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By PWInsider Staff on 2014-11-23 12:00:00

by Buck Woodward

Welcome to's coverage of WWE Survivor Series.  We will be updating this page throughout the evening with results from the show, so check back often. 

The PPV began with a video package putting over the history of the Survivor Series and highlighting some of the issues leading to matches on tonight's show. 

Michael Cole & JBL welcomed us, then tossed it over to Jim Ross & Jerry Lawler, then it went to Hugo Savinovich & Carlos Cabrera.  No ECW announce team.  Then again, there's no matches on the show that are strictly ECW. 

Each of the legends, including Arn Anderson, had a separate entrance.

Elimination Match: Ric Flair, Ron Simmons, Sgt. Slaughter & Dusty Rhodes, with Arn Anderson, vs. The Spirit Squad (Nicky, Mikey, Johnny & Kenny), with Mitch. 

Simmons started out with Mikey.  Mikey shoved Simmons, then went down when he tried a shoulderblock.  They locked up, and Mikey grabbed a side headlock, but Simmons threw him right off and dared him to get up.  Mikey poked him in the eyes and hit some forearms, but Simmons powerslammed him, then laid out the rest of the Squad as they ran in.  Mitch tripped Simmons, and when Ron went out after him, Mitch backed up into Arn Anderson, who threw him into the ringpost, then into the ring.  The referee claimed he counted out Simmons, even though he never actually reached ten in the ring, as far as I could see. 

Ron Simmons is eliminated. 

The referee ordered Mitch to leave as well, claiming he saw the trip.  Simmons gave Mitch a spinebuster, then dragged Mitch to the locker room. The referee then ordered Arn Anderson out for throwing Mitch (who was not a match participant) into the ringpost. The fans chanted "bulls***".  Lawler noted this is the first time a referee has seen and called everything. 

Slaughter got in with Nicky and after Nicky saluted him, Slaughter gave him a series of bodyslams.  Dusty tagged in and hit a bionic elbow to Nicky's outstretched arm.  Rhodes elbowed the arm again, then tagged in Ric Flair, who chopped Nicky in the corner.  Flair hit some more chops, then tagged in Slaughter, who hit a clothesline then put Nicky in the Cobra Clutch.  Nicky was going out, when Kenny ran in to break it up.  Dusty stopped him, but this distracted the referee, and Johnny superkicked Slaughter, and Nicky got the pin. 

Sgt. Slaughter is eliminated. 

Dusty dropped an elbow on the nearly unconscious Nicky and got a pin.

Nicky is eliminated. 

Mikey worked on Dusty, then tagged in Johnny.  Dusty threw some elbows, but Johnny managed to keep him in the Spirit Squad corner and tag Kenny.  Dusty hit the flip, flop and fly on Kenny, but missed an elbow in the corner.  Kenny rolled up Dusty and pulled his jeans for a pin. 

Dusty Rhodes is eliminated. 

Johnny screamed about it being 3 on 1 as he went after Flair.  He tagged in Mikey, who traded shots with Flair.  Flair hit a reverse atomic drop, then used the ropes for leverage for the pin.

Mikey is eliminated. 

Kenny backdropped Flair and hit some elbows to the chest.  Flair grabbed a small package on a backdrop attempt and got the pin. 

Kenny is eliminated. 

Kenny and Flair shoved each other, and Johnny shoved Flair from behind, knocking him into Kenny, and knocking Kenny out of the ring.  Johnny went for a right hand, but Flair ducked it, hit a shinbuster and applied the figure four leglock for the submission at the ten minute mark. 

Johnny is eliminated.  Ric Flair is the sole survivor.

The other members of the Spirit Squad ran in and turned the figure four over so Flair was trapped in the move.  Kenny hit a top rope legdrop to the back of Flair's head.  The Spirit Squad then left, with Flair laid out in the ring.  

The events leading to Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero were recapped. 

U.S. Champion Chris Benoit vs. Chavo Guerrero, with Vickie Guerrero. 

Benoit hit some forearms at the bell and slammed Chavo, then hit a powerdrive elbow and a side backbreaker for a one count.  Benoit rammed Chavo in the buckles, then chopped his chest. Benoit delivered some knees to the gut, then headbutted Chavo to the ring apron.  Chavo rolled back in and hit an uppercut, but Benoit chopped him down then hit a snap suplex for another one count.  Benoit slammed Chavo for another one.  Chavo hit a shot to the gut and went on offense with European uppercuts and punches, but Benoit headbutted him and chopped Chavo.  Benoit hit a running forearm for another one count.  Benoit hit some kneelifts, then chopped Chavo.  Guerrero fired back with some forearms to the back, then stomped Benoit in the corner.  Benoit grabbed Chavo's arm and took him down in a Crippler Crossface attempt, but Vickie grabbed Chavo's foot and pulled it to the ropes. 

Benoit hit some knees to the head, then dropped Chavo with a back suplex.  Chavo hit a knee to the gut and threw Benoit shoulder first into the ringpost, then choked him with his boot. Chavo delivered a backdrop driver for a two count, then kicked Benoit and applied a rear chinlock before switching to an overhead wristlock.  Benoit lifted Chavo and hit a Samoan Drop to escape the hold, but Chavo came right back with a dropkick for a two count.  Chavo kicked at Benoit's arm, then decked him with an uppercut.  Chavo yelled "I told you to stay out of my business, but you don't want to" as he kicked him.  Chavo missed a right hand and Benoit hit three consecutive German suplexes, then called for the top rope headbutt. 

