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by Mike Johnson

The 2009 WWE Survivor Series PPV opened with footage from classic Survivor shows before segueing into five of the six scheduled matches tonight.

Michael Cole welcomed everyone to the "second longest running tradition" in WWE.

Team Morrison (John Morrison, Evan Bourne, Shelton Benjamin, Matt Hardy, Fit Finlay) vs. Team Miz (The Miz, Jack Swagger, Sheamus, Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler)

As Sheamus came to the ring, Michael Cole asked Jerry Lawler how he was feeling after being kicked in the face by Sheamus.  Lawler said that he's been kicked in the face before and when he woke up, thought he'd find his teeth knocked out.  He promised that Sheamus' day would come and "it might even be tonight."

Evan Bourne and Jack Swagger opened the show.  Bourne got a quick two count with a rollup.  Swagger responded with a big suplex, then tagged in Dolph Ziggler.  Ziggler nailed a rolling snapmare for a two count.  Michael Cole said we were looking at the future of the WWE in this bout.  Bourne nailed several kicks but Ziggler took him down and nailed a series of elbowdrops.  He dropped a forearm and scored a two count. 

Swagger tagged back in and cinched in a front chancery.  Team Morrison rallied the fans behind Bourne.    Bourne worked his way out of the hold but was kicked back.  Swagger tagged Ziggler.  Bourne drilled Swagger with two knees, but Ziggler, who was now the legal man, took him down and cinched in a one-legged Boston Crab.     Bourne kicked him off and came off the ropes with a hurancanrana for as two count.

Matt Hardy tagged in.  He and Bourne nailed stereo elbows out of the corner on Ziggler.  Hardy hit the Side Effect.  Bourne nailed a shooting star press and scored the pin.

Ziggler is eliminated.  5 vs. 3 with Team Morrison having the advantage.

Drew McIntyre attacked Bourne and hit the double arm DDT and pinned him.

Bourne is eliminated. 4 vs. 4.

Finlay immediately attacked McIntyre and had his way with him briefly before Sheamus tagged in.   Sheamus caught him with a big boot to the face and pinned him.

Finlay is eliminated. 4 vs. 3 with Team Miz having the advantage.

Hardy tagged in.  He caught Sheamus with a series of rights, backing him into a corner.  He clotheslined Sheamus in a corner.  Hardy went for the Side Effect but Sheamus broke free.  Sheamus worked over Hardy with elbows but Hardy kept kicking up.  Miz tagged in and began peppering Hardy in the heels' corner.  Miz dropped a leg but Hardy kicked out at two.  Miz cinched in a rear chinlock. 

Hardy fought his way to his feet but Miz caught him with a knee to the back of the neck and covered him for another two count.    Swagger tagged in but Hardy kicked him in the face as Swagger charged him.  Swagger shook it off and began peppering Hardy with punches and forearms to the back and head.  Hardy was locked in a side chinlock.  Hardy shoved off Swagger and they collided.

Morrison tagged in and worked over Swagger with a series of leg lariats.  Morrison covered him for a two count.  Morrison sends Swagger into the corner and nails a springboard enziguiri.  Team Miz entered the ring, so Team Morrison ran them out, knocking down the referee in the process. 

Swagger went for the DoctorBomb but Morrison escaped.  Morrison took him out and nailed Starship Pain for the pin.

Swagger is eliminated.  3 vs 3.

Miz jumps Morrison and gets a near fall.  Miz cinches in a rear chinlock, placing his knee in the back.    Morrison tagged in Shelton Benjamin during a blind tag.  He rolls up Miz for a two count, then hits a back suplex.  He comes off the top with a flying bodypress, then hits the Stinger Splash.  He nails Miz with a Northern Lights suplex for a two count.    Benjamin hit a back suplex with a bridge for a two count.

They showed a replay of the referee being taken out earlier and it turned out Sheamus kicked him in the head.  They said the referee had suffered a concussion.

Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale on Benjamin.  3 vs. 2 with Team Miz having the advantage.

