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By Stuart Carapola on 2014-12-07 19:23:37
Cedric Alexander & The Addiction vs ACH & The Young Bucks

Great ring entrance as Cedric was an honorary third member of the Addiction. Crowd chants F TNA, but Daniels redirects them into an ROH chant. Nick and Cedric start off doing a fast back and forth, Cedric nails Nick with a dropkick, but Matt tags in and the Bucks lay Cedric out with a series of double teams. Cedric dumps Matt out to the floor and takes him out with a dive, then tags Daniels in and the Addiction works Matt over with some double teams of their own. ACH tags in and goes back and forth with Daniels and nails him with a nice dropkick, then sets him up for the double handspring backrake from Matt. Nick tags in, but Daniels catches him with an STO and then Cedric tags in, tries to take Matt out with a dive to the floor, but Matt dodges, and I can't describe the double team the Bucks hit Cedric with at this point, but it was really cool, Anyway, Cedric is in trouble for a brief moment before ACH tries to be cute by moonsaulting to the floor to avoid a shot from Cedric, only to be caught and parachute slammed on the floor by the Addiction. Matt tags in and clotheslines Daniels to the floor, nails him with a dive, then backdrops Nick over the top rope and into a tornado DDT on the floor on Daniels. That was just nuts. Matt superkicks Cedric for good measure, then the Bucks take everyone out with dives. We finally go back into the ring where Matt nails a top rope elbowdrop on Daniels for 2, Daniels responds with an STO for 2, Matt counters Angel's Wings to a backdrop, and he tags ACH in to hit a top rope something on Daniels for 2. Cedric tags in and hits a Michinoku Driver for 2, then all six men wind up in the ring at once. We do spot-spot-spot-spot-spot until all six men are down. Then everyone gets up and more spot-spot-spot-spot-spot until the Bucks hit Cedric with a spike Tombstone and then ACH finishes Cedric with a 450 splash.

Winners: ACH & The Young Bucks

A lot of very impressive spots here, but that's all it was. That finishing sequence was awesome, though.

Moose vs RD Evans

Evans slaps Moose to start the match, and they do a back and forth that ends with Moose dropkicking Evans square in the face. Evans dodges a charge and Moose tumbles out to the floor, but Evans tries a dive, Moose catches him, and gives Evans an F5 into the ringpost. Moose then picks Evans up for a giant swing and swings him back and forth from one barricade to the other. Veda Scott comes out from the back looking visibly concerned as Moose brings Evans inside and backdrops him into the next zip code. Evans hits a discus punch, but Moose pops Evans up and tears his head off with a clothesline as he comes down. Moose covers Evans with a boot in the chest for 2, but misses a charge and Evans nails Moose with a running Yakuza kick in the corner. Evans snaps Moose's neck down on the top rope, tries a springboard move twice and slips off the ropes both times, then goes for it a third time and barely makes it into the ring for a real weak looking shot to Moose that Moose is nice enough to sell anyway. The fans let him know about that, so Evans comes off the top rope with another shot, but Moose nails Evans the third time and goes for a side suplex, but Evans rolls through and hits a Scorpion Deathdrop for 2. Evans goes for the Sharpshooter, fights like hell to get Moose over, but finally gets the hold right in the middle of the ring. Nana slides a chair in to Moose, so the referee kicks Nana and Ramon out and literally herds them to the back. Veda Scott gets in to stop Moose from spearing Evans, and as if everyone doesn't see the turn coming from a mile away, she acts like she cares about Evans long enough to give her a Flair uppercut so Moose can spear Evans and pin him for the win.

Winner: Moose

Yeesh...Everything was going okay until Evans missed those springboard moves and that seemed to take all the air out of the fans and put both guys off their games. Plus, any idiot could see the Veda heel turn coming the instant she got in the ring while everyone else was in the aisle. Not what I think they were hoping to do out there. Nana, with his arm around Veda, gets a mic and says that karma is a bitch.

ROH TV Title Match: Jay Lethal vs Matt Sydal

They do some feeling out stuff to start, then things pick up with a back and forth that sees Sydal avoid an attempt at the Lethal Injection. Another back and forth sees Sydal get a few lucha moves and nails Lethal with a dropkick. Sydal tries going to the top rope, Lethal blocks him and follows him up, but ends up bailing to the floor when Sydal fights him back off. Lethal gets back in and backs Sydal to the corner and puts the boots to him, but Sydal counters a hiptoss attempt to a flying headscissors, high knee, and leg lariat for 2. Lethal nails Sydal and goes ot the top rope, but Sydal catches Lethal with a kick on the way down and works Lethal over with several more kicks. Lethal tries escaping to the floor, so Sydal nails him with a baseball slide and goes to the top for a dive. Jay Diesel steps in his way and tries to distract Sydal, but Sydal dodges an attempt at a Yakuza kick and starts to hammer Lethal with more kicks. He charges Lethal in the corner and gets backdropped onto the top rope, and Sydal looks like he might have hurt his leg catching it on the ropes coming down. Sydal is down and Lethal is putting the boots to him and makes a cover for 2. Truth yanks Sydal out to the floor behind the referee's back, but Sydal lands on his feet and grabs Truth. Lethal takes Sydal out with a dive and then rams him into the barricade, then puts his feet on Sydal to pose for a picture by Truth. Sydal goes for a backslide and only gets 2, and Lethal just drills him with a punch to the face. Lethal chokes Sydal on the ropes and covers for 2, but Sydal rolls through a sunset flip attempt and double stomps Lethal to turn the tide. Sydal hits a leaping kneestrike to the jaw and covers for a very close 2, then hits the stepover deathdrop for another 2. Sydal hits the diving clothesline in the corner, but Lethal catches him coming in and counters to the Lethal Combination for 2. Lethal goes for Hail to the King, Sydal gets the boot up, but Lethal sees that and stops short, gives Sydal a backbreaker, and hits Hail to the King on the second attempt. Sydal kicks out at 2, then catches Lethal out of nowhere with a flying headscissors, diving clothesline in the corner, hits Meteora off the top, and finally hits the shooting star press and makes a cover. Truth Martini pulls the referee out of the ring at 2 (which I hate seeing because it's a DQ and referees look stupid for not calling it), so Sydal takes out Jay diesel, superkicks the Book of Truth into Truth Martini's face, and goes to the top rope to nail Truth with the shooting star press. Lethal catches him coming down with a Lethal Injection, then hits a second Lethal Injection for the win.

Winner: Jay Lethal

Great match, terrible finish.I really, really want to stop seeing that "pulling the ref out at 2" spot because it's as direct interference as if Truth jumped in the ring and kicked Sydal in the face. Other than the finish, match was terrific.

The show wraps up on Page 3!

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