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By Mike Johnson on 2014-11-23 20:10:00

WWE Tag Team champions Goldust & Stardust vs. The Usos vs. Los Matadores vs. The Miz & Damien Mizdow

The first pinfall will determine the victor.

Fernando and Goldust started off with Stardust having the offense until being caught with a legsweep for a two count. Fernando then used a Lucha rollup for a two count. Miz blindtagged in and rolled up Fernando. Miz controlled Fernando as Mizdow mimicked him on the outside. Mizdow ended up nailing Miz.

The Usos tagged in and they controlled Fernando with some double team maneuvers. Jey chopped away on Fernando. Jey ended up on the outside when Stardust held open the ropes and the Tag Team champions tagged in and out, working Uso over. Miz and Los Matadores tagged in. Mizdow flailed around backstage.

The crowd really was loving Mizdow and when he tagged in, they went nuts but Goldust tagged him back out. Goldust and Diego went back and forth with some nuce sequences until he was trapped in the corner and the champions worked him over. Goldust tagged in and continued to control Diego. Some solid action here.

The Usos finally tagged in and cleaned house. They teased a dive but were cut off by Los Matadores. Goldust nailed a nice scoopslam on one of Jey for a two count. The Usos hit a dive to the outside, setting off a series of dives, including El Torito. They almost lost Torito on that dive by the way!

One of the Matadores went for a move off the top but Goldust attacked him and went for a belly to back suplex. The other Matadore and Stardust got involved and that set up a Tower of Doom spot. Miz tagged in but Mizdow tagged himself in and covered Goldust.

Your winners and new WWE Tag Team champions, Miz & Mizdow!

Miz looked like he was pissed he didn’t get the pin but then celebrated like he won alone.

A really fun opener with a lot of great talents working a good pace and having some really great sequences. I liked this a lot.

They plugged Larry the Cable Guy for tomorrow.

Backstage, they did a vignette with Adam Rose and The Bunny playing with some WWE action figures. He lost to the Bunny so Titus O’Neil and Heath Slater made fun of him. Rose challenged them to a tag match tonight. Oh boy!

Natalya (with Tyson Kid) & Emma & Naomi & Alicia Fox vs. Paige & Layla & Summer Raw & Cameron: Elimination Tag Bout

Natalya and Paige started out. Paige got tossed with a big takedown and escaped to the floor. Natalya followed her and tossed her back in. The crowd was all over Kidd chanting, “Nattie’s husband.”

Emma and Layla tagged in and Emma controlled her and used a small package for a two count. Layla went for a pin but was rolled over in a crucifix style pin position for another two count. Paige tagged back in and worked over Emma. Paige worked her over and screamed this was her house. JBL namechecked Aja Kong as being one of the most dominant women ever in Survivor Series. I was actually there for that show and went because Kong was wrestling. She was awesome.

Paige worked over Emma and went to the top. Emma met her on the top and superplexed her into the ring. Cameron tagged in and kicked Emma for a two count. She placed Emma on the ropes and slapped her. Cameron nailed her split legdrop for a two count. She worked over Emma until being caught in a backslide for a two count.

Naomi tagged in and worked over her former partner. She nailed a high cross bodyblock and kicked away Cameron’s partners off the apron. Cameron nailed her with a kick but was caught with a sitdown jawbreaker. Summer Rae interfered, but Emma tossed her to the outside. Paige nailed her but Natalya nailed Paige. In the end of all that, Naomi used the Backlund Bridge to pin Cameron.

Cameron has been eliminated.

Naomi worked over Rae who tried to run away from a kick but was nailed anyway for a two count. Rae cut her off and stomped the hell out of her. She splashed Naomi’s arm but missed a second time. Naomi tagged out but Summer attacked Natalya before she could return to the ring. Fox hit the ring and worked over Rae. Fox nailed a bodypress on all of Paige’s team, who retreated to the floor after. Rae was scared of her and tagged out to Layla, frightened.

Alicia worked over Layla and finally pinned her.

Layla has been eliminated.

Fox dragged Summer to her team’s corner. Natalya nailed a series of clotheslines. Paige cut off Nattie and they tagged in and out working her over. Summer celebrated but was knocked off the apron by Natalya. Summer was really good at trying to get a reaction from the crowd tonight.

Emma tagged in and drilled a clothesline on Summer. Summer reversed a whip into the corner but missed a charge and was trapped in the Tarantula. Emma knocked Paige off the apron and splashed Rae in the corner, then locked her in the Emma Lock. Summer tapped out.

Summer Rae has been elminated.

Paige is now alone. The crowd chanted, “Let’s go Paige.” She said the hell with this and tried to run to the back but Emma caught her and tossed her into the ring. Paige drilled her as she followed in and stomped the hell out of her. Emma caught her foot and slammed her down. Natalya tagged in but was caught with a stiff kick to the face.

Natalya came back with a big belly to back overhead suplex that looked awesome. Naomi caught Paige with The Rear View and nailed her for the pin.

Your winners and Survivors, Natalya & Emma & Naomi & Alicia Fox

It was hit or miss at times, but I thought it was a good match. They worked as hard as they could and it was never boring to me. It was a far better effort then last year's bout that's for sure.

Tyson Kidd celebrated in front of his wife to take the spotlight from her.

The announcers recapped everything on the Kickoff Show. They then went to the Panel to discuss the main event. Heyman said the stakes are even higher then they were. They said Vince McMahon and the winning Team would be on the Fallout show later on.

They went to a video feature on Bray Wyatt vs. Dean Ambrose.

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