McIntyre tagged in.  He and Hardy went back and forth.  Hardy nailed a drop toehold into the corner, then a neckbreaker.  Hardy went to the second rope and dropped a leg.  He covered McIntyre for a two count.  Hardy nailed a hangman's neckbreaker.  He went back to the ropes but Sheamus got in his face.  That allowed McIntyre to escape a moonsault.  McIntyre nailed the "Kobashi DDT" (as Striker called it) and pinned Hardy.

Hardy is eliminated.  3 vs. 1 with Team Miz in the lead.

Morrison went right after McIntyre and began beating him with kicks and punches.  McIntyre came back whipped him into the corner, then tagged in Sheamus.  They began kicking Morrison.  Sheamus mounted him and began beating him with fists.    Morrison was slammed headfirst into the turnbuckle.

Miz tagged in and began trash talking Morrison.  Miz punched Morrison.  Morrison kept firing back.    Miz rebounded off the ropes but was kicked with a leg lariat.    Miz tagged Sheamus in.  Sheamus killed him with a running clothesline.  He drove Morrison into the heels' corner, then distracted the referee, allowing the others' to choke Morrison.  Morrison battled his way out of the corner.  He kicked Miz and McIntyre off the apron.

Sheamus kicked Morrison as he was coming off the ropes, then nailed him with the Celtic Cross (Razor's Edge) for the pin.

Your Survivors, Miz, Sheamus and Drew McIntrye!

Backstage, Team Kofi were strategizing.  Christian noted he was "different" from everyone else on the team.  They teased he meant that he was white, but he really meant that he was from ECW.  They were all, like, Oh!  Christian thought they thought he meant because he was Canadian.   Christian said Canadians could be great rappers and did a rap about how four of them were black and one of them was white.   They palled around.  It was silly.

They aired a video feature on Batista vs. Rey Mysterio.  We'll have to see how they play Mysterio's knee injury into the bout.  DC is Batista's hometown, so I'm curious to see how they react to the heel turn as well.

Rey Mysterio vs. Batista

Lots of cheers for Batista.

Batista went to grab Rey but Mysterio ducked and nailed several kicks.  Mysterio maneuvered him into the 619 position but Batista left the ring.  He pulled Rey to the outside and slammed him back-first into the apron.    Mysterio came back with a shoulderblock into the gut.  He springboarded off the ropes but Batista ducked and nailed a running clothesline.

Rey came back and attempted the 619 but Batista caught him.  Batista went for the powerbomb, but Rey escaped and nailed a rana, sending Batista to the floor.  Rey nailed a baseball sliding kick to the the outside.  Mysterio dove off the apron and crashed into Batista.  Batista recovered and grabbed Rey by the face, then threw him back into the ring.

Rey caught Batista with a 619 into the kidneys, then onto into Batista's back.    He finally hit the move into the face.  He hit the West Coast Pop, then went to the top rope.    Mysterio acknowledged the late Eddie Guerrero and came off with a frog splash but Batista got his knees up.

Batista speared Mysterio.  He came up holding his ribs to sell the 619.  Batista drilled Rey with a spinebuster.  He nailed Rey with the Batista Bomb.  He nailed Rey with a second one.  Rey is out.  Mysterio picked him up and powerbombed him again.

The referee called for the bell.  They announced that the referee determined Mysterio can no longer continue.

Your winner, Batista!

After the bout, WWE officials were looking over Rey. Batista brought a chair into the ring and sat down looking at Rey. The fans chanted Batista's name. Batista teased using the chair, then threw it down. He picked up a limp Rey. Rey was begging off, but Batista nailed a spinebuster onto the chair. He walked out.

Mysterio was stretchered out.

Backstage with Team Orton.  Orton said that when he formed this team, he expected a lot better than what he has now.  He said he expected to be next to the ECW champion, The Straightedge champion and the two men he handpicked to be the next generation of stars.  CM Punk said they expected someone to lead by example, but not be embarrassed by Kofi Kingston.  They teased it would get heated for a moment, but Orton then said tonight they had a chance to erase all the sins against them by being victorious tonight.

They plugged the Raw Thanksgiving show.