Benoit went to the ropes, but Vickie grabbed at his foot, slowing him down.  Benoit went for the headbutt, but Chavo rolled out of the way.  Chavo kicked at Benoit's back, then delivered a series of forearms.  Chavo hit a brainbuster, then went to the top rope. Chavo hit a frog splash for a two count.  There was a brief "Eddie" chant.  Chavo went to pick up Benoit, but Benoit grabbed his legs and went for a Sharpshooter, but Chavo started punching Benoit in the head before he could turn it over.  Vickie got on the apron, as Chavo kicked off Benoit, and Benoit fell backwards into Vickie on the apron, knocking her to the floor.  Chavo rolled up Benoit for a two count, but Benoit rolled through it and got the Crippler Crossface for the tapout win that the eight minute mark. 

Winner: Chris Benoit.

JBL screamed bloody murder over Benoit knocking down Vickie Guerrero, even though the replays showed he went into her back first. 

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviewed Edge and Lita.  Lita ripped on the fans and said she hadn't changed her mind, she was retiring tonight.  Edge said Mickie James will go down faster than Donovan McNabb for the cheap heat moment.  Lita left, then Edge bragged about winning his Survivor Series match later, while Cryme Tyme snuck into Lita's dressing room behind Edge's back.  Edge left, and Cryme Tyme walked out with a box with a bra hanging out of it.  Grisham asked what they were doing, and they told him he didn't see anything, before taking off with the box. 

WWE Women's Champion Lita vs. Mickie James. 

Lita was introduced as "competing in her final match".  Mickie slapped Lita at the bell, then hit a drop toe hold and kicked her.  Mickie hit some punches in the corner, then choked Lita on the middle rope.  Mickie hit some kicks to the midsection, but Lita came back with a toss into the buckles and a one legged monkey flip.  Lita kit some kicks, then threw Mickie in the corner.  Mickie fought back with punches, but Lita threw her down by the hair.  Mickie hit a clothesline, then went for a headscissors, but Lita threw it off and rammed Mickie head first to the mat.  Lita choked Mickie against the middle rope.  The fans keep yelling "Hooo!" and I don't think they are looking for a Hacksaw run-in.  Lita hit some knees to the gut, but Mickie fought back, only to be given a side Russian legsweep.  

Lita stomped Mickie in the groin, then headbutted her there.  There was a "She's a Crack Whore" chant.  Lita suplex Mickie for a two count.  Lawler is unloading all of his one-liners, making fun of Lita.  Lita applied a sleeper, but Mickie made the ropes.  Lita went to the top rope, but Mickie dodged a flying bodypress attempt.  Mickie started to climb the ropes, but Lita grabbed her and hit a back suplex.  "She's got herpes" chant now.  They traded punches, with Mickie getting the better of it.  Mickie hit a clothesline, and a pair of back elbows, and got a two count. Mickie threw some kicks, finishing with a spin kick for a two count.  Mickie grabbed a cradle suplex for a two count.  Mickie set up for a DDT, but Lita shoved her off into the corner.  Lita charged, and Mickie grabbed her for a headscissors, but Lita threw it off.  Lita hit a moonsault for a two count. Lita went for a DDT, but Mickie grabbed the ropes and Lita fell hard to the mat.  Mickie rolled up Lita for a two count.  Lita grabbed a small package for a two count.   Mickie floated over a slam and rolled up Lita for a two count, then Lita reversed it for a two count.  Mickie then grabbed Lita in a swinging DDT for the pin at the nine minute mark.

Winner and new Women's Champion: Mickie James.

James left.  Lita demanded that Lilian Garcia come into the ring and say "Let's here it for the greatest Women's Champion of all time".  The fans booed.  Lita freaked out, saying how disgusted she was with the fans and how disrespectful they were.  Cryme Tyme's music hit, and they came out, carrying the box.  Lita was still throwing a tantrum in the ring.

Cryme Tyme said they found a box of her stuff, and they were going to have a tribute sale, a "Ho-sale" if you will.  They started selling her underwear to fans at ringside, for cash.  Lita was freaking out on the mic, while Cryme Tyme kept selling stuff.  They found a Monostat box, read the instructions, then sold it for a dollar.  JBL even got in on it, saying he was the only man in the company without a pair of her panties, so he bought a pair.  JBL asked for change of a hundred, and Cryme Tyme took off with the bill.  Cryme Tyme took out something wrapped in a towel that was "vibrating".  Lita offered to buy that back herself, but they sold it to someone in the crowd for $25.  They then joked that they had something "cheap and wide", and held up the empty box, saying "It's Lita's box".  Cryme Tyme left while Lita continued her tantrum in the ring.

