tama Tonga but Tanaka attacks Nakanishi and Tama Tonga with a small package to pin him. Komatsu with a near fall on Tama Tonga while Yoshi Hashi works over Nagata. Tama Tonga with a DDT to Komatsu to eliminate him.

We are down to the final three with Tama Tonga, Yoshi Hashi and Yuji Nagata. Tama Tonga with a TKO to Yoshi Hashi for a near fall. Tama Tonga charges at Yoshi Hashi and he gets back dropped to the floor to get eliminated. Nagata with knees but Yoshi Hashi with an inside cradle for a near fall. Yoshi Hashi with a palm thrust for a near fall. Yoshi Hashi tries for a slam but Nagata with an arm bar into a cross arm breaker but Yoshi Hashi gets to the ropes.

Nagata works on the arm and shoulder but Yoshi Hashi with a sleeper into a side head lock but Nagata with a Saito suplex and bridge to pin Yoshi Hashi.


Winner: Yuji Nagata

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