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By Stuart Carapola on 2014-12-07 19:23:37

ROH World Tag Team Title Match: reDRagon vs Time Splitters

reDRagon looks great with all those title belts, having defeated the Time Splitters for the IWGP Jr Heavyweight Tag Team Title recently and added it to their ROH title. Kushida and O'Reilly start us off with some mat wrestling, then Fish and Shelley tag in and Shelley picks up the pace, drilling Fish wish some dropkicks and then taking O'Reilly back to his corner to do some double teams with Kushida. O'Reilly bails to the floor to break up the momentum, but Time Splitters outmaneuver reDRagon and lay them both out on the floor. Kushida sends O'Reilly back inside and Shelley comes off the top with a splash for 2. Fish distracts Shelley and allows O'Reilly to snap Shelley's arm down on the top rope, then Fish does it again from the outside while the referee is distracted. O'Reilly traps Shelley in an abdominal stretch, and Shelley fights his way free, but continues absorbing a beating for several minutes. Shelley nearly makes the tag, but O'Reilly yanks Kushida off the ring apron and Fish manages to pull Shelley back to the middle of the ring before Kushida can get back up. O'Reilly slams Shelley to set him up for a top rope move from Fish, but Shelley kicks O'Reilly off into the ropes, shaking Fish and causing him to slip and land on his ding ding, and Shelley makes the tag to Kushida. Kushida comes in and cleans house, and plants O'Reilly with the Chaos Theory for 2. Fish and Shelley go at it on the floor and Fish rams Shelley into the barricade, O'Reilly goes for the crazy dropkick off the apron but gets superkicked, then Kushida comes off the apron and takes everyone out. Kushida quickly goes for a pin on O'Reilly and gets about 2.99999999. reDRagon catches Kushida with the double goozle, but Kushida is out at 2. Shelley and Fish go back out to the floor while Kushida and O'Reilly go at it in the ring and O'Reilly gets a guillotine choke, Kushida gets out and Shelley hits O'Reilly with Sliced Bread #2, but Fish comes in and nails Shelley. Time Splitters hit a series of Motor City Machine Guns double teams on Fish, then Shelley hits a top rope Sliced Bread #2 on O'Reilly. Fish barely breaks the cover at 2, Shelley dumps him to the floor and goes for a dive but misses as Kushida goes for a moonsault on O'Reilly and gets caught in a triangle choke. O'Reilly turns that into a cross armbreaker and Fish adds to it with a top rope headbutt, but then Shelley comes off the top with a double stomp to O'Reilly. Now reDRagon takes back over, hammering both Time Splitters with hard hitting offense, but Kushida escapes Chasing the Dragon and superkicks O'Reilly so hard his mouth guard comes flying out. Kushida backdrops Fish to the floor, so Fish takes Shelley out with a dive as O'Reilly hits Nigel McGuinness' rebound lariat and a brainbuster on Kushida for 2. Fish is back in and they hit Chasing the Dragon, but Kushida kicks out, so O'Reilly gets the cross armbreaker, also hooks Kushida's leg to keep him from struggling, and Kushida is finally forced to tap out.

Winners: reDRagon

There was a lot going on in this one, and maybe I'd feel differently if I wasn't trying to type up play by play, but this felt a lot more spot-centric that I expected from this match.