Team Kingston (Kofi Kingston, MVP, Mark Henry, Christian, R-Truth) vs. Team Orton (Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes, William Regal, CM Punk)

They ran a video feature on the fun Kingston vs. Orton brawl in Madison Square Garden this past Monday.

Orton and Henry opened the bout.  Henry caught Orton with a running charge in the corner.  The heels all tried to attack him but Henry laid them out with punches.  He caught Orton with a bearhug.  The referee argued with the babyfaces, allowing Legacy to attack Henry from behind.  Orton snapped Henry with the RKO and pinned him.

Henry is eliminated.  5 vs. 4 with Team Orton in the lead.

MVP faced off with Orton.  They locked up.  Orton muscled MVP into the heels' corner.  DiBiase tagged in and began assaulting him with kicks.  The heels all took turns working on MVP.  Punk snapmared MVP and cinched on a side chinlock.  MVP fought out, but Punk kicked him in the gut.  Punk rebounded off the ropes but was kicked up and over.

R-Truth tagged in and flipped Punk into a suplex.  He avoided several Punk moves but DiBiase distracted him.  Truth nailed DiBiase but Punk caught him with the GTS.  Truth is pinned.

Truth is eliminated.  5 vs. 3.  Orton in the lead.

Christian caught Punk with a backslide for a two count.  He elbowed Punk and got another two count.  Punk caught him with a sla and tagged in DiBiase.  DiBiase came off the middle rope with a double stomp to the chest, getting a two count.  He nailed a scoopslam on Christian but the ECW champ kicked out.

DiBiase tried for Dreamsweep but Christian avoided and attempted the Killswitch.  He sent Christian into the corner.  Christian came off the ropes with a sunset flip and pinned DiBiase.

DiBiase is gone.  4 vs.3.  Orton in the lead.

Regal attacked Christian but Kofi tagged in and dazzled Regal with offense.  Kingston missed a flying bodypress off the middle ropes.  Cody Rhodes tagged in and nailed several right hands.  Regal returned and nailed several knees and a European uppercut.  Kingston fought back and they pushed hard that Kingston was ushering in a new age for young stars by standing up for himself.

MVP tagged in and rolled up Regal.  3 vs. 3.

MVP nearly caught Rhodes with a pinfall before bringing him into the babyfaces' corner.  Rhodes caught Christian with a clothesline for a two count.  He scissored his legs around Christian's waist to wear him down.   Cage worked his way out and turned it into an inverted pinfall attempt for two.  Rhodes tagged in Orton, who nailed a dropkick to Cage's face.  Orton kicked up at two.

Orton stomped Christian in the chest and dragged him back over to the heels' corner.  Rhodes tagged in but missed a kneedrop.  MVP tagged in with a series of clotheslines.  He went up and over to avoid a Rhodes charge and nailed a big knee.  He drilled Rhodes' head into another knee , went 'balling and dropped an elbow.  Orton distracted MVP, who nailed him.  Rhodes caught MVP with the Crossroads for the pin.

MVP is eliminated.  3 vs. 2 with Team Orton in the lead.

Kofi rolled up Rhodes for a quick two count.  Christian tagged in and wore down Rhodes' arm  Christian and Kofi began making fast tags in and out.  Kofi hit a splash for a two count.  Rhodes began peppering Christian in the corner with punches.  Christian allowed Rhodes to leapfrog over him, then caught him with the Killswitch.

Rhodes is pinned.  2 vs. 2.

Orton and Christian went back and forth.  Christian got the better of the exchange in the corner but Orton snapped him into the middle turnbuckle, face-first.    Orton dropped a knee across Christian's face, then turned around to punch Kofi.  Christian caught Orton with a small package for a two count.  Orton went for the RKO but Christian avoided and nailed the Killswitch.  He got a two count but Punk broke it up. 

Christian charged and Orton moved.  Christian hit the corner and was caught with the RKO.

Christian out.  2 vs. 1 - Punk and Orton vs. Kofi.

