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By Mike Johnson on 2014-11-23 20:10:00

Backstage, Triple H was speaking to his team. He said that everything is on the line tonight and they have invested everything in this. He said that when they win, the people who will gain the most are all of them and they will benefit the most. Stephanie said they will get more title matches, fame, money and power. She was on the verge of tears asking them not to let them down saying they cannot lose. HHH said this was one of those times that you hear about where it’s remembered forever and things are changed not just for you but for everyone. He said it was the greatest team ever assembled and there’s not a person they would rather have on this team. He said they have every confidence if they win, but if they don’t win, they won’t be fired, but they will wish that they were. He said that whoever takes over will make them wish that they were, insinuating they would lose their belts and their Money in the Bank briefcase. He told them to fight as if their life was on the line, because it was . It was a good promo from HHH.

Adam Rose & The Bunny vs. Titus O’Neill & Heath Slater

The Bunny wanted to do the crowd dive off the apron but Rose made him get down and did it himself.

Slater caught Rose with a kick at the start and covered him for a two count. Lots of bad rabbit jokes early. Titus tagged in and drilled Rose with a series of backbreakers over the knee for a two count. He tossed Rose into the corner. Rose fought his way out and finally made the tag to the Bunny.

The Bunny nailed a flapjack on Slater and hopped on his chest. He knocked Titus off the apron and escaped Heath’s charge in the corner. He nailed a dropkick off the ropes for the pin as Adam was calling for the pin.

Your winners, Adam Rose and The Bunny!

Rose stood there waiting for a tag but the Bunny celebrated and did the stagedive. He was carried off by the Rosebuds, leaving Adam standing there in the ring dumbfounded and unhappy.

It was what you’d expect it to be.

WWE Divas champion AJ Lee vs. Nikki Bella (with Brie Bella)

Brie stood on the apron holding the tite and grabbed AJ and kissed her, That allowed Nikki to nail the Rack Attack and pin AJ.

Your winner and new WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella!

Nothing to see here.

They showed Brie smiling and holding Nikki’s arm up after.

They announced Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose in a TLC match at the next PPV.

Team Authority vs. Team Cena: Elimination Bout

Big Show KO’d Henry, literally, at the bell and pinned him. It was so quick that HHH, Stephanie McMahon, etc. hadn’t even left the apron. The looks on their face was amazing.

Mark Henry has been eliminated.

Rollins attacked Big Show but was caught in the corner and chopped hard in the corner. Rollins dove off the middle turnbuckle but was caught with a chop. HHH rippe his tie off in disgust and was sitting at ringside fuming.

Kane tagged in but was caught and nailed with several right hands by Show. Cena tagged in and nailed a series of right hands. Kane whipped him into the buckles but Cena came out with a clothesline and nailed a dropkick. Kane caught him with an uppercut and tagged in Luke Harper.

Cena backed off and tagged in Erick Rowan. He and Harper faced off but Rollins tagged himself back in to prevent it. Rollins was worked over by Rowan . Harper and Ryback tagged in. Ryback showed some awesome power with a standing vertical suplex on Harper. Kane tagged in and drilled him wityh some uppercuts. Ryback ducked a clothesline and hit a Thesz Press and a splash but Kane kicked out.

Rusev tagged in for the first time and faced off with Ryback. They went back and forth and Ryback nailed a spinebuster. He set up for the Meathook and nailed it. Ryback called for the Shellshock but Rusev slipped out. Kane attacked Ryback. Everyone started brawling in and out of the ring. Rollins nailed the Curbstomp on Ryback. Rusev nailed the thrust kick and pinned Ryback.

Ryback has been eliminated.

Show and Rusev battled. Harper tagged in and gained control. Rollins tagged in and nailed a series of dropkicks. He held Show for Kane. Kane nailed a low dropkick for a two count. Harper nailed Show with the Gator Roll. Ziggler was able to tag in and hit a lot of hot offense on Harper. He nailed Harper’s partners but was caught with a big boot for a two count.

Ziggler got caught in The Authority’s corner and was worked over. Rusev tagged in and worked him over with stiff stomps and kicks. He held Ziggler open for Kane to nail. Kane continued the beating, kicking away at him as the crowd chanted for Ziggler. Kane went for a back suplex. Ziggler slipped out and landed on his feet but Kane nailed a kick to the face.

They continued working on Ziggler as Rusev tagged in and continued beating him down. Ziggler fired back with right hands but was caught and drilled with a series of knees and a fall away slam. Rollins tagged in and continued working on Ziggler.