They showed an interview Michael Cole conducted with Batista earlier today.  Cole brought up that they were in the same building that Batista had to surrender the title in.  Batista said nothing.  Cole noted that Batista had failed in his previous attempts to win the belt.  Batista said nothing.  Cole mentioned Batista signing the contract that stated he would not get another title shot after tonight.  Batista said nothing.  They showed Booker laying out Batista with the scepter on Smackdown.  Batista had no comment.  Cole asked him if he had anything to say.  Batista finally spoke, just saying "I'm leaving tonight, World Heavyweight Champion". 

They showed the Rocky statue in Philadelphia.

Team DX (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy & CM Punk) vs. Team RKO (Edge, Randy Orton, Gregory Helms, Johnny Nitro & Mike Knox, with Melina & Kelly Kelly)

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler handled this match. The Hardy Boyz came out first, then CM Punk, then DX had their entrance. They all played up to the crowd as DX went into their mic work.  A "CM Punk" chant started, so Triple H had Punk ask the crowd "Are You Ready?" before going into his usual bit.  Johnny Nitro & Melina then came out, then Gregory Helms, then Mike Knox & Kelly Kelly (who waved to Punk, who waved back), then Randy Orton & Edge. 

Knox started off for his team with Triple H, who tried to get Kelly Kelly to flash him, and Shawn Michaels in the ring.  Knox shoved Triple H, and Shawn Michaels superkicked Knox and pinned him.

Mike Knox is eliminated at the ten second mark. 

Team DX then discussed what they should do next, while Michaels asked who Knox was.  Michaels and Nitro began running the ropes, and Michaels slid out of the ring, and stood next to Melina.  Melina, thinking it was Nitro (she was facing the crowd) hugged him before realizing who it was.  Michaels got back in the ring and tagged in Jeff Hardy, who tagged in Matt to double team Nitro.  Nitro managed to get Hardy into his corner to tag Helms.  Helms and Hardy went at it, and Hardy went to the second rope, but Helms sweeped his leg to knock him off.  Edge tagged in, mocked Matt, and stomped him.  Helms tagged in and suplexed Matt, then Orton tagged in and stomped Hardy, who was bleeding from the mouth.  Nitro tagged in and hit a series of punches and forearms on Matt. Matt came back with a Side Effect on Nitro, then tagged in CM Punk, to a big pop.  Punk hit Nitro with some kicks and forearms, then delivered some knees, including a jumping knee in the corner.  Punk hit a bulldog.  Nitro tried to come back, but Matt yanked him throat first across the top rope.  Punk applied the Anaconda Vice on Nitro for the tapout. 

Johnny Nitro is eliminated at the five minute mark.

Edge came in, and he and Punk went at it.  Punk got Edge in a corner for some punches, but Orton yanked him throat first across the top rope.  Orton was tagged in and he dropkicked Punk.  Orton tagged in Helms, who put Punk in a front facelock and hit some knees to the head.  Orton tagged in, and Punk traded punches with him.  Punk missed a punch and Orton hit the RKO.  Orton went for the cover, but Michaels broke it up.  Edge tagged in and went for the spear, but Punk dodged it and Edge hit the turnbuckles.  Punk made the hot tag to Triple H as Edge tagged Helms.  Triple H gave Helms a jumping knee, then gave one to Orton, knocking him from the ring.  Triple H set up Helms for a Pedigree, but Edge broke it up.  Things broke down, but Michaels & Jeff gave Orton and Edge stereo dives on the floor, while in the ring, Triple H gave Helms a spinebuster.  Triple H tagged in Matt, who hit the Twist of Fate.  Jeff then gave Helms a Swanton Bomb, and Matt made the cover for the pin. 

Gregory Helms is eliminated at the ten minute mark. 

Edge & Randy Orton grabbed their tag belts, and seeing the disadvantage, started to leave.  The Hardys went after them and threw them back into the ring.  Triple H knocked Orton to the floor.  Edge was given a jumping knee by Punk, Air Hardy by Jeff, and Michaels hit a superkick on him for the pin. 

Edge is eliminated at the eleven minute mark. 

Randy Orton tried to run out through the crowd, but the Hardys and Punk gave chase, caught him, and brought him back to the ring. Michaels hit a superkick, Triple H hit a pedigree, and Orton was pinned. 

Randy Orton is eliminated at the twelve minute mark. 

All of Team DX survive. 

Team DX continued to celebrate, and they went to a video package on Undertaker vs. Ken Kennedy.

Backstage, Kristal interviewed Ken Kennedy, who said this was the biggest match of his career. MVP entered and asked what was on Kennedy's forehead.  Kennedy said it was Vaseline, and they put over that it can be used to stop bleeding.  MVP said that even though Kennedy threw him to the Brothers Of Destruction twice, he was on a "new kick" having beaten Kane, and that he had Kennedy's back tonight.