Kofi and Orton faced off but Orton tagged out before there was any contact.  Striker pointed out Kofi and Punk were Tag champions together.  They faced off, nose to nose, for a long time.  The finally began exchanging punches.  Kofi came back with an explosive series, then whipped Punk.  Punk put the brakes on and went for the GTS.  Kofi escaped and went for the Trouble in Paradise but Punk escaped.  Stalemate.

Orton tried to distract Kofi but it didn't matter.  Kofi hit the SOS for a two count.  Punk nailed him with a knee to the chest.  He snapmared Kofi over and drilled him in the back with a knee.  Punk scissored Kofi with a triangle   Kofi escaped and kicked Punk in the face as Punk charged him in the corner.  Punk came back with a scoop slam for a two count.  He wore down Kingston on the mat and tied Kofi up in holds.  Orton was stalking around outside.

Kingston began to fight back.  Kofi escaped and went for a splash but Punk put his knees up.  Punk nailed a suplex into a sitdown bomb.   Punk nailed the running high knee in the jaw but when he came out of the corner for the bulldog, Kofi nailed him with a back suplex.   Kingston went to the top rope as Punk recovered.    Punk caught him while he was on the top and attempted a superplex.  Kingston fought him off but undaunted, Punk returned and attempted it again.  Kingston shoved him off and came off with a big flying bodypress for a two count.

Kingston began mounting a comeback with a clothesline. He was going for the SOS splash but Orton leaped on the apron.  Kingston went after him and Orton ducked down.  Punk rolled up from behind Kingston but Kingston rolled through and pinned Punk.  1 vs. 1.

Orton hit the ring but was hit with Trouble in Paradise and Kofi pinned him clean in the center.  A star is born.

Your winner and sole survivor, Kofi Kingston!

WWE World champion The Undertaker vs. Unified Tag Team champion Big Show vs. Unified Tag Team champion Chris Jericho

All three circled each other at the bell.  The Tag champs swarmed over Taker in the corner.  Taker came back with elbows to ward each of them off.  Jericho waistlocked Taker while Show nailed him with punches.  The tag champions continued the beating as Taker sunk down into the lower turnbuckles.

Jericho clotheslined Taker to the floor.  Taker landed on his feet and pulled Jericho out.  He slammed Jericho into the guard rail.  Show followed them and Taker began throwing boxing punches. Taker missed a running kick to Jericho and was crotched on the guard rail.  Taker was kicked off by Jericho, who then held him for Show to punch in the chest.

They continued to beat Taker outside, including Jericho assaulting him with the ring mic.  They tossed Taker back into the ring.  Jericho began stomping on Taker.  Show stepped atop Jericho's chest.  Jericho went outside and choked him.  They worked Taker into another corner and the double-teaming continued.  Taker was whipped into another corner and sidestepped a Jericho charge.

Taker and Show exchanged shots.  Taker hit the heat seeking missile clothesline on Show.  Jericho recovered and Taker charged him in the corner.  Taker nailed snake eye's in the corner.  Taker and Show battled outside,. Show attempted to ram him shoulder-first into the ringpost but Taker dropped back and shoved Show's face into the post. 

Taker returned to the ring and began working over Jericho's shoulder.  He went to the top for Old School ropewalking, but Jericho shoved him off.  Jericho went for a superplex but Taker fought him off.  Jericho covered and nailed it.  Jericho covered him but Taker kicked out.  Jericho mounted him for a series of punches and went for a Lionsault but Taker moved.  Jericho landed on his feet and cinched in the Walls of Jericho.

Taker fought towards the ropes but Jericho brought him back to the center of the ring.  Show returned to the ring and from behind, grabbed Jericho by the throat and chokeslammed him.  Taker came up selling his leg.  Show went for a chokeslam but Taker turned it into a DDT.  All three men were out on the mat.

Jericho covered Show but at two, Show kicked out and sent him through the ropes to the floor with the force.  Taker and Show played King Kong vs. Godzilla.  Show goozled Taker, who returned in kind.  Jericho charged with the title belt but Taker ducked and Show got nailed.  Taker nailed Jericho and covered him for a two count.