Fight Without Honor/ROH World Title Match: Jay Briscoe vs Adam Cole

These guys have been fighting over the title for a year and a half and Cole has yet to score a pinfall win over Jay, even though he did win the Ladder War earlier this year. Cole gives Jay the double bird to get under his skin, and it leads to Jay beating the crap out of him and hitting the Jay Driller just like that. He makes a cover and Cole barely kicks out at 2 and rolls to the floor to catch a break. Everything is legal in this one as Jay follows Cole to the floor and hammers him with right hands before kicking the timekeeper out of his table again and putting Cole on it. Jay gets on the apron, gets a running start, and double stomps Cole through the table, and we get a great slow motion replay of that for emphasis. Briscoe pulls a staplegun out of his pocket, but cole BASHES Jay over the skull with a chair before Jay gets a chance to use it. Cole reaches over the barricade to the two seats he purchased for Jay's parents, takes a picture of Papa Briscoe off of one of the empty chairs, and staples it to Jay's head before ramming him into the barricade. They head back inside as Cole kicks Jay in the face and snaps him over with a suplex. The paper is still stapled to Jay's head as Cole grabs the chair from ringside and sits in it to gouge at Jay's mouth. Jay hits a jawbreaker to knock Cole backward into the chair and then drills him with a running boot. Jay continues beating on Cole, wedges the chair in a corner, and then rams Cole into it. Jay with a hard slam and then he just chokes the hell out of Cole before going under the ring and pulling out...another table! The table goes into the ring and Jay sets it up in the corner and tries to ram Cole through it, but Cole blocks and hits Jay with a brainbuster onto the knee for 2. Cole sets up two chairs to make a little platform and tries to toss Jay onto them, but Jay blocks and gives Cole a falcon arrow suplex through the chairs. Jay now gets a Singapore cane from under the ring and menaces Cole with it, but Cole goes to the eyes, gets the cane, and pounds on Jay with it. Jay no-sells and tells Cole to hit him again, so Cole cracks him square in the skull and Jay goes down like a brick. Cole covers for 2, then goes back to hammering Jay with the cane, drags him to the corner, and rams his knee into the post. He tries to do it again, but Jay pulls up on his legs and pulls Cole into the post. Cole is bleeding from the skull as he gets back to his feet just in time to take a shot across the head from the Singapore cane. Jay brings Cole back into the ring and Cole is bleeding so heavily that the doctor from the NY State Athletic Commission comes down to ringside to stop the match and check on Cole. The crowd doesn't like that, so Jay goes out to the floor, fights the doctor and the security that accompanied him off, and tosses Cole back into the ring to continue stomping on his face. Jay hits a neckbreaker in the middle of the ring, but Cole is out at 2. Jay continues punching Cole in the face as the crowd is 50/50 behind both me. They go to the top rope and Jay tries to superplex Cole to the floor, but Cole drops into the ring and superkicks Jay, sending Jay backward through the table at ringside. Cole grabs the World Title belt from ringside, measures Jay when he comes back in the ring, and smashes him in the face with the belt. Cole covers Jay for 2, then kisses the belt and tosses it aside, superkicks Jay in the back of the head, and hits the Florida Key for 2. Cole goes to the second rope for the leaping Panamaninan Destroyer, but Jay catches Cole in a fireman's carry and gives him a running death valley driver through the table in the corner. Jay grabs a purple bag from under the ring and turns it upside down to pour a huge sea of thumbtacks all over the mat. Cole punches Jay in the ding ding and looks at the tacks, grabs a handful, pours them in Jay's mouth, and superkicks him in the face. What a jerk! Cole makes a cover but Jay kicks out at 2, blocks the Florida Key, drills Cole with a pair of Yakuza kicks, and finally backdrops Cole onto the tacks. Ouch. Jay with another Jay Driller, but Cole again somehow kicks out at 2. The crowd is going nuts as Jay picks up his title belt, lays it on the mat, and waits for Cole to get to his feet. Cole crawls to his knees, looks down at the belt that was once his, then looks up at Jay and realizes his fate. Jay with another Jay Driller, this time on the belt, and Cole collapses onto the tacks for good measure. Jay covers Cole and picks up the extremely hard fought win and remain undefeated against Adam Cole.

Winner: Jay Briscoe

Hell of a fight to top off a solid show. It'll be interesting to see what's next for each of these guys since I feel like this had to close out their feud. Both men are still laying in the ring as the show closes with another spot for the 13th Anniversary Show from Las Vegas.

Thanks for reading the Final Battle 2014 report here on, I'll be back soon with Mike Epsenhart for the Final Battle postgame show!

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