First Blood Match: Undertaker vs. Ken Kennedy

Kennedy came to the ring and immediately took the pads off of two of the top turnbuckles, then did his usual self-introduction.  The Undertaker then did his usual entrance.  Kennedy rolled to the floor at the bell, and Undertaker gave chase.  Kennedy rolled into the ring and attacked as Taker rolled in, but the punches had no effect.  Taker decked Kennedy and threw him to the floor.  Taker rammed Kennedy into the Spanish announcers table.  Taker hit a series of punches, as Kennedy was stuck behind the table.  Taker rammed him into the table a few more times, then tossed him over it and to the floor.  Taker rammed Kennedy into the ring steps, then punched him, knocking him over the security barricade and to the floor.  Undertaker hit two headbutts, then hiptossed Kennedy back into the ringside area.  Taker booted Kennedy in the head.  Taker went for a whip, but Kennedy reversed it and Taker went knees first into the steps.  Kennedy rammed Taker into the Raw announcers table, then the Smackdown announcers table.  Kennedy hit some chops, then jumped off the ring apron at Taker.  Taker caught Kennedy and rammed him back first into the ring post.  Undertaker hit some punches to the back, then tossed Kennedy into the ring.

Taker punched and kicked Kennedy in the back, then sat him on the top turnbuckle and slugged him.  Undertaker gave Kennedy a top rope superplex, then went back to punching Kennedy in the ribs and back.  Kennedy hit a low blow, then delivered some punches, but Taker took him down with a boot to the face.  Undertaker rammed Kennedy face first into the exposed turnbuckle, then hit some body shots to the back.  Taker kicked at his ribs, but Kennedy hit a low mule kick to down Undertaker.  Kennedy rolled to the floor, and started spitting blood on the floor.  MVP ran out with a towel to clean up the spot on the floor and Kennedy wiped his mouth with it as well.  The referee, checking Taker in the ring, didn't see it.

MVP started walking Kennedy up the aisle, saying "You don't need to do this", then turned around and threw Kennedy back into the ring.  Undertaker hit some shots to the body and a boot to the face.  MVP stayed in the aisle, enjoying that he had prolonged Kennedy's beating.  Undertaker hit some shots in the corner, and Kennedy went for a Hotshot on the exposed turnbuckle, but it sort of missed.  Kennedy rammed Undertaker into the corner, but Taker wasn't busted open.  Kennedy and Undertaker exchanged punches.  MVP ran in with a chair, looking to hit Kennedy, but the referee grabbed the chair.  MVP shoved the referee out of the ring and swung the chair, but caught Undertaker instead.  Undertaker got up, bleeding a gusher, and stalked MVP around the ring.  Kennedy charged Taker and hit some punches as the referee got back in, and MVP left.  The referee saw the blood on Taker's head and called for the bell at the ten minute mark.

Winner: Ken Kennedy.

Kennedy pounded down a bloody Taker, then called for his microphone to announce himself as the winner.  Kennedy stood over Taker as he did it, and Taker sat up and grabbed his throat.  Undertaker pounded Kennedy down in a corner, then picked up the chair and blasted Kennedy in the head with it.  The chair shot was so brutal, there was a "Holy S***" chant.  Taker put Kennedy on the Spanish announcers table and pounded him, then threw him back into the ring. Undertaker gave Kennedy a tombstone, and Kennedy was now bleeding from the head as well.  Taker took off his glove and started punching Kennedy in the forehead with his bare fist.  Taker then posed, as the referee pulled a bloody Kennedy from the ring. 

Backstage, Queen Sharmell gave King Booker a peptalk.  Booker said Batista was "clinging to a dream that will never come to pass".  Booker said there would be no "fairytale ending" for Batista tonight. 

Team Cena (John Cena, Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Kane & Bobby Lashley vs. Team Big Show (Big Show, MVP, Finlay, Umaga & Test, with Armando)

MVP (looking nervous), Test, Umaga, Finlay (who had his shillelagh taken away by a referee as he came out) and Big Show each made separate entrances, then Rob Van Dam, Sabu, Bobby Lashley, Kane and John Cena made their entrances. 

Ross and Lawler called this Survivor match as well.  Cena started out with Umaga.  Cena ducked a charge and Umaga went into Cena's corner, but he decked Sabu and RVD.  Cena threw Umaga from the ring, and pulled Finlay in.  RVD was tagged in and he gave Finlay a corkscrew legdrop.  Umaga grabbed a television monitor and he hit Cena, RVD and Sabu with it.  Umaga laid out Cena on the floor. Kane and Lashley started brawling with Test and MVP, while the referee ordered Umaga out. 

Umaga is eliminated via DQ at the one minute mark. 

The match settled down, with Finlay going at it with RVD, hitting a sitdown splash before tagging Test.  RVD mounted a comeback on Test, but Test caught a bodypress attempt and gave him a backbreaker.  Finlay tagged back in and hit an elbowdrop on Van Dam.  MVP tagged in and stomped Van Dam, then put him in a chinlock.  RVD was bleeding from the mouth.  RVD elbowed out, kicked away a backdrop attempt, and cradled MVP for a two count.  RVD hit MVP with a spinkick.  Van Dam hit a back kick, then gave Test a thrust kick as he came in.  Finlay ran in, and RVD kicked him as well.  Van Dam then kicked Big Show's legs out on the apron before he could come in.  Van Dam was tripped and pulled to the floor by Test.  In the ring, Kane grabbed MVP and chokeslammed him.  Van Dam got back in, gave MVP a five star frog splash and pinned him.   Test then gave RVD a big boot and pinned him. 

MVP, then RVD, are eliminated at the six minute mark. 