Taker went for the Last Ride but as he lifted Jericho, Jericho grabbed the World title and belted Taker in the face.  They both went down.  Jericho covered Taker, who kicked out just before the three count.  He covered him again, same results.  Taker began making his way to his feet.  Jericho went for a tombstone but it was reversed. 

Before Taker could nail it, Big Show hit the KO punch.  He covered Taker but Jericho broke it up.  Jericho covered Taker but Show attacked him.  Jericho ended up being hit with the KO Punch.  Show was waiting for Taker to recover and called for a chokeslam.  Before he could lift him, Taker caught him with the Hell's Gate and Show finally tapped.

Your winner and still World champion, The Undertaker!

Josh Mathews interviewed Miz, Sheamus and Drew McIntyre.  Miz said that everyone got a little taste of the greatness the three of them have to offer.  Miz said he proved last month he was the talent in the team with John Morrison and tonight, he proved he was the better leader.  Miz said that while most men his age live with their mothers and bemoan their sad jobs, the three of them are revolutionizing an industry.  McIntyre noted he was handpicked by Vince McMahon.  Sheamus said that if the competition doesn't come to him, he's going to bring it to them, just like he did to Jerry Lawler.  He said it was too easy tonight.  The Miz closed by noting he was awesome.  Nice to see some new faces getting the shine.

Team Mickie (Mickie James, Melina, Eve Torres, Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim) vs. Team Michelle (Michelle McCool, Layla, Beth Phoenix, Jillian Hall, Alicia Fox)

Kelly and Layla started out.  Layla used a rear takedown to cover her for a two count.  Layla caught her in the face with a kick in the corner.  Kelly ducked an enziguiri attempt and Kelly caught her with a Rocker Dropper variation for a pin.

Layla out.  5 vs. 4, Team Mickie.

Michelle McCool and Gail Kim hit the ring.  Kim went for a frankensteiner but it was turned into a Styles Clash.  Kim pinned. 

Kim eliminated.  4 vs. 4.

Eve Torres came in but McCool got her with a arm wringer.  Jillian Hall tagged in and whipped Torres across the ring by her hair.  She went for a sideslam but Torres escaped.  She shoved off Hall but was nailed and covered for a two count.  Hall went for a handspring elbow but Eve kicked her.  Torres nailed a sunset flip off the top for the pin.

Hall out.  4 vs. 3.

Beth Phoenix caught Torres with the Implant Buster.

Torres gone.  3 vs. 3

Phoenix grabbed Kelly.  Buster.  Pin.  3 vs. 2, McCool.

Mickie James caught Beth with a series of kicks and a crucifix.  Phoenix eliminated.  2 vs 2.

Phoenix laid out James with a clothesline after being pinned.  Fox began mauling her and snapped her over by her hair.  Mickie tried to mount a comeback but was shot down.  Fox nailed a Northern Lights suplex into a bridge but James kicked out and locked in a front facelock submission.  Fox maneuvered James into the corner to break it up.  James ended up on the top rope and kicked Fox off.  James hit a Lou Thesz Press off the top for the pin.

Fox is gone.  2 vs. 1, Team James.

McCool cut off James immediately.  She dropped a leg and covered her for a two count.  McCool cinched in a sleeper while James was down on the mat.  She brought James up and drilled her with an uppercut.  She continued on James who finally connected with a bodypress.  Both women were out as the referee counted them down.

James crawled to make a tag but McCool grabbed her leg.  She pulled James down and nailed Melina.  James finally kicked off McCool and made the hot tag.  Melina speared her and caught McCool with a kick to the gut, ran her knees over McCool's back as she was draped against the ropes and slammed her using McCool's hair as a weapon.  McCool went for a clothesline but Melina Matrixed out.

McCool nailed a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count.  Melina caught her with a sunset flip powerbomb for the pin.

Your winners, Melina and Mickie James!

They aired a promo for the TLC PPV.  It was all crazy spots using the expected weapons.

They showed footage of Batista beating Mysterio down earlier, then sent it to an interview "earlier" with Todd Grisham and Batista.  Batista asked if Mysterio was embarrassed tonight.  Batista said he was embarrassed for Mysterio and walked off.