Ziggler finally fired back. He tagged out and this set up a a big sequence where everyone hit their hot moves. Rollins was backdropped by Rowan over the top rope onto everyone. Rusev nailed his spinkick on Rowan. Ziggler went for The Famouser on Rusev but was caught and powerbombed outside on everyone. Rusev went to the floor and dragged Ziggler to the Spanish Announcer’s table. He placed Ziggler atop of it and charged across the U.S. Announcer’s table for a splash but Ziggler moved. Rusev smashed through the table and was counted out as Ziggler just made it back to the ring.

Rusev has been eliminated.

Cena hit the ring and was cleaning house on Kane with all his offensive moves but Rollins hit the ring and nailed Cena with a Curb Stomp. They acted like this could turn the tide. Cena and Kane tagged out and Rowan and Harper began brawling. Rowan cleaned house but was grabbed for a move from behind. Harper was tossed off and was nailed with a spinkick. Kane grabbed him for a chokeslam, allowing Rollins to come off the top with a knee. Harper pinned Rowan.

Erick Rowan has been eliminated.

With Ziggler hurting, Cena and Show stood face to face with their opponents. Show turned and nailed Cena with the KO punch and Cena was pinned.

John Cena was eliminated.

Show walked to HHH and offered his hand. HHH took it and Show walked out.

This leaves Ziggler vs. Harper, Rollins and Kane.

The crowd began chanting for Randy Orton.

Ziggler was out on the floor as HHH began mocking him and trash talking him. Kane grabbed Ziggler and tossed him into the guard rail. Ziggler was tossed back into the ring and Kane began stomping the hell out of him. Kane covered him but Ziggler kicked up at the last second.

Rollins tagged in and mocked Ziggler by holding his hand out to mock tag and empty corner. He tagged back in Kane who placed Ziggler on the top rope. He went for a superplex. Ziggler fought him off and nailed a flying bodypress for a two count. He superkicked and nailed the Zig Zag, pinning Kane.

Kane has been eliminated.

Ziggler was sent to the floor and nailed with a dive by Harper. Harper measured Ziggler and nailed a superkick but Ziggler kicked up at two. Harper called for a powerbomb and was nailed with a sit-down powerbomb. HHH began screaming at Harper who was freaked out. Ziggler grabbed Harper and rolled him up for a three count.

Harper has been eliminated.

It’s down to Rollins vs. Ziggler.

It’s down to Rollins vs. Ziggler.

Rollins attacked him and tossed him to the floor. He worked over Ziggler and sent him into the guard rail several times. Ziggler shocked Rollins with a roll up and almost got the win. Ziggler scored a DDT and again, another two count.

Rollins caught Ziggler and nailed a powerbomb in the corner but Dolph kicked out at the last seconds. Ziggler avoided the Curb Stomp and nailed the Famouser. Ziggler scored a two count and The Authority was beside themselves at ringside. This is seriously great.

Mercury and Noble tried to interfere but Ziggler nailed them. He hit the Zig Zag but the referee was pulled out of the ring and nailed by HHH. Mercury, Noble and Rollins trashed Ziggler in the ring. Ziggler avoided them and sent Mercury into Steph who was knocked into HHH. Noble was hit with a superkick. Rollins went for a Curb Stomp but missed. Ziggler nailed the Zig Zag and covered him. A second referee hit the ring but HHH laid him out at the two count and attacked Ziggler, beating the hell out of him.

HHH grabbed Dolph and nailed The Pedigree. He placed Rollins on top and called for a referee. Out came Scott Armstong and at the two count. OUT CAME STING!! He walked t the ring as everyone was dumbfounded. New music. He nailed Armstrong on the floor when he tried to stop Sting. Sting entered the ring and went nose to nose with HHH and the place went nuts.

They faced off for a long time. They faced off and circled each other. The crowd chanted, “This is awesome.” HHH finally mouthed, “What the F***” Sting just stared at him. HHH went to throw a right but Sting ducked and nailed the Scorpion Death Drop.

Sting put Ziggler on top of Rollins and one of the referees who was KO’d returned to count the three. Sting walked off after putting Ziggler on top.

Your winner, Dolph Ziggler and Team Cena!

This was just a phenomenal main event, one of the best and longest matches WWE has presented in a long time. Sting’s debut was a cool moment, although the crowd didn’t go ballistic for it – but they did love that staredown. For everyone who complains they don’t go with Ziggler, well, they handed him the ball tonight and made him a star. It was the best performance of his career and he was awesome.

Cena came out to hug Ziggler as he left.

HHH and Stephanie recovered and sat in the ring as the realization of what had just happened to them Stephanie was awesome here as she started to tear up and say, “We lost everything.” She was then defiant screaming that it wasn’t over as HHH tried to remain stoic.

The crowd chanted, “You got fired” as they went off the air.

A really good show. I enjoyed the hell out of it.

The show ran long so all the Fallout stuff is likely bumped to Raw.

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