Sabu cradled Test for a two count.  Test sent Sabu to the floor, then went out after him, but Lashley gave him a spear on the outside.  Test was thrown back into the ring, and Sabu hit a slingshot legdrop, then a tornado DDT on Test for the pin. 

Test is eliminated at the seven minute mark. 

Big Show came in and chokeslammed Sabu, then pinned him. 

Sabu is eliminated at the seven minute mark. 

Big Show and Kane faced off, and grabbed each other by the throat.  The Little Bastard came in, stood between them, then left.  This distracted the referee, and Finlay came in with a new shillelagh and hit Kane with it. Show chokeslammed Kane and pinned him.

Kane is eliminated at the eight minute mark.

Show powerslammed John Cena, then tagged in Finlay, who worked over Cena before tagging Show back in.  Show hit some chops in the corner, then Finlay tagged in and gave Cena a shoulderblock in the corner.  Finlay came off the middle rope, but Cena got a boot up, then made the hot tag to Lashley.  Lashley hit some clotheslines and elbows on Finlay, then set up for the powerslam.  Finlay floated out of it, but Lashley caught him with an exploder suplex.  Lashley covered, but Show broke it up.  Cena came in and he and Lashley went to double team Show, but Show clotheslined them down.  Finlay grabbed the Little Bastard and was going to throw him at Lashley, but Lashley speared Finlay, and the Little Bastard went into Cena's arms.  Lashley pinned Finlay.

Finlay is eliminated at the eleven minute mark.

Cena went to FU the Little Bastard, but Show kicked him and Bastard got away.  Lashley gave Show a shoulderblock, then he and Cena gave Show a double suplex (Cena couldn't do it alone).  Cena did the Five Knuckle Shuffle fistdrop.  Fans are booing Cena.  Show got up and grabbed Cena by the throat.  Lashley came in and shoulderblocked Show to break his grip, and Cena lifted Big Show (which is very impressive) and gave Show the FU, to a pop, for the pin at the thirteen minute mark.

Show is eliminated at the thirteen minute mark. John Cena and Bobby Lashley are the survivors.  

They showed a package hyping next week's ECW PPV (still no undercard matches).

They showed the events leading to Batista vs. King Booker.

Smackdown General Manager Theodore R. Long came out, and talked about the stipulation that this is Batista's last title shot.  Long then announced that if Booker got himself counted out or disqualified during the match, then Batista would win the title.

World Champion King Booker T, with Queen Sharmell, vs. Batista.

Batista charged Booker in the aisle as the King was making his entrance.  They brawled in the aisle, with Batista ramming Booker into the guardrails and ring apron.  Batista decked Booker at ringside and pounded him on the floor. Batista rolled Booker into the ring and the bell rang.  Batista hit a clothesline and got a two count.  Booker hit a back kick and threw punches and forearms at Batista.  Batista fired back with punches and chops of his own.  Batista rammed Booker head first into the corner, then gave Booker a suplex.  Batista went for a powerbomb, but Booker broke free and rolled to the floor.  Booker started to walk out, but Sharmell reminded him that he couldn't get counted out.  Booker got on the apron at nine, then grabbed Batista and tried to pull him throat first across the top rope, but Batista blocked it and yanked Booker across the rope instead. 

Batista gave Booker a backbreaker and a clothesline for a two count, then hit some more clotheslines for another two count.  Batista choked Booker against the middle rope, but Booker came back with a Hot Shot.  Booker drove Batista throat first across the rope again, then hit a thrust kick for a two count.  Booker hit some chops and punches, knocking Batista down in a corner.  Batista came back with punches, but Booker poked him in the eyes.  Booker hit a clothesline in the corner, then chopped Batista.  Batista reversed a whip into the corner, then hit a side slam for a two count. Batista gave Booker a jackhammer for a two count.  Booker hit some knees to the head, but ran into a sidewalk slam by Batista for two.

Booker went to leave the ring, but Batista stopped him, and they slugged it out on the apron.  Booker poked Batista in the eyes.  Batista blindly knocked Booker back into the ring.  Batista went to reenter as well, but Sharmell grabbed his foot.  He shook her off, but this allowed Booker to superkick Batista off the apron and into the security wall.  Booker rammed Batista into the ring steps, then rolled him back into the ring for a two count (using the ropes for leverage).  Batista threw some punches, but Booker nailed him with a side kick for a two count (hooking the trunks for leverage).  Booker applied a cobra clutch, but Batista fired up and broke free. 

Batista hit some punches, but ran into a back elbow by Booker.  Booker ran into a belly to belly suplex by Batista, and as the two got up, they exchanged punches.  Batista hit a clothesline, then another.  Batista hit a clothesline in the corner, then a boot to the face and Booker fell to the floor. Batista threw Booker into the ringsteps, then back into the ring.  Batista went to the top rope and hit a flying shoulderblock for a two count. Batista gave Booker a spinebuster for another two count.  Batista went for a clothesline, but Booker ducked it and hit the Bookend for a two count. Booker went for an ax kick, but Batista kicked him in the gut and hit the Batista Bomb.  Batista covered, but Booker reached out and grabbed the ropes at the two count.  Batista complained about the count, as Sharmell slid the belt to Booker.  Sharmell got in the ring, and Batista grabbed her.  Batista set her up for a powerbomb.  The referee threatened to disqualify him, so Batista let her go.  While the referee got Sharmell out of the ring, Booker went to hit Batista with the belt.  Batista ducked it, kicked Booker, grabbed the belt, and hit Booker with it.  Batista tossed the belt out of the ring and covered Booker for the pin at the fifteen minute mark.