WWE champion John Cena vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Triple H

Michaels and HHH both came out to the DX theme. 

At the bell, Michaels nailed Hunter with Sweet Chin Music and laid out Hunter, who fell out of the ring.  Cena was shocked.  Michaels had a slight smirk.  The crowd chanted "HBK."  Michaels and Cena went back and forth.  Michaels caught him with a Thesz Press and a series of punches.

Cena came back with a running bulldog and a suplex.  He covered Michaels for a two count.  Cena caught Michaels on the top and nailed several kicks to the chest.  Cena went for the Attitude Adjustment but Michaels turned it into a DDT.  Michaels caught Cena from behind with a chop block.  The crowd began chanting that Cena sucked.

Michaels locked in a figure four leglock in the center.   Cena finally reversed it, so Michaels broke the hold.  Michaels began nailing chops and Cena returned with punches.  Cena ducked a clothesline attempt and nailed one of his own.  Cena charged Michaels, who ducked down and Cena went sailing through the ropes to the outside.

Michaels hit a plancha over the ropes on Cena.  Michaels began clearing off the announcing table.  The announcers were teasing that we were seeing the old Michaels, not the fun loving DX Michaels.  Cena caught Michaels and went for the Attitude Adjuster through a table.  Hunter attacked Cena and broke it up.  Michaels nailed Cena.  Hunter then grabbed Michaels and hit a spinebuster through the table.

Hunter dragged Cena back into the ring and covered him for a two count.  Hunter whips Cena into the turnbuckles.  Hunter began drilling a downed Cena with kicks in the corner.  Hunter covered Cena for a two count.   Hunter nailed a hangman's neckbreaker for a two count.    Hunter nailed him with a running clothesline for another near fall.

Hunter and Cena began nailing punches in the center of the ring.  Cena ducked a clothesline and rebounded off the ropes with a series of shoulderblocks.  Cena did the five knuckle shuffle.  He went for the Attitude Adjuster but Michaels broke it up.  Michaels shot Cena into the ringpost shoulder-first.

Michaels and Hunter faced off in the center of the ring as enemies for the first time since Backlash 2004.  Michaels caught Hunter with a series of chops and inverted atomic drops.    Hunter caught him with a running high knee.  Hunter drilled him with a knee.  Michaels ducked a clothesline and hit a flying forearm off the ropes.  All three men were down.  Michaels kipped up but was clipped by Hunter.

Hunter kicked Michaels in the gut and went for the Pedigree but Michaels backdropped him over.  Michaels went to the top rope for the picture perfect elbowdrop but Cena hit the ring and crotched him.    Cena went to the top and went for an Alabama Jam but Hunter moved.  Michaels hit the elbow but Hunter grabbed him and threw Michaels out of the ring. 

Cena caught Hunter with an STF in the center.  As Hunter made his way to the ropes, Michaels grabbed Cena in a Crossface.  Cena powered his way to his feet, moving Michaels into an attempted Attitude Adjustment.  Michaels elbowed his way out but Cena wasn't too dazed as he caught Michaels in an STF.  Michaels teased tapping but finally made his way to the ropes.

Michaels caught Cena with Sweet Chin Music, then nailed one on Hunter, thrusting himself out of the ring from the force.  Hunter landed atop of Cena.  The referee counted and it was only two.  All three tried to recover.

Cena recovered first and nailed the Atttitude Adjustment on HHH.  Cena went down from exhaustion as Michaels pulled himself back in the ring.  Cena and Michaels both crawled towards the prone HHH.  They both covered Triple H, who got his shoulder up at two.

Michaels grabbed Cena to prevent the champ from using the ropes to get back on his feet.  Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music but it was kicked.  Michaels attempted to piledrive HHH but was backdropped.  Cena caught Michaels on his shoulder for an Attitude Adjustment  but Michaels escaped.  Hunter grabbed Cena for the Pedigree but Michaels caught Hunter with Sweet Chin Music.  Michaels turned into an Attitude Adjustment on top of Hunter.  Cena covered Hunter for the pin.

Your winner and still WWE champion, John Cena!


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