Winner and new World Champion: Batista.

Batista celebrated with the belt as fireworks went off to end the show.

by Dave Scherer  

Survivor Series 2005 is in the books and WWE pulled off a good, solid effort with the PPV, one that was worth the money that I paid for it.  Other than the GMs match, there was nothing bad on the show and there were a few very good matches.  

The highlight of the night for me, however, was the interplay between the Raw and Smackdown announcers.  Tazz and Michael Cole were hilarious and, quite literally, seized the night by grabbing the mic and not letting it go during the times when they were paired up with their Raw counterparts.  The brand vs. brand banter during the main event was must-hear television and had me in stitches.  

I also loved the Ric Flair vs. HHH match.  It was just great stuff and it was nice to see HHH sell so much for Flair.  Flair came out of the loss looking strong, which is a credit to HHH.

On the other side of the coin, I just shook my head at Vince McMahon's calling John Cena "my nigga" in a backstage vignette.  I don't think McMahon meant anything hateful, racially, by doing it.  I think he was just going for laughs, and some people found it funny.  I just think that there are certain topics that should be off limits where wrestling humor is concerned, and usage of that word is one of them.  It just solidifies wrestling's well-earned reputation for being low brow, which is a shame because the genre has a lot more to offer than playing to the lowest common denominator.  

Let's get to the matches.


Juvi and Simon Dean had a decent match to start the show.  I would have loved to see them work when Juvi was in WCW and Dean was in ECW, but those ships have long since sailed.  I doubt we will ever get to see either man show what they are truly capable of doing again in a WWE ring.

Survivor Series:

Booker T and Chris Benoit had a nice match to start the show.  I can't believe however that WWE Creative is so devoid of ideas that they have to copy an old WCW idea, but hell, at least it was a good idea that they "borrowed".  Their best of seven should be good stuff.

During Eric Bischoff's promo, I'd be lying if I said I didn't expect to hear my first Bret Hart reference of the night.  I wasn't disappointed because the Bisch dropped it on us right away.  Hey, it's the Survivor Series and it just wouldn't be the same if we didn't hear about Bret being screwed would it?

Did I really hear 60 year-old Vince McMahon call John Cena "my nigga"?  In front of Booker T no less?  I couldn't believe he actually said it so I rewound the DVR and checked the Closed Captioning (they wrote "my nigger" in quoting Vince).  I just don't get Vince, I really don't.  Oh wait, it was to set up the hilariously funny line from Booker where he said, "Tell me he didn't say that".  That was a hardy har har moment if I ever saw one.  Well, in fairness, Booker did play it as well as he could have and did what he could to turn a sow's ear into a silk purse, but still, it left me surprised that Vince would play such a low card.  Then again, maybe the surprise here is that I was surprised Vince would do it. I should expect it from him by now, especially after Dr. Heinie and they way that he crapped all over Jim Ross and his legacy.  Class isn't a required attribute in Vince's world.  In fact, it is probably a detriment if you possess it.

Trish and Melina had a better match than I expected.  It was a solid women's bout, especially given the way WWE usually books the females. ... I loved when Trish went to do the Matrix move and Melina axed her in the gut.  That is exactly what someone should do to that spot since Trish leaves herself exposed.  Logic, I love it when it happens. ... Boy, did Tazz eat up Joey Styles during this match or what?  He was stiff!

Ric Flair vs. HHH was a great match.  Flair took a trip down memory lane and HHH sold for him like it was 20 years ago. ... It was surreal to see HHH come out for his bout before 9 o'clock.  You can say what you want about the guy but you can't deny that he has definitely taken time out of the top of the card over the last few months.  You can wonder about his motives, and maybe rightfully so, but you can't deny that he has done right by the business and given other guys opportunities of late. ... How can you not pop for a screwdriver to the head?  I mean really, if you are a wrestling fan, you had to love that spot by Triple H! ... On the other hand, I never have gotten the ball grab move.  I can see why a guy would do it from a "it hurts the other guy" perspective, but a guy's balls are not something I want in my hands! ... Did anyone else notice how soft the chairshot Flair gave H was?  And, did anyone else hope that was the beginning of a trend, since chairshots to the head are just brutal and not worth the risks that come with them? ... Coach is a dimwit.  I know, most of you agree because his announcing is lame, but I am talking about when Styles talked about HHH's torn quad injury and Coach "corrected" him by saying it was a quadriceps.  What a dope. ... Them selling Flair like it was the last time we would ever see him again, after all he has taken over his career, was way over the top to me.  The business has changed to the point where no one buys the "dire" angles any more so they should stop doing them.

When Edge said he was going to debut his new talk show, it screamed "Edge needs more time off for his chest injury" to me.  It's a good way to keep him in the public eye while he rehabs his injury.  His segment was a lot of fun and he did a good job on the stick. ... On the flip side, I can't believe that after Eddie Guerrero's death, Eugene being sent home and WWE instituting a drug policy last week, they would talk about baseball players using steroids and being hooked on amphetamines.  Do they even think sometimes?

John Cena and Kurt Angle had a strong match, mainly due to the work of Kurt.  Angle carried Cena very well. ... The crowd was great during the match. They were totally into it, and really into Angle.  Of course, WWE couldn't have liked hearing the "Cena Sucks" or "Let's go Angle" chants though.  It's time for them to realize that a lot of it is their own fault, with how they are booking Cena.  He's not the Rock and booking him like that is not doing him any favors, and is starting a backlash of resentment.

Boy, Teddy Long made Eric Bischoff look like he belonged in the ring with the lame offense he showed.  That says a lot.  As for the match, it was terrible, as expected.  But, at least my boy The Boogeyman made an appearance.  He also showed that he appears to be better suited to be a character than a worker at this point in time. ... Michael Cole was great during this match, crapping all over Coach.  It made for hilarious TV.  Coach couldn't even come close to retorting Cole. ... I hate when they do things like play the Boogeyman's music and then have the announcers wonder who it is.  It's just so stupid. ... One other thing, three's a crowd in the booth.  During the main event, Cole made a crack about how the Raw team steps all over each other, and it's a shoot.  They have to cut it back to two.  Make Coach a TV character again.  Have him do the Charleston or whatever, just cut the booth back to two already.

I enjoyed the main event.  I probably didn't pay as much attention to the early part of the match as I usually would due to popping at all of the remarks that the announcers made.  Man, the Smackdown guys just ate the Raw talent up.  The best part of the match was Tazz's hostility.  He was shooting all over the Raw announcers and it made for great TV.  He seemed to just rip Joey Styles like he owned him.  I lost it when he said, "Go write something on the internet".  That was hilarious.  Overall, I liked the match.  It was nice after all of Smackdown's "second class citizenry" to see them win in the end. ... Jeez, even though Batista was hurt, it was really lame booking to have Big Show and Kane take out the champ.  He is supposed to be the top guy and he gets beaten relatively easy by two midcarders?  Bad booking. ... The Undertaker's entrance was really cool and well done.  The lightning bolt and the fire made for a great visual and his return gave the fans the happy go-home moment they all wanted.

by Buck Woodward  

Welcome to the latest edition of my "PPV Elevator" (or, as I affectionately call it, Idea #194). In it, we take the wrestlers that appeared on Pay-per-view and decide whether they are going up, going down, or "staying on the same floor". This is simply one person's opinion on whether the wrestler helped themselves or hurt themselves (or did neither) on the Pay-per-view.

Onto this edition.


Ric Flair - The Nature Boy defeated three members of the Spirit Squad en route to being the sole survivor for this team in the opening match on the show.  He then got gang attacked afterwards, setting up Raw the next night, where the Spirit Squad was destroyed once and for all.  That was followed by Flair being trashed by Randy Orton and Edge.  So, it has been an up and down two days for Flair, which is typical of his current WWE run.  Elevator: On the same floor. 

The Spirit Squad - Yeah, they managed to eliminate Sgt. Slaughter and Dusty Rhodes, but with a three-on-one advantage, they were unable to topple Ric Flair.  I guess it is a moot point now, since the Squad has been packed in a box and shipped off to OVW.  While I can't say I will miss the Squad, I do wish WWE had given Johnny and Kenny a chance to break away and have the feud that was teased for a few weeks.  Elevator: Heading to the shipping dock.

Ron Simmons, Dusty Rhodes, Sgt. Slaughter - Thanks for coming guys.  Elevator: On the same floor.

Chris Benoit - Eight minutes of Chris Benoit is still better than 16 minutes of most other wrestlers (like, say, Batista).  Benoit has looked fantastic in the ring since his sabbatical, and the match with Chavo at Survivor Series was no exception.  Hopefully the two will get a lot more time to show what they can do at Armageddon.  Like it or not, this storyline is continuing, but at least we're getting great matches out of it.  Elevator: Up a floor.

Chavo Guerrero - Chavo is such a great worker, and makes a fantastic heel.  Which is why it is such a shame that his uncle had to pass away before he got a top level push as a singles wrestler.  I don't know if Chavo will ever get the respect he deserves, just because his biggest run in WWE will be tied into a pretty tasteless storyline.  Still, if you can put that aside, and just judge him on his own work, you'll see how good he is.  Elevator: Up a floor. 

Lita - In a way, you have to feel sorry for Lita.  Even her retirement was overshadowed by Trish Stratus, much like her career has been in recent years.  The last few minutes of the match with Mickie James showed a lot more fire out of her than we have seen, but the crowd either didn't care, or just doesn't believe she is really leaving.  Either way, Lita leaving is another blow to a woman's division that was already on life support.  Elevator: Ground floor, exit straight ahead.

Mickie James - Good luck with this one, Mickie.  She is now the leader of a division that can boast of Victoria, Melina and ... Torrie Wilson?  Candice Michelle?  Maria?  Well, I guess being champion at least means that when WWE does decide to push the division again, you'll be at the forefront of it, even if it is by default.  Elevator: Up a floor. 

Mike Knox - It's funny, you'd think that being on a PPV would be better than being left off.  However, after seeing what happened to Mike Knox, I'm guessing a few guys were very happy to be hanging out in catering on Sunday. Elevator: Down a floor.

Johnny Nitro - One week after the best match of your singles career, you get knocked out after five minutes in an elimination match.  On top of that, you tap out to a wrestler on the ECW brand, so you will probably never get that win back.  On the bright side, you're set up to potentially steal the show on the ECW PPV next Sunday.  But at Survivor Series, you were only slightly better than the weakest link on your team.  Elevator: Down a floor.

Gregory Helms - The Cruiserweight champion lasted for ten minutes, and he can at least boast that it took a Triple H spinebuster, a Matt Hardy Twist Of Fate and a Jeff Hardy swanton bomb to beat him.  For a champion that is often ignored on his own brand's PPV events, that has to be seen as an improvement.  Elevator: Up a floor. 

Edge & Randy Orton - It's a good think Rated RKO beat up Ric Flair on Monday, because after their performance at the Survivor Series, it would be hard to think of them as top heels.  They couldn't even run away properly, and were just crash test dummies for the various finishers of their opponents.  The sad part is, WWE could have made one of them look a lot better if he had left while the other was destroyed.  Elevator: Down a floor.

Team DX - CM Punk got a huge chant and a ton of crowd support.  DX got their usual big pop and once again showed that they are better than everyone else.  Jeff Hardy kept up his streak of strong performances, and Matt Hardy got to win a match.  A good night all around.  Elevator: Up a floor.

Ken Kennedy - It would appear the push is back on for Mr. Kennedy, who was given a win over the Undertaker again on Pay-per-view.  While it wasn't a clean win (those are reserved for true greats like Great Khali), it was another win, and Kennedy could very well be lined up for a program with Batista over the World Title (although Kennedy would probably be better off working with Benoit).  Given Undertaker's post-match trashing of him, I would think that feud is over, and Kennedy might end up working against MVP at some point.  Elevator: Up a floor.

Undertaker - Working with banged up ribs, Undertaker did what he always does, which is deliver on PPV.  It would have been understandable if Taker stuck to a slugfest for the bout, but he even pulled out a top rope superplex and took way more bumps than you would expect someone who is injured to do (especially when he doesn't have to).  Kennedy got the win, but Taker got his revenge.  I just have to wonder if Taker will be taking some time off now (in which case Armageddon is in even more trouble).  Elevator: Up a floor. 

Umaga - He looked very impressive hitting Cena, Sabu and RVD with a TV monitor.  It was even more impressive that he didn't break it, no doubt making Vince McMahon happy (those monitors are expensive).  Elevator: On the same floor.

MVP, RVD, Sabu, Test, Kane - Thanks for coming guys.  Your contributions during the eight minutes or less that you were in the ring were ... forgettable.  Elevator: Most fans probably don't even remember that they were in the car. 

Fit Finlay - The workhorse of his team (no surprise), Finlay probably spent more time in the ring actually wrestling than anyone else in the match.  He made everyone else look good, which was expected, since he actually didn't have anyone on the opposing side that he was feuding with to try and build heat with.  Elevator: Up a floor.

Big Show - It took two men to beat him.  That will pretty much be the excuse for the ECW World Champion being pinned by the WWE Champion.  Elevator: On the same floor.

Bobby Lashley - There is no truth to the rumor that WWE is designing a new shirt for Lashley that says "So strong, he'll spear the midget right out of your hands".  Lashley got the pin on Finlay, then saved John Cena from a chokeslam, and got to survive the whole match.  That's the positive side.  The negative is that he should have gotten the pin on Show to set up the Extreme Elimination Chamber next week. Then again, maybe he is going to get that pinfall tonight.  Elevator: Up a floor.

John Cena - Umaga beat him up, so his feud on Raw was pushed.  The crowd booed him for most of the match, so he still hasn't won over everyone.  However, he lifted Big Show on his back and held him before dropping the ECW champ into the FU for the pin.  Carrying someone that large on your back is more impressive than making a bad action flick any day.  I can understand those that don't like Cena, but you have to be impressed by his strength. Elevator: Up a floor.

Batista - Maybe it is because he wants to be on Raw.  Perhaps it is because he thought he was getting the championship months ago.  It could be a fear that Booker will invite him into a closet and punk him out again.  Either way, Batista put in a pretty lifeless performance for someone who was winning the World Title in a main event.  The empty seats and lack of interest from a crowd that had been hot all night sent a message.  Hopefully, WWE has received it.  Elevator: Down a floor.

King Booker T - King Booker is the best gimmick in WWE today.  Entertaining promos and fun matches, it has revitalized Booker on the Smackdown brand.  Now, will the gimmick work without the gold around his waist?  You can't be "Champion Of Champions" without the belt, can you?  Booker has to take some blame for the match not being good as well.  If you put Booker in the ring with someone who wants to work, he'll give you a great match.  If the opponent only wants to put in 50%, Booker isn't going to cover for your lack of effort, and he didn't here. Elevator: Down a floor.

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